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This is a list of all the various books, novels and short-story collections published in relation to the television series Star Trek: Voyager. A total of 49 novels have been released since 1995, starting with the episode novelization of Caretaker. The latest novel, entitled A Pocket Full Of Lies, was released in January 2016.

28 novels were released during the series' original run from 1995–2001, with one additional novel, The Nanotech War, being released a few months after the series had ended. Of these novels, 21 are so called "numbered novels", which take place in a specific order and are interconnected throughout the series' run. The television series itself did not use any material mentioned in the books.[citation needed]

Numbered Books[edit]

  • Caretaker (no. 1), by L.A. Graf (February 1995). It is the episode novelization of the series' pilot with the same title, and was released about a month after the pilot first aired.
  • The Escape (no. 2), by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch (May 1995). This is the first original novel based on the series and set after the events in Parallax, as B'Elanna Torres already has been made the ship's chief engineer. In the story, the Voyager is badly damaged and the crew is forced to land on a planet to make repairs, after which Torres is abducted.
  • Ragnarok (no. 3), by Nathan Archer (July 1995). This is the third novel in which the crew appears to have found a signal that might lead them home faster. Instead of finding a way home, the crew is caught in a century-old war.
  • Violations (no. 4), by Susan Wright (September 1995). This is the first novel taking place during the series' second season. The story finds the crew of Voyager robbed by a group of aliens, who steal their main computer. In order to get it back, Janeway must negotiate with the thieves.
  • Incident at Arbuk (no. 5), by John Gregory Betancourt (November 1995). In this book, the Voyager-crew finds a weapon, a thousand times more powerful than Voyager itself. Inside the shuttle, an unconscious alien is found, but no more information about the weapon itself. Later, a group of aliens try to steal the weapon, which must at all cost be prevented.
  • The Murdered Sun (no. 6), by Christie Golden (February 1996). Hoping to have found a wormhole that might led back to Federation space, Janeway and her crew instead find a system that is being systematically pillaged by the warlike Akerians. Not wanting to get caught in the conflict, but still eager to investigate on the possibilities of a wormhole and to save the innocent people of Veruna Four, Janeway must challenge the Akerians.
  • Ghost of a Chance (no. 7), by Mark Garland and Charles G. McGraw (April 1996). The Prime Directive is challenged when Janeway faces a dilemma. She can opt to help a people whose planet is suffering from volcanic stresses, but that would mean breaking the Prime Directive, which forbids Starfleet vessels to interfere with the cultural development of non-warp civilizations. A people called the Televek suddenly appear, holding the obvious key to her dilemma. But Janeway starts to have visions telling her not to accept any help from the Televek, even though they may be their only hope.
  • Cybersong (no. 8), by S.N. Lewitt (May 1996). The crew finds a mysterious "ghost ship" floating in space, which may contain information on how to get home faster.
  • Invasion #4: The Final Fury (no. 9), by Dafydd ab Hugh (July 1996). This is the last of four books about the so-called Furies, a species which intends to enslave humanity forever. Janeway and her crew, though in the Delta Quadrant, may be the last defence against them.
  • Bless the Beasts (no. 10), by Karen Haber (November 1996). This is the first novel published during the series' third season, and in the story, Voyager is helped by the Sardalians. Janeway soon grows suspicious of the over-eagerness to help, and soon Harry Kim and Tom Paris disappear on the planet's surface.
  • The Garden (no. 11), by Melissa Scott (February 1997). Desperate for supplies, Janeway orders the ship to land on the Kirse Homeworld, and is soon caught in the middle of a war.
  • Chrysalis (no. 12), by David Niall Wilson (March 1997). Sensors detect abundant plant life on an unexplored planet, and the crew starts to explore the surface. One by one, they start to fall in a deep coma, and Janeway soon is faced with a simple option set to her by the worshippers of "the gardens": either fall asleep forever or die a violent death.
  • The Black Shore (no. 13), by Greg Cox (May 1997). The crew needs shoreleave, and this is exactly what the planet Ryolanov offers them. Chakotay is soon warned by his spirit guide, and it is up to Kes to conquer her fears and discover the dark secret of the black shore.
  • Marooned (no. 14), by Christie Golden (December 1997). Released during the fourth season's run, it takes place before Kes leaves Voyager. In this book, Kes is abducted by alien pirates and the crew will try everything to get her back.
  • Echos (no. 15), by Dean Wesley Smith (January 1998). The Voyager- crew finds a system that appears to have been recently populated. But instead of finding a planet, billions of bodies appear dying in space. To save billions and the ship as well, Janeway must face a series of alternate realities.
  • Seven of Nine (no. 16), by Christie Golden (September 1998). The book finds Seven of Nine found in the middle of a political conflict, while all at the same struggling with her personal guilt and history as a Borg drone.
  • Death of a Neutron Star (no. 17), by Eric Katoni (March 1999). An alien scientist asks to join Janeway and her crew in the investigation of an unprecedented scientific find. Soon the crew finds itself in the middle of a conflict between a number of races, each intent on manipulating the discovery toward its own end and decimating whole worlds in the process.
  • Battle Lines (no. 18), by Dave Galanter (May 1999). Voyager and its crew are forcibly pressed into service as part of the Edesian Fleet.
  • Dark Matters- Books One, Two and Three (no. 19-21), all by Christie Golden (October, November and December 2000, respectively). The book focuses on the so-called dark matter, and opens with Romulan scientist Telek R'Mor warning Janeway that an alien force is about to capture Voyager and use its technology against the Federation of the past. Janeway and her crew race to stop the aliens. The Dark Matters- trilogy are the last books of the Voyager- numbered books.

