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This is a list of people connected to Stony Brook University.

University presidents[edit]

Name Years served
Dr. John Francis Lee 1961
Dr. John S. Toll 1965 - 1978
Dr. John Marburger III 1980 - 1994
Dr. Shirley Strum Kenny 1994 - 2009
Dr. Samuel L. Stanley 2009 - present

Notable faculty[edit]

This list includes both present and former faculty members.

Name Known for Relationship to Stony Brook
Thomas J. J. Altizer Literary critic, philosopher and theologian Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies
Robert Aumann Nobel laureate in Economics Visiting Leading Professor; founding member of Center for Game Theory in Economics
Amiri Baraka Poet, playwright, activist Professor Emeritus, Department of Africana Studies
Laurence Baxter Statistician
Jorge Benach Co-discoverer of Lyme disease Professor, Director of the Stony Brook Center for Infectious Diseases, and Chair of the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Paul M. Bingham Microbiologist and proponent of his own theory of human evolution Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology in the School of Medicine
Justus Buchler Philosopher and metaphysician Professor emeritus in the Department of Philosophy[1]
Martin Canin Pianist, Juilliard School, 1976–present Artist in Residence, Music Department at the Staller Center (1965-1993)
William Chittick Author of several influential books on Sufism and Islamic philosophy Professor, Department of Asian and Asian American Studies[2]
Richard Clark Dermatologist, biomedical engineer Professor, Health Sciences Center
Simon Donaldson Mathematician, Fields Medallist (1986), Shaw Prize recipient (2009), Breakthrough Prize laureate (2014) Permanent member, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics[3]
Lawrence Dutton Violist, Emerson String Quartet, 1977–presen Artist in Residence, Music Department at the Staller Center[4]
Thomas Flanagan Writer, National Book Critics Circle Award winner (1979) Professor, Department of English (1978-1996)
Douglas J. Futuyma Evolutionary biologist, member of the United States National Academy of Sciences
Richard J. Gambino Materials science; recipient of the National Medal of Technology, 1995; helped invent magnetic materials used for erasable optical data storage Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
H. Bentley Glass Geneticist
James Glimm Mathematician; President of the American Mathematical Society; member of the United States National Academy of Sciences; recipient of the National Medal of Science Former chairman, Department of Applied Mathematics
Lazar Gosman Violinist, director of the Leningrad Chamber Orchestra, and founder of the Soviet Emigre Orchestra Professor of violin and chamber music
George W. Hart Artist Professor of Computer Science
Robert Harvey Literary theorist, philosopher Distinguished University Professor
Benjamin Hsiao Materials Scientist, Fellow of the American Physical Society, Fellow of the American Chemical Society, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Chief Research Officer and Vice-President for Research (2012- )
Jukka Jernvall Research in mammalian dentition Research Professor of Evolutionary Developmental Biology[5]
Allan Kaprow Developer of Happenings Department of Fine Arts, 1961–1968; Professor
Alfred Kazin Writer, literary critic, and winner of the first Truman Capote Lifetime Achievement Award in Literary Criticism Distinguished Professor, Department of English (1963-?)
Lee Koppelman longtime Executive Director of the Long Island Regional Planning Board Director of Stony Brook University's Center for Regional Policy Studies
Ron Kovic Writer, anti-war activist, author of Born on the Fourth of July Writer-in-residence (1983)
Donald Kuspit Art critic
Richard Leakey Paleontologist and conservationist Visiting Professor of Anthropology
Daniel Levy German-American sociologist Professor in the Department of Sociology
Don Ihde Philosopher of science Professor in the Department of Philosophy
Masayori Inouye Researcher in antisense RNA Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology[6]
Michael Kimmel Sociologist Professor in the Department of Social Sciences
Paul Lauterbur Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2003 for work in MRI in the 1970s at SB[7]
John Marburger III Physicist; Director of Brookhaven National Laboratory; Science Advisor to former President George W. Bush University President (1980–1994)
Dusa McDuff Mathematician, Fellow of the Royal Society, 1994
Lynne Meadow Theatrical Director of the Manhattan Theatre Club
Emil Wolfgang Menzel, Jr. Communication and cognition of chimpanzees Professor of psychology
Harold Metcalf Laser cooling research Professor, Department of Physics
John Milnor Mathematician; Fields Medallist (1962); Abel Prize laureate (2011); member of US National Academy of Sciences; recipient of the National Medal of Science; Wolf Prize laureate; three-time winner of the AMS Steele Prize in mathematics Director, Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Stony Brook[8]
Patrice Nganang Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
Mel Pekarsky Artist Professor Emeritus and Visiting Professor, Department of Art
Massimo Pigliucci Author, evolutionary biologist Former professor of ecology and evolution
Philip Roth Author Visiting lecturer (1967-68)
Jim Simons Recipient of the Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry; member of the US National Academy of Sciences; founder of Renaissance Technologies; philanthropist; benefactor of Stony Brook and other universities Former chairman, Department of Mathematics
Louis Simpson Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of English
Noah Smith Economics commentator Assistant Professor
Dennis Sullivan Mathematician; recipient of the Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry, the Prix Élie Cartan of the French Academy of Sciences, the King Faisal International Prize for Science, the National Medal of Science, the AMS Steele Prize, the Balzan Prize and the Wolf Prize
Esther Takeuchi Chemist, holder of over 145 U.S. patents Distinguished Professor, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Eckard Wimmer Synthesis of first de novo poliovirus Distinguished Professor[9]
Chen Ning Yang Nobel Prize in Physics, 1957, shared with Tsung-Dao Lee for work on weak nuclear forces and parity Professor (1965-1999)[10]
Shing-Tung Yau Fields Medal-winning mathematician (1982) Assistant professor (1972-1974)
Ron Overton Author, recipient of fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York Foundation for the Arts Professor

