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Spider-Man is an American animated television series featuring the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. Grantray-Lawrence Animation produced the first season. Seasons 2 and 3 were crafted by producer Ralph Bakshi in New York City.

The show first aired on the ABC television network on September 9, 1967; but went into syndication at the start of the third season. It ran for three seasons and finished on June 14, 1970, with a total of 52 episodes. Many of the 30-minute episodes were divided into two 15-minute shorts.


Season 1[edit]

Episode Title Summary
1a The Power of Dr. Octopus Teenage photographer Peter Parker is sent by the Daily Bugle to investigate a series of mystery lights in a wooded area outside of the city, when a sudden landslide forces him to swerve off the road and land in a tree. Realizing he's in a precarious spot, Peter slides down in the driver's seat and out of sight, only to rise back up again as he finishes a quick change into Spider-Man. He lowers the car to the ground and finds the hidden entrance to a secret laboratory operated by his nemesis, Doctor Octopus, who captures the young hero and reveals his plan to blow up part of New York City. Octopus has also sent a warning letter to the Daily Bugle about it, so that people can evacuate before the demonstration, but Jameson thinks it's just a crank letter. Spider-Man breaks free, but is caught when a cage is dropped onto him. Betty Brant drives off to the place he (Peter) was heading to, but she is also captured. Spider-Man escapes his cage, but is knocked out and captured again. Spider-Man manages to free both himself and Betty, then stops the nefarious villain in his tracks, saving the city from destruction.
1b Sub-Zero for Spidey On a blistering hot afternoon, Peter is walking to the house of a brilliant scientist, Doctor Smartyr, when suddenly he notices that the sidewalk and most of the neighborhood is turning to ice. Hearing desperate cries for help from Smartyr's house, Peter changes into Spider-Man and breaks through a laboratory window to find the frightened scientist being menaced by a towering ice creature. It leaves, and Spider-Man finds a giant Iceberg in New York Bay. He returns to Dr. Smartyr, however the ice creatures return, freezing him and Smartyr and kidnapping the scientist. The creatures turn out to be an alien race of 'Plutonians' and are not hostile. They are seeking out Dr. Smartyr for a way to help them get back to their planet.
2a Where Crawls the Lizard Peter flies to Florida to find and photograph the Lizard Man. Spider-Man meets Dr. Curtis Connor's family. He is pulled underwater by the Lizard, but escapes. In Dr. Connor's lab, Spider-Man finds out about the doctor’s research on swamp fever and mixes an antidote for reptilian mutation. He fights the Lizard in a ruined castle and turns him back into Dr. Connor.
2b Electro, the Human Lightning Bolt Spider-Man is set up numerous times by Electro's robberies. Electro first robs Jameson's House and escapes before the Police see him, though they see Spider-Man. Peter shows Jameson the photo, but they throw it away. Spider-Man finally tracks Electro to a fairground and catches him using a new web. He leaves him inside Jameson's window.
3 The Menace of Mysterio Spider-Man has been witnessed committing a robbery of the Midtown Museum. Mysterio phones Jameson and makes a deal to defeat and expose Spider-Man in exchange for a large sum of cash. He fights Spider-Man on a bridge and Spider-Man is unable to beat him and dives from the bridge to escape. He finally tracks Mysterio to a film set and records Mysterio confessing he robbed the Museum disguised as Spider-Man. He then beats Mysterio.
4a The Sky is Falling The Vulture uses a device to control an army of birds. After the Vulture beats Spider-Man, he holds the city for a two-million-dollar ransom and Jameson blames Spider-Man. Spider-Man takes the ransom to the Vulture and uses this opportunity to sabotage the Vulture's device so the birds attack him, and takes the ransom back.
4b Captured by J. Jonah Jameson While Spider-Man is out he is almost caught by a robot. Later a man called Henry Smythe reveals his plans to capture Spider-Man with the robot and get paid by J. Jonah Jameson for his efforts. Although skeptical at first, Jameson becomes enthusiastic when the robot shudders to life and starts zeroing upon its target. Peter makes a hasty retreat from the editor's office, but the robot lumbers after him into the street. Ducking into an alley, the teenager strips to Spider-Man before leading the robot on a frantic chase throughout the city. When the robot catches him Betty enables Spider-Man to escape by knocking out the wire, however Jameson sends her out. Spider-Man is finally caught by the robot after knocking himself unconscious by swinging into a clock tower. However he breaks into the robot's controls and is able to free himself from the robot's tendrils.
5a Never Step on a Scorpion Dr. Stillwell creates the Scorpion on Jonah Jameson's behalf to get Spider-Man. The Scorpion attacks Spider-Man, who escapes. However the Scorpion's evil nature enhances and causes him to go after Jameson, but Spider-Man captures him and the Scorpion is arrested. However he breaks out and goes after Jameson again while Spider-Man is searching for him, but Spider-Man arrives in time to fight the Scorpion, who is webbed up and imprisoned again.
5b Sands of Crime As Spider-Man examines the Goliath Diamond, the Sandman appears and swipes the diamond, Spider-Man getting the blame as he is seen by the guards. The Sandman demands a $1,000,000 dollar ransom from Jameson. Spider-Man fights him where the ransom is due to be delivered, but the Sandman escapes before Jameson arrives and takes the ransom. Finding Jameson has brought a fake ransom the Sandman demands $2,000,000. Spider-Man fights him at a quarry and defeats the Sandman when they are knocked into water. However Peter forgot to take any pictures.
