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Sonoma County, California, U.S.A. has numerous regional parks, beaches, trails, and other facilities that are maintained by the Sonoma County Regional Parks Department.

Sonoma County regional parks typically provide facilities for hiking, picnicking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. Some Parks Department facilities are trails for day-hiking or accessing beaches along the rugged Pacific coast. Certain facilities include swimming areas, skateparks, dog parks, basketball courts, sports fields, and playgrounds. Marinas and river parks typically offer fishing and boat ramps.[1]

Name Location Area/Length Coordinates
Andy's Unity Park 3399 Moorland Avenue, Santa Rosa, California 4.4 acres
Bird Walk (Coastal Access Trail) 355 State Route 1, Bodega Bay, California 1.19 miles 38°19′13″N 123°2′6″W / 38.32028°N 123.03500°W / 38.32028; -123.03500 (Bird Walk)
Black Point (Coastal Access Trail) 35035 State Route 1, Sea Ranch, California 0.25 miles 38°43′0″N 123°27′28″W / 38.71667°N 123.45778°W / 38.71667; -123.45778 (Black Point Trail)
Bluff Top (Coastal Access Trail) 40101 Highway 1, The Sea Ranch, California 3 miles
Cloverdale River Park 31820 McCray Road, Cloverdale, California 73 acres (30 ha) 38°49′23″N 123°0′37″W / 38.82306°N 123.01028°W / 38.82306; -123.01028 (Cloverdale River Park)
Coastal Prairie Trail 2255 Highway 1, Bodega Bay, California 1.1miles
Colgan Creek Trail 3600 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa, California 1.2 miles (1.9 km) 38°23′20″N 122°44′29″W / 38.38889°N 122.74139°W / 38.38889; -122.74139 (Colgan Creek Trail)
Crane Creek Regional Park 6107 Pressley Road, Rohnert Park, California 128 acres (52 ha) 38°20′39″N 122°38′39″W / 38.34417°N 122.64417°W / 38.34417; -122.64417 (Crane Creek Park)
Del Rio Woods 2668 S. Fitch Mountain Road, Healdsburg, California
Doran Regional Park 201 Doran Beach Road, Bodega Bay, California 127 acres (51 ha) 38°18′50″N 123°2′5″W / 38.31389°N 123.03472°W / 38.31389; -123.03472 (Doran Beach Park)
Ernie Smith Community Park 18776 Gillman Drive, Sonoma, California 38°18′16″N 122°29′37″W / 38.30444°N 122.49361°W / 38.30444; -122.49361 (Ernie Smith Park)
Foothill Regional Park 1351 Arata Lane, Windsor, California 211 acres (85 ha) 38°33′40″N 122°47′52″W / 38.56111°N 122.79778°W / 38.56111; -122.79778 (Foothill Park)
Forestville River Access 10584 River Drive, Forestville, California 38°30′35″N 122°55′25″W / 38.50972°N 122.92361°W / 38.50972; -122.92361 (Forestville River Access)
Gualala Point Regional Park 42401 State Route 1, Sea Ranch, California 103 acres (42 ha) 38°45′32″N 123°31′22″W / 38.75889°N 123.52278°W / 38.75889; -123.52278 (Gualala Point Park)
Guerneville River Park 13811 State Route 116, Guerneville, California 5.3 acres (2 ha) 38°30′0″N 122°59′39″W / 38.50000°N 122.99417°W / 38.50000; -122.99417 (Guerneville River Park)
Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach 13839 Old Redwood Highway, Healdsburg, California 38°36′12″N 122°51′31″W / 38.60333°N 122.85861°W / 38.60333; -122.85861 (Healdsbug Veterans Memorial Beach)
Helen Putnam Regional Park 411 Chileno Valley Road, Petaluma, California 216 acres (87 ha) 38°12′45″N 122°39′51″W / 38.21250°N 122.66417°W / 38.21250; -122.66417 (Helen Putnam Park)
