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The following is a list of video games that are part of the Street Fighter series.

Street Fighter[edit]

Street Fighter II series[edit]

Main article: Street Fighter II
A special version of this game, known as Super Street Fighter II - Tournament Battle was created to allow eight players to participate in an elimination tournament.

Although not fighting games, the SFII series also contained:

  • Street Fighter II Pinball: A pinball arcade game developed by Gottlieb in 1993.

As well as:

  • A card game titled Street Fighter II - World Warriors Card Game
  • An LCD game titled Street Fighter II
  • A board game titled Street Fighter II
  • A competitive spinning-top game similar to that of Beyblade titled Spin Fighters.
  • A slot machine titled "Street Fighter II"

Street Fighter Alpha series[edit]

Main article: Street Fighter Alpha

Re-released into arcades as Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (Japan only):

Re-released into arcades as Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper (Japan only).

    • Street Fighter Zero 3 (Sega Saturn - Japan only)
    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper / Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper (Game Boy Advance)
    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max / Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper (PSP)

Included in Street Fighter Alpha Anthology / Street Fighter Zero Fighters Generation (PlayStation 2):

    • Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams
    • Street Fighter Alpha 2 / Street Fighter Zero 2 Arrange
    • Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold / Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha Arrange
    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 / Street Fighter Zero 3
    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper (Game Boy Advance Version)
    • Hyper Street Fighter Alpha / Hyper Street Fighter Zero

Note: The arrange versions of Zero 2 and Zero 2 Alpha are the versions used in the US release, so Alpha Anthology only has two extra games (SFA3 Upper and Hyper SFA).

Street Fighter III series[edit]

Main article: Street Fighter III
  • Street Fighter III: New Generation
    • Street Fighter III: New Generation (Sega Dreamcast - part of Street Fighter III: Double Impact)
  • Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact - Giant Attack
    • Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact - Giant Attack (Sega Dreamcast - part of Street Fighter III: Double Impact)
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future
    • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future (Sega Dreamcast)
    • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future (PlayStation 2 - stand-alone release in Japan, part of Street Fighter Anniversary Collection in North America)
    • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future (Xbox - part of Street Fighter Anniversary Collection)
    • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future - Online Edition (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

Street Fighter IV series[edit]

Main article: Street Fighter IV

Related games[edit]

These games are not part of the mainline Street Fighter series, but involve Street Fighter characters.

Final Fight series[edit]

Main article: Final Fight (series)

The Final Fight series, whose first release was in 1989 for Arcades in 1989 and was originally intended as direct sequel to original Street Fighter, has many connection to the Street Fighter series including multiple characters from the series making playable appearances in the Street Fighter series.

Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight[edit]

Main article: Street Fighter 2010

A NES game released in 1990, featuring Ken as a scientist. Ken must avenge the death of his co-worker Troy by donning body armor and fighting mutants and aliens in this platform game.

This game is actually not part of the series; the Japanese version (titled 2010: Street Fighter) had nothing to do with Street Fighter (in the Japanese version, the protagonist was a policeman named Kevin Straker).

Street Fighter EX series[edit]

Main article: Street Fighter EX

Marvel vs. Capcom series[edit]

These fighting games involve characters from Marvel Comics, as well as characters from various Capcom games.

SNK vs. Capcom series[edit]

These games also involve characters from SNK's various fighting games. For more information, see SNK vs. series.

Although the next games are a mix of RPG and TCG they feature most if not all of the characters in card form:

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom series[edit]

Street Fighter × Tekken series[edit]

  • Street Fighter X Tekken - A crossover title with Namco's fighting series. It was announced by Yoshinori Ono at Comic Con 2010. It uses the Street Fighter IV engine and features tag team matches.
  • Tekken X Street Fighter - Namco is developing it with their own Tekken 6 engine, as a 3D fighter.