6a Diet of Destruction Spider-Man sights, and photographs, a giant metal-eating robot in the park. It is never explained who built it. The Robot sets the park on fire and while Spider-Man stops the fire spreading leaves. Spider-Man fights the robot throughout the city and finally causes the robot to fall into a river.
6b The Witching Hour The Green Goblin swipes a magician's witchcraft book, hoping to control Demons of the Underworld. Next he takes Jonah Jameson for his medium and discovers he needs the Sceptre of Osiris, which is hidden in the magician's library. Spider-Man fails to stop this but by putting a Spider-Tracer on Jameson he tracks the Goblin to a graveyard and foils his plan. The Demons tell the Goblin he is not fit to join them and disappear. Spider-Man leaves the Goblin webbed up for the Police.
7a Kilowatt Kaper Electro escapes prison before Spider-Man can stop him using a kite during a storm to renew his powers. He takes the electricity supply of the city, demanding a ransom from Jameson. Spider-Man tries to stop him at the factory but only just escapes being drawn into a generator. However Spider-Man is able to catch Electro with his special web.
7b The Peril of Parafino Spider-Man faces off against Parafino, a Wax Museum Owner plans to make Spider-Man into his latest exhibit. He uses escaped convict Red Dog Melvin as bait for Spider-Man, disguising him as a waxwork. He catches Spider-Man using a wax sculpture of himself and captures Betty Brant when she comes to the Museum. However Spider-Man frees himself and destroys the wax Parafino by increasing the heat. While Betty gets the Police Melvin revives and attacks the real Parafino. Spider-Man webs them both up.
8 Horn of the Rhino Spider-Man is keeping an eye on a train when the Rhino rams it and steals the component of a top secret weapon, Spider-Man getting the blame. Meanwhile, Peter has a cold, and his Aunt May wants him to stay in bed. The Rhino then steals another component from an airport. At May's suggestion, Jameson decides to take his own photos. However, when he tries to enter a military area wearing a disguise, he is stopped by a guard. He complains about this, however his disguise falls of and he is arrested. The Rhino steals the final component from a submarine. The Police put a dragnet out but can't find the Rhino. Spider-Man finds him hiding in an underwater cave in the Zoo and catches him using pepper.
9a The One-Eyed Idol Someone has sent a one-eyed idol to Jonah Jameson. Jameson is hypnotised by the idol to steal his own cash. Spider-Man finds a Thief but they escape with the money. The next day Jameson is again hypnotized to steal more money. Spider-Man attacks the Thief but is knocked out by a boomerang and finds the Mastermind is hunter Clivington, who tries to kill Spider-Man using an elevator. However Spider-Man frees himself and captures both crooks.
9b Fifth Avenue Phantom Spider-Man attempts to halt the Phantom's activities only to be set up by him and his robot henchwoman Marie, who is disguised as a shop window mannequin. He discovers the Phantom is using shrinking rays to steal items. However some of the shrunken items are in a dolls house in the Bugle. The Phantom gets into the Bugle Offices and escapes with the house. Spider-Man is finally taken to the Phantom's base and defeats him.
10a The Revenge of Dr. Magneto Spider-Man saves a boat from Dr. Magneto's attempt to crash it by sabotaging a lighthouse. Determined to prove his magnetic power, Dr. Magneto sabotages a railway line, which Spider-Man fixes. Magneto tries to send a statue of Prometheus of a building, but Spider-Man catches it. Magneto meets Spider-Man at the Hall of Science and captures him, planning to drop the Hall into the ocean. However he is beaten with anti-magnetic webbing that destroys his weapon.
10b The Sinister Prime Minister Spider-Man gets into an embassy, and sees the foreign visiting Prime Minister tied up and gagged, and fights someone impersonating the Prime Minister, but he is forced to retreat to find proof after being gassed by the Imposter's cane and having his camera stolen. The Imposter convinces Jameson to help raise money for his nation, and gets $20,000,000. Spider-Man gets into the embassy again and defeats the Imposter, but is forced out. The Imposter tries to leave with the gold via airplane, but Spider-Man catches him and frees the real Prime Minister.
11a The Night of the Villains Spider-Man fails to stop Blackbeard from stealing a treasure chest when he is knocked overboard. Next Jesse James is sent to rob a bank, but he is stopped by Spider-Man. However a guard sees Spider-Man and thinks he is trying to rob the bank. An Executioner is sent after Spider-Man, but is webbed up. Spider-Man realises the Executioner is made of wax. He goes to the Wax Museum and meets Parafino. They set their robots on Spider-Man but he destroys the controls and defeats Parafino.
11b Here Comes Trubble Spider-Man stops a centaur robbing a Museum, which vanishes in smoke. Ms. Trubble sends Cyclops to take care of Spider-Man, but fails. The Goddess Diana also fails to get Spider-Man. Peter Parker investigates Ms. Trubble and a stolen statuette of Cerberus and finds it in her shop. He is attacked by Cerberus. Spider-Man finds Ms. Trubble has been conjuring legendary creatures from Greek Mythology to do her bidding from a box. Spider-Man rescues Ms. Trubble from Vulcan, who sets her book-shop on fire, by destroying the box and she is sent to the prison hospital.
12a Spider-Man Meets Dr. Noah Boddy Jonah Jameson scoffs at a man calling himself Dr. Noah Boddy, who claims to have found a means of rendering himself invisible. Boddy frames Jameson for attempted robberies and finally attacks him in the Bugle. Spider-Man tracks Boddy and webs him up.
12b The Fantastic Fakir Spider-Man fails to stop a villain called the Fakir from stealing a precious ruby when they use an illusion of an elephant against him. He goes to a visiting Maharaja's Yacht and finds the Fakir is there. He escapes crocodiles the Fakir is controlling. Spider-Man returns after another robbery and realises the Maharaja is a dummy, the real Maharaja's Yacht developed engine trouble. Spider-Man webs up the Fakir, who is arrested.
