List of South Korean films of 1948

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This is a list of films produced in South Korea in 1948. For films released prior to August 1948, see List of Korean films.

Released English title Korean title Director Cast Genre Notes
11 February The Night before Independence Day 독립전야 Choi In-gyu Kim Shin-jae Drama,Crime,Noir [1]
9 August Su-u 수우 Ahn Jong-hwa Drama [2]
20 August Dance of Jang Chu-Hwa 장추화 무용 Choi In-kyu Dacumentary [3]
25 September The Class of Love 사랑의 교실 Kim Seong-min Drama [4]
9 October The Dawn 여명 An Jin-sang Action, Crime [5]
15 November The Town of Hope 희망의 마을 Choi In-kyu Educational [6]
15 November Yeosu-Suncheon Rebellion 여수순천 반란사건 Documentary [7]
21 November A Sea Gull 갈매기 Lee Gyu-hwan Drama [8]
28 November Metropolis 대도시 Lee Jin Melodrama [9]
An Interrupted Route 끊어진 항로 Lee Man-heung Drama [10]
The Rose of Sharon 무궁화 동산 An Cheol-yeong Documentary [11]


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