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With each Super Powers Collection action figure of the first two series, a minicomic was included. Below is a list of them.

Series 1[edit]

  1. Superman minicomic: Luthor attacks a nuclear facility and Superman must stop him. Toy-made characters: Lex Luthor (Pre-Crisis), Superman
  2. Batman minicomic: The Joker transforms a lot of people into Jokers. Toy-made characters: Batman, Robin, The Joker, Wonder Woman
  3. Wonder Woman minicomic: Brainiac seizes control of Superman's mind and sends him on a destructive rampage. It's up to Wonder Woman to defeat the evil computer and free her friend from Brainiac's control. Toy-made characters: Wonder Woman, Superman, Brainiac (Pre-Crisis)
  4. The Flash minicomic: The Flash must save the Justice League from the clutches of Brainiac. Toy-made characters: Brainiac (Pre-Crisis), Superman, Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash
  5. Brainiac minicomic: Superman and Batman must stop the chaos Brainiac is creating. Toy-made characters: Batman, Superman, Brainiac (Pre-Crisis)
  6. The Penguin minicomic: The Penguin steals some jewels from rich people, but two of those rich people are Bruce Wayne and Carter Hall. Toy-made characters: Batman, Hawkman, The Penguin
  7. The Joker minicomic: The Joker robs a bank and his Jokermobile is pursued by Batman's Batmobile. Toy-made characters: The Joker, Batman, Aquaman
  8. Aquaman minicomic: Aquaman and the Flash team up to stop the Penguin. Toy-made characters: The Penguin, The Flash, Aquaman
  9. Robin minicomic: Robin intercepts the Penguin stealing an experimental space vehicle, the Moonbird. Caught by Penguin, Robin calls for Green Lantern and fellow bird-themed hero Hakwman to assist him in stopping Penguin. Toy-made characters: Robin, Green Lantern, Hawkman, The Penguin.
  10. Lex Luthor minicomic: Luthor kidnaps the President of the USA. Toy-made characters: Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor (Pre-Crisis), Superman, Aquaman
  11. Green Lantern minicomic: The Joker is kidnapping a "Royal Flush" of hostages. Green Lantern discovers Robin has beaten him to locating the Joker's HQ. Together they defeat him and free the hostages. Toy-made characters: Green Lantern, Robin, The Joker
  12. Hawkman minicomic: Hawkman tries to stop some birds controlled by Lex Luthor from stealing the Midway City museum. Flash and Green Lantern help Hawkman and discover the birds are robots. Toy-made characters: Hawkman, Lex Luthor (Pre-Crisis), Green Lantern, The Flash

Series 2[edit]

  1. Steppenwolf minicomic
  2. Martian Manhunter minicomic: Martian Manhunter stops Desaad's attack on the U.N. Toy-made characters: Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Desaad, Firestorm
  3. Doctor Fate minicomic: Dr. Fate is forced to fight Superman and the Martian Manhunter who have fallen under the control of Darkseid, who sends them to collect Dr. Fate's artifacts. Toy-made characters: Doctor Fate, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Darkseid.
  4. Firestorm minicomic: Firestorm stops Mantis (with Superman's powers) from turning New York into another Apokolips. Toy-made characters: Firestorm, Green Arrow, Mantis and Superman.
  5. Mantis minicomic
  6. Green Arrow minicomic: Kalibak tries to steal a Martian jewel from the Star City Museum. Toy-made characters: Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Kalibak
  7. Darkseid minicomic: Batman and Firestorm stop Darkseid from kidnapping Red Tornado. Toy-made characters: Batman, Firestorm, Red Tornado, Darkseid, Parademons
  8. Kalibak minicomic: Darkseid sends Kalibak to attack Dr. Fate, who summons Superman and Red Tornado to help. Toy-made characters: Darkseid, Doctor Fate, Kalibak, Red Tornado
  9. Desaad minicomic
  10. Parademon minicomic
  11. Red Tornado minicomic