13a Return of the Flying Dutchman Spider-Man deals with Mysterio taking advantage of the Flying Dutchman legend to steal a chest of pirate treasure. After catching the submarine he enters the cave Mysterio is hiding in and defeats Mysterio and his two henchmen.
13b Farewell Performance Strange things involving ghosts happen around the Castle Theatre, due for demolition with Jonah Jameson's support. Spider-Man goes to the Theatre and finds the Magician Blackwell is causing them. With Spider-Man's help, former performers make sure Jameson agrees to stop the theatre being torn down. When Spider-Man publicly agrees the Theatre should be torn down Jameson changes his position.
14a The Golden Rhino The Rhino steals a lot of gold from a truck. The Rhino is melting the gold to make a statue of himself, but doesn't have enough gold. He steals more and makes a statue. Policemen find Spider-Man when the warehouse the Rhino is hiding in is destroyed in a fight, and suspect he is responsible for the gold robbery, but he escapes. The Rhino is webbed up by Spider-Man in the Sewer and with his statue is given to the authorities.
14b Blueprint for Crime The Plotter guides a couple of thieves to grab a series of blueprints. Spider-Man tries to stop them, but is knocked out and the blueprints are recovered by the criminals. However they leave one and Spider-Man uses a photo of himself with the blueprint to lure them to him. He then captures the whole gang.
15a The Spider and the Fly A mysterious person called the Human Fly leads Spider-Man away long enough to steal Pulinski's jewellery. Spider-Man realises there are twin Flies committing the robberies when he catches one but the other knocks him out from behind. He uses a Spider-Tracer to track them to a fair and captures them.
15b The Slippery Dr. Von Schlick Spider-Man chases Dr. Von Schlick in the middle of a fire but loses him. Spider-Man finds Von Schlick on a barge as he steals oil from a tanker. Schlick is tracked to his base in the sewers and defeated,
16a The Vulture's Prey When J. Jonah Jameson investigates a malfunctioning tower clock, he is captured by the Vulture -- who is using it as a hideout while he commits a rash of spectacular crimes. From Jameson he finds out about a powerful military rocket and steals it. After failing to stop the rocket theft as Spider-Man, Peter returns to the Daily Bugle just as Jameson causes the clock to start ringing out of control. However the Vulture arrives. Realizing that it's a cry for help, the determined teenager changes into Spidey and rushes to the clock tower where he rescues his boss from the Vulture's clutches.
16b The Dark Terrors Spider-Man rescues Betty from a shadow tiger but cannot attack it. He is then attacked and knocked out by another shadow figure. The Phantom is casting shadows all over the city to commit crimes. Spider-Man follows a gorilla shadow to a warehouse and defeats the Phantom.
17a The Terrible Triumph of Dr. Octopus Dr. Octopus steals Dr. Smartyr's nullifier, but Spider-Man puts a tracer on him. Spider-Man tracks the tracer to the waterfront. Dr. Octopus attempts to destroy Spider-Man with an exploding dummy of himself, but Spider-Man is warned by his spider-sense and sets of the explosion with a web ball. He tracks Doctor Octopus down and paralyzes him with electricity long enough for the Police to arrive.
17b Magic Malice The Green Goblin escapes from Spider-Man as he plots to steal Blackwell's magic secrets and uses some magic tricks to rob various places. Spider-Man goes to Blackwell's house as the Green Goblin is planning to steal more secrets, but is chained and left in a plastic container filling with water. However he escapes with his web and learns how to get out of the chains before the Goblin returns. With the help of Blackwell Spider-Man defeats his enemy.
18a Fountain of Terror Peter hears that Dr. Connor is missing once again. In Florida, Spider-Man fails to catch Clivendon at Connor's laboratory when a boomerang knocks him out. With Billy he goes into the jungle, though Clivendon is also trying to find Connor. Spider-Man finds Connor being held prisoner in a Spanish Fort. Apparently Connor has found the Fountain of Youth, which a Conquistador has been using. Clivendon is defeated by Spider-Man, and due to Connor's son Billy a cannonball destroys the Fountain.
18b Fiddler on the Loose The Fiddler attacks Flintridge's band and fires sonic waves at Spider-Man, trying to exact a ransom of $1,000,000 from Flintridge. Later he tries to get $5,000,000. However Spider-Man defeats him.
19a To Catch a Spider Dr. Noah Boddy releases Electro, the Green Goblin, and the Vulture from prison to get back at Spider-Man. All three disable Spider-Man's powers and Electro tells Spider-Man to meet them at midnight. Spider-Man realises Noah Boddy helped the villains escape. At midnight he meets them at the docks and using ventriloquism makes the villains fight each other, leaving them knocked out. He webs up Noah Boddy and the Police arrest them.
19b Double Identity Spider-Man attempts to catch a man looking the same as Peter Parker who steals a valuable manuscript, but the man's bodyguard, Brutus, knocks him down. Charles Cameo impersonates others while stealing valuables. A ruse is set by Jameson and the Police with a tapestry, Jameson thinking Spider-Man is responsible. Brutus knocks out the driver he has come to take the tapestry and takes their place. Cameo impersonates Spider-Man. The thief and Brutus are apprehended by the real Spider-Man.
20a Sting of the Scorpion The Scorpion escapes prison through a tunnel to get back at Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man. The Scorpion drinks a toxic chemical to increase his strength and trashes Dr. Stillwell's lab. The chemicals mutate the Scorpion into a giant. He captures Jameson, but Spider-Man is able to make the Scorpion drink the antidote and webs them up for the Police.
20b Trick or Treachery The Human Fly Twins, Stan and Lee Patterson, have been released from prison. They break into a vault and frame Spider-Man, one disguising themselves as him. They place a tracer on him so they can commit crimes without being caught by him. However Spider-Man finds the tracer and catches the twins.

