List of South Korean films of 1954

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This is a list of films produced in South Korea in 1954.

Released English title Korean title Director Cast Genre Notes
10 February Glorious Construction 빛나는 건설 Yu Jang-san Documentary [1]
6 April A Turbid Water 탁류 Lee Man-heung Gangster [2]
28 April A Street of Temptation 유혹의 거리 Jeong Chang-hwa Gangster, Enlightenment [3]
1 May Korea 코리아 Shin Sang-ok Documentary [4]
15 May Viva Chang-Su! 창수만세 Eo Yak-seon Enlightenment [5]
11 June Arirang 아리랑 Lee Kang-cheon Drama, Anticommunism [6]
15 June The Bloody Road 혈로 Shin Kyeong-gyun Anticommunism, War [7]
1 September 41 Degrees North latitude 북위 41도 Kim Seong-min Action, Military [8]
16 September Assail Order 출격명령 Hong Seong-ki Military [9]
5 December Land of Love 애원의 향토 Kim Seong-min Melodrama [10]
14 December The Hand of Destiny 운명의 손 Han Hyung-mo Noir, Anticommunism [11]
? A Woman Soldier 여군 Jo Jeong-ho Documentary [12]
? Chungnam Tour Account 충남만유기 Yim Woon-hak Cultural film [13]
? Song of Hometown 고향의 노래 Yun Bong-chun Melodrama, Enlightenment [14]
? The Star of Million 백만의 별 Lee Yong-min Military [15]
? The Ten Years of Country Foundation 건국십년 Lee Chang-chun Documentary [16]


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