List of Speakers of the West Virginia House of Delegates

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Below is a complete list of Speakers of the West Virginia House of Delegates since 1863:

Name Party Term Residence
Spicer Patrick Republican 1863–1864 Kanawha Co.
Lee Roy Kramer Republican 1864–1866 Monongalia Co.
David S. Pinnell Republican 1866–1868 Upshur Co.
Henry C. McWhorter Republican 1868–1869 Kanawha Co.
Solomon S. Fleming Republican 1869–1870 Harrison Co.
William M. Welch Republican 1870–1871 Mineral Co.
Elbridge G. Cracraft Democratic 1871–1872 Ohio Co.
Albert E. Summers Democratic 1872–1872 Kanawha Co.
William M. Miller Democratic 1872–1875 Ohio Co.
Alexander W. Monroe Democratic 1875–1877 Hampshire Co.
Eustace Gibson Democratic 1877–1879 Cabell Co.
George H. Moffett Democratic 1879–1881 Pocahontas Co.
Emanuel Willis Wilson Democratic 1881–1883 Kanawha Co.
Joseph J. Woods Democratic 1883–1885, 1889–1891 Ohio Co.
Thomas H. Dennis Democratic 1885–1887 Greenbrier Co.
John M. Rowan Democratic 1887–1889 Monroe Co.
Louis Bennett Democratic 1891–1893 Lewis Co.
David W. Shaw Democratic 1893–1895 Barbour Co.
William Seymour Edwards Republican 1895–1897 Kanawha Co.
Samuel R. Hanen Republican 1897–1899 Marshall Co.
Owen S. McKinney Democratic 1899–1901 Marion Co.
William G. Wilson Republican 1901–1903 Randolph Co.
Frank Moats Republican 1903–1905 Wood Co.
Fred Paul Grosscup Republican 1905–1907 Kanawha Co.
James A. Seaman Republican 1907–1909 Jackson Co.
J.H. Strickling Republican 1909–1911 Tyler Co.
C.M. Wetzel Democratic 1911–1913 Jefferson Co.
William Taylor George Republican 1913–1915 Barbour Co.
Vernon E. Johnson Republican 1915–1917, 1927–1929 Morgan Co.
Joseph S. Thurmond Democratic 1917–1919 Greenbrier Co.
J. Luther Wolfe Republican 1919–1921 Jackson Co.
Edwin M. Keatley Republican 1921–1923, 1925–1927 Kanawha Co.
W.E.R. Byrne Democratic 1923–1925 Kanawha Co.
John William Cummins Republican 1929–1931 Ohio Co.
J. Alfred Taylor Democratic 1931–1933 Fayette Co.
Ralph M. Hiner Democratic 1933–1935 Pendleton Co.
John J. Pelter Democratic 1935–1937 Logan Co.
James Kay Thomas Democratic 1937–1941 Kanawha Co.
Malcolm R. Arnold Democratic 1941–1943 Boone Co.
John E. Amos Democratic 1943–1949 Kanawha Co.
William E. Flannery Democratic 1949–1958 Logan Co.
Harry R. Pauley Democratic 1958–1961 McDowell Co.
Julius W. Singleton, Jr. Democratic 1961–1965 Monongalia Co.
H. Laban White Democratic 1965–1969 Harrison Co.
Ivor F. Boiarsky Democratic 1969–1971 Kanawha Co.
Lewis N. McManus Democratic 1971–1977 Raleigh Co.
Donald L. Kopp Democratic 1977–1979 Harrison Co.
Clyde M. See, Jr. Democratic 1979–1985 Hardy Co.
Joseph Albright Democratic 1985–1987 Wood Co.
Robert E. "Chuck" Chambers Democratic 1987–1997 Cabell Co.
Robert S. Kiss Democratic 1997–2007 Raleigh Co.
Richard Thompson Democratic 2007–2013 Wayne Co.
Tim Miley Democratic 2013-2015 Harrison Co.
Tim Armstead Republican 2015- Kanawha Co.

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