Notable alumni[edit]

Name Known for Relationship to Stony Brook
Scott G. Abbey Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of UBS AG B.S., Mathematics & Psychology, 1972; M.S., 1974; Ph.D, Computer Science, 1975
Craig Allen WCBS-TV and WCBS-AM meteorologist B.S., Meteorology
Scott Amron Conceptual artist and electrical engineer B.E., Electrical Engineering
Michael R. Anastasio Director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory M.A., Ph.D., Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Kenneth Andrews Sociologist PhD 1997
Babette Babich Philosopher and Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University B.A., 1980
Kim Barnes Arico Current head women's basketball coach at the University of Michigan Attended and played basketball in 1988–89 (transferred to Montclair State University)
Joy Behar Comedienne, TV personality, Talk show host M.A., English Education
Heather A. Berlin Neuroscientist, science communicator, TV show host B.S., Psychology, Fine Art, Pre-Med
Mark Bridges Costume designer B.A., Theater Arts, 1983
Peter Bucknell Classical violist D.M.
Jeffrey Carter Jr. Senior Engineering Team Lead B.E., Mechanical Engineering, 1987
Errol Cockfield Jr. Press secretary to the Governor of New York B.A., English, 1994
Jesse Colombo Economic analyst and Forbes columnist who predicted the Global Financial Crisis (2007-2010) at age 18 B.S., 2008
Daniel Corbett BBC Weather forecaster B.S., Meteorology
Steve Cuozzo New York Post writer/editor B.A., English, 1971
Eric Corley radio show host and publisher of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly magazine
Jane Delgado President and CEO of National Alliance for Hispanic Health Ph.d., Clinical Psychology, 1981
Glenn Dubin Co-founder and CEO of Highbridge Capital Management B.A., Economics, 1978
Diane Farr Author and actress, best known as Megan on NUMB3RS on CBS B.A., 1995
Mitchell B. Fox Group President of Conde Nast Publications B.S., Political Science
Robert Gallucci Former ambassador and current dean of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University B.A. 1967
Steven K. Galson Acting Surgeon General of the United States
David Gelernter Professor at Yale University, and victim of the Unabomber Ph.D., Computer Science
Christine Goerke Opera singer B.A.
Ned Goldreyer Television writer B.A.
Stuart Goldstein Squash player
Edward Guiliano President of New York Institute of Technology Ph.D.
John L. Hennessy President of Stanford University M.A., Ph.D., Computer Science
Scott Higham Investigative journalist for the Washington Post and winner of the 2002 Pulitzer Prize
Hao Huang Concert pianist and professor at Scripps College D.M.A. in piano performance
Rachel Vetter Huang Violinist and Lecturer in Music at Scripps College D.M.A. in violin performance
Jainendra K. Jain Erwin W. Mueller Professor of Physics at Pennsylvania State University PhD 1985
Suzanne Bennett Johnson Former president of the American Psychological Association Ph.D., 1974
Jeffrey Owen Katz Scientist, astronomer, mathematician
