List of South Korean films of 1948

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This is a list of films produced in South Korea in 1948. For films released prior to August 1948, see List of Korean films.

Released English title Korean title Director Cast Genre Notes
9 August Su-u 수우 Ahn Jong-hwa Drama [1]
20 August Dance of Jang Chu-Hwa 장추화 무용 Choi In-kyu Dacumentary [2]
25 September The Class of Love 사랑의 교실 Kim Seong-min Drama [3]
9 October The Dawn 여명 An Jin-sang Action, Crime [4]
15 November The Town of Hope 희망의 마을 Choi In-kyu Educational [5]
15 November Yeosu-Suncheon Rebellion 여수순천 반란사건 Documentary [6]
21 November A Sea Gull 갈매기 Lee Gyu-hwan Drama [7]
28 November Metropolis 대도시 Lee Jin Melodrama [8]
An Interrupted Route 끊어진 항로 Lee Man-heung Drama [9]
The Rose of Sharon 무궁화 동산 An Cheol-yeong Documentary [10]


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