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Sony released the following SEL (for: Sony E-mount Lens) lenses for Sony E-mount cameras since 2010. They are also compatible with Hasselblad E-mount cameras. Some of the lenses introduced into the line have been developed in cooperation with Carl Zeiss (as indicated).

List of Sony E-mount APS-C zoom lenses[edit]

Focal Length Aperture intro OSS Zeiss/G Lens PZ Weight Diameter Length Min
Mag Filter Size Model Notes
10–18mm f/4 2012 Yes No No 225g 70mm 63.5mm 0.25m 0.1 62mm SEL-1018
10–20mm[1] f/4 2022 No G Yes 178g 69.8mm 55mm 0.13m 0.18 62mm SEL-P1020G
16–50mm f/3.5–5.6 2013 Yes No Yes 116g 64.7mm 29.9mm 0.25m 0.215 40.5mm SEL-P1650 Power zoom, retractable design[2]
16–55mm f/2.8 2019 No G No 494g 73mm 100mm 0.33m 0.2 67mm SEL-1655G
16–70mm f/4 2013 Yes Zeiss No 308g 66.6mm 75mm 0.35m 0.23 55mm SEL-1670Z Vario-Tessar design with T* coating.
18–50mm f/4–5.6 2014 No No No 116g 68.5mm 59mm 0.40m 55mm SEL-1850 Discontinued in 2016. Sold only with Sony A3500.
18–55mm f/3.5–5.6 2010 Yes No No 194g 62mm 60mm 0.25m 0.3 49mm SEL-1855 Discontinued.
18–105mm f/4 2013 Yes G Yes 427g 78mm 110mm 0.45m 0.11 72mm SEL-P18105G
18–110mm f/4 2016 Yes G Yes 1105g 110mm 167.5mm 0.40m 0.122 95mm SEL-P18110G
18–135mm f/3.5–5.6 2018 Yes No No 325g 67.2mm 88mm 0.45m 0.29 55mm SEL-18135
18–200mm f/3.5–6.3 2010 Yes No No 524g 75.5mm 99mm 0.30m 0.35 67mm SEL-18200
18–200mm LE f/3.5–6.3 2012 Yes No No 460g 68mm 97.1mm 0.50m 0.27 62mm SEL-18200LE Light Edition
18–200mm PZ f/3.5–6.3 2012 Yes No Yes 649g 93.2mm 99mm 0.30m 0.35 67mm SEL-P18200
55–210mm f/4.5–6.3 2011 Yes No No 345g 63.8mm 108mm 1.00m 0.225 49mm SEL-55210
70–350mm f/4.5–6.3 2019 Yes G No 625g 77mm 142mm 1.10m 0.23 67mm SEL-70350G

List of Sony E-mount APS-C prime lenses[edit]

Focal Length Aperture intro OSS Zeiss/G Lens Weight Diameter Length Min
Mag Filter Size Model Notes
11mm[3] f/1.8 2022 No No 181g 66mm 57.5mm 0.12m 0.2 55mm SEL-11F18
15mm[4] f/1.4 2022 No G 219g 66.6mm 69.5mm 0.17m 0.15 55mm SEL-15F14G
16mm f/2.8 2011 No No 70g 62mm 22.5mm 0.24m 0.078 49mm SEL-16F28
20mm f/2.8 2013 No No 69g 62.6mm 20.4mm 0.20m 0.12 49mm SEL-20F28
24mm f/1.8 2011 No Zeiss 225g 63mm 65.5mm 0.16m 0.25 49mm SEL-24F18Z Sonnar design with T* coating.
30mm f/3.5 2011 No No 138g 62mm 55.5mm 0.10m 1.0 49mm SEL-30M35 Macro lens.
35mm f/1.8 2012 Yes No 155g 63mm 45mm 0.30m 0.15 49mm SEL-35F18
50mm f/1.8 2011 Yes No 202g 62mm 62mm 0.39m 0.16 49mm SEL-50F18

List of Sony E-mount full frame zoom lenses[edit]

