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Super Wings (Chinese: 超级飞侠) is an animated television series co-produced by Funny-flux Entertainment in South Korea, Qianqi Animation in China, and Little Airplane Productions in the United States, with the production support from the Educational Broadcasting System and CJ E&M in South Korea, and additional support from KOCCA.

Series overview[edit]

SeriesEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
1523 December 2013 (2013-12-03)2 January 2016 (2016-01-02)
25224 March 2017 (2017-03-24)30 December 2017 (2017-12-30)
3521 September 2018 (2018-09-01)TBA


Season 1 (2014–16)[edit]

No.TitleLocationOriginal air dateUSA (Sprout) air date
1"The Right Kite"The Nepal Himalayas3 December 2013 (2013-12-03)16 March 2015

Akash wants to participate in a kite-flying festival. He has a kite, but his younger brother, Rami, wants to play with it, too. Unfortunately, two red pandas took the kite and flew into the air with it. Can Jett figure out how the brothers and the red pandas can enjoy the kite all together?

Package item: A kite kit for Akash
Word of this episode: in this (Namaste; Hello) in Hindu formal custom
Super Wings helper: Dizzy
2"Shadow Play"China BeijingDecember 6, 2013 (December 6, 2013)14 March 2015

Mei's father owns and operates a popular Chinese dumpling restaurant. However, he is so busy that he may not make it to see his daughter's and her friends' shadow play that very night. How is Jett going to help Mei's father get to the play in time?

Package item: A shadow puppet for Mei
Word of this episode: 您好 ("Nín hăo"; Hello) and 再見 ("Zài jiàn"; Goodbye) in Mandarin Chinese
Super Wings helper: Donnie
3"Great Gondolas"Italy VeniceDecember 13, 2013 (December 13, 2013)15 March 2015

Luca is organizing a masquerade ball at his house. Unfortunately, he did nearly forget to deliver the invitations to his friends. On top of that, both Jett and Luca end up stuck in a "traffic jam" at a canal. Can Jett help Luca finish the deliveries in time before the party begins?

Package item: A masquerade hat for Luca
Words of this episode: Grazie (Thank you) and Prego (You're welcome) in Italian
Super Wings helper: Paul
4"Aloha Adventure"United States/ HawaiiDecember 20, 2013 (December 20, 2013)17 March 2015

Kelani is participating in a hula dance contest. In order for Kelani to go there, she and her family must pass by an erupting volcano. Can Jett help her get there in time?

Package item: A hula skirt for Kelani
Word of this episode: Aloha (Hello) in Hawaiian
Super Wings helper: Donnie
5"Puppies for a Princess"United Kingdom/ EnglandJanuary 2, 2014 (January 2, 2014)18 March 2015

Princess Maribel is hosting a tea party for her royal friends. The reason for this occasion is to present the princess' five puppies a collar of their own. However, the puppies got loose, took the collars, and disappeared into a garden maze. Can she and Jett lead the puppies out of the maze in time for the party?

Package item: Five dog collars for Princess Maribel
Word of this episode: Cheerio (Goodbye) in British English
Super Wings helper: Jerome
6"Sahara Sled" MoroccoTBA19 March 2015

Ali wants to play in the snow, despite that there is none in the Sahara. Once he gets his sled, he goes toward a nearby dune to try it out. However, Ali realizes that the sled would only work better with snow. How is Jett supposed to bring snow to a desert?

Package item: A snowracer sled for Ali
Phrase of this episode: As-salamu alaykum (السلام عليكمقچق Peace be upon you) in Arabic
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy and Donnie
7"Lights, Camera, Action!"United States/California HollywoodTBA20 March 2015

Riley is directing a film called "Alien Monster from Planet Cool" and wants Jett to be in it. His other friends for this movie are Victoria and Jerald. During the filming, Riley starts to become emotional and arrogant. When he tells Victoria to scream, she ends up saying that the film has too much violence and wants to leave the set. Could a change of the movie's perspective be possible?

Package item: An alien mask for Riley
Words of this episode: Action (start a movie scene) and Cut (end filming)
Super Wings helper: Jerome
8"Bubble Trouble"
United Kingdom/ ScotlandTBA21 March 2015

Callum wants to play the bagpipe, in order to bring Nessie out from under the loch's surface. However, he created a bubble so large that it sucks the bagpipe into itself. On top of that, Jett could not catch it in time, before it went into the loch. Will Jett and Callum ever get the chance to see Nessie?

Package item: A bagpipe with bubbles for Callum
Word of this episode: Aye (Yes) in Scots language
Super Wings helper: Mira
9"Race Against Time" KenyaTBA24 March 2015

Lorna is participating in a road race against four other competitors. If she wins this race, then she can qualify to run in Africa's big race. Along the way, Lorna had to stop temporarily, due to a herd of so called wildebeest well that is what they call them when they are clearly Antelopes running across the road. Unfortunately, a baby wildebeest got separated from them. Lorna decides that she will stay with the baby, until the herd comes back to get her. Can Lorna come back from behind to win the race?

Package item: Sneakers for Lorna
Word of this episode: Jambo! (Hello!) in Swahili
Super Wings helper: Bello
10"Mongolian Stars" MongoliaTBA23 March 2015

Numbayar lives in a ger with her father. She is very fond of stars. However, Numbayar had accidentally threw the package of stars in the air, causing them to land on her herd of sheep. How are Jett and Numbayar going to get those stars off the sheep?

Package item: Glow-in-the-dark stars for Numbayar
Word of this episode: Сайн байна уу (Sain baina uu; Hello) in Mongolian Cyrillic
Super Wings helper: Grand Albert
11"Samba Spectacular"Brazil Rio de JaneiroTBA22 March 2015

Camilla is participating in the Rio Carnival with her father. However, she needs to practice her samba dance moves. Once she and her father arrive at the Sambadrome, they have a great time. That is, until a flat tire stopped the entire show from moving on. How is Jett going to solve this problem?

