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The Suicide Squad is a fictional government agency, appearing in stories published by DC Comics.

The Squad's roster consists of reformed and/or incarcerated villains, promised commuted sentences in return for participation in high-risk missions. The Squad's lineup has changed many times over the years, since its creation in 1959,[1] and this list groups membership by the team's various eras and incarnations. Bolded names indicate current Suicide Squad members.

First appearance is the issue where the character first appeared as a member of a particular Suicide Squad incarnation. It is not necessarily the first appearance of the character in print, nor the story depicting how the character joined the Squad.

The Silver Age Suicide Squad (1959 – 1987)[edit]

Character Real name First appearance Notes
Col. Rick Flag, Jr. N/A The Brave and the Bold #25
Jess Bright N/A
Dr. Hugh Evans N/A
Karin Grace N/A

Suicide Squad (vol. 1) (1987 – 1992)[edit]

Character Real name First appearance Notes
Amanda Waller N/A Legends #2
Deadshot Floyd Lawton
Col. Rick Flag, Jr. N/A
Bronze Tiger Ben Turner
Enchantress June Moone Legends #3
Captain Boomerang George Harkness
Blockbuster Mark Desmond
Briscoe N/A Suicide Squad #1 (May 1987)
Karin Grace N/A
Mindboggler Leah Wasserman
Nemesis Tom Tresser
Nightshade Eve Eden
Plastique Bette Sans Souci
Black Orchid Susan Linden Suicide Squad #4 (August 1987)
Chronos David Clinton
Penguin Oswald Cobblepot Suicide Squad #5 (September 1987)
Killer Frost Louise Lincoln Firestorm Vol. 2 #64 (October 1987)
Multiplex Danton Black
Slipknot Christopher Weiss
Parasite Rudy Jones
Manhunter/Privateer Mark Shaw Suicide Squad #8 (December 1987)
Duchess Lashina Suicide Squad #9 (January 1988)
Speedy Roy Harper Suicide Squad #11 (March 1988)
Vixen Mari Jiwe McCabe
Mr. 104 John Dubrovny Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1 (March 1988)
Thinker Clifford DeVoe
Weasel John Monroe
Psi Gayle Marsh
Javelin ? Suicide Squad #13 (May 1988)
Captain Cold Leonard Snart Suicide Squad #16 (September 1988)
Shade, the Changing Man Rac Shade
Oracle Barbara Gordon Suicide Squad #23 (April (1989)
Count Vertigo Werner Vertigo Suicide Squad #24 (May 1989)
Doctor Light Arthur Light
Jewelee ?
Shrike Vanessa Kingsbury
Punch Clyde Phillips
Ravan N/A
Lady Liberty ? Checkmate #18 (June 1989)
Silent Majority ?
Major Victory William Vickers Suicide Squad #27
Poison Ivy Pamela Isley Suicide Squad #33
Batman Bruce Wayne Suicide Squad #40
Atom Adam Cray Suicide Squad #44
Thinker Cliff Carmichael Suicide Squad #51
Schrek N/A" Suicide Squad #55
Stalnoivolk Ivan Illyich Gort Suicide Squad #57
Black Adam Teth-Adam Suicide Squad #58
Catalyst ?
Enforcer Mica Love
Firehawk Lorraine Reilly
Maser Harold Lawrence Jordan
Karma Wayne Hawkins
Outlaw John Henry Martin
Silver Swan Valerie Beaudry
Sportsmaster Victor Gover
The Writer Grant Morrison

Interim Suicide Squads (1992 – 2001)[edit]

Character Real name First appearance Notes
Amanda Waller N/A Superboy (vol. 4) #13 (March 1995)
Captain Boomerang George Harkness
Deadshot Floyd Lawton
King Shark Nanaue
Knockout N/A
Sam Makoa N/A
Sidearm ?
Superboy Kon-El/Conner Kent
Quartzite ? Hawk & Dove (vol. 4) #3 (January 1998)
Shrapnel Mark Scheffer
Bronze Tiger Ben Turner
Count Vertigo Werner Vertigo
Thermal ? Hawk & Dove (vol. 4) #4 (February 1998)
Flex ?
Bolt Larry Bolatinsky ''Chase #2 (March 1998)
Cameron Chase N/A
Copperhead ?
Killer Frost Louise Lincoln
Sledge ?
Plasmus Otto Von Furth Superman: Our Worlds at War Secret Files & Origins (August 2001)
Manchester Black N/A Adventures of Superman #593 (August 2001)
Chemo N/A
Steel John Henry Irons Adventures of Superman #594 (September 2001)
Mongul N/A

Suicide Squad (vol. 2) (2001 – 2002)[edit]

