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These are some notable tornadoes, tornado outbreaks, and tornado outbreak sequences that have occurred in the Southern Hemisphere including Oceania, and, for the purposes of this list, all of South America and Africa.


Event Date Area Tornadoes Casualties Notes
Roodepoort, South Africa 26 November 1948 Highveld, South Africa 1 4 fatalities, 100 injuries 700 homes wrecked, damages estimated at R150 million. Track of 64 km and touching down 15 times.[1][2]
Zastron tornado 26 November 1948 Free State, South Africa 1 - [citation needed]
Albertynesville, South Africa tornado 30 November 1952 South Africa - 20 fatalities, 400 injuries [citation needed]
Paynesville, South Africa tornado 2 December 1952 South Africa - 11 fatalities [citation needed]
Trompsburg, South Africa tornado 5 November 1976 Karoo, South Africa - 5+ fatalities Longest path ever measured in SA, 175 km, mostly through desert[citation needed]
Senekal, South Africa tornado 15 September 1988 South Africa - 2 fatalities F3 according to Weather Service. Long track event[citation needed]
Welkom, South Africa tornado 20 March 1990 Free State, South Africa - destroying 4000 homes Multi-vortex tornado races through the suburbs of Welkom with a 240 km long severe storm front and a width of up to 1.7 km. Proved to be the most devastating (in monetary terms) in South Africa's history.[citation needed]
Harrismith tornado 15 November 1998 Free State, South Africa 1 0 fatalities, 14 injuries F2 according to Weather Service. Several houses and three airplane hangars were damaged or destroyed.[3]
Mthatha, South Africa tornado[4] 15 December 1998 South Africa - 15 fatalities, 100 injuries Tornado tracked through major urban area
Umtata tornado 11 January 1999 Eastern Cape, South Africa 1 11 fatalities, 150 injuries Category unknown. Large amounts of damage was caused including damage to the hospital. Nelson Mandela, previous president of South Africa was in a pharmacy when the tornado hit, and was protected by his bodyguards while lying on the floor. The pharmacy was also damaged, but Mandela was not injured.[5]
Mount Ayliff, South Africa tornado[4] 18 January 1999 South Africa - 25 fatalities, 500 injuries 120 km long track F4
Heidelberg, South Africa tornado[6] 21 October 1999 South Africa - 20 injuries 100+ km path narrowly missed Johannesburg[7]
Centurion tornado 21 October 1999 Gauteng, South Africa 1 unknown fatality, unknown injuries F1 according to Weather Service. Damage was caused.[7]
Mpumalanga, South Africa tornado outbreak 9 September 2002 Mpumalanga, South Africa 4 2 fatalities Strong line of storms. Some buildings completely flattened[citation needed]
Dullstroom tornado 1 August 2006 Mpumalanga, South Africa 1 0 fatalities, 9 injuries Several homes damaged, roof a high school completely removed. Estimated to be strong F1, possibly F2[citation needed]
Vryheid tornado 20 October 2006 KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 1 0 Rural huts destroyed on a farm 15 km east of the town. Child almost 'taken up' into tornado. Path estimated to be 4 km long. Estimated F1[citation needed]
Klerksdorp tornado 4 March 2007 North West, South Africa 1 1 fatality, 3 injuries F0 (South African Weather Bureah classified it as a "mini tornado"). 200 houses and other buildings damaged.[8]
Molweni tornado 14 November 2008 KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 1 8 fatalities, 200 injuries

Crossed an urban area. Cars rolled some distance and shipping containers hurled through the air over 200m. Mud huts completely scoured away. Brick houses levelled. Path estimated to be 10 km long. Estimated EF3-4[citation needed]

Bulwer tornado 6 November 2009 KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 1 1 fatality, 30 injuries F3 according to Weather Service. Cars thrown and cinder brick homes flattened[citation needed]
Ficksburg tornado 3 October 2011 Free State, South Africa 1 1 fatality, 42 injuries F2 according to Weather Service. 122 houses and shacks destroyed.[9]
Duduza tornado 3 October 2011 Gauteng, South Africa 1 1 fatality, 166 injuries F2 according to Weather Service. 150 houses destroyed[10]
Bronkhorstspruit tornado 13 November 2011 Mpumalanga, South Africa 1 0 fatalities, 0 injuries Category unknown. Minimal damage due touching down in open fields.[11]
Bethlehem tornado 23 June 2012 Free State, South Africa 1 8 fatalities, 27 injuries F2. Several houses was destroyed in Bethlehem and Kestell areas[12]
Deneysville tornado 23 June 2012 Free State, South Africa 1 1 fatality, 5 injuries a lot of damage to waterfront property.[13]
Queenstown – Mthaha tornado 19 September 2013 Eastern Cape, South Africa 1 - [citation needed]
Tembisa 26 July 2016 Gauteng, South Africa 1 0 fatalities, 3 injuries Damaged roof of Phumulani Mall, causing injuries; also damaged roof of nearby hospital.[14]
Mpumalanga, Standerton 10 December 2016 Mpumalanga, Standerton, South Africa 1 0 fatalities Spotted about 12 km outside Standerton on the R23 Volksrust Road[15][16]


11 December 2016 Mpumalanga, Standerton, South Africa 1 0 fatalities Seen in the Kaalspruit/Bloukop Area[17]
Vaal Marina 11 December 2016 Gauteng, South Africa 1 0 fatalities, +-50 injuries At least 300 people were displaced and 50 others injured[18]
New Hanover 12 November 2019 KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 1 2 fatalities, +-18 injuries Hundreds of people were displaced.[19][20]