Package item: A samba headdress for Camilla
Word of this episode: Bacana (Cool) in Portuguese
Super Wings helper: Jerome
12"The Pyramid Kid" EgyptTBA25 March 2015

Akiki wants to be an archaeologist, like his grandfather Sallah. He wants to help his grandfather get the one cat figure that has eluded him: a Great Golden Cat. At the excavation site, Jett sets things in motion, by pressing a secret button to a secret and unexplored chamber. Jett gets another surprise, when he pressed the scarab button and it reveals an ancient box. Using the key Akiki found earlier, he unlocks the box to reveal the Great Golden Cat. Unfortunately, the two of them sets off a big trap, after picking it up from its pedestal. Can the both of them escape alive with the cat figure?

Package item: An archaeology kit for Akiki
Word of this episode: يالا (Yalla; Let's go) in Arabic
Super Wings helper: Dizzy
13"Cold Feet"Canada VancouverTBA21 April 2015

Drew is part of the red team at an ice hockey game. He and his fellow players are up against the blue team. However, he is mostly nervous, especially when he is being watched by many people in the stands. Can Drew overcome his anthropophobia and help his team win the game?

Package item: A pair of ice hockey skates for Drew
Word of this episode: Eh? (Right?) in Canadian English
Super Wings helper: Grand Albert
14"Gorilla Band" Democratic Republic of the CongoTBA27 March 2015

Lulu and her brother, Jelani, are going to participate in a village festival. However, they need to practice their drumming skills. When they went off to get a snack, a mountain gorilla came down from a tree and starts beating the drums. Unfortunately, the gorilla gets scared and runs off, after seeing Lulu run towards him. How would Jett and his friends get the gorilla to come back and perform with them?

Package item: Conga drums for Lulu
Word of this episode: Mbote (Hello) in Lingala
Super Wings helper: Bello
15"Balancing Act"Russia MoscowTBA28 March 2015

Yuri is part of a circus family called the Flipidovskis. The circus is ready to go, but the rest of his family has not arrived yet. They are on a train that got stopped by an avalanche and by a destroyed railway bridge. Meanwhile, the audience is getting impatient and bored. Can Jett save the circus from becoming a big disappointment?

Package item: A unicycle for Yuri
Word of this episode: Ура ("Ura"; Hooray) in Russian
Super Wings helper: Donnie
16"Paper Rangers"Japan TokyoTBA29 March 2015

Yugi is a member of the Paper Rangers, along with his friends Mosiko and Haru. There was one more member named Namiko, but her family was moving away. The three-member team builds a paper robot called the Jumbo Roboto: a parting gift for Namiko. Once they get to her old house and ring the doorbell, the family has already moved out. How are they going to give Namiko the present?

Package item: Origami paper for Yugi
Words of this episode: こんにちは ("Konichiwa"; Hello) and さようなら ("Sayonara"; Goodbye) in Japanese
Super Wings helper: Donnie
17"Viking Voyage" NorwayTBA30 March 2015

Karl is going to viking camp. Unfortunately, he has little self-confidence and is afraid of almost anything. However, his bravery and quick thinking is put to the test twice on his first day at camp. Can Karl face his fears, save Jett, and help his camp mates from danger?

Package item: A Viking helmet for Karl
Word of this episode: Tusen takk (Thank you) in Norwegian
Super Wings helper: Mira
18"Arctic Run"Denmark/ GreenlandTBA31 March 2015

Anders is participating in a dog sled race. He asks Jett to join his team and Jett agrees. Also, Jett learns mushing words, like "Hike!" (get moving). However, after taking a small lead, the dogs gets distracted by an arctic fox. Therefore, Jett and Anders went off course and do not know where they are. On top of that, Jett's heavy jump on the ice created an ice floe, where they cannot escape and are going out to sea. How will the both of them finish the race now?

Package item: A compass for Anders
Word of this episode: Aluu (Hello) in Greenlandic
Super Wings helper: Dizzy
19"A Winning Recipe"France ParisTBA1 April 2015

Martine helps her father, a baker, at their family's Paris pastry shop. He created a big and tall layer cake that needs decorating. The cake's destination is a party at the top of the Eiffel Tower. However, during the decorating process, both Martine and Jett had accidentally destroyed the cake. Where will they find a replacement one for the party? On top of that, how are they going to get it decorated and send it to the Eiffel Tower on time?

Package item: A cake decoration kit for Martine
Phrase of this episode: Ooh là là! (Oh, my!) in French
Super Wings helper: Dizzy
20"Follow That Ghost" RomaniaTBA2 April 2015

Brigita is hosting a costume party at her castle for her friends Adrian and Jenny. Brigita starts telling a spooky story about the very castle they are in. She says that there is a secret room somewhere inside. After hearing some spooky sounds, everyone goes to the library to find out who or what was making them. First, Brigita found a secret passageway by tilting one of the books. Second, after Jett saves Brigita's cat Lucy, he ended up in a secret room that was part of the story. Unfortunately, he is trapped inside and cannot get out. To make matters worse, the walls are too think for him to send a distress call to base (Jimbo). Can Jett escape from the secret room?

Package item: A flashlight for Brigita
Word of this episode: Poftim (Here you go) in Romanian
Super Wings helper: Dizzy
21"Pop Star"Vietnam Ha NoiTBA3 April 2015

Sen and her older sister, Kim, loves to hear Kelly's music. Unfortunately, the big Kelly concert is sold out and they cannot go there. In a twist of fate, Kelly's van is stuck in front of Sen's house. Jett tries to help her get unstuck, but to no avail. Can Jett help Kelly get to her own concert on time?

Package item: Two Kelly wigs for Sen and Kim
Phrase of this episode: Đi với tôi (Come with me) in Vietnamese
Super Wings helper: Dizzy
22"Feathered Friends" Papua New GuineaTBA4 April 2015

Sam wants to take instant pictures of some birds-of-paradise for his younger sister, Angie. They see one, but it was too far away for a good picture. Jett tried to catch it, but it was too fast for him. How is Sam going to get the pictures he needs to show Angie?

Package item: A camera for Sam
Word of this episode: Em nau! (That's cool! or That's great!) in Tok Pisin
Super Wings helper: Grand Albert
23"Paint Pals"The  NetherlandsTBA5 April 2015

Willem won an art contest and his prize was to create a big painting on a wall. However, Willem's family just moved into the area. Therefore, he has no friends at that moment. At the wall itself, Jett helps Willem get eleven new friends to assist him. The painting was finished, but the arrival of a rain storm was in the horizon. All their hard work on the painting could end up being washed away. Can Jett find a way to dry the painting before the rain clouds arrive?

