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Government in South Australia is delivered by a number of agencies, grouped under areas of portfolio responsibility. Each portfolio is led by a government minister who is a member of the Parliament of South Australia, appointed by the Governor as the representative of the Crown.

The agencies are principally grouped as eight departments, each led by a secretary, director-general or similarly-title executive officer and comprising a number of portfolios covering specific policy areas across the department and allocated statutory authorities, trading enterprises, boards, councils and other public bodies.

Agencies have varying levels of operational autonomy, and deliver one or more of frontline public services, administrative functions and law enforcement. Some are structured as for-profit corporations. Where there are multiple portfolios within a department, directors-general may be accountable to a number of ministers.

All agencies are identifiable by their corporate logo, which features in agency advertising, publications and correspondence, pictured right.

A list of articles on South Australian government agencies sorted alphabetically is available at Government agencies of South Australia. The South Australian government maintains a list of agencies and their contact details at its website.

Attorney-General's Department[edit]

The South Australian Attorney-General's Department (AGD) brings together a diverse group of functions across justice, rights protection and public safety on behalf of the community. Agencies include:[1]

  • Office of the Chief Executive
  • Finance, People and Performance
  • Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit
  • Legal, Legislative and Rights Protection Services (LLRPS) Division
    • Legal Services
      • The Crown Solicitor's Office
      • The Solicitor-General
      • The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
      • The Office of the Parliamentary Counsel
      • Legislative Services
      • Library
    • Rights Protection and Social Justice
      • The Office of the Public Advocate
      • The Office of the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity
      • The Office of the Commissioner for Victims’ Rights
      • The Office of the Public Trustee
      • The Office of the Ombudsman
      • The Office of the Police Ombudsman (OPO)
    • South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT)
    • South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET)
    • The Industrial Relations Court and Commission
    • The South Australian Health Practitioners Tribunal
    • Forensic Science SA (FSSA)
  • Projects and Technology
    • Office of Crime Statistics and Research (OCSAR)
  • Safework SA[2]
  • Consumer and Business Services

Auditor-General's Department[edit]

The Auditor-General's Department provides the Parliament and public sector entities with independent professional opinions on matters related to financial management, compliance with legislative requirements.

Department for Human Services[edit]

The Department for Human Services (DHS) (previously the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI)) brings together a range of services, funding and policy responsibilities which together support safety, equality, opportunity and justice across South Australia.[3] The Department includes:

  • Community and Organisational Support
  • Disability SA
  • Disability Services
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Financial and Business Services
  • Housing SA
  • HomeStart Finance[4]
  • Interpreting and Translating Centre
  • Multicultural SA
  • NDIS and Service Reform
  • Northern Connections
  • Office for Problem Gambling
  • Office for Volunteers
  • Office for Women
  • Office for Youth
  • Policy and Community Development
  • Procurement and Grants
  • Screening Unit
  • Southern Connections
  • State Recovery
  • Youth Justice

Department for Correctional Services[edit]

  • Department for Correctional Services

South Australian Country Fire Service[edit]

Courts Administration Authority[edit]

  • Courts Administration Authority

Defence SA[edit]

Electoral Commission of South Australia[edit]

Department for Education[edit]

The Department for Education delivers and coordinates children's services and schooling.

  • Office of the Deputy Chief Executive
  • Office of Schools
  • Office of Early Childhood Development
  • Office of Policy and Communications
  • Finance and Infrastructure
  • Aboriginal, Student and Family Services
  • Teaching and Learning Services
  • Human Resources and Workforce Development
  • Aboriginal Education and Employment
  • Bio Innovation SA
  • Centre for Lifelong Learning and Development
  • Education Adelaide
  • Education Services and Programs
  • Families SA
  • Employment and Skills Formation
    • Employment Programs
    • Indigenous and Youth Initiatives
    • Operations
    • Traineeship and Apprenticeship Management
  • Office of the Chief Executive
    • Office of the Training Advocate
  • Playford Capital
  • Science and Innovation
  • Shared Business Services
  • TAFE SA Regional

Department of Environment and Water[edit]

