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Special Service Roads in Connecticut
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NotesSpecial Service Roads in Connecticut maintained by ConnDOT
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In the U.S. state of Connecticut, state highways are grouped into signed routes, unsigned special service roads (SSR), and unsigned state roads (SR). Special service roads are roads that connect a federal or state facility (including state parks and some Interstate Highway interchanges) to a signed state route. Roads classified by the Connecticut Department of Transportation as special service roads are given an unsigned number designation between 400 and 1001.[1]

List of special service roads[edit]

The list excludes special service roads that are functionally classified as local roads.

SSR Road name Start point End point Facility served Length
401/403 Bradley International Airport Connector, Schoephoester Road Route 20
(Windsor Locks)
Route 75
(Windsor Locks)
Bradley International Airport 2.29 mi (3.69 km)
404 Shaker Road, Bilton Road Route 220
Bilton Road (local)
Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institution 0.81 mi (1.30 km)
410 Aircraft Road Route 154
Pratt & Whitney driveway
Pratt & Whitney plant 2.28 mi (3.67 km)
411 West Street Route 3
(Rocky Hill)
Route 99
(Rocky Hill)
I-91 Exit 23 and Dinosaur State Park 1.98 mi (3.19 km)
422 Nott Street Route 99
Hartford Avenue (local)
Standish Park 0.31 mi (0.50 km)
430 North Eagleville Road North Eagleville Road (local)
Route 195
University of Connecticut (Storrs campus) 0.86 mi (1.38 km)
431 Geer Hill Road, River Road Route 148
Route 82
(East Haddam)
Gillette Castle State Park 2.39 mi (3.85 km)
434 Mt. Parnassus Rd, Millington Rd, Haywardville Rd, Hopyard Rd Route 82
(East Haddam)
Route 82
(East Haddam)
Devil's Hopyard State Park 10.13 mi (16.30 km)
437 Crystal Avenue, Old Bridge Approach, State Pier Approach Route 32
(New London)
State Pier Approach
(New London)
State Pier 0.44 mi (0.71 km)
449 Rocky Neck Connector Route 156
(East Lyme)
(East Lyme)
Rocky Neck State Park 1.07 mi (1.72 km)
450 Hammonasset Connector, Duck Hole Road, Horsepond Road U.S. Route 1
Route 79
Hammonasset State Park and I-95 Exit 62 4.46 mi (7.18 km)
453 Mount Carmel Avenue Route 10
Mount Carmel Avenue (local)
Sleeping Giant State Park and Quinnipiac University 0.32 mi (0.51 km)
476 Sherwood Island Connector Sherwood Island State Park Road
U.S. Route 1
Sherwood Island State Park and I-95 Exit 18 1.41 mi (2.27 km)
478 West Shore Road, Lake Waramaug Road, North Shore Road Route 45
Route 45
Lake Waramaug State Park 6.08 mi (9.78 km)
480 Great Hollow Road Great Hollow Road (local)
Route 4
Mohawk Mountain State Park 0.77 mi (1.24 km)
482 East River Road Route 181/Route 318
Route 20
Peoples State Forest 4.11 mi (6.61 km)
483 Burr Mountain Road Route 183 Route 263 Burr Pond State Park 0.49 mi (0.79 km)
485 University Drive Route 4 University Drive (local)
University of Connecticut 1.17 mi
(1.88  km)
486 Airport Access Road Route 188 – Southbury Airport Driveway
Waterbury-Oxford Airport 1.08 mi (1.74 km)
487 Kettletown Road George's Hill Road (local)
I-84 / US 6 / Route 67 Kettletown State Park 4.24 mi
(6.82  km)
490 Wasserman Way Nunnawauk Road (local)
Route 34 Interstate 84 /US 6 Exit 11 1.10  mi
(1.77  km)
492 South Main Street US 6 / Route 67 Garage Driveway
ConnDOT garage 0.24  mi
(0.39  km)
493 Washington Boulevard Washington Boulevard (local)
US 1 / Route 137 I-95 (Exit 7) / Conn. Turnpike 0.34  mi
(0.55  km)

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