Package item: Paintbrushes for Willem
Phrase of this episode: Hallo. Hoe heet je? (Hello. What's your name?) in Dutch
Super Wings helper: Donnie
24"Fiesta! Fiesta!" MexicoTBA6 April 2015

The twin brothers, Tomás and Manuel, are having a birthday fiesta. However, the whole situation ends up being a competition in who has the best party between them. Without anyone looking, the two piñatas got loose from the tree and went over the wall. Jett has no luck finding them from the air. Can the whole birthday fiesta be saved?

Package items: Piñatas for Tomás and Manuel
Phrase of this episode: Feliz Cumpleaños (Happy Birthday) in Spanish
Super Wings helper: Paul
Note: Ray debuts in this episode
25"Boonying's Bath Time"Thailand BangkokTBA7 April 2015

Naiyan helps around at her father's elephant sanctuary. When Jerome tries to help her at bath time, Boonying (a young elephant) gets scared and runs away. Unfortunately, Boonying stops running at the top of a cliff. A net has been set up by Naiyan and her dad at the bottom, in order to catch the elephant. Could Jerome prevent a nervous Boonying from going over the cliff?

Package item: An inflatable bath tub for Naiyan
Word of this episode: สวัสดี ("Sà-wàt-dee"; Hello) in Thai
Super Wings helper: Jett
Note: Jerome takes over Jett's package delivery mission here. Jimbo was reluctant about this idea, but let's Jerome give it a try. However, once Jerome arrives in Thailand, he did not count on how complex Jett's missions really are. In the end, he realizes that Jett's job is not easy. Also, Jerome understands that all of Jett's missions involves critical thinking and solving problems, depending on where he is located.
26"Family Time"
South Korea Seoul29 November 2015 (2015-11-29)8 April 2015

Hye Mi's father is a mail carrier. After he leaves home, Jett arrives and gives the package to Hye Mi. Also, Jett gets permission to go to Hye Mi's primary school and to have dinner with her family. After both Jett and Hye Mi entered the restaurant, Hye Mi's father phoned and said that he would not make it to dinner on time. The reason: he has many letters and packages that needs to be delivered. Jett volunteers to help him finish mailing the items. Does everyone get to the restaurant for dinner on time?

Package item: A schedule for Hye Mi
Word of this episode: 빨리 ("ppal-li"; Hurry or Quick) in Korean
Super Wings helper: Dizzy
27"Fast Track" Monaco28 December 2015 (2015-12-28)3 October 2015

Alex and Adriana are a brother and sister racing team. They are participating in a soap box derby, by creating a car shaped like a hot dog. Alex has the honor of driving it. Unfortunately, during the race, he goes off course and ends up in real danger of hitting people and going to a busy roadway. How can Alex get back onto the race track and finish the race?

Package item: A set of tires for Alex
Word of this episode: Allons-y (Let's go) in French
Super Wings helper: Paul
28"Cheese Chase"  Switzerland2 January 2016 (2016-01-02)3 October 2015

Sven's parents agree to make cheese using Sven's recipe. Upon arrival there, Sven teaches Jett how to make homemade Swiss cheese, but with mixed results. On top of that, after all the cheese wheels were loaded onto a horse-driven wagon, Jett had accidentally spooked the horse. Therefore, some of the cheese wheels went down a hill and rolled away. How is Sven's family going to get the runaway cheese wheels and sell them at a town market?

Package item: A personalized cheese stamp for Sven
Word of this episode: Sali (Hello) in a dialect called Swiss German
Super Wings helper: Dizzy
29"Runaway Rex" Denmark2 January 2016 (2016-01-02)14 September 2015

Noah is an inventor. At his laboratory, he unveils to Jett a dinosaur nicknamed the "Tyblockasaurus Rex." Once Noah inserts the battery, the dinosaur comes to life. However, when Jett tries out the dinosaur's remote control, it goes out of control. It smashes out the lab door and goes on a rampage on the unsuspecting populace. How is Jett supposed to stop it from terrorizing everyone in town?

Package item: A "dino-sized" battery for Noah
Word of this episode: Velkommen (Welcome) in Danish
Super Wings helper: Donnie
30"Zebra Scouts" Zimbabwe3 January 2016 (2016-01-03)10 October 2015

Tendai is a member of the Zebra Scouts, along with her brother Munaki and friend Ruva. Their scout leader is named Robert. The three members' objective is to receive a nature explorer's badge for each of them. To do that, they need to retrieve three items: a largest leaf from a baobab tree, a wing feather from a taita falcon, and a ripe horned melon. On the way to get a melon, Tendai tripped on a footbridge and dropped the nature box in the river. Jett tried to get it, but was unsuccessful. How are the Zebra Scouts going to complete their objective now?

Package item: A Zebra Scout nature box for Tendai
Phrase of this episode: Mushe Mushe (Very good) in Shona
Super Wings helper: Grand Albert
31"Aussie Animals" AustraliaTBA17 October 2015

Ruby stars on her own nature show called "Ruby Talks to the Animals". Joshua is Ruby's friend and camera operator for the show. Ruby seems to have a talent for understanding animal behaviours. She interviews an emu, a koala, and a mother kangaroo. When Ruby starts having an interview with the kangaroo, she takes the microphone and hops away. Everyone tried to catch up to her, but she hops really fast and escapes. Can Ruby get her microphone back?

Package item: A microphone for Ruby
Words of this episode: G'day (Hello) and Hooroo (Goodbye) in Australian English
Super Wings helper: Bello
32"Penguin Parade" New ZealandTBA17 October 2015

Ella and her mother are going to Antarctica, in order to drop off three lost emperor penguins by boat. Jett agrees to go along with them. Ella keeps the penguins in check by using a whistle. Ella sees Antarctica in her sights, but a ginormous waterspout is blocking their way. Jett tries to steer the boat away from the waterspout, but the weather phenomenon is too strong for him. How are they going to get to Antarctica and drop safely the penguins there in one piece?

