List of Soviet and Russian assassinations

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This is a list of people confirmed to have been assassinated by governments of the Soviet Union and Russian Federation.[1] Some of the assassinations or targeted killings took place overseas.

Soviet assassinations[edit]

Target Position Date City Country Killer Method
Fyodor Kokoshkin member of the First Russian State Duma 1918-01-20 Leningrad  Russian SFSR Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee
Nikolay Vtorov Russian industrialist 1918-05-20 Moscow Bolsheviks Unknown.[2]
Nicholas II last Tsar of Russia 1918-07-17 Yekaterinburg Cheka Execution.[3]
Francis Cromie British naval attaché 1918-08-31 Petrograd Bolsheviks Killed in combat.
Alexander Dutov Russian Cossacks 1921-02-07 Suiding China Bolsheviks
Pyotr Wrangel Russian White Army General 1928-04-25 Brussels  Belgium Soviet agent Poisoning.
Alexander Kutepov White Army General 1930-01-26 Paris  France OGPU
Noe Ramishvili former Prime Minister of Georgia 1930-12-07
Sergey Kirov First Secretary of the Leningrad City Bolsheviks 1934-12-01 Leningrad  Soviet Union NKVD Shot by revolver.
Juliet Stuart Poyntz CPUSA member and soviet intelligence agent 1937-06-03 New York  United States Possible execution.[4]
Georges Agabekov defected OGPU agent 1937-08-?? Pyrenees Mountains Unsure French or Spanish side
Ignace Reiss Soviet spy 1937-09-04 Lausanne   Switzerland Strangulation and/or machine gun.
Lev Sedov Leon Trotsky's eldest son 1938-02-16 Paris  France
Yevhen Konovalets Leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists 1938-05-23 Rotterdam  Netherlands Explosive hidden in box of chocolates.
Rudolf Klement Senior official in the Fourth International and longtime confidant of Trotsky 1938-07-13 Paris  France Unknown. Possible beheading.
Yevgeny Miller General in the White Army 1939-05-11 Moscow  Soviet Union Tortured and shot.
Zinaida Reich Soviet actress 1939-07-15 Stabbing.
Leon Trotsky Soviet politician and Marxist revolutionary theorist 1940-08-21 Coyoacán  Mexico Exsanguination from attack by ice pick.
Nikolai Koltsov Soviet biologist 1940-12-02 Leningrad  Soviet Union Poisoning.
Walter Krivitsky defected Soviet intelligence officer 1941-02-10 Washington, D.C.  United States Shot by revolver.[5]
Mairbek Sheripov Chechen nationalist 1942-11-07 Chechnya  Soviet Union Soviet security force Soviet reprisal raid.
Wilhelm Kube Generalkommissar of Weissruthenien 1943-09-22 Minsk  Soviet Union Yelena Mazanik Timed explosive.
Solomon Mikhoels Soviet actor and the artistic director of the Moscow State Jewish Theatre. 1948-01-13 MGB
Khasan Israilov Chechen nationalist 1944-12-29 Chechnya Soviet security force
Konstantin Volkov Soviet diplomat and NKVD officer 1945-09-?? Istanbul  Turkey NKVD Disappeared from his post.
Leonid Karas Belarusian writer and journalist for Radio Liberty 1954-09-?? Munich  West Germany KGB Drowning.[6]
Abdurrahman Fatalibeyli Defected Soviet army major; CIA agent and later chief of the Azerbaijani desk for Radio Liberty 1954-11-22 Strangulation.
Lev Rebet Leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists 1957-10-10 Poisoning with vapor gun.
Imre Nagy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the People's Republic of Hungary 1958-06-16 Budapest  Hungary Soviet show trial Execution.
Stepan Bandera[7] Leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists 1959-10-15 Munich  West Germany KGB Poisoning by cyanide gas.
Mohammed Daoud Khan President of Afghanistan 1978-04-28 Kabul Afghanistan Afghanistan KGB / PDPA
Georgi Markov Bulgarian dissident journalist 1978-09-11 London  United Kingdom KGB Poisoning by ricin-filled pellet. (See Umbrella Murder)
Hafizullah Amin President of Afghanistan 1979-12-27 Kabul Afghanistan Afghanistan Targeted assault on the Tajbeg Palace (see: Operation Storm-333)
Sultan Ibraimov Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan 1980-12-04 Cholpon Ata  Soviet Union Shot twice in the head.
Korean Air Lines Flight 007 269 passengers and crew 1983-09-01 Sea of Japan

(near Moneron Island)

Soviet Air Force Downed by missile.