Focal Length Aperture intro OSS Type PZ Weight Diameter Length Min
Mag Filter Size Model Notes
12–24mm f/2.8 2020 No G Master No 847g 97.6mm 137mm 0.28m 0.14 N/A SEL-1224GM
12–24mm f/4 2017 No G No 565g 87mm 117mm 0.28m 0.14 N/A SEL-1224G
16–35mm[5] f/2.8 2017[6] No G Master No 680g 88.5mm 121.6mm 0.28m 0.19 82mm SEL-1635GM
16–35mm[7] f/2.8 2023[8] No G Master No 547g 87.8mm 111.5mm 0.22m 0.32 82mm SEL-1635GM2
16–35mm[9] f/4 2022[10] No G Yes 353g 80.5mm 88.1mm 0.24m 0.23 72mm SEL-P1635G
16–35mm[11] f/4 2014[12] Yes Zeiss No 518g 78mm 98.5mm 0.28m 0.19 72mm SEL-1635Z Vario-Tessar design with T* coating.
16–35mm[13] T3.1 2019 No G Yes 1390g 118.4mm 190mm 0.28m 0.19 N/A SELC1635G Cine lens. Detachable servo zoom available.
20–70mm f/4 2023[14][15] No G No 488g 78.7mm 99mm 0.25m 0.39 72mm SEL2070G
24–50mm f/2.8 2024 No G No 440g 74.8mm 92.3mm 0.18m 0.33 67mm SEL-2450G
24–70mm f/4 2014 Yes Zeiss No 426g 73mm 94.5mm 0.40m 0.2 67mm SEL-2470Z Vario-Tessar design with T* coating.
24–70mm f/2.8 2016 No G Master No 886g 87.6mm 136mm 0.38m 0.24 82mm SEL-2470GM
24–70mm f/2.8 2022 No G Master No 695g 87.8mm 120mm 0.21m 0.32 82mm SEL-2470GM2
24–105mm f/4 2017 Yes G No 663g 83.4mm 113.3mm 0.38m 0.31 77mm SEL-24105G
24–240mm f/3.5–6.3 2015 Yes No No 780g 80.5mm 119mm 0.50m 0.27 72mm SEL-24240
28–60mm f/4–5.6 2020 No No No 167g 66.6mm 45mm 0.30m 0.16 40.5mm SEL-2860
28–70mm f/3.5–5.6 2013 Yes No No 295g 72.5mm 83mm 0.30m 0.19 55mm SEL-2870
28–135mm f/4 2014 Yes G Yes 1215g 105mm 162.5mm 0.40m 0.15 95mm SEL-P28135G
70–200mm f/4 2014 Yes G No 0840g 080mm.0 175mm.0 1.00-1.50m 0.13 72mm SEL-70200G[16]
70–200mm f/4 2023[17] Yes G No 0794g 082.2mm 149.0mm 0.26-0.42m 0.50 72mm SEL-70200G2[18] Macro lens
70–200mm f/2.8 2016 Yes G Master No 1480g 088mm.0 205.3mm 0.96m 0.25 77mm SEL-70200GM[19]
70–200mm f/2.8 2021 Yes G Master No 1045g 088mm.0 200mm.0 0.4-0.82m 0.30 77mm SEL-70200GM2[20]
70–300mm f/4.5–5.6 2016 Yes G No 854g 84mm 143.5mm 0.90m 0.31 72mm SEL-70300G
100–400mm f/4.5–5.6 2017 Yes G Master No 1398g 93.9mm 205mm 0.98m 0.35 77mm SEL-100400GM
200–600mm f/5.6–6.3 2019 Yes G No 2115g 111.5mm 318mm 2.40m 0.2 95mm SEL-200600G

List of Sony E-mount full frame prime lenses[edit]