Package item: A pair of binoculars for Ella
Phrase of this episode: Good on you, mate (Well done, friend) in New Zealand English
Super Wings helper: Dizzy
Note: An airplane named Fred arrived at World Airport. The reason for his arrival is that he needs more fuel, in order to continue flying to an unspecified location.
33"The Amazing Moritz"Austria Vienna3 January 2016 (2016-01-03)18 October 2015

Moritz is a magician. He is having his first magic show at a theatre. Jett agrees to be Moritz's assistant. The show starts well, but it turns for the worst, when Marcel the rabbit starts being mischievous. First, he hops away with the magician's hat from Moritz's head. Second, he appears in a flower vase with the flowers. Most of all, he gets away from Jett backstage and escapes with a runaway piano. Can Jett go back to the theatre in time for Moritz's final magic trick?

Package item: A magician's hat for Moritz
Word of this episode: Wunderbar (Wonderful) in German
Super Wings helper: Dizzy
34"Blast Off" China9 January 2016 (2016-01-09)15 September 2015

Yun and his classmates are going to a space centre for a school tour. As a bonus for the group, they get to see a real space shuttle launch from a mission control center. However, Yun got separated from his classmates because he loved the shuttle simulator so much. In fact, he ends up in the real shuttle and takes off with two unsuspecting astronauts to outer space. How is Jett supposed to bring Yun back to Earth?

Package item: A space suit for Yun
Word of this episode: 走 ("Zǒu"; Go) in Mandarin Chinese
Super Wings helper: Donnie
35"Fireman Dad" Germany9 January 2016 (2016-01-09)2 January 2016

Stephen's father is a firefighter and the fire chief. He was supposed to go to Stephen's school for Job Day. However, there was a fire in the mountains and must be dealt with immediately. As for Stephen's alternate choice, Jett volunteers his time to go to Job Day and explain what his main job is to the class. After that, Stephen sees a forest fire from the window. Also, he sees a scared baby deer at a campsite. Stephen's father takes action and reaches the deer, but the both of them are trapped by a fallen tree. Can Jett rescue them from the fire?

Package items: A firefighter's helmet (hat) for Stephen and some unspecified objects for Stephen's classmates
Phrase of this episode: Danke (Thank you) in German
Super Wings helper: Dizzy
36"Square Search"Czech Republic Prague10 January 2016 (2016-01-10)20 June 2015

An awkward moment for Jett: Marek's family moved out from that Prague address. Therefore, he cannot deliver Marek's package. As a way to find him, Jett flies to the Old Town Square and search for him there. After he arrives at the square, Jett starts to become depressed because nobody knows Marek there. Would Jett be able to find Marek, so he could deliver his package?

Package item: A marionette for Marek
Words of this episode: Ano (Yes) and Ne (No) in Czech
Super Wings helper: Jerome
Note: Maybe Marek will write his new address, so Jett will deliver it to Jimbo.
37"Flying Colors" India10 January 2016 (2016-01-10)16 September 2015

Meena is a dancer at Ms. Patel's dance palace, along with five of her friends. They are practicing their dance moves for a show at a park that very night. However, when Meena opened her package, all the cloth inside were white. Her original order was for colorful costumes. Jett was about to send the package back to World Airport, but Ms. Patel has a better idea: dye their white cloth into different colors. After they were done coloring them and hanged them on a clothes line, the wind took their costumes into the air. Jett manages to catch all of them. On the way back, Jett did not know that Meena's costume got loose from him. Can Jett find that costume before the dance show begins?

Package item: White cloth for Meena
Phrase of this episode: शुक्रीया ("Shukriya"; Thank you) in Hindi
Super Wings helper: Jerome
38"Pirate Booty"United Kingdom/ British Virgin Islands16 January 2016 (2016-01-16)18 October 2015

Cassie is going on a treasure hunt, along with her uncle, Eddie, and her parrot Ginger. Jett gets permission from Cassie to go with them, too. First, they enter a cave. Second, Jett presses a button, in which they all end up sliding down towards another part of the cave. Finally, they encounter a sentient pirate ship named Woodbeard. At one part of the ship's main deck, they found a treasure chest full of gold coins and other booty inside. However, Woodbeard cannot sail away from his "prison" and that he was depressed, lonely, and sad. What decisions should Jett, Eddie, and Cassie make here?

Package item: A pirate hat for Cassie
Phrase of this episode: "Cheese and Bread" (an expressive phrase of being surprised) in British English
Super Wings helper: Dizzy
Note: It is intriguing to see that there could have been sentient beings working alongside with humans for hundreds of years. Also, it raises questions about how Woodbeard was made and how he came to life during that time.
39"Flight Fans" Peru16 January 2016 (2016-01-16)24 October 2015

Pilar, Fernanda, and Luis visit Pilar's uncle, Nestor, at a local airport. It can only accommodate small planes. When Jett arrives, he is greeted with a big welcome by Pilar and her two friends. What is more astonishing to Jett is that they want to ride with him to the sky. Unfortunately, Jett is not a passenger plane. Can Jett find a way to satisfy Pilar and her friends' big wish in flying towards the sky?

Package items: Helmets, goggles, and scarves for Pilar
Word of this episode: Gracias (Thank you) in Spanish
Super Wings helpers: Big Wing and Jimbo
Note: This is the one time Jimbo has actually left World Airport, in order to become a temporary flight attendant.
40"Toy Trackers" South Africa24 January 2016 (2016-01-24)24 October 2015

Dirk is helping his sister, Lina, and his friend, Mbali, find their toys. Dirk concludes that an animal was responsible in taking them. With Jett's and Mbali's help, Dirk suspects that either an elephant, a giraffe, or a lion may have taken the toys. In the end, their search was for nothing. However, after Paul arrives to help them, the real culprit shows up and takes the octopus toy bait. Who is this culprit and how does Jett help get back the stolen toys?

