List of South Korean films of 1965

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A list of films produced in South Korea in 1965:

Title Director Cast Genre Notes
7 Women P.O.W's Lee Man-hee
A Devilish Homicide Lee Yong-min Lee Ye-chun
Do Kum-bong
Father, Come Back
It's My Money Lee Sang-eon
The Lion of Gangland
Market Lee Man-hee Shin Young-kyun Drama Best film at Blue Dragon Film Awards
Min-myeon-euri Choi Eun-hee
North and South Kim Ki-duk
Sad Story of Self Supporting Child Kim Soo-yong Shin Young-kyun Family melodrama Best Film at the Blue Dragon Film Awards
The Sea Village Kim Soo-yong Shin Young-kyun
Ko Eun-ah
Best Film at the Grand Bell Awards
The Starting Point Lee Man-hee Shin Seong-il
Speak to Me, Yellow River

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