Character Real name First appearance Notes
Sgt. Frank Rock N/A Suicide Squad (vol. 2) #1
Big Sir Dufus P. Ratchet
Bulldozer Horace Nichols
Clock King William Tockman
Cluemaster Arthur Brown
Major Disaster Paul Booker
Multi-Man Duncan Pramble
Amanda Waller N/A Suicide Squad (vol. 2) #2
Havana Odalys Milagro Valdez
Modem Wesley Percival Sloan
Bolt Larry Bolatinsky Suicide Squad (vol. 2) #3
Putty ?
Eliza N/A
Killer Frost Louise Lincoln
Putty ?
Deadshot Floyd Lawton Suicide Squad (vol. 2) #5
Blackstarr Rachel Berkowitz Suicide Squad (vol. 2) #6
Reactron Ben Krullen
Hawkman Carter Hall Suicide Squad (vol. 2) #12
Power Girl Karen Starr
Star-Spangled Kid Courtney Whitmore
Wildcat Ted Grant

Interim Suicide Squads (2002 – 2008)[edit]

Character Real name First appearance Notes
Amanda Waller N/A Superman Secret Files & Origins 2004
Captain Boomerang George Harkness
Double Down Jeremy Tell
Killer Shark N/A
Nemesis Tom Tresser
Col. Rick Flag, Jr. N/A Checkmate (vol. 2) #6
Icicle Cameron Mahkent
Javelin ?
Jewelee ?
Mirror Master Evan McCulloch
Punch Clyde Phillips
Tattooed Man Abel Tarrant
King Faraday N/A Checkmate (vol. 2) #18
Multiplex Danton Black Checkmate (vol. 2) #19
Nightshade Eve Eden Checkmate (vol. 2) #20
Bane ? Outsiders (vol. 2) #50
The General Wade Eiling Outsiders (vol. 2) #50
Bronze Tiger Ben Turner World War III, Book Three: Hell Is for Heroes
Atom Smasher Albert Rothstein 52 #24
Plastique Bette Sans Souci
Count Vertigo Werner Vertigo
Captain Boomerang Owen Mercer 52 #33
Persuader Cole Parker
Electrocutioner Lester Buchinsky
Chemo N/A Salvation Run #2
Deadshot Floyd Lawton Superman (vol. 2) #182
Solomon Grundy Cyrus Gold
Killer Frost Louise Lincoln

Suicide Squad (vol. 3) (2007 – 2008)[edit]

Character Real name First appearance Notes
Amanda Waller N/A Suicide Squad (vol. 3) #1
Col. Rick Flag, Jr. N/A
Bronze Tiger Ben Turner
Captain Boomerang George Harkness
Nightshade Eve Eden
Deadshot Floyd Lawton
Captain Boomerang Owen Mercer Suicide Squad (vol. 3) #3
Multiplex Danton Black
The General Wade Eiling
Chemo N/A Suicide Squad (vol. 3) #4
Count Vertigo Werner Vertigo
King Faraday N/A
Marauder ?
Thinker Cliff Carmichael
White Dragon William Heller
Twister Theresa Zimmer Suicide Squad (vol. 3) #5
Blackguard Richard Hertz
Windfall Wendy Jones
Plastique Bette Sans Souci Suicide Squad (vol. 3) #6

Interim Suicide Squads (2008 – 2011)[edit]

Character Real name First appearance Notes
Plastique Bette Sans Souci Manhunter (vol. 4) #33
Multiplex Danton Black
Bronze Tiger Ben Turner
Multiplex Danton Black
Captain Boomerang Owen Mercer
Count Vertigo Werner Vertigo
Amanda Waller N/A Manhunter (vol. 4) #36
Col. Rick Flag, Jr. N/A Blackest Night: Suicide Squad #67
King Faraday N/A
Silver Banshee N/A
Yasemin Soze N/A
Virtuoso N/A
Nightshade Eve Eden
Booster Gold Michael Jon Carter Booster Gold (vol. 2) #20
Jess Bright N/A
Sgt. Frank Rock N/A
Karin Grace N/A
Dr. Evan Hughs N/A

Suicide Squad (vol. 4) (2011 – 2014)[edit]

Character Real name First appearance Notes
Amanda Waller N/A Suicide Squad (vol. 4) #1
Black Spider Eric Needham
Deadshot Floyd Lawton
El Diablo Chato Santana
King Shark Nanaue
Harley Quinn Harleen Quinzel
Savant Brian Durlin
Voltaic ?
Captain Boomerang George Harkness Suicide Squad (vol. 4) #3
Yo-Yo Chang Jie-Ru
Crowbar Malcolm Tandy Justice League of America's Vibe #5
Iceberg Charles Murray Resurrection Man (vol. 2) #8
Light ? Suicide Squad (vol. 4) #6
Lime ?
The Unknown Soldier ? Suicide Squad (vol. 4) #19
James Gordon, Jr. N/A Suicide Squad (vol. 4) #20
Cheetah Barbara Ann Minerva

New Suicide Squad (2014 – present)[edit]

Character Real name First appearance Notes
Black Manta David Barker New Suicide Squad #1
Deadshot Floyd Lawton
Deathstroke Slade Wilson
Harley Quinn Harleen Quinzel
Joker's Daughter Duela Dent
Captain Boomerang George Harkness New Suicide Squad #5
Reverse-Flash Daniel West


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