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There have been several families who have been involved in South Indian cinema in a variety of professions related to the industry. For actors who featured in predominantly Hindi films rather than South Indian films, see List of Hindi film clans. Below is an incomplete list of families that have been involved in South Indian cinema.


Agathian family[edit]

Allu–Konidela family[edit]

  • Chiranjeevi, actor and ex-politician Padmabhushan doctarete megastar.
    • Ram Charan, actor; producer; businessman; Son of Chiranjeevi.
      • Upasana Konidela, entrepreneur Apollo hospitals; wife of Ram Charan.
    • Susmitha, costume designer; daughter of Chiranjeevi.
    • Srija, daughter of Chiranjeevi; wife of actor Kalyaan Dev
      • Kalyaan Dhev, actor; son-in-law of Chiranjeevi
    • Nagendra Babu, actor, producer; younger brother of Chiranjeevi.
    • Pawan Kalyan, actor, director, producer and politician; younger brother of Chiranjeevi. Founder of Janasena party.
    • Sai Dharam Tej, actor; nephew of Chiranjeevi.
    • Vaishnav Tej, actor; younger brother of Sai Dharam Tej; nephew of Chiranjeevi.
  • Allu Rama Lingaiah, actor; father-in-law of Chiranjeevi.

Ajith Kumar family[edit]

  • Ajith Kumar, actor.
  • Shalini, former actress; wife of Ajith Kumar.
    • Shamili, actress; sister of Shalini.
    • Richard, actor; brother of Shalini. (see [[List of South Indian film families#Daggubati family
    • Shiva, actor; husband of Ajith's cousin, Priya.

Ambareesh family[edit]

Anant Nag family[edit]

Akkineni family[edit]

Anandan family[edit]

Arunpandian family[edit]

Azhagappan family[edit]


Balasubrahmanyam family[edit]

Bhagyaraj family[edit]

Bhanupriya family[edit]

Bharathiraja family[edit]


Chandrasekhar family[edit]

  • S. A. Chandrasekhar, director
  • Shoba Chandrasekhar, playback singer; wife of Chandrasekhar.
    • Vijay, actor; son of Chandrasekhar.
    • Sangeeta Sornalingam, businesswoman; wife of Vijay
      • Jason Sanjay; son of Vijay.
      • Divya Saasha; daughter of Vijay.
  • Xavier Britto, entrepreneur; brother-in-law of Chandrasekhar.
    • Sneha Britto, director; niece of Chandrasekhar. (see Murali family)
  • Sheela, actress; sister of Shoba.
    • Sanjeev, director; son of Sheela.
    • Vikranth, actor; son of Sheela.
    • Manasa, actress; wife of Vikranth.
  • Kanakadurga, actress; mother of Manasa.
  • S. N. Surendar, voice actor; brother of Shoba.
    • Viraj, actor; son of Surendar.
  • S. N. Sundar, writer; brother of Shoba.

Cho Ramaswamy family[edit]

Choudary family[edit]


Daggubati Family[edit]

Deva family[edit]

Deve Gowda family[edit]


Fazil family[edit]


Ghattamaneni family[edit]

Ghantasala Family[edit]

Gemini Ganesan family[edit]

Gowda family[edit]


Hunsur family[edit]


Ilaiyaraaja family[edit]

Iyer family[edit]


Jaggesh family[edit]

Jayan family[edit]

Jayachitra family[edit]

Jayadev family[edit]

  • Devayani, actress; daughter of Jayadev.
  • Nakul, actor; brother of Devayani.
  • Mayur, actor; brother of Devayani.

Jayaram family[edit]

Jeeva family[edit]


Kamal Haasan family[edit]

Kamesh family[edit]

Kannadasan family[edit]

Karunanidhi family[edit]

Karunas family[edit]

Kasthuri Raja family[edit]

Kunchacko family[edit]

  • Kunchacko, director and producer. (d.1976)
    • Boban Kunchacko, actor, producer and director; son of Kunchacko. (d.2004)
    • Kunchacko Boban, actor and producer ; grandson of Kunchacko
  • Navodaya Appachan, director and producer; brother of Kunchacko. (d.2012)
    • Jijo Punnoose, actor, producer and director; son of Appachan
    • Jose Appachan, actor, producer and director; son of Appachan

Koduri family[edit]

Komal Swaminathan family[edit]


Krish family[edit]


Lakshminarayana family[edit]

Lokesh family[edit]

Lokesh (Mysore Lokesh) family[edit]


MGR Family[edit]

Madhavan family[edit]

