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This is an issue list for the independent British comic book series Strangehaven. Although the book is published irregularly and the last issue was in 2005, writer and artist Gary Spencer Millidge says that more issues should follow in 2008 [1].

This list is ordered by issue number.

Issue Title Release date Synopsis
1 In Circles June 1995 After nearly hitting a woman dressed in black on a narrow country lane, Alex Hunter crashes his car and wakes up in the quiet village of Strangehaven. There he meets a number of its residents, including Janey, a beautiful receptionist. Meanwhile, a strange brotherhood, The Knights of the Golden Light, are plotting something; Megron, an Amazonian magus, reveals secrets of the universe to Janey's brother, Jeremy; Alex finds it impossible to leave Strangehaven.
2 Special Delivery September 1995 Alex meets Adam, an alleged alien, and Suzie, Janey's best friend; Megron tells Jeremy more of his beliefs; Peter Webb is having an affair with Suzie; The Knights of the Golden Light introduce another member to their order, the Post Office manager Simon; Alex decides to move in to Strangehaven permanently; Hitchcock, Janey's cat, finds the Woman on the Road, unconscious and suspended in water in an unknown person's house.
3 Call No Man Happy December 1995 After dreaming again of the Woman on the Road, Alex takes up a job at Strangehaven's school - but finds out that his predecessor met with a nasty accident; Adam explains to Veronica, the postwoman, about his home planet and quantum physics; Janey's father, John, is revealed to be the leader of The Knights.
4 Flying June 1996 Megron teaches Jeremy to ride the minds of birds; Peter and Suzie continue their affair, unseen by Beverly, Peter's wife and the local greengrocer; the tramp-like George begs Veronica for another chance but ends up being slapped for his efforts; Brian, whose wife left him years ago, continues to pine; Janey prepares her underwear for her first date with Alex; George turns out to be the twin brother of Strangehaven's doctor, Charles; Sergeant Kent Clarke turns out to be secretly collecting the residents' fingernails and other body clippings.
5 Cooking for Alex November 1996 Janey prepares dinner for her and Alex, with the help of some of Strangehaven's residents; Alex meets Ethel, a strange, seemingly blind old woman who - unbeknownst to him - is either insane or can talk to animals; Megron teaches Jeremy archery; Alex and Janey's date goes a little wrong when Alex feels like she's moving too fast; Alex decides to escape by going camping.
6 Poor Monmouth May 1997 The Knights are revealed to be keeping an eye on Alex; Peter is diagnosed with bone marrow cancer while Suzie, unknowing, pressures him to leave Beverly; Megron tells Jeremy more about his people in the Amazon; Brian begins asking around about Alex; George continues to feel jealous of his brother Charles's achievements as a doctor; the Knights' new initiate, Simon, finally enters the fold; Janey finds Mrs McCreadie, the old innkeeper looking for something in the graveyard; Mrs McCreadie tells Janey of her husband, an RAF pilot whose plane was shot down over Strangehaven during WWII; the Knights discover that there is a traitor in their midst, and declare that he shall be put to death.
7 Pyjama Glass October 1997 After weeks of camping on Strangehaven's coastline, Alex meets Steve, a surfer who claims that Strangehaven is alive and that people can only leave "her" if "she" allows them to; Alex tells Steve of a vision he had in which he saw his car, crashed again in the woods, and the Woman on the Road walking out to sea; Simon, the Post Office clerk and a member of the Knights, asks Janey out but is turned down; Sergeant Clarke collects one of Janey's hairs; Suzie continues to pressure Peter to leave his wife; Bobby Bates, a young lad fresh out of school, asks Janey to go out with him, and she agrees in order to humour him; Alex returns to Strangehaven to find that his car is perfectly untouched and that Christmas has arrived in the village... in the middle of August.
8 Japanese Robot December 1997 Alex is baffled to see Strangehaven transformed into a Christmas wonderland in August; Adam hands out Christmas presents to Strangehaven's villagers; in a prison outside of Strangehaven, a prisoner gets a card from his ex-girlfriend - Suzie; Sergeant Clarke explains the history behind Strangehaven's unusual yuletide practices; Vicki, Alberto the mechanic's wife, goes out with her friend Dor to perform pagan rituals; John punches his son, Jeremy, for making fun of the Knights; as Strangehaven's church chimes out midnight, the unknown figure raises a glass to the Woman on the Road, still unconscious in the fish tank, and says: "Merry Christmas, my darling".