Package item: An animal track book for Dirk
Word of this episode: Howzit (Hello) in South African English
Super Wings helper: Paul
41"Lion Dance" Taiwan24 January 2016 (2016-01-24)25 October 2015

Li-Li and Xiaoming are practicing their lion dance moves at a dance school. However, they have trouble synchronizing their dancing together. Also, they are the school's best dancers. Therefore, they get to do a lion dance at a nearby festival. When practicing their lion dance, Li-Li and Xiaoming had accidentally tore the costume in half. How can Jett help Li-Li and Xiaoming work and dance together before the festival starts?

Package item: A lion dance costume for both Li-Li and Xiaoming
Word of this episode: 謝謝 ("Xiè xiè"; Thank you) in Mandarin Chinese
Super Wings helpers: Donnie and Jerome
42"Miner Problem" Bolivia14 February 2016 (2016-02-14)25 October 2015

Angelo lost his dog, Pookie Paws, at a nearby and abandoned mine. His grandfather used to work at that particular mine. Jett agrees to help Angelo and his grandfather, in order to search for the missing dog. They ride on a minecart to one of the passageways. After finding the dog, they started to head for home. However, one of Jett's wings chopped off a boulder and it activated the track switch in front of them. To make things worse, that wrong track led them to a "roller coaster ride" and towards a cliff with no bridge. Jett saves everyone from going over a cliff, but they are lost inside that part of the mine. Can they escape from there and see sunlight again?

Package item: A miner's hat for Angelo
Word of this episode: Hola (Hello) in Spanish
Super Wings helper: Donnie
43"Snow Ballin'" FinlandTBA12 December 2015

Stig wants to make the biggest snowman in Finland. Jett gets permission from Stig and his father to join in making one. Stig pretends that Jett's snowball is small, in comparison with his own snowball. However, Jett loses his grip on his big snowball, after lifting it. On top of that, it is headed toward a town and picking up various items along the way. How is Jett going to stop it from becoming a menace to the town's inhabitants?

Package item: A big winter hat for Stig
Phrase of this episode: Kiitos (Thank you) in Finnish
Super Wings helper: Donnie
44"Wheel Good Time" Bangladesh14 February 2016 (2016-02-14)17 September 2015

Ruma needs to help her mother get fruit from a market. However, she needs Jett's help on how to ride her new bike. Eventually, she can ride it without any assistance. After getting some fruit from a market, Ruma and Jett head back to Ruma's houseboat, but the road ahead was flooded. Added to that, the houseboat was floating away and her mother cannot steer it back. How is Jett supposed to help Ruma go across the water and help Ruma's mother turn the boat around toward its mooring?

Package items: A bicycle and helmet for Ruma
Phrase of this episode: ঠিক আছে ("Thik ache"; okay) in Bengali
Super Wings helper: Donnie
45"Santorini Choo Choo"Greece Santorini20 February 2016 (2016-02-20)1 November 2015

Katina wants to be the conductor for a pretend train ride with her friends. On their way to the top of Santorini, Katina and Evi have an argument on who is the conductor for this train ride. Unfortunately, it led to a broken rope. How is Jett going to get everyone to the top on time?

Package items: A train conductor's hat and rope for Katina
Word of this episode: Χάρηκα ("Hárika"; Nice to meet you) in Greek
Super Wings helpers: Donnie and Roy
Note: Roy gets to leave the World Airport for the first time. Also, he can transform into a "train", so he can get a head start towards his goal of being one in the future.
46"Rain Ride"United Kingdom/England London20 February 2016 (2016-02-20)1 November 2015

Cecily cannot wait for her package to arrive. Once she gets it, she names the teddy bear Spencer. When she hugs it, it says "I sure do." Next, Jett and Cecily play the bear in her bedroom, but she wants to go outside to play in the backyard. Since it was raining, Jett uses his umbrella to keep Spencer dry by tying it to the bear. Unfortunately, a gust of wind took Spencer and flies away. Jett tries to catch it a couple of times, but he failed to get the bear. When he arrives at Trafalgar Square, he cannot find Spencer amongst a group of people and their umbrellas. Is there a way for Jett to find him quickly?

Package item: A talking teddy bear for Cecily
Word of this episode: Ta (Thank you) in British English
Super Wings helper: Jerome
Note: It is unknown how Cecily manage to contact Jett by his communicator from her house.
47"Fish Friends" Maldives21 February 2016 (2016-02-21)7 November 2015

Aisha's pet fish, Sir Salty, is lonely and depressed. She wants to cheer him up by having a castle for his fish bowl. Unfortunately, that idea did not work. Therefore, Aisha makes the decision to send her fish to a coral reef and release him for good. On the way, however, a giant octopus grabbed on the submarine with its tentacles. How Jett is supposed to untangle himself and the submarine from the octopus' big grip?

Package item: A fish bowl castle for Aisha
Phrase of this episode: Kihineh? (How are you?) in Dhivehi
Super Wings helper: Mira
48"Jamaican Waves" Jamaica21 February 2016 (2016-02-21)18 September 2015

Shawna is a member of her family's reggae band. A ship captain, Ryan, wants the family to perform on his ship for a party. Shawna's family accepts the offer. They rode on a local bus to the dock. Unfortunately, everyone forgot to take their instruments off the bus, except for Shawna. They search the area for anything that can be used for playing music. To make matters worse, the ship leaves the dock without them. How is Jett going to send the band to the ship?

Package item: A guitar for Shawna
Phrase of this episode: Irie (Feeling good or Feeling great) in Jamaican Patois
Super Wings helper: Mira
49"The Good Knight"Spain ToledoTBA7 November 2015

Carlos is dressed up as a knight. Also, he named his horse Salvador. With his father's permission, Carlos and Jett go out on an adventure. This time, Carlos wants to save a princess in distress. That "princess" is Carlos' friend Isabel. The main problem here is that she is "trapped on top of a tower", but he has no way to reach her. How is Carlos going to save her?

Package item: A riding horse costume for Carlos
Word of this episode: Vámonos (Let's go) in Spanish
Super Wings helper: Paul
50"Wish Upon a Jett" Turkey17 March 2016 (2016-03-17)14 November 2015

Ayşe loves to be called a princess by her father. He is a hot air balloon tour guide. Also, Ayşe wants to be granted three wishes from a genie. Jett volunteers to be a genie for her. Her first wish was having ice cream on a cone. Her second wish was to wear a princess outfit. Her final wish was to fly on a magic carpet to her father. Unfortunately, the carpet is not magical. How is Jett going to complete Ayşe's final wish?