Mammootty family[edit]

Manchu family[edit]

Mohan family[edit]

Mohanlal family[edit]

Murali family[edit]

Muthuraman family[edit]


Nagendra Rao family[edit]

Nagesh family[edit]

Nair family[edit]

  • Radha, actress; daughter of Kunjan Nair and wife of Rajasekaran Nair
  • Ambika, actress; daughter of Kunjan Nair
  • Suresh Nair, director; son of Kunjan Nair
  • Karthika Nair, actress; daughter of Radha and Rajasekaran Nair
  • Thulasi Nair, actress; daughter of Radha and Rajasekaran Nair

Nandamuri family[edit]

Narayan family[edit]

Nassar family[edit]

Naval family[edit]

  • Simran, actress.
    • Deepak, actor; husband of Simran.
  • Monal, actress; sister of Simran (d. 2002)
  • Jyothi, actress; sister of Simran.


Panthulu family[edit]

Parthiban family[edit]

Peethambaram family[edit]

Pinnisetty family[edit]

Pudipeddi family[edit]


Radha family[edit]

Rahman family[edit]

  • A. R. Rahman, music director.
  • R. K. Shekhar, musician; Rahman's father.
  • A. R. Reihana, playback singer; sister of Rahman.
  • Israth Kadhiri, playback singer; sister of Rahman.
  • G. V. Prakash Kumar, music composer; son of Reihana.
  • Khadija Rahman, playback singer; daughter of Rahman.
  • A. R. Ameen , playback singer; son of Rahman.
  • Azhar Kaashif, music composer; nephew of Rahman.
    • Rahman, actor; co-brother of Rahman.

Rajasekhar family[edit]

Rajendar family[edit]

Rajendra Babu family[edit]

Rajesh family[edit]

Rajinikanth family[edit]

Rajkumar family[edit]

Rao family[edit]

Rathnam family[edit]

Ravichandran family[edit]

Reddy, G. K. family[edit]

Reddy, Sameera family[edit]


Sarja family[edit]

Sasi family[edit]

Sathyaraj family[edit]

Satyanarayana family[edit]

Sekhar family[edit]

Siddique family[edit]

Sivaji Ganesan family[edit]

Sivakumar family[edit]

Saluri family[edit]

  • Roshan Saluri, composer, singer-songwriter, actor, son of Saluri Koteswara Rao.

Susarla family[edit]

  • Susarla Dakshinamurthi Sastry Sr. composer, multi instrumentalist, conductor singer-songwriter, and music producer.[6]

Singh Babu family[edit]

Sreenivasan family[edit]

Sridevi family[edit]

As the family of Sridevi have primarily appeared in Hindi films, only those who have appeared in South Indian films are listed below:

SS Rajendran family[edit]

Subramanyam family[edit]

Sukumaran family[edit]

Sundar family[edit]

Sundaram family[edit]

Suresh family[edit]

Suresh gopi family[edit]


Thiagarajan family[edit]

Thoogudeepa family[edit]

Travancore family[edit]

  • Lalitha, actress; part of the Travancore Sisters
  • Padmini, actress; part of the Travancore Sisters
  • Ragini, actress; part of the Travancore Sisters
  • P. K. Sathyapal (Baby), producer; cousin of the Travancore Sisters
  • Kumari Thankam, actress; (Wife of P. K. Sathyapal)
  • Latika Suresh, producer; (Daughter of Raveendran Nair) - cousin of Travancore Sisters
  • Shobana, actress; niece of the Travancore Sisters
  • Vineeth, actor; nephew of the Travancore Sisters
  • Krishna, actor; grandson of Lalitha
  • Ambika Sukumaran, actress; cousin of the Travancore Sisters
  • Sukumari, actress; cousin of the Travancore Sisters (d. 2013)
    • A. Bhimsingh, director; husband of Sukumari (d. 1982)
      • B. Lenin, editor; son of Bhimsingh (but not of Sukumari)
      • B. Kannan, cinematographer; son of Bhimsingh (but not of Sukumari)
      • Suresh Bhimsingh, actor; son of Bhimsingh and Sukumari
      • Gopi Bhimsingh, director; son of Bhimsingh
      • Maria Kavita Thomas, playback singer; niece of Kannan

Thotakura family[edit]


Uppalapati family[edit]


Vairamuthu family[edit]

Vasudevan family[edit]

Veeraswamy family[edit]

Vijayakanth family[edit]

Vijayakumar family[edit]

Vishnuvardhan family[edit]

Vyjayanthimala family[edit]


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