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This is a list of dinosaurs whose remains have been recovered from South America.

List of South American Dinosaurs[edit]

Nomen dubium
Nomen nudum
Name Period Diet[1] Notes
Abelisaurus Cretaceous        carnivore Known only from a single skull.
Achillesaurus Cretaceous carnivore May be the same as Alvarezsaurus.
Adamantisaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Adeopapposaurus Jurassic herbivore Shows that some "prosauropods" may have had keratinous beaks.
Aeolosaurus Cretaceous herbivore Found in both Argentina and Brazil.
Aerosteon Cretaceous carnivore A megaraptoran with hollow, bird-like bones.
Agustinia Cretaceous herbivore Once thought to have spikes on its back.
Alnashetri Cretaceous carnivore An alvarezsauroid.
Alvarezsaurus Cretaceous carnivore A strange, bird-like dinosaur.
Amargasaurus Cretaceous herbivore A sauropod with backward-pointing spines on its neck.
Amargatitanis Cretaceous herbivore A dicraeosaurid formerly thought to be a titanosaur.
Amazonsaurus Cretaceous herbivore A rebbachisaur.
Amygdalodon Jurassic herbivore One of the few Middle Jurassic sauropods from South America.
Anabisetia Cretaceous herbivore An iguanodont; a member of Elasmaria.
Andesaurus Cretaceous herbivore A basal titanosaur.
Aniksosaurus Cretaceous carnivore Possibly a compsognathid.
Antarctosaurus Cretaceous herbivore May include one of the largest dinosaurs.
Aoniraptor Cretaceous carnivore Considered a nomen nudum by some.
Argentinosaurus Cretaceous herbivore Possibly one of the largest known dinosaurs.
Argyrosaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Atacamatitan Cretaceous herbivore A sauropod.
Aucasaurus Cretaceous carnivore The most completely-known abelisaur.
Austrocheirus Cretaceous carnivore Possibly an abelisaur.
Austroraptor Cretaceous carnivore A fish-hunting dromaeosaur with a long snout and short arms.
Bajadasaurus Cretaceous herbivore A dicraeosaurid.
Barrosasaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Baurutitan Cretaceous herbivore A lithostrotian titanosaur.
Bayosaurus Cretaceous carnivore Nomen nudum
Bicentenaria Cretaceous carnivore A basal coelurosaur.
Bonapartenykus Cretaceous carnivore A large alvarezsaurid found in association with its eggs.
Bonatitan Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Bonitasaura Cretaceous herbivore One of the few titanosaurs from which skull material is known.
Brachytrachelopan Jurassic herbivore A sauropod with a comparatively short neck.
Brasilotitan Cretaceous herbivore A sauropod.
Buitreraptor Cretaceous carnivore A unenlagiine dromaeosaurid.
Campylodoniscus Cretaceous herbivore Known only from teeth.
Carnotaurus Cretaceous carnivore A theropod with short arms and two horns on top of its head.
Cathartesaura Cretaceous herbivore Named after the turkey vulture, Cathartes aura
Chilesaurus Jurassic herbivore Shows characteristics of all major donosaur groups.
Chromogisaurus Triassic unknown A basal sauropodomorph.
Chubutisaurus Cretaceous herbivore A basal titanosauriform.
Clasmodosaurus Cretaceous herbivore Known only from teeth.
Coloradisaurus Triassic herbivore Originally called "Coloradia".
Comahuesaurus Cretaceous herbivore A rebbachisaur.
Condorraptor Jurassic carnivore A cousin of Piatnitzkysaurus.
Dreadnoughtus Cretaceous herbivore One of the more completely known titanosaurs.
Drusilasaura Cretaceous herbivore A member of the group Lognkosauria.
Ekrixinatosaurus Cretaceous carnivore Its discovery helped fill in gaps in the knowledge of abelisaurs.
Elaltitan Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Eoabelisaurus Jurassic carnivore Despite the name, it may be a primitive ceratosaur.
Eodromaeus Triassic carnivore Sometimes cited as the "Eve" of the dinosaurs.
Eoraptor Triassic omnivore Thought to be one of the earliest known dinosaurs. Nyasasaurus from Africa may be older.
Epachthosaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Futalognkosaurus Cretaceous herbivore A very large titanosaur.
Gasparinisaura Cretaceous herbivore An iguanodont; a member of elasmarian.
Genyodectes Cretaceous carnivore A ceratosaur.
Giganotosaurus Cretaceous carnivore One of the largest terrestrial carnivorous dinosaurs.
‘’Gnathothorax’’ Triassic Carnivore a theropod found in Brazil.
Gondwanatitan Cretaceous herbivore Named after the ancient continent of Gondwana.
Guaibasaurus Triassic carnivore Either a basal theropod or sauropodomorph.
Gualicho Cretaceous carnivore Shows tyrannosaurid-like short two-fingered arms; though it may not be a tyrannosaurid.
Herrerasaurus Triassic carnivore One of the oldest known dinosaurs.
Ilokelesia Cretaceous carnivore An abelisaur.
Irritator Cretaceous carnivore Synonymous with "Angaturama".
Isaberrysaura Jurassic herbivore An ornithischian, possibly a stegosaur.
Itapeuasaurus Cretaceous herbivore A Brazilian sauropod.
Katepensaurus Cretaceous herbivore A rebbachisaurid sauropod.
Lapampasaurus Cretaceous herbivore One of the few South American hadrosaurs.
Laplatasaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Laquintasaura Jurassic herbivore Probably a thyreophoran.