Tornado event Date Area Tornadoes Casualties Notes Fujita Scale
1795 Sydney tornado 1795 Sydney 1 0 The earliest tornado record in the Bureau of Meteorology archives, it destroyed crops and trees in the early settlement.[21]
Port Phillip tornado 29 January 1837 Central Victoria 1 0 Believed to be the first tornado observed by the colonists of Port Phillip and one of the first observed in Australia. Following a trail of over 60 miles from the heads of Port Phillip to Geelong and as far north as Mount Macedon it caused much damage and uprooting of trees.[22]
Parramatta tornado 21 December 1841 Parramatta, New South Wales 1 0 Tornado observed west of Sydney causing damage to churches and schools in Parramatta, destroying homes and uprooting trees.[23]
Murrumbidgee tornado 9 October 1844 Murrumbidgee District, New South Wales 1 0 Part of a larger storm cell which caused extensive flooding, a tornado was observed in Murrumbidgee District near Gundagai causing extensive damage to forest area.[24]
Devil's river tornado 26 December 1848 Devil's River, Victoria 1 0 fatalities, 3 injured Tornado swept across farmland hurling large hailstones, killing numerous livestock and injuring settlers.[25]
Wee Waa tornado 26 November 1849 Wee Waa, New South Wales 1 0 Huts were unroofed and trees uprooted.[26]
Campbell's river tornado 5 January 1852 Campbell's River, New South Wales 1 0 Destructive tornado cut a path through farmland and forest, reaching the outskirts of Bathurst, New South Wales.[27][28]
Waratah tornado 16 September 1860 Newcastle region 1 0 Related to storm over Newcastle, a tornado cut a path from Minmi to Hexham and Waratah, throwing wagons through the air and uprooting trees on its way toward the ocean.[27][29]
Chetwynd tornado 1 July 1861 Western Victoria 1 1 Large tornado reported at Chetwynd Station moving along the tributary of the Glenelg River toward Harrow carried large objects including trees, poles and huts distances from several yards to miles through the air.[30] Two men were reported to have been thrown great distances in the air, with one returning to the ground dead.[31]
Hamilton tornado 22 October 1861 Western Victoria 1 0 Originating near the South Australian border at Lindsay and passing through Casterton, a tornado cut a path through Hamilton where it caused extensive damage to buildings before moving east uprooting trees and taking the roofs off houses. Scotch church in Hamilton was destroyed, along with another church and several commercial premises including two hotels were leveled causing 5000 in damage through no casualties were reported.[32][33]
Maryborough tornado 25 February 1864 North-west Victoria 1 2 Tornado cut a swathe from Maryborough to Creswick and Bullarook north of Ballarat. A father and son were killed by a tree thrown through the air and numerous others were injured. The tornado damaged numerous buildings and uprooting trees.[34]
Beechworth tornado 26 October 1865 Beechworth Victoria 1 1 fatality, numerous injuries Massive damaged to Beechworth from tornado leaving churches, schools demolished, houses unroofed and objects thrown great distances and a Chinese man died inside a collapsed hut.[35]
Bowen tornado 22 February 1876 Bowen, Queensland 1 1 fatality, numerous injuries Destructive tornado caused severe damage to Bowen. One killed, many more injured, some seriously. Damages amounting to at least 7,000, many buildings were badly damaged or destroyed including the Bowen hospital, where many patients sustained minor injuries.[36]
Nhill tornado 19 November 1897 Wimmera region, north western Victoria 1 3 Deadly tornado leaving a destructive trail across over 250 km of north western Victoria virtually destroyed the town of Nhill where 50,000 of damage was done including all of the town's churches and many of the houses. Extensive damage was also inflicted on the town of Donald where one person died and a church, school and numerous other buildings were demolished at a total damage bill of 4,000. At Maryborough a further 2 deaths were recorded. At Rupanyup the damage was estimated at 200.[37][38][39]
Nevertire tornado 29 December 1897 New South Wales 1 0 Destructive tornado with a path 14 miles long struck the town of Nevertire, New South Wales leaving many people injured.[40]
Narrabri tornado 2 December 1900 New South Wales 1 0 Destructive tornado causing total estimated damage of 8,000.[41]
Narrabri tornado 6 January 1902 New South Wales 1 1 fatality, numerous injured Second, more destructive tornado at Narrabri destroyed the railway goods shed. Few buildings were undamaged leaving an estimated total damage of 10,000.[42]
Ballarat tornado 19 August 1909 Victoria 1 1 fatality, >7 injured During a severe flooding event, a tornado touched down in Ballarat sweeping across the city's northern and eastern suburbs destroying numerous homes in Ballarat North, Soldiers Hill, Black Hill and Ballarat East. The tornado lifted before again touching down at Eureka where it destroyed more homes before dissipating.[43][44]
Marong tornado 27 September 1911 Victoria 1 1 fatality, >12 injured Likely an F3, it caused severe damage to Marong and Lockwood. First tornado photographed in Australia.[45]
Brighton tornado 2 February 1918 Victoria 3 >2 fatalities Known as the 'Brighton Cyclone',[46] these tornadoes hit the suburb of Brighton, a suburb of Melbourne. At one location two tornado tracks crossed, creating (in the language of the day) a "veritable orgy of destruction".[47] In the few minutes that the storm lasted, two people were killed and many others injured. Wind speeds were estimated at 320 km/h (Fujita rating F3), making this possibly the most intense tornado to hit a major Australian city.[48] Total estimated damage was 100,000 – 150,000.
Portarlington tornado 9 January 1921 Victoria 2 0 fatalities, >1 injuries A tornado and a waterspout formed in the area of Corio Bay moving east where it struck Portarlington and St Leonards before dissipating in Port Phillip. The Grand Hotel was damaged and the roofs removed from a church and several houses. Trees were torn out of the ground. Reports of several people being carried up to 40 feet through the air.[49][50]
Geelong tornado 22 July 1926 Victoria 1 1 fatality, 20-30 injured Tornado that originated in the Western District moved east, striking Lismore in South West of Victoria where there was considerable damage and trees torn out of the ground. Headed east, the tornado cut a swathe through the south west of Victoria until it reached the populated area of Geelong. It cut a path through the southern suburbs of Highton, Marshall and Belmont where a total of seven homes were destroyed, most in Belmont. The tornado continued to cross Port Phillip where it continued gathering pace. It made final landfall at Brighton where it destroyed two churches, two halls and several other buildings.[51] Total estimated damage in Geelong was 40,000.[52]
Dwellingup tornado 16 April 1954 Western Australia 1 0 fatalities Rated F3, through jarrah forest along an 10 km (6.2 mi) path, and up to 200 m (660 ft) wide near Lyalls Mill.[53]
Port Macquarie tornado 6 July 1962 New South Wales 1 3 fatalities An intense waterspout reached landfall at Port Macquarie causing widespread damage. 3 men were killed as a house collapsed.[54]
Busselton tornado 10 July 1964 Western Australia 1 1 fatality 1 person was killed when his car was pulled off the road by a tornado near Busselton.[55]
Bulahdelah tornado 1 January 1970 New South Wales 1 0 fatalities Believed to be one of the strongest Australian tornadoes, with its intensity estimated to be F4 or F5.[citation needed] Left a damage path 21 km (13 mi) long and 1–1.6 km (0.62–0.99 mi) wide through the Bulahdelah State Forest. According to reports, it threw a two-ton tractor 100 m (330 ft) through the air, depositing it upside down. It is estimated that the tornado destroyed over one million trees.[56]
Kin Kin tornado 14 August 1971 Queensland 1 3 fatalities Three people killed at Kin Kin (a small community between Gympie and Noosa). This is the deadliest tornado recorded in Australia to date.[47]
Brisbane tornado 4 November 1973 Queensland 1, other funnels reported 0 fatalities Perhaps most destructive Australian tornado. It had a path length of 51 km (32 mi), and peak wind-speeds are estimated to be in excess of 300 km/h (190 mph). 500 houses were unrooved, 1,400 destroyed and 500 declared 'structurally unsafe'. At least one home was swept away from its foundation. Rated F3.[47][57]
Port Hedland tornado 17 December 1975 Western Australia 1 0 fatalities A spectacular tornado with a purple funnel was on the ground right in front of the weather bureau.[58]
Sandon tornado 13 November 1976 Victoria 3 2 fatalities Strong F2 or an F3. Fatalities occurred when a car was thrown by the tornado with occupants inside. This tornado from the outbreak caused $300,000 in damage.[59]
Northam tornado 21 December 1977 Western Australia 1 0 fatalities Described as a most beautiful Australian tornado due to the colour of the vortex being red from picking up the red-coloured dirt. Path length 6–7 km and it uprooted several large gum trees.[60]
Drummoyne and Hunters Hill tornado 10 February 1978 New South Wales 1 0 fatalities During an outbreak of severe thunderstorms in eastern New South Wales affecting Newcastle Sydney and Wollongong, a storm produced a tornado in the Drummoyne and Hunters Hill area of metropolitan Sydney, ripping the roof from a house.[61] The severe weather injured a total of eight across the affected area, causing an estimated A$15 million in damage with a 2011 normalized cost of A$215 million.[62]
Port Macquarie Tornado 13 September 1985 New South Wales 1 Buildings were destroyed and cars thrown through the air causing a total of more than $3 million in damages.[63]