Season 2[edit]

Episode Title Summary
21 The Origin of Spider-Man Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and soon finds that he has gained the arachnid's proportionate strength. He learns that "with great power there must also always be great responsibility" after his Uncle Ben, husband of Aunt May, is murdered by a thief who he failed to stop earlier from robbing a T.V station as he felt it wasn't his problem. Spider-Man is able to catch the thief and decides to use his powers.
22 King Pinned With his beloved Uncle Ben gone and his Aunt May sick despite a new medication, Peter decides that he must find a way to earn extra money to pay for Aunt May's medication. He applies for and gets a job at the Daily Bugle where he meets Betty Brant and J. Jonah Jameson for the first time. Peter later overhears a conversation between Jameson and a news source named Dr. Omar about a fake medicine ring run by The Kingpin. Peter discovers that this was the same ring that made the medicine Aunt May was taking. Peter also finds out that one of the Bugles star reporters, Frederick Foswell, is actually a Kingpin stooge sent as a spy. After finding out from Foswell that Jameson plans to write an expose' on the ring, the Kingpin kidnaps Jameson. Spider-Man follows the Kingpin to his lair and despite being knocked out by gas from the Kingpin's cane and nearly unmasked, he rescues Jameson but the Kingpin escapes. He learns that a time bomb had been set at the Bugle's printing presses. After a race against time, Spider-Man saves the Bugle, the exposé is written and the Kingpin's fake medicine ring is out of business.
23 Swing City A mad scientist called The Master Technician takes control of a nuclear reactor and demands ten million dollars, amnesty and permission to build his own reactor. When this is refused the Technician uses it to create an anti- gravity field that lifts the entire island of Manhattan into the stratosphere, holding the city for ransom for 100 million dollars, the reactor, and amnesty. Peter reluctantly breaks his date to save the city before The Specialist sends it crashing down. He moves under the city to get into the reactor. Their anti-radiation weakens Spider-Man, but he is able to regain enough strength to defeat them.
24 Criminals in the Clouds To impress a girl and to show up his rival, star quarterback Roy Robinson, Peter Parker decides to try out for his high school football team feeling that he could be a star player with his spider-powers. The coach however scoffs at Peter but offers him a job as the waterboy. Meanwhile, the airborne criminal known as Sky Master hatches a plan to kidnap Roy Robinson, who just happens to be the son of a well known scientist who has invented an invisibility serum, and hold him for ransom. At night they break into the house, gas Roy and take him to their flying base. After learning of this plot during a team practice, Peter changes into Spider-Man and tries to tracks down the Sky Master to his airship. He sees one of the clouds isn't moving and finds the airship hidden inside. Once inside the vessel, he rescues Roy Robinson after defeating Sky Master and his goons, causing their ship to crash. Spidey returns Robinson in time for the big football game and helps him win. However, poor Peter gets fired from his waterboy job as Roy Robinson gets both the glory and the girl.
25 Menace from the Bottom of the World Peter Parker is sent by J. Jonah Jameson to investigate claims by a seismologist that he has detected subterranean voices in an unknown language. Peter reluctantly carries out the assignment after seeing a rival reporter getting the plum job of investigating the disappearance of a bank. Upon hearing the underground voice transmissions at the seismology lab, Peter uses his spider-hearing to determine that these were the people responsible for making the bank disappear and they're plotting to take another one. Quickly donning his Spider-Man costume, Peter races to the next bank to be taken and sees the bank disappear into the ground. Spider-Man descends thousands of feet into the sinkhole left by the bank to investigate. He soon discovers the bank in a strange underground city inhabited by hairy, ape-like humanoids. Their leader sends the apes at Spider-Man but he evades them and seizes their leader. He discovers they are an escaped criminal called Mugs Reily who tunneled his way out of prison and has disguised himself as a Moleman to become their leader. When unmasked, the angry Molemen turn against him, and the banks are lifted back to the surface.
26 Diamond Dust After years of being dismissed as a bookworm, Peter Parker is trying to win a spot as a relief pitcher on his college baseball team. Together with Artie, the team's catcher and Pete's school chum, he changes into his suit and tie before heading off to the local zoo to meet up with some friends. But at that very moment, a group of museum robbers led by the criminal known as Shakespeare create a diversion by unlocking a zoo cage and letting loose a monstrous ape who goes on a rampage, putting the visitors in great danger. Peter hears of the gorilla's escape over a car radio and dashes to an alley where he changes into Spider-Man. After a fierce battle, Spidey re-captures the beast by knocking it into the seal enclosure while averting a disaster. But later, during a baseball game, the robbers don gorilla costumes to rob the college museum of a giant diamond worth a fortune. Waiting for his chance to get off the bench and onto the pitcher's mound, Peter is sent to collect a fly ball that's been hit out of the stands. But after he locates the ball, a stunned Peter is confronted by a terrified professor who tells him that "apes" have taken over the museum. Instantly figuring out the robbers' plot, Peter discards his baseball uniform and swings to the museum as Spider-Man, where he sees the criminals. However one of the criminals shoots through his web, knocking Spider-Man to the ground. Shakespeare uses a weapon filled with "liquid latex" against him. But Spidey counters with his wits (and a suit of armor) to defeat Shakespeare and his henchmen. Hopping back into his baseball uniform, Peter returns to the field just in time to throw the last winning pitch and win the game.
27 Spider-Man Battles the Molemen Peter goes underground again, seeing the same scenery as in Menace from the Bottom of the World. The building he is on is taken underground by the Mole-Men, who want to eliminate him before they invade the world. This time he meets a race of dwarves underground and a giant monster but escapes them. This time the leader appears to be a genuine Moleman. Spider-Man captures the Leader and forces him to order the buildings to be returned. The leader then accidentally destroys his machinery when firing at Spider-Man causing an explosion, but Spider-Man swings out of the tunnels in time.
28 Phantom from the Depths of Time This episode re-uses Rocket Robin Hood backgrounds and villains as Peter tries to stop an evil alien who has enslaved an island's populace with robot beetles, and plans to use them to mine a mineral from the island. One of them sends a distress signal which Spider-Man picks up. He battles robots before he encounters the alien, who activates the mountain monster. However Spider-Man destroys them and frees the people.
29 The Evil Sorcerer Kotep, the Scarlet Sorcerer—an ancient magician frozen in time by a rival sorcerer—is brought back to life in the present day by a deranged college professor who has just been fired. Kotep scoffs at the professor's commands that he take revenge on the man's enemies, and responds by summoning a green-skinned demon to attack him. A group of students happen upon the professor as he's being struck down. Peter Parker is among them and, feigning cowardice, ducks behind a pillar where he strips to his Spider-Man costume. Now in his true colors, Spidey battles the cackling Sorcerer, but Kotep manages to escape. Later, the hospitalized professor tells the secret of Kotep's power, his sceptre, to some of his students who promptly try to warn Spider-Man. However, Kotep has other ideas. Bent on conquering the world, the resurrected magician unleashes chaos around the city, summoning an army of demons who promise to follow him if he defeats Spider-Man. Spider-Man finds a giant web, but is a trap which transports him away. He ends up at Kotep's castle. Faced with powerful thousands-of-years-old magic, Spider-Man must find a way to stop one of the most powerful villains he's ever encountered. He finally defeats the Sorcerer by taking away his scepter and destroying it.
30 Vine After inadvertently unleashing a giant plant on the city from a seed he found in the house of a missing scientist, Peter Parker travels back in time to 3,000,000 BC in order to find the professor himself. Spotting a great stone city in the distance, Peter quickly doffs his school clothes to reveal the costume of Spider-Man and, after a battle with an amphibious monster, is captured by a tribe of primitive blue giants. Taken prisoner to the city, Spidey discovers that the professor has become the benevolent ruler of giants and asks for help. The scientist reveals he destroyed the plans with radium. He explains that the only way to stop the menace is to steal radium gems from the temple of an evil society of intelligent plant monsters, which were mutated by its radiation and captured the city from its original inhabitants. Spider-Man is knocked out by the plants and put in an arena with 'Goliath', a giant caterpillar-like monster, for the amusement of the Master Vine. After a brief battle, Spider-Man webs up the beast, defeats the plant soldiers and takes the radium gems, which are the eyes of a huge statue. The plant civilization, dependent on the radiation for survival, withers away. Having returned the prehistoric city to its rightful owners, Spider-Man returns to the present and feeds the radium gems to the giant rampaging beast. Unable to absorb so much energy at once, it too withers away, saving the city once again.