Leinkupal Cretaceous herbivore One of the latest surviving diplodocid sauropods.
Leonerasaurus Triassic or Jurassic herbivore A basal sauropodomorph.
Lessemsaurus Triassic herbivore Its relatives are among the earliest known large sauropods.
Leyesaurus Jurassic herbivore A basal sauropodomorph.
Ligabueino Cretaceous carnivore A noasaur.
Ligabuesaurus Cretaceous herbivore A sauropod.
Limaysaurus Cretaceous herbivore A rebbachisaurid sauropod.
Loncosaurus Cretaceous herbivore Probably an ornithopod.
Macrogryphosaurus Cretaceous herbivore An iguanodont; a member of Elasmaria.
Malarguesaurus Cretaceous herbivore A sauropod.
Manidens Jurassic omnivore A heterodontosaur.
Mapusaurus Cretaceous carnivore A carcharodontosaurid that may have hunted in packs.
Maxakalisaurus Cretaceous herbivore A sauropod.
Megaraptor Cretaceous carnivore Originally thought to be a giant dromaeosaur.
Mendozasaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Mirischia Cretaceous carnivore A compsognathid.
Microcoelus Cretaceous herbivore May be synonymous with Neuquensaurus
Mussaurus Triassic herbivore A basal sauropodomorph formerly known from only juvenile remains.
Muyelensaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Narambuenatitan Cretaceous herbivore A recently discovered titanosaur.
Neuquenraptor Cretaceous carnivore Probably synonymous with Unenlagia.
Neuquensaurus Cretaceous herbivore A close relative of Saltasaurus.
Noasaurus Cretaceous carnivore A small ceratosaur with a light build.
Nopcsaspondylus Cretaceous herbivore Its only fossil, a vertebra, has been lost.
Notoceratops Cretaceous herbivore Only a partial jaw was found which was later lost, so it's uncertain whether it was actually a ceratopsian. If so it would be the only one known from South America.
Notocolossus Cretaceous herbivore A large, recently discovered titanosaur.
Notohypsilophodon Cretaceous herbivore An iguanodont; a member of Elasmaria.
Orkoraptor Cretaceous carnivore A megaraptoran originally thought to be a compsognathid.
Overosaurus Cretaceous herbivore A relatively small titanosaur.
Oxalaia Cretaceous carnivore A close relative of Spinosaurus.
Padillasaurus Cretaceous herbivore First and so far only dinosaur to be described in Colombia. Titanosaurid sauropod.
Pampadromaeus Triassic herbivore A basal sauropodomorph.
Pamparaptor Cretaceous carnivore A small dromaeosaurid.
Panamericansaurus Cretaceous herbivore Named after the Pan American Energy Company.
Panphagia Triassic omnivore Possibly omnivorous.
Patagonykus Cretaceous carnivore An alvarezsaur.
Patagosaurus Jurassic herbivore A close relative of Cetiosaurus.
Pellegrinisaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Petrobrasaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Piatnitzkysaurus Jurassic carnivore A megalosauroid theropod.
Pitekunsaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Puertasaurus Cretaceous herbivore A large titanosaur.
Pycnonemosaurus Cretaceous carnivore Possibly the largest abelisaur.
Quetecsaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Quilmesaurus Cretaceous carnivore Considered a nomen vanum by some.
Rayososaurus Cretaceous herbivore A close relative of Rebbachisaurus.
Rinconsaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur belonging to the Rinconsauria.
Riojasaurus Triassic herbivore One of the first large sauropodomorphs.
Rocasaurus Cretaceous herbivore A close relative of Saltasaurus.
Saltasaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur known to possess osteoderms.
Sanjuansaurus Triassic carnivore A herrerasaurid saurischian.
Santanaraptor Cretaceous carnivore Muscle tissue was found on the holotype specimen.
Sarmientosaurus Cretaceous herbivore Known from a well-preserved skull.
Saturnalia Triassic herbivore A basal sauropodomorph.
Secernosaurus Cretaceous herbivore First hadrosaur discovered from South America
Skorpiovenator Cretaceous carnivore An abelisaur.
Staurikosaurus Triassic carnivore Possibly one of the oldest dinosaurs.
Talenkauen Cretaceous herbivore An iguanodont; a member of Elasmaria.
Tapuiasaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Taurovenator Cretaceous carnivore A relatively obscure carcharodontosaurid.
Tehuelchesaurus Jurassic herbivore A camarasaurid sauropod.
Thanos Cretaceous carnivore Named after the Marvel Comics villain Thanos.
Traukutitan Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Trigonosaurus Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Tyrannotitan Cretaceous carnivore A large carcharodontosaurid.
Uberabatitan Cretaceous herbivore A titanosaur.
Unaysaurus Triassic herbivore A basal sauropodomorph.
Unenlagia Cretaceous carnivore A very bird-like dromaeosaurid.
Unquillosaurus Cretaceous carnivore Possibly a relative of Unenlagia.
Velocisaurus Cretaceous carnivore A noasaur, not to be confused with Velociraptor.
Volkheimeria Jurassic herbivore A sauropod.
Willinakaqe Cretaceous herbivore Probably a chimaera.
Xenotarsosaurus Cretaceous carnivore An abelisaur.
Zapalasaurus Cretaceous herbivore A rebbachisaurid sauropod.
Zupaysaurus Triassic carnivore A basal theropod.