Elsmore tornadoes 6 November 1989 Elsmore, New South Wales 3 - Destructive tornado categorised F3 by the Bureau of Meteorology damaged up to 25 homes, including 5 which were completely destroyed.[64]
SE QLD tornadoes 24 December 1989 South East Queensland >1 - A massive supercell (with cloud tops as high as 77,000 ft (23 km)) tore through Brisbane and parts of SE QLD, producing several tornadoes along its path. A combination of straight line winds and a tornado unrooved 500 houses, damaged 1000 and left 12 structurally unsafe in the city of Redcliffe (approximately 25 km (16 mi) north of Brisbane).[65]
Chisholm Tornado 1990 Australian Capital Territory 1 5 Tornado hit Canberra suburb of Chisholm in 1990 destroying a wooden church and damaging 37 houses.[66]
SE QLD tornadoes 29 November 1992 Queensland, 2 0 fatalities The tornado at Bucca (west of Bundaberg, Queensland) is the most intense Australian tornado, rated F4 officially. Hail the size of cricket balls accompanied the storm.[47] A tornado also struck Oakhurst rated F3.
Tucabia tornado 1 November 1993 New South Wales 1 0 fatalities Rated F2 with 200m base, accompanied by golf ball sized hail and lasted for 20 minutes. 8 houses totally destroyed, 35 others damaged. 2 people injured.[67]
Blue Mountains tornado 20 November 1994 New South Wales 1 0 Worst hit Yellow Rock in the Blue Mountains. Destruction to multiple houses, trees up-rooted. F0/F1[68]
Chatswood tornado 20 November 1994 New South Wales 1 0 Chatswood, north of Sydney. Destruction to multiple houses, trees up-rooted. F0/F1[68]
Merimbula tornado 16 April 1995 New South Wales 2 0 fatalities, 34 injuries An F2 tornado ripped through the centre of the town of Merimbula in SE New South Wales. 34 people were injured, approximately 200 buildings were damaged, 12 were destroyed. Two funnels were reported in the storm, which also caused damage at nearby Pambula.[69]
New South Wales tornado outbreak 29 September 1996 Central New South Wales 3 confirmed 0, fatalities The largest outbreak of severe thunderstorms ever documented in NSW occurs. Three tornadoes, hail up to 7 cm and wind gusts to 156 km/h are reported. Over $92 million insured loss from hail and wind is sustained at Armidale, NSW. Total estimated cost for the region is $340 million.[70] 3 tornadoes confirmed at Bundella, Gilgandra and Elong Elong.[71]
Perth tornado 15 July 1996 Western Australia 1 0, fatalities
5, injured
Short lived tornado associated with a cold front. This was indicated by the tornado's speed which was estimated to have been 80 km/h (50 mph) and path approximately 4 km (2.5 mi) long and 40 m (130 ft) wide, which lasted on the ground for approximately 3 minutes.[72]
Fremantle tornado 25 August 1999 Western Australia 1 0 A tornado went through Fremantle, south of Perth, leaving a 100 m (330 ft) wide 8–9 km (5.0–5.6 mi) long track. Several people were trapped in an apartment block when the tornado caused the roof to collapse.[73]
Greystanes tornado 3 November 2000 New South Wales 3 Confirmed 0 fatalities A tornadic thunderstorm moved through the Sydney Metropolitan Area over the afternoon/early evening. Three F0/F1 tornadoes struck several suburbs including Constitution Hill, Wentworthville, Pendle Hill and Greystanes. Golf ball sized hail, the widespread downing of trees and overhead powerlines were observed during the damage survey as was minor to moderate damage to structure.[74]
South coast tornado 26 December 2001 Off the south coast of New South Wales, Australia 1 0 fatalities During the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, the boat Nicorette recorded wind speeds of close to 100 kn (120 mph) and was struck by hail the size of golf balls. According to the boat's meteorologist, the tornado began with a diameter of around 50 m (160 ft), but grew in size until it was 500 m (1,600 ft) across.[75]
South Australia tornado outbreak 18 May 2002 South Australia 2 0 fatalities Two tornadoes associated with a strong cold front occurred in the morning. The first tornado, at 6:15 am (ACST), near Coulta, 7 km (4.3 mi) in length, uprooted several trees and damaged others on farmland. The second, at 10 am (ACST), caused a narrow 2 km (1.2 mi) long path of damage through the Adelaide suburbs of Rosslyn Park and Wattle Park. In the evening, another tornado or severe downburst associated with a hail storm occurred at Two Wells, causing a damage path of less than 500 m (1,600 ft) in length.[76]
Niangala tornado 13 October 2002 New South Wales 1 0 fatalities A F2 tornado in Niangala damaged hundreds of trees and destroyed two houses, and, nearby, hail up to 6 cm (2.4 in) was recorded at Walcha.[77][78]
Bendigo tornado 18 May 2003 Victoria 1 0 fatalities A tornado caused considerable damage within the City of Bendigo, Victoria, damaging around 50 homes.[79][80]
Grampians tornado 4 January 2004 Victoria 1 0 fatalities A tornado caused considerable damage along a wide track within the Grampains National Park in western Victoria. The tornado track was observed from an aircraft about a week later. The tornado tore large trees out of the ground, leaving a bare patch of about 8–10 ha (20–25 acres) without any vegetation at all.[81]
Noble Park tornado 9 June 2004 Victoria 1 0 fatalities An F1 tornado caused considerable damage along a damage path 3.2 kilometres (2.0 mi) long and from 50–200 m (160–660 ft) wide. More than 70 homes in the Melbourne suburbs of Noble Park and Mulgrave were affected. Winds were estimated at up to 180 km/h (110 mph).[82]
Coonabarabran tornado 20 January 2005 New South Wales 1 0 fatalities This tornado formed at 4:30pm (AEDT) during a severe thunderstorm and ran a path of over 5 km (3.1 mi) towards the SE crossing the Oxley Highway, where it uprooted many trees adjacent to the highway and scoured the ground. F1 or F2.[83]
Broken Hill tornado 6 November 2005 New South Wales 1 0 fatalities Damage to 100 homes, total damage bill of A$3.8 million.[84]
La Perouse tornado 4 August 2006 New South Wales 1 0 fatalities A super cellular waterspout/tornado struck the Sydney suburb of La Perouse. It caused damage to several buildings, and brought down powerlines.[85] F1
Leschenault tornado 7 August 2006 Western Australia 1 2 injuries This tornado hit an outer suburb of Bunbury (163 km (101 mi) south of Perth) in the early hours of the morning. It damaged sixty houses, with seven of these completely losing their roofs.[86] The tornado injured two, produced a damage path 200 meters wide and 2 kilometers long.[87] F2
Kakadu tornado 1 March 2007 Northern Territory 1 0 fatalities Severe damage was observed in Kakadu National Park, at the Mary River Ranger Station. Two caravans were destroyed, and many eucalypts and ironwoods were uprooted. The Bureau of Meteorology experts estimated the wind speeds to be between 230–270 km/h (140–170 mph), making this an F2/F3 tornado.[88]
You Yangs landspout 14 May 2007 Victoria 1 0 fatalities A landspout tornado was sighted near the You Yangs near Geelong, Victoria. The tornado lasted for several minutes as it traversed across farmland and had an estimated diameter of 50–100 m (160–330 ft). No damage was reported.[89]
Moana tornado 21 May 2007 South Australia 1 0 fatalities Several houses were damaged and trees were blown down or snapped off at Moana due to a tornado.[90]
Dunoon tornado 26 October 2007 New South Wales 1 0 fatalities Multi vortex tornado near the town of Lismore, caught by storm chaser Jimmy Deguara.[91] The tornado blew out the walls of a church, tore the roofs off about 20 residences, and a piece of debris hit a power sub-station that exploded, causing 3000 homes to be without power.[92][93]
"Ballarat" tornado 20 December 2007 Ballarat 1 0 Footage and photographs taken of large but brief tornado taken by storm chasers in rural area north of Ballarat, part of a storm complex that affected Castlemaine. No damage reported.[45][94]
Perth tornado 9 June 2008 Western Australia 1 0 fatalities Confirmed by the Bureau of Meteorology, the tornado swept through the southern suburbs of Perth just after 7.30 (AWST) in the morning and damaged more than 130 homes. Residents from an Aged Care facility in Cooloongup were evacuated as the roof of an activity room was blown off and the hostel is without power or water.[95]
Nimmitabel tornado 24 December 2008 New South Wales 1 0 fatalities A tornado occurred between Nimmitabel and Cooma, with severe storms that affected the region.[96]
Atherton tornado 7 February 2010 Queensland 1 0 fatalities A tornado struck a farm just south of the town of Atherton in Queensland, Australia causing damage to corn fields and farm equipment.[97]
Lennox Head waterspout/tornado 3 June 2010 New South Wales 2 0 fatalities A major storm and waterspout/tornado destroyed homes and caused multiple injuries at Lennox Head.[98] Police say a number of homes have been destroyed, powerlines are down and several caravans have been overturned. Paramedics say several people have been injured in the storm but no-one is missing.[99]
Trawalla tornado 30 July 2010 Victoria 1 0 fatalities A tornado destroyed hundreds of trees and damaged power-lines at Trawalla, near Beaufort.[100]
Penola tornado 31 July 2010 South Australia 1 0 fatalities A tornado ripped through the main street of Penola in South-east South Australia, destroying at least four buildings and damaging many others. No injuries were reported.[101]
Moama tornado 10 August 2010 New South Wales 1 0 fatalities A weak tornado was observed in the town of Moama in southern New South Wales, causing some minor damage[102]
Whitton tornado 1 February 2011 New South Wales 1 0 fatalities A tornado struck the town destroying a carport, damaging houses and trees.[103]
Yellow Water Billabong tornado 11 February 2011 Northern Territory 1 0 fatalities

