List of Sri Lankan Moors

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20th century Sri Lankan Moors

This is a list of Sri Lankan Moors, Arab traders who settled in Sri Lanka between the 8th and 15th centuries and now comprise 8% of the Sri Lankan population. They speak Tamil and Sinhalese and mainly live around the coastal areas of the island.




  • N. Hara Anzil - Sri Lankan former basketball player of Kandy Girls' High School
  • Farveez Maharoof - Sri Lankan cricketer, in the 2004 World Cup in which he captained the Sri Lankan team


Lawyers & Judges[edit]

  • Saleem Marsoof - Sri Lankan judge and lawyer. He is a judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka
  • Nizam Kariapper - Sri Lankan renowned lawyer from eastern part of Sri Lanka


  • Abdul Cader Shahul Hameed - Sri Lankan diplomat and He served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka
  • A.M.J. SADIQ - Sri Lankan Ambassador to The Kingdom of Netherlands
  • Ferial Ashraff - Sri Lankan former Ambassador to Republic of Singapore
  • Omer Kamil - Sri Lankan former Ambassador to Iran, accredited to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan
  • Faisz Musthapha - Sri Lankan former Ambassador to United Kingdom
  • Javed Yusuf - Sri Lankan former Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • SACM Zuhyle - Former Ambassador to Kuwait