Package item: A magic lamp for Ayşe
Word of this episode: selam (Hello) in Turkish
Super Wings helper: Dizzy
51"Farmer Jett"France Southern France18 October 2016 (2016-10-18)14 November 2015

Colette is preparing to go to a fairy tale costume ball at a château. After Jett arrives at her farm, she needs to go to the ball, but she and her mother have not started doing the farm chores yet. Jett volunteers his time to do the chores for them. Once Colette went on her way to the château, Jett tries his best to be "Farmer Jett." Unfortunately, Jett does not realize that it takes a lot of hard work to keep a farm clean and organized. Meanwhile, at the ball, Colette meets Émile and they dance together. After that, Colette and her mother leave for home. Once they arrive back at the farm, the area is completely messed up. Can Jett gain Colette's trust and help clean up their farm?

Package item: A pair of glass slippers for Colette
Word of this episode: Enchanté (Nice to meet you) in French
Super Wings helper: Donnie
52"Acting Up"United States/New York (state) New York City18 October 2016 (2016-10-18)21 November 2015

Trevor is part of a dance troupe with his four friends. They are named Carmen, Su Jung, Victor, and Rada. Mrs. Meckle owns a theatre where they practice their dance moves. Their dance show is called "Feet Beat." In order to get the word out about their performance, a New York City taxi cab offers his service to help them. As a result, lots of people are flocking to the theatre. Unfortunately, it cannot handle such a huge crowd. Can Trevor and his friends find a bigger stage to perform their dances without turning anyone away?

Package items: Five pairs of dancing shoes for Trevor, Carmen, Su Jung, Victor, and Rada
Word of this episode: Encore
Super Wings helper: Donnie

Season 2 (2017-18)[edit]

No.TitleLocationOriginal air dateUSA (Sprout/Universal Kids) air date
53"It Came From Hong Kong" Hong Kong3 April 2017 (2017-04-03)TBA

Jett and Shun Yip think there's a monster destroying the city. Can they find out if it's a real monster or an actor in disguise?

Package item: A kung fu hero costume for Shun Yip
Word of this episode: ("Ging"; Cool) in Cantonese
Super Wings helpers: Paul, Mira, and Astra
Note: Sky is in charge of running the airport, because her uncle, Jimbo has retired.
Also, This episode was first aired in Canada on September 2, 2017.
54"Yeti Quest" Bhutan3 April 2017 (2017-04-03)TBA

Jett and Dema have to find a yeti, but there's a panda cub in danger. How will they save him?

Package item: A first aid kit for Dema
Word of this episode: ("Kuzu Zangpo"; Hello) in Dzongkha
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy and Chase
Note: This episode was first aired in Canada on September 2, 2017.
55"Swimming Pigs"The Bahamas Big Major Cay4 April 2017 (2017-04-04)TBA

There's a storm coming, and the pigs have to get back to shore. How will Jett and his friends save the day?

Package items: A snorkeling mask for Jermaine and a floatie for a piglet
Word of this episode: Tru Tru (Okay) in Bahamian Creole
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy, Donnie, and Mira
Note: This episode was first aired in Canada on September 3, 2017.
56"The Great Inflate"Greece Athens4 April 2017 (2017-04-04)TBA

Nikos uses a muscle suit to fight against hydra, but the muscle suit goes outta control. How will the super wings stop it?

Package item: A muscle suit for Nikos
Word of this episode: Καλώς Ορίσατε ("Kalos Orisate"; Welcome) in Greek
Super Wings helpers: Donnie and Jerome
Note: This episode was first aired in Canada on September 3, 2017.
57"Team Tango"Argentina Buenos Aires5 April 2017 (2017-04-05)TBA

Julieta's mother orders dancing skirts for her daughter, so Julieta can have dancing lessons, but she needs to play soccer. What will Julieta do?

Package item: Dancing skirts for Julieta
Word of this episode: Vamos A Bailar (Let's Dance) in Spanish
Super Wings helpers: Jerome and Paul
Note: This episode was first aired in Canada on September 9, 2017.
58"Tip Of The Iceberg"United States/Alaska Alaska5 April 2017 (2017-04-05)TBA

Yaari drives Tippy across the sea, but Tippy gets stuck between two icebergs. How will Jett and his super wing friends save the day?

Package items: A sea captain's hat and a telescope for Yaari
Word of this episode: Chiku (Iceberg) in Yup'ik
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy and Bello
Note: This episode was first aired in Canada on September 9, 2017.
59"Alp Help"  Switzerland6 April 2017 (2017-04-06)TBA

Lena and Biggie ride on the Heinz, but Heinz goes to wrong way, and becomes derailed. Can Jett and friends get Heinz back on the train track?

Package item: A St. Bernard keg for Lena's dog, Biggie
Word of this episode: Bis Spöter (See You Later) in Swiss German
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy and Todd
Note: This episode was first aired in Canada on September 10, 2017.
60"Think Big" Peru6 April 2017 (2017-04-06)TBA

Mayta and Jett are ready to draw something big in the ground, but it takes forever. What will Jett and Mayta do?

Package items: A remote control camera copter for Mayta
Word of this episode: Sulpayki (Thank you) in Quechuan
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy, Donnie, Jerome, Todd, and Poppa Wheels
Note: This episode was first aired in Canada on September 10, 2017.
61"Dubai Fly By"United Arab Emirates Dubai7 April 2017 (2017-04-07)TBA

Saeed and Jett visit Saeed's mother, who's a construction worker, but Hamad knocks off a piece of a building. Can Jett and his friends stop the accident?

Package item: A tool kit for Saeed
Word of this episode: شكر ("Shukran"; Thank you) in Arabic
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy, Donnie, and Todd
62"The Jeju Giant"South Korea Jeju Island7 April 2017 (2017-04-07)TBA

Tae-Hun's project is finished for the science festival, but Seo-Yoon's robot goes outta control. What will Jett, Tae-Hun, and Seo-Yoon do?