Footage of a tornado over Yellow Water billabong located in the Kakadu National Park, in the Northern Territory, was captured by a tour guide. There were no fatalities or injuries and damage limited to vegetation.[104]

Karratha tornado 21 February 2011 Western Australia 4 0 fatalities The Karratha CBD was struck by a tornado, related to Tropical Cyclone Carlos. It reportedly uprooted large trees, tore roofs of houses and threw boats into the air. One person was injured by flying glass.[105]
Magpie Valley tornado 20 April 2011 Victoria 1 0 fatalities A weak tornado was observed and photographed close to Ballarat's south eastern rural-urban fringe in the forestry area between Magpie and Sebastopol. No damage or injury was reported.[106]
Canning Vale tornado 20 May 2011 Western Australia 1 0 fatalities Perth suburb of Canning Vale was struck by tornado, damaging a number of homes and a vehicle.[107][108]
Red Rock tornado 14 June 2011 New South Wales 1 0 fatalities A waterspout/tornado unroofed at least two buildings including the Bowling Club, and damaged several others in Red Rock.[109]
Bellbridge tornado 9 November 2011 Victoria 1 0 fatalities A tornado hit the Bellbridge and Bethanga areas, near Wodonga. Several homes were severely damaged, some having their roofs removed, and several trees were uprooted.[110]
Bacchus Marsh tornado 25 December 2011 Victoria 2+ 0 fatalities A tornado hit Fiskville, west of Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. A second tornado was reported at Melton from the same storm. Tennis-ball sized hail and flash-flooding also occurred with the storms, leaving an estimated damage bill in the millions of dollars.[111]
Bredbo tornado 20 January 2012 New South Wales 1 0 fatalities A tornado hit the Bredbo area in the Snowy Mountains area of New South Wales.[112]
Townsville tornado 20 March 2012 Queensland 1 0 fatalities A tornado caused major structural and tree damage in the suburb of Vincent. Windspeed estimated at 160–200 km/h (99–124 mph) from damage analysis. Other suburbs affected were Garbutt, Gulliver, Aitkenvale, and Annandale.[113][114]
Black Range tornado 31 May 2012 Victoria 1 0 fatalities A tornado struck the Black Range, near Stawell, causing minor structural and tree damage.[115]
Perth tornado outbreak 7 June 2012 Western Australia 2-3 0 fatalities Tornadoes struck the Perth suburbs of Dianella and Morley, damaging homes, trees and power lines. Light St and Marmion St in Dianella suffered the worst damage. Winds were measured at 180 km/h (110 mph), leading meteorologists to categorise it as an F1.[116] A tornado also struck York, 100 km (62 mi) east of Perth.[117] A total of 100 homes and buildings were damaged.
Southern Tasmania tornado outbreak 9 November 2012 Tasmania 2+ 0 fatalities Tornadoes reported on Mount Wellington and Sorell.[118]
Central Queensland tornado outbreak 26–27 January 2013 Queensland >6 >20 injured Several tornadoes struck the Bundaberg region of Central Queensland on 26 January, associated with the remnants of Cyclone Oswald. The first struck Bargara at 1.00pm (AEST), tearing roofs from buildings, and injuring at least six people. Burnett Heads was struck by three separate tornadoes, at 3.15pm and 6.05pm, and again at 6.30pm. Another tornado crossed the coast at Coonar.[119] A sixth tornado occurred at Burrum Heads on 27 January, whilst there were unconfirmed reports of a tornado at Bribie Island.[120] F1
Ballarat tornado 31 January 2013 Ballarat, Victoria 1 0 A small tornado swept through parts of Ballarat. Starting in Ballarat North where it caused the most damage, it rounded Black Hill, briefly crossing the CBD before sweeping across Ballarat East and continuing to Eureka in the east of the city. The tornado caused extensive and localised minor damage to houses and buildings, tearing away roofs, fences and garages, smashing windows, uprooting trees, destroying chimneys and cutting power to parts of the CBD and deactivating traffic lights. Wind gusts of over 80 km/h (50 mph) were recorded.[121][122][123][124] F1
Sydney-Illawarra Tornado Outbreak 23–24 February 2013 New South Wales 8 0 A tornado with winds of up to 135 km/h (84 mph) was observed in Sydney's inner east causing extensive damage at Kirribilli. Damage was also observed at Chifley, Malabar and Randwick. The effects were most severe at Kirribilli where it removing roofs from houses, uprooted trees and damaging the Westpac Bank and the Sydney Flying Squadron.[125] Several tornadoes struck the Illawarra region south of Sydney, New South Wales. Tornadoes occurred at Kiama, Seven Mile Beach to Nowra (rated F2 with wind speeds of up to 200 km/h (120 mph)[126]), Jamberoo and Albion Park Rail.[127] The tornado at Kiama caused significant damage to homes.[128] Post event analysis confirmed 8 tornadoes, with 2 rated F0, 5 at F1 and 1 rated as F2.[129] F2
Eastern Victoria tornado outbreak 21 March 2013 North-eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales 7 >20 injured A total of 7 tornadoes touched down, one tornado rated at EF4[130] struck the towns of Koonoomoo, Cobram, Barooga, Mulwala, Yarrawonga, and Bundalong, followed by a second tornado from the same storm at Rutherglen between 6:50-8:30pm (AEDT). A tornado rated EF3 struck the towns of Tamleugh, Euroa and Swanpool.[131][132][133] Twenty people sustained injuries requiring hospitalisation, with one in a serious condition and two in a critical but stable condition.[134] Roofs were ripped off homes, caravans upturned, the Barooga Post Office was heavily damaged and a petrol station was damaged at Euroa.[132][135] The initial EF4 is believed to have been the most powerful tornado to have ever hit Victoria. Further tornadoes touched down near Kerang (EF0), Benalla (EF0), and two near Mansfield (EF0 and EF1).[136] F3
Ararat tornado 22 October 2013 Ararat, Victoria 1 0 A large storm cell over much of the state spawned what were likely shortly lived tornadoes in Ararat and Barnawartha in the state's north. In Ararat, a storage building was completely destroyed, and several other buildings were damaged including a hardware store and numerous homes sustained damage to roofs. Several trees were snapped or uprooted, sheds and fences levelled in a 500-metre damage path, mainly along McLellan Street.[137][138] The Bureau of Meteorology described the phenomenon as either tornadoes[139] or microbursts. F1
Hornsby CBD tornado 18 November 2013 Hornsby, New South Wales 1 0 fatalities, 12 injured Twelve people were injured by a tornado that struck the CBD area of Hornsby, New South Wales in northwestern Sydney.[140] The Bureau of Meteorology confirmed the tornado event and they believe that it may have started as a water spout that was sighted offshore at Manly at 2:15pm weakening overland before intensifying and forming a tornado over Hornsby CBD at 2:46pm.[141] Car dashcam footage captured the tornado as it crossed George street from the Westfield shopping centre across to the Railway Station.[142] Locals dubbed the event 'The Hornado'. F1
New England tornadoes 23 November 2013 New South Wales 6 0 Up to four tornadoes were suspected to have touched down in the New England region, one tornado had an 100–200 m (330–660 ft) wide path and estimated winds of 160 km/h (99 mph) near Tenterden, New South Wales destroyed a home, caused extensive damage to property and uprooted trees. Storm chasers captured photographs and video footage of the tornado as it touched down from a wall cloud near BenLomond.[143][144][145] Six tornadoes of F0 to F1 intensity were confirmed.[129] F1
Pakenham tornado 14 June 2014 Victoria 1 0 A tornado was filmed as it roped out at Pakenham south east of Melbourne at around midday on Saturday 14 June 2014.[146] F0
Perth Metro Tornadoes 14 July 2014 Western Australia 2-4 2 fatalities As many as four tornadoes impacted the metropolitan area around Perth. A confirmed tornado caused significant damage to properties in Hilton and O'Connor, removing entire sections of roof structures to family homes, snapping wooden power poles and downing trees. Another tornado was confirmed to have damaged homes and downed trees in Claremont. A third tornado is suspected to have been the cause of damage in Beeliar. Further south at Yallingup it is suspected that fourth tornado is responsible for damage including downed trees.[147] Two men with muscular dystrophy died in Beaconsfield when power was cut to the home they shared as they slept, causing the machine relied on to keep them alive to stop working.[148] F2
Forrestfield tornado 7 September 2014 Western Australia 1 0 It was reported that Bureau of Meteorology thought it was likely that a tornado had caused damage in Forrestfield.[149] Later the Bureau concluded, "Given the damage path, it is likely that a tornado moved through Forrestfield (suburb, southeast of Perth)."[150] The damage to Forrestfield included felled trees, damaged roofs and downed light poles.[151] F0
Round Hill tornado 28 July 2014 Tasmania 1 0 A tornado destroyed trees and extensively damaged homes and businesses at Round Hill near Burnie, Tasmania, around 5.45 pm local time (AEST).[152] Pictures show tree trunks snapped off meters from the ground, and buildings with roof structures completely removed, some with masonry walls beginning to crumble.[153] A single dark grainy photo of the tornado was shared with local media.[154] F1
Gol Gol tornado 22 November 2014 New South Wales and Victoria 1 0 A tornado carved a path of destruction north of Gol Gol at about 5:00 pm on Saturday 22 November 2014.[155] Affecting over 100 rural properties the tornado caused over $12 million of damage. Crop damage included over 1000 hectares of table or wine grapes, 790 hectares of citrus, and combined 40 hectares of eggplants, capsicums and melons. The Bureau of Meteorology concluded a tornado spawned by a supercell thunderstorm had left a band of damage from Yelta, Victoria to north of Gol Gol in southwest New South Wales. The damage path was estimated at approximately 20 kilometers in length an possibly up to 2 km wide, along which the tornado had uprooted and snapped trees, damaged vineyards, and ripped roofs off houses and sheds.[156] F1
Bombala tornado 24 January 2015 New South Wales 1 0 A tornado impacted the New South Wales town of Bombala on Saturday 24 January 2015, leaving damage to roofs, sheds, and scattering debris across the town.[157] It was witnessed by locals and filmed by one.[158] F0
Creswick tornado 13 February 2015 Victoria 1 0 A tornado was filmed northwest of Creswick, Victoria.[159] F0
Pokolbin tornado 15 February 2015 Hunter Valley, New South Wales 1 0 A tornado left a trail of destruction through a Pokolbin winery. First noticed at 3.30 pm it went on to destroy a shed and about 150 vines.[160] The tornado was filmed by at witness as it progressed.[161] F0
Shepparton tornado 23 February 2015 Victoria 1 0 A tornado was reported west of the Victorian town of Shepparton.[162] F0
Daylesford tornado 28 February 2015 Victoria 1 0 A tornado tore from Eganstown to Daylesford downing hundreds of treas along a two kilometer path approximately 150 meters wide.[163] F1