Focal Length Aperture intro OSS Zeiss/G
/G Master Lens
Weight Diameter Length Min
Mag Filter Size Model Notes
14mm f/1.8 2021 No G Master 460g 83mm 99.8mm 0.25m 0.10 N/A SEL-14F18GM Uses gel filters behind the rear element.
20mm f/1.8 2020 No G 373g 73.5mm 84.7mm 0.18m 0.22 67mm SEL-20F18G
24mm f/1.4 2018 No G Master 445g 75.4mm 92.4mm 0.24m 0.17 67mm SEL-24F14GM
24mm f/2.8 2021 No G 162g 68mm 45mm 0.18m 0.19 49mm SEL-24F28G
28mm f/2 2015 No No 200g 60mm 64mm 0.25m 0.16 49mm SEL-28F20
35mm f/1.4 2021 No G Master 524g 76mm 96mm 0.25m 0.26 67mm SEL-35F14GM
35mm f/1.4 2015 No Zeiss 630g 78.5mm 112mm 0.30m 0.18 72mm SEL-35F14Z Distagon design with T* coating.
35mm f/2.8 2013 No Zeiss 120g 61.5mm 36.5mm 0.35m 0.12 49mm SEL-35F28Z Sonnar design with T* coating.
35mm f/1.8 2019 No No 280g 65.6mm 73mm 0.22m 0.24 55mm SEL-35F18F
40mm f/2.5 2021 No G 173g 68mm 45mm 0.25m 0.23 49mm SEL-40F25G
50mm f/1.2 2021 No G Master 778g 87mm 109.2mm 0.40m 0.17 72mm SEL-50F12GM
50mm[21] f/1.4 2023[22][23] No G Master 516g 80.6mm 96mm 0.41m (AF)
0.38m (MF)
0.16 (AF)
0.18 (MF)
67mm SEL-50F14GM
50mm f/1.4 2016 No Zeiss 778g 83.5mm 108mm 0.45m 0.15 72mm SEL-50F14Z Planar design with T* coating.
50mm f/1.8 2016 No No 186g 68.6mm 59.5mm 0.45m 0.14 49mm SEL-50F18F
50mm f/2.5 2021 No G 174g 68mm 45mm 0.31m 0.21 49mm SEL-50F25G
50mm f/2.8 2016 No No 236g 70.8mm 71mm 0.16m 1.00 55mm SEL-50M28 Macro lens.
55mm f/1.8 2013 No Zeiss 281g 64.4mm 71mm 0.50m 0.14 49mm SEL-55F18Z Sonnar design with T* coating.
85mm f/1.4 2016 No G Master 848g 89.5mm 108mm 0.80m 0.12 77mm SEL-85F14GM
85mm f/1.8 2017 No No 371g 78mm 82mm 0.80m 0.13 67mm SEL-85F18
90mm f/2.8 2015 Yes G 602g 79mm 130.5mm 0.28m 1.00 62mm SEL-90M28G Macro lens.
100mm f/2.8 2017 Yes G Master 700g 85.2mm 118.1mm 0.57m 0.25 72mm SEL-100F28GM Smooth Trans Focus.
135mm f/1.8 2019 No G Master 953g 89.5mm 127mm 0.70m 0.25 82mm SEL-135F18GM
300mm[24] f/2.8 2023[25] Yes G Master 1470g 124mm 265mm 2m 0.16 40.5mm SEL-300F28GM
400mm f/2.8 2018 Yes G Master 2895g 158.1mm 359mm 2.70m 0.16 40.5mm SEL-400F28GM
600mm f/4 2019 Yes G Master 3040g 163.6mm 449mm 4.50m 0.14 40.5mm SEL-600F40GM

List of Sony E-mount lens accessories[edit]

Name intro Type Format Weight Model Comments
Sony Fisheye Converter 0.62x 2010 Front converter APS-C 150g VCL-ECF1


Second version in 2015.
Sony Ultra Wide Converter 0.75x 2010 Front converter APS-C 125g VCL-ECU1


Second version in 2015.
Sony Fisheye Converter 0.57x 2015 Front converter 35mm 418g SEL-057FEC
Sony Ultra Wide Converter 0.75x 2015 Front converter 35mm 267g SEL-075UWC
Sony Tele Converter 1.4x 2016 Rear converter 35mm 167g SEL-14TC
Sony Tele Converter 2x 2016 Rear converter 35mm 207g SEL-20TC
Sony Lens Adapter E/A 1 2010 Mount adapter APS-C 110g LA-EA1 for A-mount lenses on E-mount camera, glass-less, CD-AF / OS-PD-AF with SSM/SAM lenses only.
Sony Lens Adapter E/A 2 2011 Mount adapter APS-C 200g LA-EA2 for A-mount lenses on E-mount camera, SLT-PD-AF with all AF lenses.
Sony Lens Adapter E/A 3 2013 Mount adapter 35mm 110g LA-EA3 for A-mount lenses on full-frame E-mount camera, glass-less, CD-AF / OS-PD-AF with SSM/SAM lenses only.[26]
Sony Lens Adapter E/A 4 2013 Mount adapter 35mm 160g LA-EA4 for A-mount lenses on full-frame E-mount camera, SLT-PD-AF with all AF lenses.[26]
Sony Lens Adapter E/A 5 2020 Mount adapter 35mm 88g LA-EA5 only compatible with certain camera/lens combinations,[27] uses camera's on-sensor PD/CD AF (no mirror).[28]


E "Standard E-mount" series for the APS-C and Super-35mm image format.
FE "Full-frame E-mount" series for 35mm full-frame image format.
G "Gold" series, Sony's line-up of high-grade lenses.
GM "Gold Master" series, Sony's line-up of ultra high-grade lenses.
LE "Light Edition", lenses designed to be particularly light.
OSS "Optical SteadyShot", lenses with optical image stabilization.
PZ "Power Zoom", lenses with motor zoom facility.
LA-EA "Lens Adapter - Emount Amount", adapter for α-mount lenses to the E-mount camera body.
SEL "Sony Emount Lens", Sony lens for E-mount cameras.
TC "Tele Converter", teleconverter for increasing the effective focal length of a lens.
ECU "Emount Converter Ultra wide", ultra wide converter for specific lenses
ECF "Emount Converter Fisheye", fisheye converter for specific lenses
T* "T coating", Zeiss special T* coating. Only with Sony Zeiss lenses
ZA "Zeiss α", lenses for Sony α cameras. ZA lenses are designed and manufactured by Sony in Japan, once the designs get approval by Carl Zeiss AG to meet their quality standards.

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