Package item: Last Pieces for Tae-Hun's Project
Word of this episode: ("Umbrang Hoda"; Awesome) in Jeju
Super Wings helpers: Donnie and Astra
63"Panda-Monium"China Chengdu8 April 2017 (2017-04-08)TBA

Wen and his father in panda costumes and Jett find out that Min disappeared. Can they bring her back?

Package item: A panda costume for Wen
Words of this episode: 好 ("Hǎo"; Good) and 很好 ("Hěn hǎo"; Very Good) in Mandarin Chinese
Super Wings helpers: Paul and Grand Albert
64"The Large Little Laddie"Republic of Ireland Dublin8 April 2017 (2017-04-08)TBA

Kian wants to be a giant, but Aiden knocks over Grand Albert's invention, that makes become a giant. What will Jett, Donnie, Grand Albert, and Kian do?

Package item: A pair of stilts for Kian
Word of this episode: Slán (Goodbye) in Irish
Super Wings helpers: Donnie and Grand Albert
65"Tricky Trolls"Norway Bergen9 April 2017 (2017-04-09)TBA

Hilda's picnic basket gets taken by someone, and Jett and Hilda wonder if they are trolls. How will they get the picnic basket back?

Package item: A picnic basket for Hilda
Word of this episode: Kjempegoat (Delicious) in Norwegian
Super Wings helpers: Bello, Grand Albert, and Todd
66"Magno Dino"Canada Drumheller9 April 2017 (2017-04-09)TBA

A dinosaur skeleton is finished to be put in a museum, but a dinosaur skeleton goes after the tow-truck with a magnet. What will Jett, Donnie, Paul, and Justin do?

Package item: An excavation kit for Justin
Word of this episode: Kerfuffle (Problem)
Super Wings helpers: Donnie and Paul
67–68"Trip to Times Past"France Dordogne15 April 2017 (2017-04-15)TBA

Jett, Grand Albert, and Margot go back in time to see a real mammoth, but a mother mammoth thinks they's bad guys, until a mother mammoth gets stuck in the hole in the ice. What will Jett, Grand Albert, Margot, and Erk do?

Package item: A cave painting kit for Margot, then for Erk
Word of this episode: Bon Voyage (Have a good trip) in French
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy, Donnie, and Grand Albert
Note: 2-part episode; Margot gives away a cave painting kit to Erk, maybe she will order another one.
69"House of Ghoulies"United States/New York (state) Sleepy Hollow16 April 2017 (2017-04-16)TBA

It is Halloween in New York. Irving and Jett check out the haunted mansion, but they are scary creatures inside. What will Jett and Irving do?

Package item: A skeleton costume for Irving
Phrase of this episode: Trick or Treat
Super Wings helpers: Jerome and Bello
70"Junior Detective"United Kingdom/England London16 April 2017 (2017-04-16)TBA

Archie and Jett have to find a toy alligator. How will Jett and Archie get it back?

Package item: A detective kit for Archie
Word of this episode: Blimey (Oh, my!) in British English
Super Wings helpers: Mira and Chase
71"Home Run Julio" Cuba16 April 2017 (2017-04-16)TBA

Julio has a baseball lesson, but a meteor is heading toward the baseball stadium. What will Jett and Julio do?

Package item: A baseball bat for Julio
Word of this episode: Jonrón (Home Run) in Cuban Spanish
Super Wings helper: Grand Albert
72"Waffle Mix-Up" Belgium22 April 2017 (2017-04-22)TBA

Jules and his grandmother are making a giant waffle, but Jett accidentally adds too much yeast. Can Donnie stop the disaster?

Package item: A giant waffle iron for Jules and his grandmother
Word of this episode: Groot (Big) in Flemish
Super Wings helpers: Donnie, Todd, and Poppa Wheels
73"The Super Seven"United States/Wyoming Wyoming22 April 2017 (2017-04-22)TBA

Susanna lets her friends take a train, but a steam engine gets too much sun power. How will Jett, Dizzy, and Donnie save the day?

Package item: A golden lasso for Susanna
Word of this episode: Giddy Up
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy and Donnie
74"Whale Tale" Fiji23 April 2017 (2017-04-23)TBA

Jett is on his way to Fiji to deliver a package to a girl named Tima cause it has what she and her friends need to dance in the Hibiscus Festival. But, suddenly, out of nowhere, a big whale emerged from the sea and swallowed up Jett! Would Jett find a way to get outta the whale and make his delivery?

Package items: Three whales on sticks for Tima and her two friends
Word of this episode: Bula (Hello) in Fijian
Super Wings helpers: Mira and Chase
75–76"The Bermuda Blunder"United Kingdom/Bermuda Hamilton23 April 2017 (2017-04-23)TBA

Jett is on his way to deliver a package to a boy named Aaron when he is suddenly caught in a terrible storm. He loses his package and is struck by lightning knocking him into the ocean and disabling his communications with World Airport. Can Jett be rescued from the Bermuda Triangle?

Package item: A birthday cake for Aaron
Word of this episode: Crisp (Stylish) in Bermudian English
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy, Mira, and Chase
Note: 2-part episode; Flip debuts in this episode
77"Laugh, Prince, Laugh"Liechtenstein Vaduz28 April 2017 (2017-04-28)TBA

A girl named Allesia ordered a laughing kit to participate in the laughing contest in order to make a serious prince laugh. When she arrives to the castle, she was nervous about performing against the other participants. Can Jett be part of Allesia's comedic act?

Package item: A laugh kit for Allesia
Words of this episode: Ja (Yes) and Nein (No) in German
Super Wings helpers: Jerome and Grand Albert
78"Piano Panic"Austria Salzburg24 April 2017 (2017-04-24)TBA

Oswald has a big piano concert today, but the large piano is too big for him to play by himself. What will Jett and Oswald do?

Package item: A tuxedo for Oswald
Word of this episode: Schön (Beautiful) in German
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy, Donnie, and Jerome
79"Mission On Mars"Chile Chile, Mars9 September 2017 (2017-09-09)TBA

Catalina orders a package for her pen pal, Vo, who lives on Mars, but there's no pen pal on Mars. What will Jett, Donnie, Astra, and Catalina do?

