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Early Squadron Supreme members[edit]

Squadron member JLA counterpart
Hyperion Superman
Nighthawk Batman
Power Princess Wonder Woman
Whizzer Flash
Doctor Spectrum Green Lantern
Amphibian Aquaman
Skymax, the Skrullian Skymaster Martian Manhunter
Golden Archer
(originally named Hawkeye, later named Black Archer)
Green Arrow
Lady Lark
(later named Skylark)
Black Canary
(Skylark also analogous to Hawkwoman/Hawkgirl)
Tom Thumb Atom
(loose adaptation)
Blue Eagle
(originally named American Eagle; also called Cap'n Hawk)
Arcanna / Moonglow Zatanna
Nuke Firestorm

Institute of Evil members in the Squadron[edit]

The Institute of Evil was an assemblage of the Squadron's arch-foes. All were eventually B-modded and became members of the Squadron.

Nighthawk's Redeemers[edit]

Nighthawk then formed a group called the Redeemers from unknown superhumans and former supervillains. Loosely analogous to the Batman and the Outsiders, most had no direct DCU counterparts.

In addition, Nighthawk's group eventually included former Institute of Evil members Lamprey, Foxfire, and Shape, as well as expelled Squadron member Black Archer.

All-New All-Different Marvel[edit]

In the post-Secret Wars world several superheroes from destroyed alternate universes form a new Squadron Supreme.[volume & issue needed]

Other Squadron universe characters[edit]

A handful of other heroes and villains were seen in the Squadron series and elsewhere, most of whom were also directly analogous to specific DC characters.

New World Order also mentioned a number of other unseen characters with DC Universe analogues, such as the Erl King (a Swamp Thing analogue[citation needed]) and Nighthawk's archfoe the Huckster (an obvious take on The Joker[citation needed]). There are also occasional references to a past super-hero team called the Golden Agency, which included among its members Power Princess and Professor Imam.[citation needed]


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