Hood Mountain Regional Park 3000 Los Alamos Road, Santa Rosa, California 1,978 acres (800 ha) 38°27′31″N 122°33′5″W / 38.45861°N 122.55139°W / 38.45861; -122.55139 (Hood Mountain Park)
Hudeman Slough Boat Launch 28020 Skaggs Island Road, Sonoma, California
Hunter Creek Trail Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa, California 1.5 miles (2.4 km)
Joe Rodota Trail Santa Rosa to Forestville 13 miles (21 km)
Kenwood Plaza Park 200 Warm Springs Road, Kenwood, California 5 acres
Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail 6303 Highway 12, Santa Rosa, California 1.8 miles
Larson Park De Chene Avenue, Boyes Hot Springs, California
Maddux Ranch Park 4655 Lavelle Road, Santa Rosa, California 11 acres
Mark West Creek Park 3000 Porter Creek Road, Santa Rosa, California 1,192 acres
Maxwell Farms Regional Park 100 Verano Avenue, Sonoma, California 85 acres (34 ha)
Moran Goodman Park 980 Sonoma Glen Circle, Glen Ellen, California
North Sonoma Mountain 5297 Sonoma Mountain Road, Sonoma County, California 820 acres (330 ha)
Occidental Community Center 3920 Bohemian Highway, Occidental, California 3,700 square foot auditorium
Pebble Beach (Coastal Access Trail) 36448 State Route 1, Sea Ranch, California 0.27 miles
Pinnacle Gulch (Coastal Access Trail) 20600 Mockingbird Road, Bodega Bay, California 0.5 miles
Porto Bodega Sport Fishing Center 1500 Bay Flat Road, Bodega Bay, California
Ragle Ranch Regional Park 500 Ragle Road, Sebastopol, California 157 acres (64 ha)
Riverfront Regional Park 7821 Eastside Road, Windsor, California 305 acres (123 ha)
Running Fence 15000 Bodega Highway, Bodega, California 0.25 acres
Santa Rosa Creek Trail 782 Willowside Road, Santa Rosa, California 2.14 miles
Shaw Park 120 Shaw Avenue, Kenwood, California 5 acres
Shell Beach (Coastal Access Trail) 39200 State Route 1, Sea Ranch, California 0.65 miles
Shiloh Ranch Regional Park 5750 Faught Road, Santa Rosa, California 845 acres (342 ha)
Shorttail Gulch (Coastal Access Trail) 20600 Mockingbird Road, Bodega Bay, California 0.5 miles
Soda Springs Reserve 24700 Kelly Road, Annapolis, California 49 acres (20 ha)
Sonoma Valley Regional Park 13630 Sonoma Highway, Glen Ellen, California 167 acres (68 ha)
Spring Lake Regional Park 393 Violetti Road, Santa Rosa, California 330 acres (130 ha)
Spud Point Marina 1818 Westshore Road, Bodega Bay, California
Steelhead Beach Regional Park 9000 River Road, Forestville, California 26 acres (11 ha)
Stengel Beach (Coastal Access Trail) 37900 State Route 1, Sea Ranch, California 0.12 miles
Stillwater Cove Regional Park 22455 State Route 1, Jenner, California 363 acres (147 ha)
Sunset Beach River Park 1403 River Road, Forestville, California 25 acres (10 ha)
Taylor Mountain Regional Park Kawana Terrace, Santa Rosa, California 1,100 acres (450 ha)[2]
Tolay Lake Regional Park Cannon Lane, Petaluma, California 1,769 acres (716 ha)
Tom Schopflin Fields 4351 Old Redwood Highway, Santa Rosa, California 21 acres
Walk On Beach (Coastal Access Trail) 40101 State Route 1, Sea Ranch, California 0.25 miles
Watson School 15000 Bodega Highway, Bodega, California 0.25 acres
West County Trail Santa Rosa to Forestville 13 miles (21 km)
Westside Regional Park 2400 Westshore Road, Bodega Bay, California
Wohler Bridge Fishing Access 9765 Wohler Road, Forestville, California


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