Other games[edit]

  • Street Fighter X All Capcom - An RPG-card game released in Japan on mobile devices. As the name implies, it is a crossover of Street Fighter and many other Capcom series.
  • Cannon Spike - While not a Street Fighter game, this shooting game featured Street Fighters Charlie and Cammy as playable characters.
  • Capcom Fighting Jam (PlayStation 2, Xbox)
  • Cyberbots - Fullmetal Madness—This was a fighting game featuring giant mechs, most of them also featured on, or based on the designs from, the arcade game Armored Warriors. The game also featured Jin Saotome, who would later reappear in Marvel vs. Capcom. The Sega Saturn and PlayStation versions feature a robotic version of Akuma as a secret character.
  • Rival Schools: United By Fate (Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Legion Of Heroes in Japan) - 3D fighting game featuring Sakura.
  • Project Justice -- Rival Schools' sequel
  • Street Fighter: The Movie (PlayStation, Sega Saturn) – Also titled Street Fighter: Real Battle on Film in Japan, to avoid confusion with the similarly titled Street Fighter II: Movie game. – A fighting game that was based on the movie, with digitized characters akin to Mortal Kombat. The home version is distinctly different from the arcade version in the fact that the gameplay is closer to that of Super Street Fighter II Turbo.
  • Street Fighter II Movie (PlayStation, Sega Saturn) -- Also known under the informal title of Street Fighter II: The Interactive Movie, which is incorrect as "Interactive Movie" is the genre and is not part of the game's title—An adventure game based on the animated Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, released on December 12, 1995 for the PlayStation and on March 15, 1996 for the Saturn both in Japan only. The player takes control of one of Shadaloo's monitor cyborgs as they travel the globe in search of Ryu, while learning new moves and analyzing other fighters. The game consists of footage from the film (along with new footage made specifically for the game) and fighting segments based on the Super Street Fighter II engine.
  • Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection (PlayStation 3) - A limited edition collector's released exclusively in North America on September 18, 2012. Includes Street Fighter X Tekken, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, various downloadable content, two Blu-ray Discs containing Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie and the entire US animated television series, as well as various bonus items.[1]
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Arcade, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, GBA, Windows, PSP, XBLA, PSN) - Also known as Super Puzzle Fighter II X in Japan, this was a puzzle game featuring super deformed versions of various Street Fighter and Darkstalkers characters. Players would destroy colored gems, and depending on the size and number of the gems crushed, their chosen fighter would attack the opponent.
  • Super Gem Fighter Mini-Mix (Arcade, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, WonderSwan, PS2) - Also known as Pocket Fighter in Japan and in home console versions; a fighting game with the same super deformed characters in Puzzle Fighter. The fighting engine was much simpler and the game had more of a focus on humor, as fighters pulled out various objects (such as street signs, ink brushes, planks, umbrellas, and 100-ton mallets) and switched into many costumes (showgirl outfits, masked wrestlers, and even other Capcom characters) to beat each other up. The game is only included in Street Fighter Alpha Anthology/Street Fighter Zero: Fighter's Generation on PS2.
  • Namco × Capcom (PlayStation 2) - Pronounced "Namco cross Capcom" (As in a fictional crossover), this game was developed by Monolith Soft as a joint venture between Namco and Capcom, featuring multiple games and series from both companies. It is considered a tactical turnbased fighter, where characters are in a grid and take turns doing battle in a real time simplified battle system. The character being attacked can only wait to get beaten up, but can reduce damage by pushing certain directions on the controller. The character attacking can only choose from up to 5 special attacks, combos, or a combination of both to attack with.
  • Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits (Android, iOS) - Similar in concept to Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, but only with characters from the Street Fighter universe, containing super deformed characters fighting in accordance with the player's performance in solving a puzzle. 12 characters are available: Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Sakura, Ibuki, Guile, Cammy, Vega, Juri, Sagat, M. Bison and Akuma.
  • Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation A fighting game made for PC that uses mouse as a controller. It features 20 characters, 5 of which are from Street Fighter: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Zangief. Among 15 other characters are Batsu Ichimonji and Akira Kazama from Rival Schools series.


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