Karratha tornado 1 May 2015 Western Australia 0 A tornado was filmed near Karratha, associated with the rainbands of TC Quang (video was supplied to the Bureau of Meteorology, not publicly available).[164] F0
Grafton tornado 13 June 2015 New South Wales 1 0 A tornado was photographed near Fisher Park in Grafton at about 2.00 pm EST on Saturday 13 June 2015.[165] F0
Quambone tornado 11 July 2015 New South Wales 1 0 A tornado impacted the areas of Quambone, Gulargambone and Armatree on 11 July 2015.[166] The tornado had a width of about 100–200 meters.[167] A family's homestead on the Gulargambone property "Eureka" had its roof structure removed and exterior walls begin to disintegrate[168] F2
Burrumbuttock tornado 11 July 2015 New South Wales 1 0 A tornado damaged homes at Burrumbuttock, being photographed by a resident after it had impacted their home.[169] F0
Lake Hume tornado-waterspout 24 July 2015 Victoria 1 0 A waterspout was filmed on Lake Hume as a tornadic thunderstorm passed over the lake.[170] F0
West Ulverstone tornado 10 August 2015 Tasmania 1 0 A small, but damaging tornado went through the north west Tasmanian town of Ulverstone on the evening of 10 August 2015.[171] Roofs were ripped from houses, the local Lions club and a strip mall, and trees were brought down.[172] F0
Dubbo tornado 24 August 2015 New South Wales 1 0 On the evening of 24 August 2015 a tornado impacted the semi rural suburbs east of Dubbo, NSW. As it progressed it was filmed across its approximately 15 minute life span.[173][174][175] The tornado touched down near Mugga Hill damaging homes on Acacia Road, Whitehwood Road, Pinedale Road and Debeuafort Drive.[176] The tornado rolled a truck and completely destroyed sheds.[177] F1
Usher tornado 29 August 2015 Western Australia 1 0 A weak tornado was filmed on 29 August 2015 as it impacted the Bunbury suburb of Usher.[178] It left a narrow swathe of damage around 700 m long, occurring at about 1.00 pm WST.[179] F0
Cranbrook tornado 10 September 2015 Western Australia 1 0 A small tornado passed through the Shire of Cranbrook on 10 September 2015.[180] The tornado was associated with the passage of a cold front. The Bureau of Meteorology commented that the damage observed was consistent with the passage of a tornado on the leading edge of the front.[181] F0
Upper Caboolture tornado 29 September 2015 Queensland 1 0 A funnel cloud was photographed at Upper Caboolture on 29 September 2015.[182] Separate footage shows dust being blown up by the circulation, while damage was reported to a roof and a trampoline tossed.[183] F0
Darling Downs, tornadoes 14 October 2015 Queensland 2 0 Weak tornadoes were photographed at Highfields and Dalby in Queensland's Darling Downs.[184] F0
Bundella tornado 22 October 2015 New South Wales 1 0 A tornado was photographed at Bundella in the North West Slopes and Plains Forecast District of New South Wales.[185] F0
Merrywinebone tornado 27 October 2015 New South Wales 1 0 A tornado was observed and photographed at Merrywinebone, New South Wales.[186] F0
Echuca tornado 31 October 2015 Victoria 1 0 A photo of a funnel cloud associated with left-moving storm causing multiple reports of severe phenomena west of Echuca was supplied to the Bureau of Meteorology.[187] F0
Northern Victoria tornado 1 November 2015 Nathalia, Strathmerton, Torrumburry, and Cobram, Victoria 1 0 A significant tornado left a damage path approximately 45 km long, with damage reports in Nathalia, Strathmerton, Torrumburry, and Cobram.[188] The Bureau of Meteorology noted that the tornado filmed, "Corresponds to the inflexion point of the squall line on RADAR. Storms developed into a squall line over northern Victoria/Southern NSW which moved into the NE during the afternoon with multiple reports of wind damage. Doppler RADAR showed winds up to 130km/h at 3500ft along back edge of squall line" in the tornado record for this event.[189] Homes were stripped of their roofs and some were all but destroyed, being designated as uninhabitable.[190] At Torrumburry a tornado brought down trees and ripped the tin roofing from a house, tearing away the battens to which it was attached.[191] The tornado was filmed as it tore through Nathalia.[192] F2
Monarto Tornado 4 November 2015 South Australia 1 0 A tornado was identified in the Monarto area near Murray Bridge. No damage was reported.[193] F0
Melbourne Tornado 5 November 2015 Victoria 1 0 On the afternoon of Thursday 5 November 2015 there were multiple reports of funnel cloud in the Greater Melbourne area. A storm spotter reported seeing two separate funnels touch down.[194] A representative of the Bureau of Meteorology said the tornado struck Melbourne's outer northern suburbs of Tullamarine, Craigieburn, Campbellfield between 1:30 and 2:00 pm AEDT .[195] The tornado at was photographed near Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine.[196] F0
KCGM Super Pit Tornado 4 December 2015 Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia 1 4 injuries At about 3:30 pm "tornado-like conditions" swept through KCGM's mobile fleet maintenance workshops causing major structural damage and cutting power, communication and water services.[197] Bureau of Meteorology noted that "Kalgoorlie Doppler Radar image at 0725 UTC (1525 WST) showed a pixel which had an inbound velocity of around 110 km/h at a height of ~487 metres above the ground (aliased: 22.5 m/s outbound)" in the tornado record for this event.[198] F0
Kurnell Tornado 16 December 2015 New South Wales 1 3 injuries A single tornado starting in southern Sydney, with moderate destruction at Kurnell. Houses destroyed, roof thrown 100M, multiple large trucks overturned. Tornado heading out to sea, and landing again at Bondi. The peak power approximately 2 km out to sea. 213 km winds, possibly the most powerful winds recorded in New South Wales. F2 rated tornado.[199][200][201] In early 2016 the Insurance Council of Australia reported they had received 4282 claims with total insured losses of $202 million from the tornado.[202] F2
Bathurst Tornado 16 December 2015 New South Wales 1 0 A single tornado was filmed[203] and photographed[204] in the Bathurst region. F0
Bowenville Tornado 23 December 2015 Queensland 1 0 A tornado snapped at least 47 power poles, tore roofs from houses, felled trees and damaged crops as it smashed parts of the Darling Downs.[205] The tornado struck at about 7.30pm on Wednesday 23 December 2015.[206] Although the supercell thunderstorm and tornado produced significant damage no injuries were reported.[207] F1
Mid North and Flinders Ranges Tornado Outbreak 28 September 2016 South Australia 7 0 On the afternoon of the 28th September 2016 supercell thunderstorms developed across the Mid North and Flinders Ranges region with seven confirmed tornadoes. At approximately 2:50pm there were reports, including photographic confirmation, of a tornado near Port Broughton. At approximately 3:30pm there was damage consistent with a tornado at Crystal Brook, with significant damage to sheds and sporting facilities. From approximately 3:35-3:50pm a tornado (F2) tracked 19 km from the northwest of Blyth to the southeast, passing through the western edge of the town, leading to significant damage to a number of houses and the Church. Two high voltage power transmission towers were also downed. From 3:35-4:00pm a tornado (F2) began near survey road, south of Melrose, then tracked for 23 km across farmland to the southeast, affecting native vegetation and farm equipment. From 3:45-4:05pm a tornado (F2) tracked approximately 30 km from the southern portion of Wilmington township, across farmland, to finish north of Booleroo Centre. Significant damage to sheds and farm equipment as well as the Wilmington Caravan Park was observed. At least one caravan was overturned and five high voltage power transmission towers were downed. At approximately 4:00pm Two further tornadoes occurred at Andrews (north of Clare) and south of Mintaro (F1). The Andrews tornado also impacted a farm leading to damage to farm equipment.[208][209] The Wilmington and Blyth tornadoes impacted on three separate high voltage power lines, two southeast of Wilmington and one southeast of Blyth, causing multiple transmission tower failures, initiating a series of events on the power network that lead to a statewide blackout across South Australia.[210] F2 & F1
Broken Hill Tornado 11 November 2016 New South Wales 1 0 Tornado hit Broken Hill during major thunder storm, ripped a roof off a home, no other damage. F0
Bentleigh Tornado 19 February 2017 Victoria 1 0 Tornado confirmed by Bureau of Meteorology formed during storm touching the ground Bentleigh and Bentleigh East causing tiles to be removed from roofs. The funnel was photographed and observed by some to be the width of a house.[211]
Brisbane Airport Tornado 17 March 2017 Brisbane, Queensland 3 0 Tornado described by the media as a 'dust devil' associated with storm cell filmed crossing Brisbane airport runways by witnesses and airport cameras and a farm machinery operator filmed inside the eye. In the same storm cell, two water spouts were filmed in Moreton bay. Meteorologists confirmed a tornado, but no major damage occurred.[212]
Scarborough Waterspout 22 July 2017 Western Australia 0 0 Waterspout in Scarborough. Made landfall with minor destruction[213] F0
Perth Tornado 31 July 2017 Western Australia 1 0 The passage of a strong cold front produced a tornado in the Perth's north in the morning on the 31st. The tornado moved through northern suburbs of Sorrento, Duncraig, Warwick, Hamersley and Balga, causing trees down and building damage. F0
River Heads Tornado 1 October 2017 Bundaberg, Queensland 1 0 Tornado filmed at River Heads on Fraser Coast near Bundaberg left a 500-metre path of destruction, demolishing a house, sheds, uprooting trees and causing significant damage to fences and roads. The cell moved at more than 80 km/h according to meteorology reports.[214]
Darling Downs Tornado 26 December 2017 Kingaroy, Queensland 1 0 Destructive tornado associated with super cell tore roofs of homes in several towns across the Darling Downs on Boxing Day.[215]
Tansey and Coolabunia Tornadoes 12 October 2018 Tansey and Coolabunia, Queensland 2 3 injured Two tornadoes and large hail associated with a destructive super cell hit the towns of Tansey and Coolabunia in south-east Queensland at approximately 3pm on 12 October 2018. The tornadoes ripped roofs off houses, destroyed crops, uprooted trees and injured several people with at least 3 being hospitalised.[216][217]
Axe Creek Tornado 29 June 2019 Victoria 1 1 injured Strong tornado associated with a cold front destroyed a single story double-brick house in Axe Creek at approximately 4:30pm. An occupant of the house received a minor injury.[218][219]
Peechelba Tornado 6 September 2019 Victoria 1 0 A tornado caused property damage and loss of livestock at the town of Peechelba in Northern Victoria.[220][221]