31 Pardo Presents While on a date with his girlfriend Polly to see the premiere of "Pardo Productions Presents: My...Pet" (along with well-to-do socialites and city officials), Peter Parker becomes entangled in a robbery plot by a villain who possesses the strange ability to transform himself into pure energy -- while taking the form of an enormous black cat. Everybody in the audience is quickly gassed and left hypnotized by a large eye that appears on the theater screen. Only Peter manages to resist the attack due to his super senses. With the rest of the patrons staring helplessly at the screen ahead, the mild-mannered college boy peels off his suit and tie to reveal the fighting togs of Spider-Man. Pardo's goons start robbing the audience of their valuables until Spidey intervenes. He enters the giant eye and is trapped in the water tank. However he cuts his way out. The wall-crawler leads Pardo on a chase across New York to a showdown atop the Brooklyn Bridge. Once there, the cat is electrocuted, leaving only Pardo's clothes behind.
32 Cloud City of Gold While in South America as an exchange student, Peter Parker and his host professor are flying in a plane over the Andes Mountains during a lightning storm when the plane crashes. The professor, the pilot and the planes navigator all survive, but there is no sign of young Peter. Just as they notice that they're trapped in a hostile jungle with dangerous natives watching their every move, none other than Spider-Man comes swinging to the rescue. After building a raft to escape the natives, Spider-Man leads them into an underground river after getting caught in a whirlpool. While underground, Spider-Man fights vampire bats using sound waves to mess up their senses. After finally coming out of the cave, they finally see the Cloud City of Gold, which is ruled by a 15th-century conquistador named DeVargas, who attacks them with a giant golden eagle. As Spider-Man battles the flying monster, the professor and the crew are captured by DeVargas. Spider-Man makes it crash into an icy mountain, causing it to freeze and when it crashes shatter. Spider-Man finds himself trapped by a giant spider in the mouth of a volcano which he also defeats. DeVargas then tries to do Spider-Man in by firing a cannon at him while he remains inside the volcano, causing an eruption. Spider-Man frees his companions and escapes the Cloud City right before the entire mountain containing the city explodes. Back at the crash site, Spider-Man disappears and the professor and crew find Peter waiting for them. They are finally rescued by helicopter.
33 Neptune's Nose Cone Peter Parker is sent to the arctic on assignment by J. Jonah Jameson to track down and get pictures of a lunar module that crashed in the South Pole after a failed launch. Peter along with Penny, the pilot of the Daily Bugle plane, crash land in a blizzard on an island. Upon waking up, Peter finds that Penny had been captured by natives with the intent of offering her along with the nose cone of the module as a sacrifice to their volcano god in exchange for warmth. He changes into his costume and, as Spider-Man, must not only must rescue Penny but also stop the natives from throwing the nose cone into the volcano as the resulting explosion would destroy the entire island. After battling the natives and many strange creatures in an underground cavern, Spider-Man escapes the cavern by pushing aside a statue. Spider-Man averts catastrophe by webbing the nose cone before it can fall in. He rescues Penny when she is knocked into the volcano and allows the nose cone to take off again. The nose cone's rocket engines cause a small volcanic eruption, giving heat to the island and calming the natives down. They unbend the propellers and allow him and Penny to return to New York. He then gives Jameson an egg from the island, which hatches into a small winged snake that bites Jameson on the nose.
34 Home While unwinding at a club, Peter Parker meets a girl named Carol who is surprisingly as interested in science as he is. After setting up a date, Peter decides to patrol the town as Spider-Man and stumbles upon a robbery perpetrated by...Carol! But things start to look fishy when Carol starts using the same spider powers as Spider-Man. Spider-Man follows her as she and other Spider-Men inside a ship that races back to their headquarters inside a cave, but is captured. He discovers from Carol's father that they are from a distant civilization that crash-landed on Earth and have been living underground waiting to be saved by a ray from their home planet. He finds out she was stealing equipment to try stopping a nuclear device test which would have destroyed the civilization, as the people are susceptible to proton rays they can't go near it. Spider-Man is able to stop the device going off just before the ray takes them back home.
35 Blotto A former film producer creatures a dark creature, similar to the Blob, on a special movie screen, then brings it to life with a weapon he calls the Spirit-Scope, which turns living things to film (paper) and brings things on film to life. The creature quickly asserts an ability to engulf and erase any object it wants, from garbage cans and skyscrapers to Peter Parker's car as he drives a famous movie actress to an appearance at his university. After getting her to safety on a nearby roof, Peter strips for action and turns into Spider-Man. The webbed wonder tries to find a way to defeat this mysterious menace before it destroys the entire city. Clive contacts the military and orders them to surrender the city to him. Temporarily paralyzing Blotto with electricity, Spider-Man finds Clive. He tries to hit Spider-Man with the Spirit-Scope, but instead hits his assistant Colin. He tries again on Spider-Man, apparently paralyzing him. But when Clive goes to examine him, Spider-Man decks him and claims the Spirit Scope. Going out to face a renewed Blotto, he swings at the now-monstrous creature, and just before impact, fires the Spirit-Scope at it. Blotto turns back to harmless film just as Spider-Man punches through. Clive is then arrested.
36 Thunder Rumble Spider-Man fights a giant from Mars who can form and hurl lightning bolts, and plans to take over the world. They come to Earth, but are webbed up by Spider-Man. However they are freed by the criminal Boomer. Spider-Man tricks him into sending himself into space again using one of his lightning bolts and captures Boomer. (Note: This bad guy should not be confused with The Mighty Thor, a Marvel hero.)
37 Spider-Man Meets Skyboy While being honored at an awards ceremony, foremost scientist Dr. Caldwell is kidnapped by the evil Dr. Zapp in front of many onlookers, including Caldwell's teenaged son Jan, who wants his anti-gravity helmet. Feeling that the police are powerless to find his father, Jan decides to strike out on his own using an anti-gravity helmet and suit invented by his father. While patrolling the city from the air, Jan is spotted by Spider-Man who gives chase and confronts him. Spider-Man later realizes that this "Skyboy" is the son of the scientist from the now well-publicized kidnapping and helps Jan to rescue the boy's father from Dr. Zapp on Lightning mountain. However Jan is knocked down by lightning, though Spider-Man saves him. Zapp captures Spider-Man and takes the helmet. However Spider-Man defeats him using the flash-bulb of his camera and escapes with Jan and Caldwell.
38 Cold Storage The crooked Dr. Cool and a henchman after having robbed a jewelry store are tracked to their hideout by the webslinger. Spider-Man defeats Cool's henchmen and is knocked out by Dr Cool's cane shooting the top off, and captured by Dr. Cool who ties him up and puts him in a deep freeze unit along with the stolen diamonds, where he blacks out and is frozen solid. After a time, the power to the deep freeze runs down and the wallcrawler awakens to find that decades have passed and the world is in ruins. After battling cavemen, and other creatures including a Tyrannosaurus rex, Spider-Man realizes it was all a hallucination after being rescued by a friendly ice delivery man on his rounds. Later, Dr. Cool and his stooge return to their hideout after another heist, only to be defeated and captured by Spider-Man when he puts a load of ice on them.
39 To Cage a Spider Spider-Man tracks two crooks who robbed a bank and gives chase as the criminals escape in a getaway car. During the chase, one of the crooks hurls a vibrator at Spider-Man as he swoops in to capture them. As the robbers escape, Spider-Man plummets twenty stories to the ground. While lying unconscious on the street, Spider-Man is rescued from a gathering mob by Captain Stacy (Gwen's father) and taken to a prison infirmary. Upon waking up, Spider-Man discovers a group of convicts attempting a break-out and that they have taken Captain Stacy as a hostage. The crooks attack Spider-Man but he defeats them and pretends he wants to help the criminals escape. Spider-Man turns of the prison lights then squashes the break-out by picking the criminals off one by one. He swings down and defeats the criminal holding Stacy. Stacy offers to testify at Spider-Man's trial but Spider-Man leaves the prison.

