List of Sonoran Desert wildflowers

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The wildflowers of the Sonoran Desert typically appear after a rain, some after the winter rains, and some after the summer "monsoons."

Amsinckia menziesii[edit]

  • Common name: common fiddleneck
  • Flowers bloom March through May

Anemone tuberosa[edit]

Bahia absinthifolia[edit]

  • Common name: hairyseed bahia, silverleaf bahia
  • Flowers bloom spring through fall

Brickellia coulteri[edit]

Carlowrightia arizonica[edit]

Centaurium calycosum[edit]

  • Common name: Arizona centaury
  • Flowers bloom April to June

Cryptantha albida[edit]

Cryptantha angustifolia[edit]

  • Common name: Panamint catseye, bristlelobe cryptantha
  • Flowers bloom in early spring

Daucus pusillus[edit]

Datura innoxia[edit]

  • Common name: pricklyburr

Dichelostemma capitatum[edit]

  • Common name: bluedicks
  • Flowers bloom February to May

Encelia farinosa[edit]

  • Common name: brittlebush
  • Flowers bloom in the spring

Eriophyllum lanosum[edit]

  • Common name: white woolly daisy
  • Flowers bloom February through May

Galium aparine[edit]

  • Common name: common bedstraw, cleavers, stickywilly
  • Flowers bloom in the spring

Geraea canescens[edit]

  • Common name: desert sunflower, hairy desert sunflower, desert gold

Glandularia gooddingii[edit]

Haplophyton crooksii[edit]

  • Common name: cockroachplant
  • Flowers bloom March to April and July to November

Isocoma tenuisecta[edit]

  • Common name: burroweed, shrine jimmyweed, burrow goldenweed
  • Flowers bloom in September through November

Justicia californica[edit]

  • Common name: beloperone, chuparosa
  • Flowers bloom in the spring

Machaeranthera gracilis[edit]

  • Common name: slender goldenweed, yellow spiny daisy
  • Flowers bloom February to December

Malacothrix californica[edit]

  • Common name: California desertdandelion

Marina parryi[edit]

  • Common name: Parry's false prairie-clover

Melampodium leucanthum[edit]

  • Common name: plains blackfoot, blackfoot daisy
  • Flowers bloom March through December

Monoptilon bellioides[edit]

  • Common name: Mojave desert star

Nama demissum[edit]

  • Common name: purplemat
  • Flowers bloom from February to May

Nicotiana obtusifolia[edit]

  • Common name: desert tobacco, coyote tobacco
  • Flowers bloom spring to fall

Penstemon parryi[edit]

  • Common name: Parry's penstemon
  • Flowers bloom February to April

Physaria purpurea[edit]

  • Common name: rose bladderpod
  • Flowers bloom January to May

Proboscidea parviflora[edit]

  • Common name: doubleclaw

Rafinesquia neomexicana[edit]

  • Common name: desert chicory, New Mexico plumeseed
  • Flowers bloom mid-February to May

Salvia columbariae[edit]

  • Common name: chia
  • Flowers bloom March–May

Senna covesii[edit]

  • Common name: Coues' senna
  • Flowers bloom in spring and fall

Senna wislizeni[edit]

  • Common name: Wislizenus' senna, shrubby senna
  • Flowers bloom in the mid to late summer

Silene antirrhina[edit]

  • Common name: sleepy catchfly, sleepy silene
  • Flowers bloom March to August

Sphaeralcea ambigua[edit]

  • Common name: desert globemallow, apricot mallow
  • Flowers bloom in the spring

Trixis californica[edit]

  • Common name: American threefold
  • Flowers after rains, most commonly in the spring

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