Russian assassinations[edit]

Target Position Date City Country Killer Method
Akhmadov brothers[8] Chechen generals and high-ranking military commanders 1999-2002 (7 brothers killed) Chechnya FSB
Ruslan Alikhadzhiyev Chairman of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria 2000-05-17 Shali Chechnya Forcibly disappeared, possibly tortured to death.
Apti Abitayev[9] Prime suspect in the 1998 kidnapping incident 2001-05-06 Somewhere in Russia
Dzhokhar Dudayev President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria 1996-04-21 Chechnya Russian Air Force Attack by two laser-guided missiles.
Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev 2004-02-13 Doha  Qatar SVR / GRU Explosive placed on private SUV.[10]
Aslan Maskhadov 2005-03-08 Tolstoy-Yurt, Chechnya  Russia FSB FSB special forces raid. Grenade thrown in hiding bunker.
Abdul-Halim Sadulayev 2006-06-17 Argun, Chechnya FSB police raid. Hand grenade thrown through window (disputed).[11][12]
Arbi Barayev Leader of Special Purpose Islamic Regiment 2001-06-22 Alkhan-Kala, Chechnya FSB special forces raid. Possibly tortured to death.[13]
Ibn al-Khattab Emir of the Arab Mujahideen in Chechnya 2002-03-20 Chechnya Poisoning with poisoned letter.[14]
Abu al-Walid 2004-04-16 Chechnya Ambushed by FSB snipers.[15]
Abu Hafs al-Urduni 2006-11-26 Chechnya FSB Special forces raid.[16]
Muhannad 2011-04-21 Chechnya FSB search & destroy operation.
Abdulla Kurd 2011-05-03 Chechnya Shot during FSB scout operation.
Turpal-Ali Atgeriyev Deputy Prime Minister and National Security Minister of Chechnya 2002-08-18 Yekaterinburg Unknown Russian agents Possibly tortured to death.[17]
Salman Raduyev Chechen separatist warlord and rebel commander 2002-12-14 Solikamsk Possibly executed in prison.[17][18]
Ruslan Gelayev Deputy Prime Minister of Chechnya 2004-02-28 Bezhta [ru], Dagestan Border Security Service Shot by rifle during gunfight, died from exsanguination after cutting off his hand.
Abu Umar Mohammed Al-Sayyaf [ru] Senior leader of the Arab Mujahideen in Chechnya and Ibn al-Khattab's deputy 2001-07-11 Mayrtup, Chechnya
Aslambek Abdulkhadzhiev Field commander of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and deputy of Shamil Basayev 2002-08-26 Shali
Mahmud Hisham al-Hennawi[19] One of the founders of EIJ and Al-Qaeda affiliate 2005-??-?? Chechnya FSB special forces raid.[20]
Magomedzagir Akayev Senior commander of Shariat Jamaat 2005-01-15 Kaspiysk, Dagestan
Abu Omar al-Kuwaiti Al-Qaeda agent and involved in Beslan school siege 2005-02-16 Ingushetia FSB special forces raid.[21]
Rizvan Chitigov Senior Chechen intelligence chief and alleged CIA agent 2005-03-23 Shali, Chechnya FSB special forces raid.[22]
Akhmed Avdorkhanov Head of security for President Aslan Maskhadov 2005-09-19 Somewhere in Chechnya FBS special forces raid.
Abu Omar al-Saif[23] Mufti of Arab fighters in Chechnya and Al-Qaeda affiliate 2005-12-10 Dagestan
Shamil Basayev Senior Chechen military commander 2006-07-10 Ingushetia Mine-explosive (possibly remotely detonated).[24]
Amir Khayrullah (Suleiman Imurzayev) Senior Chechen commander and prime suspect of the 2004 Grozny stadium bombing 2007-04-05 Grozny, Chechnya
Khura-Magomed Ramazanov Senior Islamic cleric 2007-07-26 Makhachkala, Dagestan
Ratmir Shameyev[25] Senior Chechen militants 2011-04-29 Progress, Stavropol Krai Killed in gunfight.[26]
Aslanbek Khamurzov[25]
Alexander Litvinenko Defected lieutenant colonel of FSB 2006-11-23 London  United Kingdom SVR Poisoning with radionuclide polonium-210.[27]
Umar Israilov Ex bodyguard of Ramzan Kadyrov / Critic of the Chechen government 2009-01-13 Vienna  Austria Shot twice in the head after trying to flee.[28]
Movladi Baisarov Ex commander of the Special Battalion Vostok 2006-11-18 Moscow  Russia Kadyrovtsy Shot by automatic weapons.
Sulim Yamadayev Lieutenant Colonel of Special Battalion Vostok 2009-03-28 (Died 03–30) Dubai  United Arab Emirates Shot in the neck.
Said Buryatsky Commander of Riyad-us Saliheen Brigade of Martyrs's suicide bombers brigade 2010-03-02 Ekazhevo, Ingushetia  Russia FSB / MVD
Yassir al-Sudani Commander of Caucasus Emirate 2010-06-08 Vedeno, Chechnya