Season 3[edit]

Episode Title Summary
40a The Winged Thing A new story involving the Vulture, using footage from the two episodes from the first season featuring the Vulture. The Vulture warns people to stay off the streets, then escapes from Spider-Man on a building site. He then steals a missile planned to bring him down, then a device to control birds from a helicopter, but he is again defeated when his birds turn against him.
40b Conner's Reptiles A new story only using footage from the first-season episode "Where Crawls the Lizard", involving a gator given superhuman intelligence by Connor's experiments who has kidnapped the professor and wants to rule the swamps. The gator plans to give the serum to other gators. Spider-Man uses a serum to defeat the gator.
41a Trouble with Snow Spider-Man takes on a gigantic living snowman brought to life by chemical reactions and an electric charge, that grows after every snowfall. Peter is sent to take photos of the snowman by Jameson. He fights it, but it is so cold it freezes his web. He uses a copper cable to drain the snowman of its electricity and destroy them.
41b Spider-Man vs. Desperado Spider-Man battles a cowpoke using a flying electronic horse and hypnotic guns to commit bank robberies. He finally gets them away from their horse after using Jameson to set a trap and webs them up.
42a Sky Harbor Baron Von Rantenraven commands Skyharbor, a gigantic airborne fortress manned by sky pirates who use biplanes and an immobilizing dust cloud to capture jumbo jets and airliners. He starts attacking New York City in WW 2 planes. Spider-Man is called upon by the mayor to defeat this flying menace. He tricks them with a mirror, makes the Baron's plane crash into one of the Zeppelins holding up Sky Harbor and brings it down.
42b The Big Brainwasher This is the episode where we see the one and only appearance of Mary Jane Watson in the entire original series. Mary Jane gets hired as a go-go girl at a new nightclub in Times Square where she is instructed to occasionally take pictures of the city officials in attendance for the clubs grand opening, which really give them an urge to visit the back room. Mary Jane invites Peter Parker to her debut. While MJ dances, Peter uncovers a plot to use mind control on the city officials using a powerful device by none other than the Kingpin. Spider-Man gets involved, but is chained in a room filling with water. However he uses a web bubble to breathe in and foils the plan, saving Mary Jane and the city officials.
43a The Vanishing Dr. Vespasian A mad scientist creates an invisibility serum, which he tests on his dog Brutus, and hatches a nefarious scheme to destroy Spider-Man to demonstrate his power to the city's criminals. However Spider-Man defeats the invisible Brutus. Vespasian attempts to rob jewels from a bank, but is defeated when Spider-Man drops ice cream contents onto him.
43b Scourge of the Scarf A thief known as the Scarf, working with his gang, uses several imaginative techniques with illusions to rob from the rich people of New York City. They then attempt to rob a museum with laughing gas and escape through the chute. However Spider-Man has alerted the Police, who see a chute and are able to catch the gang.
44a Super Swami An evil Swami uses illusions to create chaos in the city, like causing a bridge to apparently disappear with mass hypnosis and causing a snowstorm. Somehow Spider-Man ends up in his crystal ball, however he escapes and sees dry ice, which he realises caused the snowstorm. He finally encounters the Swami, who tries to shoot him. He is captured by Spider-Man, who exposes him as a fraud, knocks him into a river, and has him jailed.
44b The Birth of Micro-Man A mad scientist, Professor Pretorius, escapes from prison and plots widespread devastation with a nuclear weapon he calls "The Kingdom Come Machine." While on the run from police, the snickering villain gets a ride from Peter Parker, who is returning home from a college party. But after dropping off the scientist on a road near his laboratory, Peter hears a news report that Pretorius is an escaped criminal and that he's been seen with a "youthful accomplice." Realizing that he's also become a wanted man, Peter changes into Spidey before returning to the lab to do battle with Pretorius. One problem Spider-Man encounters trying to foil his plans is that Pretorius also has a way to shrink himself in size, and Spider-Man has to undergo the same process to fight him. He is chased by their cat, but escapes through a hole and finds Pretorius with a miniature atomic pile. Spidey ends up using water to cool the Kingdom Come Device, breaking it down, before delivering the scientist back to the police and clearing Peter's name.
45a Knight Must Fall Spider-Man must face off against Sir Galahad, a villainous knight on a motorcycle with an electrified lance who has gone on a crime spree, all the while avoiding bad press from J. Jonah Jameson. Galahad first stops a robbery, then takes the money himself. Spider-Man defeats them when they try stealing a sword which belonged to King Arthur, knocking them into the waterfront.
45b The Devious Dr. Dumpty Spider-Man fights Dr Humperdink Dumpty, a Falstaffian criminal who uses balloon-themed devices, at a town parade when they rob an actress. However they escape in a balloon and knock Spider-Man off, though Spider-Man is saved by landing on his float. He later captures them when they try robbing a soire(party) using laughing gas.
46 Up from Nowhere A remake of the second season's 'Swing City'. Dr. Atlantean, of the fabled Atlantis, attacks New York City. The army are unable to stop him and he uses advanced technology to cover Manhattan in a bubble dome and sink it beneath the ocean as part of a plan to help the Atlanteans invade, and only Spider-Man can stop him. Spider-Man is taken inside their submarine. However he tricks Dr. Atlantean into firing at the panel, bringing the city up again despite the threat to pop the bubble and webs up Dr. Atlantean. The Mayor asks Spider-Man to help him get re-elected.
47 Rollarama A remake of the second-season episode "Vine." When the city and its adjacent missile site are threatened by giant, rolling seed pods from another dimension, Peter Parker enters a mysterious portal to their point of origin to find a way to stop them. He is knocked out by a large creature and captured by a society of plant creatures. They reveal the world is becoming too cold for them. He finds himself the target of another society of intelligent plants, who are keeping the environment cool with a device powered by radium. He takes the radium, causing the plants to die, then uses the radium to destroy the rolling pods.
48a Rhino Footage used from "Horn of the Rhino" and "The Golden Rhino". The Rhino again tries making a golden statue of himself. The Rhino attacks the last shipment despite the torpedoes, but Spider-Man captures him when he tries escaping through the sewer.
48b The Madness of Mysterio Mysterio tricks Spider-Man into thinking he has been shrunk to six inches tall while trapping him in an abandoned amusement park after threatening to destroy the city. He knocks Spider-Man out, and uses post-hypnotic suggestion to make Spider-Man think Mysterio is a giant. Spider-Man realizes their plot, finds Mysterio in the parachute jump, and webs them up.
49 Revolt in the Fifth Dimension This story, along with its characters and backgrounds, was taken from the Rocket Robin Hood episode "Dimentia Five". In it, a distant galaxy is terrorized by the evil Infinata, a malevolent and supremely powerful entity from another dimension who resembles a one eyed praying mantis, and his minions who are bent on ruling the cosmos. On the planet Gorth in this galaxy, an alien scientist escapes his homeworld's destruction by the Infinata with the Library of Gorth, the collective knowledge of the entire planet condensed into a small palm sized orb module. This library contains as yet undeveloped secrets to destroy the Infinata. As the scientist escapes, the Infinata gives chase knowing that if an advanced civilization could decipher the Library, it could mean his destruction. The Infinata sends his minions to disable the scientist's ship before he could escape. Having no choice, the scientist changes his course to the nearest galaxy, enters our solar system and heads to the one planet with intelligent life—Earth magnetising asteroids to protect himself.