This is a timeline of selected dinosaurs from the list above. Time is measured in Ma, megaannum, along the x-axis. Carnivores are shown in red, herbivores in green and omnivores in blue.

MesozoicTriassicJurassicCretaceousSaltasaurusBaurutitanAustroraptorCarnotaurusAbelisaurusGasparinisauraPycnonemosaurusDreadnoughtusSecernosaurusQuilmesaurusAustroposeidonPuertasaurusThanos simonattoiMahuidacursorAlvarezsaurusNeuquensaurusOverosaurusViavenatorVelocisaurusAchillesaurusMalarguesaurusMacrogryphosaurusBayosaurusAnabisetiaOrkoraptorAlnashetriEkrixinatosaurusGualicho shinyaeLimaysaurusAndesaurusBicentenariaBuitreraptorMapusaurusSkorpiovenatorArgentinosaurusGiganotosaurusPatagotitanOxalaiaSantanaraptorMirischiaIrritatorTyrannotitanAmazonsaurusGenyodectesAmargastegosAmargasaurusZapalasaurusLigabueinoPadillasaurusLeinkupalBajadasaurusChilesaurusTehuelchesaurusPandoravenatorIsaberrysauraEoabelisaurusCondorraptorManidensPatagosaurusPiatnitzkysaurusLeonerasaurusAmygdalodonTachiraptorLeyesaurusAdeopapposaurusLaquintasauraLucianovenatorZupaysaurusColoradisaurusGuaibasaurusUnaysaurusLessemsaurusStaurikosaurusChromogisaurusSanjuansaurusPanphagiaEoraptorEodromaeusHerrerasaurusBuriolestesMesozoicTriassicJurassicCretaceous

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  1. ^ Diet is sometimes hard to determine for dinosaurs and should be considered a "best guess"