Eldar Magatov[29] Senior Islamist militant 2014-01-21 likely Dagestan Russian police and pro-government militia
Vakha Arsanov Vice president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria 2005-05-15 Ivanovo Either shot during gunfight or tortured to death in private prison.
Supyan Abdullayev 2011-03-28 Ingushetia Russian Air Force Targeted airstrike.
Zaurbek Avdorkhanov[30] Field commander of Caucasus Emirate 2012-07-31 Galashki, Ingushetia FSB
Ibragim Avdorkhanov[30] Chechen separatists and part of 2010 Tsentoroy attack
Ayub Khaladov[30]
Dokka Umarov Emir of the Caucasus Emirate 2013-09-07 Ingushetia Poisoning.
Aliaskhab Kebekov 2015-04-19 Buynaksk, Dagestan FSB security forces raid.[31]
Magomed Suleimanov 2015-08-11 Gimry, Dagestan FSB security forces raid.[32]
Zalim Shebzukhov 2016-08-17 Saint Petersburg FSB security forces raid.[33]
Rasul Makasharipov Emir of Vilayat Dagestan 2005-07-06 Makhachkala, Dagestan FSB special forces raid.[34]
Rappani Khalilov 2007-09-17 Novy Sulak, Dagestan FSB special forces raid. Killed by gunfight and/or collapse of residence by tanks.[35]
Abdul Madzhid 2008-09-07 Magaramkentsky, Dagestan Ambushed by FSB special forces.
Omar Sheikhulayev 2009-02-05 outside Makhachkala, Dagestan Killed in gunfight with FSB security forces.
Umalat Magomedov 2009-12-31 Khasavyurt, Dagestan FSB security forces raid.
Magomed Vagabov 2010-08-21 Gunib, Dagestan FSB special forces raid.
Israpil Velijanov 2011-04-18 Dagestan FSB security forces raid.
Ibragimkhalil Daudov 2012-02-14 Dagestan Died from wounds and exposure after fleeing from FSB security forces raid.
Rustam Asildarov 2016-12-03 near Makhachkala, Dagestan FSB special forces raid.
Said Kharakansky 2017-02-07 Dagestan
Muslim Atayev Emir of Vilayat KBK 2005-01-27 Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria Cornered and killed by FSB police force.
Anzor Astemirov 2010-03-24 Killed in gunfight with FSB officers after routine identity check.
Asker Dzhappuyev 2011-04-29 Progress Stavropol Krai
Alim Zankishiev 2012-03-27 Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria FSB security forces raid.[36]
Khuseyn Gakayev Commander of Vilayat Nokhchicho (Eastern Sector) 2013-01-24 Vedeno, Chechnya Killed in gunfight after FSB scout operation.
Dzhamaleyl Mutaliyev[37] Emir of Vilayat Galgayche 2013-05-21 Nazran
Arthur Getagazhev 2014-05-24 Sagopshi, Ingushetia FSB security forces raid.
Beslan Makhauri[38] 2015-10-31 Nazran
Ilyas Vedzizhev[38] Insurgent of Vilayat Galgayche
Zaur Prokopchuk Senior Caucasus Emirate militant 2015-04-16 Nalchik
Robert Zankishiev Head of Kabardino-Balkaria's terrorist organization 2015-11-10 Unknown
Ali Osaev[39] Istanbul representative of the Caucasus Emirate 2009-02-26 Istanbul  Turkey SVR
Berg-Hadj Musayev[39] Senior chechen separatists 2011-09-16 Shot.[40]
Zaurbek Amriyev[39]
Rustam Altemirov[39]
Abdullah Bukhari[41] Usbek-chechen Islamic cleric 2014-12-10 Shot with a handgun.[40]
Abdulvahid Edelgiriev[40] Chechen commander during the Chechen-Russian conflict 2015-11-01 Başakşehir, İstanbul Province Shot while fleeing and stabbed in the neck.[40]
Ruslan Israpilov[40] Chechen fighter during the Chechen-Russian conflict 2016-05-11 Kocaeli Province, Turkey Shot in the head, neck and heart.[40]
Oleksandr Kharaberiush SBU colonel 2017-03-31 Mariupol  Ukraine SVR / FSB
Yurii Vitalyevich Voznyi (Yuri Vozny) 2017-06-27 Kostiantynivka
Maksym Shapoval HUR MOU colonel Kyiv Explosive placed underneath private car.
Timur Makhauri (aka Ali Timaiev)[42][43] Chechen battalion commander / fighter 2017-09-08 Explosive placed on car.[44][45]
Zelimkhan Khangoshvili Military commander of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and Western intelligence agent 2019-08-23 Berlin  Germany GRU[46] Shot twice in the head with a Glock 26 by a Russian contract killer.
Anna Politkovskaya Journalist 2006-10-07 Moscow  Russia FSB Shot
Yevgeny Prigozhin, Dmitry Utkin, Valery Chekalov, and seven others Russian oligarch and leader of Wagner Group, Wagner commanders, air crew 2023-08-24 Kuzhenkino,Tver Oblast  Russia Killed in plane crash after likely bomb exploded on board.[47] [48] [49]

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