As the spaceship enters Earth's atmosphere, the friction causes the ship to catch fire and resemble a shooting star. As it flies over New York, Spider-Man spots the shooting star. Intrigued, he tries to get a closer look. Spider-Man soon realizes, however, that this is not a shooting star at all, but a pint-sized spaceship, only about a foot long, which falls straight to him. After catching the ship in his hand, Spider-Man opens the small door, and the alien scientist, who is only an inch tall on Earth, emerges from it. The scientist communicates with Spider-Man using mental telepathy that Spider-Man deciphers with his spider-sense. After giving Spider-Man the Library of Gorth, the alien then dies. Spider-Man, after being made aware of the danger his galaxy could be in, decides to take the Library to the government authorities to be analyzed. However, The Infinata, who witnessed the arachnoid take charge of the Library, takes Spider-Man into his Dimentia 5. He sends his demons to capture Spider-Man and bring him to the Infinata's home. Upon arriving, Spider-Man is interrogated by the Infinata as to the whereabouts of the Library of Gorth. Spider-Man then flees, but he is quickly re-captured after the Infinata's demons zap him and bring him to the Infanta inside his citadel. Spider-Man makes one last attempt to fight back but is defeated again by the horrors of the dimension and finds himself sinking in some form of quicksand. Knowing he has only moments to live, Spider-Man racks his brain to find a way to defeat this powerful enemy and closes his eyes to think. Upon closing his eyes, he finds himself back in New York for a split second, which he tries again, yielding the same results. With that he discovers the Infinata's secret. Only fear makes the Infinata powerful, Dementia Five is all illusion, and that if one closes his eyes and his mind to that fear, he would be free. Spider-Man relaxes, closes his eyes, and leaves the 5th Dimension. Defeated and fearful of retaliation, as the Library contains his secrets, the Infinata flees the galaxy, searching for other galaxies and universes to terrorize and destroy. Meanwhile, Spider-Man, arrives back in his own world falling, but webs himself to safety. He delivers the Library of Gorth (which he had hidden, the whole time, in one of his web-shooters) to the proper authorities.