New Zealand[edit]

Tornado Event Date Area Tornadoes Casualties Notes
Parnell tornado December 1863 Parnell, New Zealand - 0 fatalities, numerous injuries Tornado passed through part of Auckland suburb of Parnell destroying every building, and every tree it came across causing a total of £5,000 in damage.[222]
Frankton (Hamilton) tornado 25 August 1948 Waikato, New Zealand - 3 fatalities, 80 injuries F2 damage; 163 buildings and 50 businesses[citation needed]
Halswell tornado 19 January 1983 Halswell, Christchurch, New Zealand - 0 fatalities, unknown injured Part of a severe storm to strike Christchurch. Authorities didn't believe reports made by citizens. Few buildings were damaged.[citation needed]
Albany tornado May 1991 Albany, New Zealand - 1 fatality, unknown injured Local church destroyed. One man driving a bulldozer was killed by flying debris.[223]
Waitara tornado[224] 15 August 2004 Taranaki, New Zealand - 2 fatalities, 2 serious injured The casualties occurred when a farmhouse was demolished by the tornado. Several power lines were taken out, affecting 6,662 consumers. Media reports included debris 'spread over an area 400 metres long by 50 metres wide', although other media outlets described the track length as being greater than 1 km.
Greymouth tornado 10 March 2005 West Coast, New Zealand 1 0 fatalities, 6 injured The path of devastation was approximately 4 km long and 400 m wide. It had an F1 rating with winds speeds of around 180 km/hr. It was estimated that the tornado lasted 10 seconds. The insurance industry payouts for the tornado was NZ$9,200,000 (in 2005). Two tornadoes touched down in Greymouth within two years. Up to 30 people were made homeless. Six people received injuries from the tornado. Two people were admitted to hospital with moderate injuries and one was treated and discharged. The St John's ambulance treated another three people for minor cuts and bruises. One woman was injured when the tornado flipped over the campervan she was sitting in. A 12 tonne truck was overturned along with a number of cars. West Coast is one of the most tornado-prone areas of New Zealand.[225]
New Plymouth tornado 4 July 2007 New Plymouth, New Zealand - 0 fatalities A series of tornadoes ripped through the New Plymouth district of New Zealand, damaging 50 homes and rendering 70–80% of them uninhabitable. One person was injured, and several were trapped inside vehicles by powerlines.[226]
Auckland tornado 3 May 2011 Auckland, New Zealand - 1 fatality, 14 injuries A tornado struck the Auckland suburb of Albany, killing one person, and injuring many others.[227][228]
New Plymouth tornadoes 19 June 2011 New Plymouth, New Zealand 2 confirmed
1 unconfirmed
0 fatalities Two tornadoes struck New Plymouth damaging businesses in the Central Business District, St Mary's Church Hall and a hotel.[229]
Auckland tornado 6 December 2012 Auckland, New Zealand More than 1 3 fatalities, 7 injuries A tornado struck the Auckland suburb of Hobsonville, killing three people, and injuring at least seven others.[230]
Christchurch tornado 18 November 2019 Christchurch, New Zealand 1 2 injuries A tornado struck Christchurch, injuring two people and causing significant damage.[231]