  • Office of the Chief Executive
  • Policy
    • Land Stewardship
    • Natural and Cultural Resources
    • Legislation, Policy and Planning
    • Coast and Marine Projects
  • Strategy
    • Communications and Community Engagement
    • Governance and Planning
    • Strategy and Performance
    • Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Corporate Services and Client Services
    • Commercial Services
    • Business Operations
    • People and Culture
    • Conservation and Land Management
    • eBusiness Centre
    • Science Resource Centre
    • ICT Services
  • Regional Services
    • Regional Integration Project
    • Regional NRM Support
    • Public Land and Operational Support
    • Regional Delivery
    • Volunteers and Visitor Services
    • Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth Project
  • Botanic Gardens
    • Knowledge and Conservations
    • Collections and Horticulture
    • Visitor and Community Programs

Department for Health and WellBeing (SA Health)[edit]

SA Health[6] is responsible for protecting and improving public health by providing leadership in health reform, policy development and planning:[7]

Local Health Networks (LHNs):

The following agencies report to a designated LHN:

  • SA Dental Service
  • Breastscreen SA
  • Donate Life
  • Prison Health
  • SA Pathology
  • SA Medical Imaging
  • SA Pharmacy
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Sterilisation

Department for Health and Ageing divisions:

  • Office for the Ageing
    • Adelaide Aged Care Assessment Team
    • Seniors Card
    • retirement villages
  • Public Health and Clinical Systems
    • public health
    • communicable disease control
    • emergency management
    • health promotion
  • Health Reform
  • E-Health Systems
    • EPAS (Electronic Patient Enterprise System)
    • information strategy
    • ICT
  • Health System Development
    • Aboriginal health
    • media and communications, intergovernment relations
    • service development
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse
    • mental health operations
    • Drug and Alcohol Services SA (DASSA)
  • SA Health Workforce
    • human resources and workforce health
    • organisational development and learning
  • Health System Performance
    • assets, finance, revenue, procurement
    • records management

Legal Services Commission[edit]

  • Legal Services Commission

South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service[edit]

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure[edit]

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has responsibilities in relation to guiding and administering the South Australian planning and development assessment system,[8] and for transport system and services. The department also works regularly with police in regards to motor vehicle registration, enforcement of speed limits and other road matters.[9]

The department is responsible for:

  • Assessment
  • Business Services
    • Business and Information Services
    • Spatial Planning, Analysis & Research
  • Executive Services
    • Legislation & Best Practice
    • Sustainability
  • Office for State/Local Government Relations
  • Office for the Southern Suburbs[10]
  • Policy Division
    • Building Policy
    • Planning Policy
  • Strategy

Department of the Premier and Cabinet[edit]

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC)[11] provides central agency leadership on matters that affect South Australia's prosperity.

It provides economic and policy advice to support the government's strategic priorities, the state's international relationships and the management of ICT Strategy, innovation and investment. DPC publishes and advances South Australia's Strategic Plan and has expressed commitments to community engagement, excellence in service delivery and good business practice.

  • Agent General for South Australia
  • Cabinet Office
    • Cabinet Coordination
    • Intergovernmental Relations
      • Office for State and Local Government Relations
  • Chief Information Officer
    • Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Commissioners
    • Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement
    • Commissioner for Public Sector Employment
      • Office of Public Employment
  • Corporate Operations & Governance
  • Government Services
    • e-Government
    • Service SA
    • Shared Services SA
    • Office for Digital Government[13]
  • Office for the Public Sector[14]
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Consultation and Response Agency

Department of Primary Industries & Regions (PIRSA)[edit]

Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA)[15] is an agency for economic development and ensuring the sustainable development of the state's natural resources.[16]

  • Agriculture, Food and Wine
  • Aquaculture
  • Biosecurity
  • Fisheries
  • Forestry
  • Office of the Upper Spencer Gulf, Flinders Ranges and Outback
  • Rural Solutions SA
  • SA Research and Development Institute
  • South Australian Food Centre

Department of Treasury and Finance[edit]

Department of Treasury and Finance provides economic, policy and financial advice to the Government, manages the whole of Government financial management processes, including preparation of the State Budget, and provides finance-related services across Government.

  • Corporate Services
  • Finance
  • Government Accounting and Reporting
  • Policy Analysis
  • Projects and Government Enterprises
  • Revenue and Economics
  • RevenueSA
  • SA Government Financing Authority (SAFA)
  • Shared Services SA
    • Government ICT Service Delivery
      • SA Government Radio Network
      • SA Government Telecommunication Network
    • Transition Future ICT
  • State Procurement and Fleet Operations
    • Fleet SA
      • Government Auctions SA
  • Super SA
  • Treasurer's Office
  • Veterans SA



South Australia Police[edit]

Department of State Development[edit]

State Emergency Service[edit]

  • State Emergency Service


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