Note: ABC never aired "Revolt in the Fifth Dimension" episode with the rest of the third season, possibly because of the incidence of death, spatial creepiness, and great psychedelia in that episode.[citation needed] ABC aired "Sting of the Scorpion/Trick or Treachery" in its place.[1]

50 Specialists and Slaves The Master technician, now calling himself the Radiation Specialist returns. He knocks out the guards at the nuclear reactor and get inside. He lures Spider-Man away from the city with a robot car that triggers a microphone making Spider-Man think someone is being kidnapped. The Specialist levitates Manhattan island once more and using another radiation to take control of most of the city's minds, except for strong minds, and some warped, criminal minds. Spider-Man is arrested, but George Stacy, who was able to keep free, prevents the Specialist being informed. Unfortunately some criminals attempt a breakout using Stacy as a hostage. Spider-Man rescues Stacy, then defeats the Specialist. Footage is re-used from Swing City and "To Cage a Spider".
51 Down to Earth Footage used from "Neptune's Nose Cone". This time a meteorite crashes on the island. Parker and Osa crash their plane in a storm. Cavemen attempt to throw the meteorite into a volcano. Spider-Man and Osa try to stop this with web-lines, which is revealed to contain a spaceship.
52 Trip to Tomorrow Spider-Man narrates tales of his adventures after falling inside a box car to a boy who is running away to Podunk and wants to be a superhero. Hearing of the danger, the boy leaves the car as the train starts leaving, saying his mother won't even let him cross the street. As they leave Spider-Man laughs. Uses footage from Return of the Flying Dutchman, Thunder Rumble, and The Evil Sorcerer.

Home video releases[edit]

Various episodes were released on VHS videotapes throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and the early 2000s. These were usually compiled with other Marvel Comics based characters' cartoons also. In the case of the early-2000s releases, these episodes were packaged with those from the 1990s animated series as bonus episodes. The final release to feature this was the DVD edition of Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock in 2004.

DVD release[edit]

On June 29, 2004, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (whose parent company would acquire Marvel's assets five years later[2]) released the complete series on DVD in Region 1, with the set titled as Spider-Man – The '67 Collection. The 6-disc box set features all 52 episodes of the series as well as an introduction from creator Stan Lee. It's now out of print, although it is now available on Netflix service as of 2011.

DVD Name Ep # Release Date
Spider-Man – The '67 Collection 52 June 29, 2004

On November 10, 2008, UK company Liberation Entertainment released the first season of Spider-Man (entitled the Original '67 Series) on Region 2 DVD.

Clearvision have since acquired the rights to region 2 release.[3]


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