Perry Kivolowitz Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement winner B.S. 1981, Computer Science
Adam Klein Opera singer B.A.
Joseph E. LeDoux Neuroscientist Ph.D. in 1977
Patrick S. Lee Lecturer at Hofstra University, artist, musician, composer, IT consultant M.Mus./Ph.D. student (on hold)
Kevin Kwan Loucks International concert pianist, founder and artistic director of Chamber Music OC, member of classical music ensemble Trio Céleste D.M.A. in piano performance
Nick Mamatas Author B.A., 1992
Geoffrey K. Martin Mathematician Ph.D 1983
Doug McAdam Sociologist Ph.D. 1979
Fulvio Melia Author, physicist, and Aastrophysicist at the University of Arizona M.S. 1980
Britta Merwin KPRC Channel 2 Houston Meteorologist B.S., Meteorology
Steffen Mueller Microbiologist Ph.D. 2002
Daniel Thomas Moran Dentist; Assistant Clinical Professor at Boston University; Poet Laureate of Suffolk County]] B.S. 1979
Horaţiu Năstase Physicist PhD in May 2000
Joe Nathan Pitcher for the Detroit Tigers
Ron Nehring Chairman of the California Republican Party B.A. 1992
James S. Olson Historian PhD
Jon Oringer Founder and CEO of Shutterstock B.S., Computer Science 1997, B.S., Mathematics 1997
Sandy Pearlman Rock music promoter B.A. 1965, 1966
Terry Pinkard Hegel scholar and Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University Ph.D., 1974
Walter W. Powell Sociologist Ph.D. 1978
Joshua Prager Director of Center for Rehabilitation of Pain Syndromes at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA; President of North American Neuromodulation Society MD, MS, B.S. 1972 Stony Brook's SAB Concert Chairman
Norman Prusslin President of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System; board member of the Press Club of Long Island B.A. 1973
Jeff Raskin Author and co-creator of the Macintosh computer at Apple Computer, Inc. B.S. 1964, B.A. 1965
Burton Rocks writer, and Sports Agent at C.L. Rocks Corporation B.A. History, 1994 (Magna Cum Laude)
Alia Sabur World's youngest college professor (age 18), B.S. at age 14 B.S. 2003 Applied Mathematics summa cum laude[11]
Howard Saltz Editor of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale B.A., 1983; Editor-in-Chief of Statesman, 1981–82
Laura Schlessinger Commentator, host of the Dr. Laura radio call-in show B.S. 1968
Andrew Sega Musician and software engineer B.S., Computer Science / Philosophy
Abraham Silberschatz Professor and Chair of the Computer Science department at Yale University
Isabel Soveral Composer
Richard D. Stanley Former CEO of DBS Bank, Singapore
Michael Stebbins Geneticist PhD
William L. Stone Professor of Pediatrics[12]
Srinidhi Varadarajan Director of the Terascale Computing Facility at Virginia Tech; assistant professor of computer science
Susan R. Wessler Molecular biologist and geneticist B.A., 1974
Randall L. Schweller Professor of Political Science at Ohio State University B.A., 1984[13]
Guoliang Yu Powell Chair in Mathematics at Texas A&M University PhD, 1991

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