South America[edit]


Event Date Area Tornadoes Casualties Notes
Rojas tornado September 16, 1816 Rojas, Buenos Aires Province 1 21 fatalities, 82 injuries One of the first registered tornadoes in Argentina
Dolores tornado 1874 Dolores, Buenos Aires Province 1 0 Part of the city was destroyed.
Arroyo Seco tornado November 13, 1891 Arroyo Seco, Santa fé Province 1 +11 fatalities, +80 injuries The south of the small town destroyed, freight train wagons are mentioned that flew through the air. Maybe a F4 tornado.
Bolivar tornado/storm September 7, 1902 Bolívar, Buenos Aires Province 1 15-20 fatalities, 65 injured The city of Bolivar is seriously damaged by a severe storm or probably a strong tornado.
Villa María tornado November 12, 1928 Cordoba Province 1 26 fatalities, 150 injured The towns of Villa Maria and Villa Nueva are very affected by a tornado that causes great damage.
Chillar tornado March 14, 1936 [[Chillar|Buenos Aires Province 1 8-3 fatalities, 100 injured The small town of Chillar and its rural area are very damaged by a tornado that destroyed dozens of houses and even overturned cars and train cars.
General San Martín tornado October 27, 1965 Chaco Province 1 3 fatalities, 50 injuries Half the city was destroyed.
San Justo tornado[232] 10 January 1973 Santa Fe Province, Argentina 1 63 fatalities, 350 injuries Large, and violent, tornado (F5) (strongest tornado in the Southern Hemisphere).
Morteros tornado 28 October 1978 Morteros, Provincia de Córdoba, Argentina 1 5 fatalities, 100 injured This is one off the strongest tornado ever registered in Córdoba Province. It was rated as an F3.
Dolores tornado November 25, 1985 Argentina 1 1 fatalities, 30 injured F3 tornado[citation needed]
1993 Super Outbreak 13 April 1993 Buenos Aires Province, Argentina 100 7 fatalities, 80 injuries The outbreak of tornadoes in Buenos Aires in 1993 was an outbreak of about 100 tornadoes that affected the southern part of Buenos Aires. It happened between the night of Tuesday, April 13 and 14. Located within the Corridor of the Tornadoes, this event was the largest wave recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, from the s. XX. Between the hour 20 and 24, an extraordinary system of severe storms affected the parties of Trenque Lauquen, Pehuajó, Hipólito Yrigoyen, Carlos Casares, Bolívar, Daireaux, General Lamadrid, Olavarría, Tapalqué, Azul, Laprida, Benito Juárez, Tandil, Necochea, Lobería, Balcarce, General Alvarado and General Pueyrredon. The most affected localities were Henderson (EF3), Urdampilleta (F3) and Mar del Plata (F2).This succession of tornadoes had intensities from F0 to F3 and produced severe damage along strips oriented from northwest to southeast. The local area affected was greater than 4000 km².[233][234]
Estacion Lopez May 6, 1992 Buenos Aires Province, Argentina 1 4 fatalities F4[citation needed]
Guernica tornadoes 26 December 2000 Guernica, Dolores and Chascomus, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina 12 1 fatalities, 51 injuries Towns of Guernica and Chascomus destroyed, 15 homes were badly damaged in town of Dolores. F2 and F3 tornadoes[235][234]
Guernica tornadoes II 10 January 2001 Guernica and Glew, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina 2 5 fatalities, 250 injuries Guernica was destroyed once again by an F3 tornado.[citation needed]
Córdoba, tornado 26 December 2003 Córdoba, Argentina 1 5 fatalities, 90 injuries 400 houses, 1000 trees and 150 blasting ceiling F3 tornado (lasted 24 minutes and swept three neighborhoods making it the tornado that lasted more time in the Southern Hemisphere)[citation needed]
Chivilcoy tornado 7 January 2006 Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina 5 1 fatalities, 9 injuries 23 structures were destroyed by an F2 in Chivilcoy.[236]
Buenos Aires, Argentina waterspouts 1 March 2008 Buenos Aires, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina 2 - Two tornadic waterspouts formed over the La Plata river.[citation needed]
Tornado outbreak of September, 7 September 7, 2009 Misiones, Argentina 27 17 fatalities, 250 injuries The tornado outbreak in Argentina in 2009 was an outbreak of 27 confirmed tornadoes that occurred on the night of September 7 and violently affected the northeast of Misiones. The event reached and destroyed several localities. It is estimated that at least 17 people died and more than 250 people were injured. Many other cities were destroyed and damaged by tornadoes.

Around 8:30 p.m. on September 7, a supercell produced an F4 tornado that destroyed the city of San Pedro. The event was accompanied by a violent storm of hail and rain. The tornado lasted approximately 5 minutes and had a width of 1 km and its route exceeded 10 km. At least 11 people died in this city and another 100 people were injured. The amount of tornadoes that affected the area is comparable to the size of the province of Tucumán in Argentina. It is estimated that a total of 17 people died and just over 250 injured. Regardless of tornadoes, other adverse storm phenomena also produced damage in a large area. Reconstruction of villages, towns and cities took several years and it was noted that some could never be reclaimed.[237][238][239]

Confirmed tornadoes by Fujita rating
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Total
0 11 5 6 4 1 0 27
Junin, Buenos Aires October 16, 2010 Buenos Aires, Argentina 1 0 fatalities F2 tornado[citation needed]
2011 Chaco tornado January 26, 2011 Laboulaye, Córdoba 1 6 injuries On January 26, 2011, a tornado formed over Laboulaye Córdoba, which caused damage of between 50 and 100 roofs, there were only 6 injured and there were no fatalities. The trail of destruction of the tornado was 2000 meters long and 250 meters wide, the tornado was rated F1 / F2.
2012 Buenos Aires tornadoes April 4, 2012 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires 4 30 fatalities On April 4, 2012, Greater Buenos Aires was hit by a storm, which produced 4 tornadoes, with F1 and F2 intensities, which left almost 30 dead in various locations.[240]


