List of Super Nintendo Entertainment System accessories

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List of accessories for Super Nintendo Entertainment System.[1][2][3][4]


Directional controllers
  • Advanced Control Pad (Mad Catz) (joypad with autofire or so)
  • Angler (Beeshu) (optional "stick" in dpad)
  • asciiGrip (ASCII) (normal joypad for single-handed use)
  • asciiPad (ASCIIWARE) (joypad with autofire and slowmotion)
  • Capcom Pad Soldier (Capcom) (standard pad in bent/squeezed/melted design)
  • Competition Pro (Competition Pro) (joypad with autofire and slowmotion)
  • Competition Pro (Competition Pro) (slightly redesigned standard joypad)
  • Conqueror 2 (QuickShot?) (joystick with autofire, programmable buttons)
  • Cyberpad (Quickshot?) (6-shaped pad, programmable, autofile, slow motion)
  • Dual Turbo (Akklaim) (set of 2 wireless joypads with autofire)
  • Energiser (?) (very odd shaped pad, programmable, auto fire, slow motion)
  • Fighter Stick SN (?) (desktop joystick, with autofire)
  • Gamemaster (Triton) (edgy-shaped pad, one programmable button)
  • Gamepad 6 (Performance) An Autofire controller with a 6 button layout similar to a Sega Genesis.
  • High Frequency Control Pad (High Frequency) (normal pad, wrong button colors)
  • Invader 2 (QuickShot?) (joypad with autofire)
  • JS-306 Power Pad Tilt (Champ) (joypad with autofire, slowmotion, tilt-mode)
  • Multisystem 6 (Competition Pro) (pad supports Genesis and SNES)
  • Nigal Mouncefill Fly Wheel (Logic 3) (wheel-shaped, tilt-sensor instead dpad)
  • NTT Data Pad (for JRA PAT) (joypad with numeric keypad) (special ID)
  • Pro Control 6 (Naki) (joypad, programmable & whatever extra features)
  • Pro-Player (?) (joystick)
  • Rhinogear (ASCIIWARE) (joypad with autofire, slowmotion)
  • Score Master (Nintendo) (desktop joystick with autofire)
  • SF-3 (Honey Bee) (very flat normal pad with autofire)
  • SGB Controller (?) (joypad ...)
  • SN Programpad (programmable button macros with rudimentary lcd screen)
  • SN Propad
  • SN Propad 2
  • SN Propad 6
  • SN-6 (Gamester) (standard joypad clone)
  • Specialized Fighter Pad (ASCIIWARE) (autofire, L/R as "normal" buttons)
  • Speedpad (?) (joypad, one auto-switch, L/R buttons as "normal" buttons)
  • Super Control Pad (?) (standard joypad clone, plus 3-position switch?)
  • Super Joy Card (Hudson) (standard joypad with auto-fire)
  • Supercon (QuickShot) (standard joypad, odd shape, odd start/select buttons)
  • Superpad (InterAct) (standard joypad clone)
  • Superpad (noname) (standard joypad)
  • TopFighter (?) (desktop joystick, programmable, LCD panel, auto-fire, slowmo)
  • Turbo Touch 360 (Triax) (joypad with autofire)
  • V356 (Recoton) (normal joypad, with whatever 3-position switch)
  • noname joypads (normal joypad clones without nintendo text nor snes logo)
  • joypad (Konami) (wireless joypad, no extra functions) (dish-shaped receiver)
  • joypads (Game Partner) (set of 2 wireless joypads with autofire)
  • AK7017828 or so??? (Game Partner) (joypad, slow motion, auto fire)
  • Noname pad (Tomee) (standard joypad clone)
  • SNES+MD? (Nakitek) (joypad with whatever special features)
Other controllers

Cheat devices[edit]

Other devices[edit]


Several game cartridges contain built-in enhancement chips including coprocessors, real time clocks, and data decompression chips.

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