Episode Novelizations[edit]

During the course of the series, several books were released that were novelizations of TV episodes. These include:

Unnumbered Books[edit]

A total of seven books were released unnumbered during the series original run, with the exception of The Nanotech War, released a year after the series ended. It was though not part of the relaunch novels, published in 2003. The tradition of non-relaunch, unnumbered novels continued until 2006. The following novels were released "unnumbered":

  • Mosaic, by Jeri Taylor (October 1996).
  • Day of Honor: Her Klingon Soul, by Michael Jan Friedman (October 1997).
  • The Captain's Table: Fire Ship, by Diane Carey (July 1998).
  • Pathways, by Jeri Taylor (August 1998).
  • Captain Proton: Defender of the Earth, by Dean Wesley Smith (November 1999).
  • Section 31: Shadow, by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch (May 2001).
  • Gateways: No Man's Land, by Christie Golden (October 2001).
  • The Nanotech War, by Steven Piziks (October 2002).
  • String Theory: Cohesion, by Jeffrey Lang (July 2005).
  • String Theory: Fusion, by Kirsten Beyer (November 2005).
  • String Theory: Evolution, by Heather Jarman (March 2006).

Relaunch novels[edit]

Beginning in 2003, "relaunch" novels began being released for Voyager. The concept behind this relaunch is to continue the show's story beyond its final season. Christie Golden wrote the first four of the books, and afterwords Kirsten Beyer became the relaunch author. Relaunch books include:

  • Homecoming, by Christie Golden (June 2003).
  • The Farther Shore, by Christie Golden (July 2003).
  • Spirit Walk: Old Wounds, by Christie Golden (November 2004).
  • Spirit Walk: Enemy of My Enemy, by Christie Golden (December 2004).
  • Full Circle, by Kirsten Beyer (March 2009).
  • Unworthy, by Kirsten Beyer (September 2009).
  • Children of the Storm, by Kirsten Beyer (May 2011).
  • The Eternal Tide, by Kirsten Beyer (August 2012).
  • Protectors, by Kirsten Beyer (January 2014)
  • Acts of Contrition, by Kirsten Beyer (September 2014)
  • Atonement, by Kirsten Beyer (August 2015)
  • A Pocket Full Of Lies, by Kirsten Beyer (January 2016)[1]
  • Architects of Infinity, by Kirsten Beyer (March 2017)[2]

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