9 First Born June 1998 Alex meets Dor, the witch, doing a painting of his house - they converse, unaware that Sergeant Clarke is photographing them from afar; Suzie asks Megron for romantic advice and he tells her of how his parents met; Alex finds Brian standing on a cliff: Brian muses about mortality and Alex explains how his marriage fell apart; Charles is disturbed to find out that his hateful wife is urinating in the food she cooks for him; John proposes to the Knights that they take on Alex as a new member and warns that transgressors will be hung from a tree; Suzie gives Peter an ultimatum: either he tells Beverly about their affair or she will.
10 Paranoid November 1998 Janey and Jeremy's birthdays are approaching - they are twins born on either side of midnight - and they can't work out where to hold their party; Adam tells Veronica how he landed on Earth, and their relationship takes a step forward; Suzie tells Beverly about her relationship with Peter; Charles complains to Alex about George's alcoholism and reveals that they are identical twins; Veronica is revealed to have an identical twin sister, Deborah.
11 Cycle of Vengeance April 1999 With the summer holidays finally over, Alex arrives for his first day as primary school teacher only to find that he only has five students and only two are present: Alberto's kids Gina and Marco; Megron agrees to hold Janey and Jeremy's party at his house, and tells Jeremy of the fate of his brothers back in the Amazon - and of a revenge killing he performed; Suzie's ex-boyfriend prepares to leave prison; Janey's date with Bobby doesn't even merit a kiss, much to Bobby's annoyance; Peter, high on drink and medication, gets a vision from his TV set; Dor finds herself painting a dark future for Suzie.
12 Hot Stuff October 1999 Alex has a terrifying dream of the Woman on the Road; Bobby and Ben Briggs meet their brother - and Suzie's ex-boyfriend - Bill, outside the prison he has just left and update him on happenings in Strangehaven; Megron gets permission from Janey's mother, Julie, to host the birthday party; Charles realises that he got Berverly's and Peter's files mixed up; Janey lets on to her father that she knows Alex is being considered to join the Knights, causing her father to become furious - until he finds out that Suzie told her, after she was told by Peter; Peter and Suzie agree to meet at midnight; Peter is brought up on charges of treason by the council for talking about the Knights with Suzie and they condemn him to death; Beverly dies in her bath with her wrists slashed; Suzie finds Peter hanging by the neck from an old tree, wearing his Knight's uniform and with his head bashed in, just before someone or something unknown moves in behind her.
13 An Open Mind June 2001 Sergeant Clarke questions Charles, who found Beverly's body; Clarke and Charles both believe that John is behind Peter's murder, and neither were present at the meeting when Peter was sentenced to death - they agree that he has too much control, but they cannot gain control themselves without accepting his invitation to the inner circle, which would also give him their implicit support; Suzie is reported missing; Charles's wife, Maureen, demands a divorce, which he refuses; Clarke accuses John of Peter's murder, but John assures him that the hanging was purely symbolic; Clarke demands that the knights be temporarily disbanded or he will quit and call in the CID but John convinces him that the Knights will keep a low profile in future.
14 My Beauties June 2002 The feud between Maureen and Charles hits a new high when she starts putting insects in his food; Alex decides to push for divorce from his estranged wife; his new solicitor, Victor Garde, invites him to join the Knights - although Alex is unaware that their conversation is being watched and recorded by parties unknown; Maureen invites George, Charles's twin, over and seduces him; Billy, Suzie's ex-boyfriend who has only just left prison for assaulting her, is questioned by Sergeant Clarke about her disappearance; Charles once again refuses Maureen's demands for a divorce even when she reveals that she slept with his brother; Clarke breaks into Suzie's house and finds flowers from Billy, then speaks to Ethel, whose dog has dug up a plastic bag containing one of Suzie's dresses covered in blood - and she says the dog has told her who buried it; Alex returns home to find that the Knights have invaded his home to give him a message: meet them at the hanging tree next Thursday.
