List of South Korean films of 1995

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A list of films produced in South Korea in 1995:

Title Director Cast Genre Notes
301, 302 Park Chul-soo Bang Eun-jin
Dr. Bong Lee Kwang-hoon Han Suk-kyu
Kim Hye-soo
The Eternal Empire Park Jong-won
A Hot Roof Lee Min-yong
Madame Aema 11 Joe Moung-hwa Lee Da-yeon Ero Last episode of the longest-running South Korean film series
A Man With a Gun Kim Ui-seok
Millions In My Account Kim Sang-jin
Mom's Got a Lover Kim Dong-bin
Mommy, Star, and Sea Anemone Yu Hyun-mok
My Old Sweetheart Shin Seung-soo
The People In White Bae Yong-kyun
Runaway Kim Sung-su
A Single Spark Park Kwang-su Hong Kyung-in Entered into the 46th Berlin International Film Festival
Sunset Into the Neon Lights Lee Hyun-seung
Who Drives Me Crazy Koo Im-seo

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