List of Sri Lankan politicians

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The following is a list of Sri Lankan politicians.



Prime Minister[edit]

Speaker of the Parliament[edit]

Leader of the Opposition (Sri Lanka)[edit]

Cabinet Ministers[edit]

Agriculture Ministers[edit]

Defence Ministers[edit]

Education Ministers[edit]

Finance Ministers[edit]

Foreign Ministers[edit]

Health Ministers[edit]

Home Affairs Ministers[edit]

Template:Sri Lankan home Affairs ministers

Housing Ministers[edit]

Template:Sri Lankan housing ministers

Industries Ministers[edit]

Template:Sri Lankan industries ministers

Justice Ministers[edit]

Labour Ministers[edit]

Template:Sri Lankan labour ministers

Post & Telecommunications[edit]

Template:Sri Lankan telecommunication ministers

Sports Ministers[edit]

Trade Ministers[edit]

Template:Sri Lankan trade ministers

Transport Ministers[edit]

Template:Sri Lankan transport ministers

Members of the Sri Lankan Parliament[edit]

1st State Council of Ceylon[edit]

2nd State Council of Ceylon[edit]

1st Parliament of Ceylon[edit]

2nd Parliament of Ceylon[edit]

3rd Parliament of Ceylon[edit]

4th Parliament of Ceylon[edit]

5th Parliament of Ceylon[edit]

6th Parliament of Ceylon[edit]

7th Parliament of Ceylon[edit]

1st National State Assembly[edit]

Template:Members of the 1st National State Assembly

2nd National State Assembly[edit]

Template:Members of the 2nd National State Assembly

8th Parliament of Sri Lanka[edit]

9th Parliament of Sri Lanka[edit]

10th Parliament of Sri Lanka[edit]

11th Parliament of Sri Lanka[edit]

12th Parliament of Sri Lanka[edit]

13th Parliament of Sri Lanka[edit]

14th Parliament of Sri Lanka[edit]


Legislative Council of Ceylon[edit]

Senate of Ceylon[edit]

President of the Senate of Ceylon[edit]


Provincial Governors[edit]

Chief Minister[edit]

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