15 Cracked May 2003 Sergeant Clarke reads Beverly's note but cannot decide whether it is a suicide note or a Dear John letter; it turns out that Ethel's dogs saw Billy burying Suzie's dress, and Clarke decides that he is the best suspect; it emerges that the disembodied voice Clarke has been discussing the case with is his teddy bear, Watson; Maureen steals some morphine from her husband's medicine cabinet; Charles's autopsies reveal that the wounds Beverly had sustained could only have been caused by someone else; George professes his love to Maureen but she spurns him; Clarke interviews Billy, who denies all knowledge of the murders, but seems to be hiding something; Alex is kidnapped by the Knights as part of his initiation; Maureen tries to kill Charles by putting the morphine in his wine, but he refuses to drink it because she bought the wrong kind; the Knights tell Alex that they control the soul of Strangehaven in order to have greater control on the wider world, for it is the nexus of all reality; they offer Alex membership, but he refuses and is drugged; Charles reveals that the blood on Suzie's dress is Beverly's and that she must have been involved in her murder.
16 Say a Prayer June 2004 In World War II, an RAF pilot named Michael McCreadie is shot down over the English countryside and tries a crash-landing; in the modern day, Billy delivers a letter to Clarke from Suzie in which she says that Beverly tried to kill her with the knife, but was herself killed in the struggle - after she found Peter's body, Billy walked up behind her and agreed to help her escape back to her parents in Hong Kong; Billy admits that he buried the dress to give her some more time; Clarke says that he's still in trouble and advises he get out of Strangehaven fast; Maureen attempts to murder Charles by rewiring a lamp, but it only kills the power supply to Strangehaven; the crashed RAF pilot, meanwhile, has somehow landed well outside Strangehaven in the modern day - he gets his arm bandaged by Charles, and Janey recognises his surname, McCreadie, as the woman who runs the inn is called Mrs McCreadie; the pilot claims that she is his wife, even though he appears to be about fifty years younger than her; Janey takes him over and Mrs McCreadie tells her to leave them alone; Mrs McCreadie is somehow restored to youth and goes for a walk around the town, telling Michael that their daughter, Vickie, has grown up and married the mechanic, Alberto, and they have had children; finally, they kiss in the graveyard and Michael finds on the ground the earring that Mrs McCreadie lost there fifty years ago; they walk into the sunset.
17 Who Are You? April 2005 Alex has another dream about the Woman on the Road and the Knights, and awakes to find Dor the witch looking after him - the sedative they gave him has knocked him out for 36 hours; Maureen professes her "love" for George; Mrs McCreadie has died and been buried, and the RAF pilot who mysteriously turned up has vanished; Maureen convinces George that if he kills Charles they can be together; Vickie opens the shoe box that Mrs McCreadie, her mother, had kept all her life and finds photographs that prove the RAF pilot was her father; Dor invites Alex to her pagan gathering - the other members of her coven are Vickie and Megaron; they reveal that their group is dedicated to countering the possibly dangerous effects of the Knights, and that they would like Alex to be their undercover man - he sounds interested, until he learns that their previous double agent was Peter; Clarke tells John that Billy is the prime suspect in Peter's murder, but since he's run off the case is on hold; George cuts the brakes in Charles's car, sending him flying over a cliff.
18 Soft Shoulder September 2005 Charles is saved from death by the soft sands on Strangehaven's beach; Alex tells Janey that he wants to join the Knights, and asks her to get her father to set up a meeting; Alberto tells Sergeant Clarke that Charles's car was sabotaged; Alex and Vickie find the body of Vickie's father, Michael McCreadie, in the wreckage of his plane in the forests outside Strangehaven; Clarke tells Maureen that even if she manages to kill Charles he will make sure she doesn't see a penny of the insurance; Alex joins the Knights but during his report with Dor she spills wine down her top - Janey arrives just as Dor is taking off her top in the bathroom and gets entirely the wrong idea; Charles comes home to find Maureen and George together - finally realising that she really has cheated on him, he goes to leave, but accidentally falls down the stairs and smashes his head in; Maureen quickly dresses George up as Charles and they blow up the house, with Charles's body in it.