Event Date Area Tornadoes Casualties Notes F#
Canoinhas tornado 16 May 1948 Canoinhas, Santa Catarina 1 23 fatalities The northern region was hit by a F3 tornado on May 16, in the interior of the municipality of Canoinhas, causing the deaths of 23 people and several animals.[241] F3
Maravilha tornado 9 October 1984 Maravilha, Santa Catarina 1 5 fatalities, 400 injuries The tornado triggered shattering and destruction in most of the city, also ripped trees and power poles. There were 980 homeless people and losses calculated at the time at 9 billion and 117 million cruises, in addition to more than 400 injured and five dead.[242] F3
Itu tornado 30 September 1991 Itu, São Paulo 1 16 fatalities, 350 injuries An F4 tornado devastated the city of Itu, tumbling a bus destroying more than 2,000 houses, killing 16 people and injuring 350.[243] F4
Almirante Tamandaré tornado 17 May 1992 Almirante Tamandaré, Paraná, Brazil 1 6 fatalities, 105 injuries F?
Campinas tornado 28 November 1995 Campinas, São Paulo 1 1 fatality, +3 injuries An F3 tornado not documented by the print media, where several buildings in the region were destroyed, including the Unicamp convention center. F3
Nova Laranjeira tornado 13 June 1997 Nova Laranjeiras, São Paulo 1 3 fatalities, 76 injuries The Municipality had its urban and rural cadres destroyed by a F2 tornado, a total of 200 homes were destroyed, as well as commercial points and public agencies. F2
Viamão tornado 11 October 2000 Viamão, Rio Grande do Sul 1 1 fatality An F3 tornado touched down in the night in the city of Viamão and destroyed more than 100 houses and killed 1 person.[244] F3
Metropolitan Region of Campinas tornado 4 May 2001 Sumaré, Americana, Paulínia, Itatiba, Campinas, Santa Bárbara d'Oeste 1 1 fatality An F3 tornado left one person dead and injured in excess of R$30 MI. F3
Palmital tornado 25 May 2004 Palmital, São Paulo 1 4 fatalities, 25 injuries A F3 tornado crashed a bus, destroyed homes, leaving 4 dead and 25 injured. F3
Criciúma twin tornadoes 3 January 2005 Criciúma, Santa Catarina 2 1 fatality Criciúma was hit by two F1 tornadoes in less than a day. The winds hit two streets of the Great Santa Luzia and completely destroyed the houses, broke trees and broke the wires. Small fires, originating from short circuits also affected the city.
Confirmed tornadoes by Fujita rating
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Total
0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2
2005 Indaiatuba Brazil tornado 24 May 2005 Indaiatuba, São Paulo 1 1 fatality, 11 injuries F3 tornado, first clearly multi-vortex tornado filmed in Southern Hemisphere.[245] F3
Taquarituba rain-wrapped tornado 22 September 2013 Taquarituba, São Paulo 1 2 fatalities, 64 injuries Over 200 houses damaged. F3
Erebango 12 April 2014 Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 1 1 fatality, 4 injuries A tornado that destroyed homes, left them homeless and caused a lack of light. In all, about 300 houses were hit in Erebango. F2
Santa Catarina tornadoes 20 April 2015 Xanxerê, Passos Maia, Ponte Serrada 2 2 fatalities, 120 injuries Two tornadoes hit three cities in Santa Catarina (Passos Maia, Xanxerê and Ponte Serrada destroying more than 2,600 houses, killing 2 people and injuring 120.
Confirmed tornadoes by Fujita rating
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Total
0 0 1 0 1 0 0 2
Santa Catarina and Paraná tornadoes 19 November 2015 Paraná, Santa Catarina 3 20 injuries
Confirmed tornadoes by Fujita rating
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Total
0 1 2 0 0 0 0 3
2016 São Paulo tornado outbreak June 5, 2016 Campinas, Jarinu, São Roque 6 ? An episode of severe thunderstorms produced a violent F2 tornado that severely affected Jarinu on the night of June 5, 2016. One person died and another 50 were injured. Many houses were partially destroyed (no roofs, walls, broken glass, etc.), most of the trees were cut in half and the power poles were destroyed. An extra fact is that the wind dragged an 18-ton truck a few yards. It was revealed that the damage had passed R$18 million. In Campinas, 4 F0-F2 tornadoes formed in the region in different neighborhoods. In São Roque, a F1 tornado formed over the city knocking down hundreds of trees, poles and destroying houses.
Confirmed tornadoes by Fujita rating
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Total
0 2 2 2 0 0 0 6
Southern Brazil tornadoes 10–12 June 2018 Rio Grande do Sul 2+ 2 fatalities, 5 injuries A storm line caused by a low pressure system in Argentina produced tornadoes in Southern Brazil. A F3 intensity tornado on the Fujita scale, passed through several cities in Rio Grande do Sul, causing two deaths and leaving more than a thousand damaged homes. At least three trucks that circulated on the ERS-463 highway, between the municipalities of Coxilha and Tapejara, in the northern region of the state, were hurled off the runway. In the city of Agua Santa, the tornado destroyed at least 10 aviaries causing the death of more than 220 thousand chickens. 24 Gaucho cities were hit by the storm and 2,630 homes were affected. Another tornado struck Nova Conquista, a locality in the city of Chiapetta, the tornado was of low intensity (F0) and caused no damage. In other locations in southern Brazil, the storm line caused heavy rains accompanied by damaging winds and hailstorms.
Confirmed tornadoes by Fujita rating
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Total
0 1 0 0 1 0 0 2
Itaperuçu rain-wrapped tornado 30 November 2018 Itaperuçu, Paraná 1 2 fatalities An strong rain-wrapped F1 tornado struck the city of Itaperuçu, Paraná, destroying more than 300 homes, health posts, schools and leaving two deaths. A car was thrown against the wall of a house.[246]


Event Date Area Tornadoes Casualties Notes
San Carlos tornado 31 May 2013 San Carlos, Chile 1 1 injury Damage in a school and some houses, roofs blown off.[citation needed]
Los Ángeles tornado 30 May 2019 Los Ángeles, Chile 1 16 injured A tornado overturned vehicles and damaged more than 120 homes in the northern part of Los Angeles.[247]
Biobío tornado 31 May 2019 Talcahuano and Concepción, Chile 1 1 dead, 24 injured A tornadic waterspout caused casualties and damaged at least 546 homes.[248]


Event Date Area Tornadoes Casualties Notes

Colombia tornado

1 June 2001 Soledad, Atlantico 1 300 injured, 2 fatalities Those affected by the tornado that hit the Municipality of Soledad in the Metropolitan Area of Barranquilla took refuge in public schools, leaving two dead, 300 injured and more than 500 houses cleared.
Soledad, Colombia


23 June


Soledad, Atlántico 1 15 people injured The natural phenomenon caused material damage in Kennedy and Josefa Donado schools when students received classes, resulting in three children injured when the roof of one of the educational institutions fell.

500 homes were affected on their roofs.

Soledad, Colombia Watersprout 11 August 2010 Soledad, Atlántico 1 No reports of damage or injuries
Barranquilla, Colombia tornado 15 September 2006 Barranquilla, Colombia 1 13 injured F2 tornado[citation needed]
Bogotá, Colombia tornado 6 November 2007 Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia 1 1 injured Roofs were torn off of buildings, including a car dealership. Windows were blown out and trees were uprooted. 1 person was injured.[citation needed]
El Rosal,



3 September 2018 El Rosal,


1 Strong winds hit the municipality of Tenjo, Cundinamarca, leaving 31 homes without roof and several fallen trees on vehicles and power cables, as well as a service station, two restaurants and a school affected.

The winds also felt strongly in the northwest of Bogotá, exactly on 80th Street, at the height of the Guadua Bridge, where citizens recorded a kind of tornado that raised tiles, stones and sticks, among other objects.

No injured people were reported, but 200 people were affected by the landspout.

Yopal, Colombia



August 2018

Citadel La Bendicion, near Yopal, Casanare 1 1 injured The strong tornado hit the residents of the citadel of La Bendición, leaving a balance of approximately 250 people from 70 affected families, and 65 damaged houses, of which more than 50 are considered destroyed.
Riohacha-Valledupar, Colombia tornado 13 September 2015 On the road between Riohacha and Valledupar 1 In a YouTube video published by the user Shcastro, we can see what appears to be a tornado on the road that leads from Riohacha to Valledupar.

It is visualized that in the distance a very strong storm develops that had the ability to create the eddy, which fortunately did not cause damage due to occur in the open field.

La Ceja, Colombia tornado 14

September 2018

La Ceja, Antioquia 1 Heavy rains in the municipality of La Ceja, Antioquia caused flooding in several neighborhoods in the urban area and damage to crops in rural areas.

During the rainfall, residents of La Ceja recorded what appears to be a tornado of small proportions, something unusual in the region.


Event Date Area Tornadoes Casualties Notes
Encarnación, Paraguay tornado 20 September 1926 Paraguay 1 300 fatalities, 500 injuries 100s of homes destroyed[citation needed]
Encarnación, Paraguay tornado 25 October 1965 Paraguay 1 - 100s of homes destroyed once again[citation needed]


Event Date Area Tornadoes Casualties Notes
Vichadero tornado 25 October 1968 Vichadero, Uruguay - 1 fatality, 12 injuries [citation needed]
Fray Marcos April 21, 1970 Fray Marcos, Uruguay 1 11 fatalities F4. It was the strongest tornado in the history of Uruguay.[citation needed]
Migues, Canelones 27 January 2001 Uruguay 1 0 fatalities F2/3 tornado[citation needed]
Canelones March 10, 2002 Uruguay 1 2 fatalities F2/3 tornado, $30 million damage.[citation needed]
Dolores tornado 15 April 2016 Dolores, Soriano, Uruguay 1 5 fatalities, 250 injuries An F3 tornado caused heavy damage to buildings in the city of Dolores, killing five people.[249]

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