Package item: A stuffed chilla in a spacesuit for Vo
Phrase of this episode: Mucho Gusto (Nice to meet you) in Spanish
Super Wings helpers: Donnie and Astra
80"Christmas Down Under"Australia Sydney9 September 2017 (2017-09-09)6 October 2017

It's Christmas in Australia, Jett and Nicole put up the Christmas stuff, but Santa Claus and his reindeer get tired. Will Jett and Nicole deliver more presents?

Package items: Three Christmas stockings for Nicole and her parents
Words of this episode: Boomer (Kangaroo) and Chrissie (Christmas) in Australian English
Super Wings helpers: Donnie, Bello, and Astra
81"Drills And Thrills"Singapore Singapore9 September 2017 (2017-09-09)TBA

Rina wants to visit Raul, but Raul on the other side of the earth. What will Jett and Rina do?

Package item: A heavy-duty shovel for Rina
Word of this episode: Sweeswee (Pretty) in Tamil
Super Wings helper: Todd
82"The Dragon Flies"Poland Kraków10 September 2017 (2017-09-10)TBA

Jett, Emilia, and Adash get ready for a dragon festival, but a fly distracts them. How will Jett and Emilia stop the disaster?

Package items: A knight costume for Emilia and a pair of dragon wings for her lizard, Adash
Word of this episode: Cześć (Hello) in Polish
Super Wings helpers: Astra and Chase
83"Sniff Test"Malaysia Kuching10 September 2017 (2017-09-10)TBA

Noriah is have a collection of smells. How will Jett, Noriah and her parents find the big, smelly flower?

Package item: A scent brush for Noriah
Words of this episode: Besar (Big) and Kecil (Small) in Malay
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy and Todd
84"The Pumpkin Roll"Germany Ludwigsburg11 September 2017 (2017-09-11)TBA

Jett, Max, and his grandfather have to take a giant pumpkin to the pumpkin festival, but a pumpkin rolls away. How will Jett and Max stop the huge pumpkin?

Package items: Three plastic face parts for Max's pumpkin
Word of this episode: Kürbis (Pumpkin) in German
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy, Paul, and Chase
85"Doubles Trouble"Indonesia Indonesia10 October 2017 (2017-10-10)TBA

There's a badminton tournament, but Dimas and Dian have got into a big fight. How will Jett and Dimas and Dian's mother find a way to let Dimas and Dian play together?

Package items: Two badminton uniforms for Dimas and Dian
Phrase of this episode: Terima Kasih (Thank You) in Indonesian
Super Wings helpers: Astra and Flip
Note: Ray has reappeared.
86"Snow on the Go"Namibia Namibia10 October 2017 (2017-10-10)TBA

Ndapana has a package from her friend, Stig from Finland, but she knows it never snows in Namibia, until Donnie builds a giant snow globe, and Astra adds snow inside, but the giant snow globe rolls over. What will Jett, Donnie, Astra, and Ndapana do?

Package item: A snow globe for Ndapana
Word of this episode: Ongaipe (Hello) in Ovambo
Super Wings helpers: Donnie, Bello, and Astra
Note: Stig has reappeared.
87"Memaid Melody"Denmark Copenhagen11 October 2017 (2017-10-11)TBA

Jett, Mira, and Sofia go underwater to find a mermaid, but they saw an oil ship leaking. How will Jett and Mira save the day?

Package item: A waterproof recorder for Sofia
Phrases of this episode: Tak (Thank you) and Selv Tak (You're welcome) in Danish
Super Wings helper: Mira
88"Dalmatian Doggercise"Croatia Dubrovnik17 October 2017 (2017-10-17)TBA

Ivan lets Luna doggercise, but Luna gets away, after Jerome accidentally throws a ball too far away. How will Jett, Jerome, and Ivan get Luna back?

Package items: Two exercise outfits for Ivan and his dog, Luna
Word of this episode: Bok (Hello) in Croatian
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy and Jerome
89"Barcelona Birdhouse"Spain Barcelona18 October 2017 (2017-10-18)TBA

Martha builds a birdhouse for a bird to live in, but the birdhouse is too small for other birds, so she and Jett have to build a giant birdhouse, but it takes too long. What will Martha and Jett do?

Package items: Recycled materials for Martha's birdhouse
Words of this episode: Sisplau (Please) and Gràcies (Thank you) in Catalan
Super Wings helpers: Donnie, Jerome, Bello, and Poppa Wheels
90"Cat in the Box"Japan Tokyo24 October 2017 (2017-10-24)TBA

Satomi's cat Tora gets taken to the recycling center by mistake. How will Jett, Satomi and her mother get Tora back?

Package item: A cat toy for Satomi's cat, Tora
Words of this episode: どこ (Doko?; Where?) and あそこ (Asoko; Over There) in Japanese
Super Wings helpers: Donnie and Paul
91"Weather or Not"Tonga Tonga25 October 2017 (2017-10-25)TBA

Ofa and her Super Wings friends make their own weather forecast, until a tornado arrives, and Ofa tries to warn everyone, but no one believes her. What will Jett, Donnie, Jerome, Poppa Wheels, and Ofa do?

Package item: A microphone for Ofa
Word of this episode: Alotamaki (Bad Weather) in Tongan
Super Wings helpers: Donnie, Jerome, and Poppa Wheels
92–93"Very Special Delivery"South Korea South Korea, Antarctica Antarctica1 November 2017 (2017-11-01)TBA

Rana's parents are divorced, because Rana's mother lives in Antarctica, and Rana's father lives in South Korea, so Jett has to deliver a songpyeon to Rana's mother, but a snowstorm causes him to get stuck. What will Jett do?

Package items: Ingredients for Rana and her father and a songpyeon for Rana's mother
Word of this episode: 오늘 (Oneul; Today) in Korean
Super Wings helpers: Paul, Chase, and Neo
Note: 2-part episode; Neo debuts in this episode
94"Ballet Day"Russia Siberia11 November 2017 (2017-11-11)TBA

Nadya and her Super Wings friends are able to dance ballet, but Nadya's father needs help getting back home. Can Nadya and her Super Wings friends save the day?

Package item: A jeweled egg music box for Nadya
Words of this episode: Спасибо ("Spasibo"; Thank you) and Пожалуйста ("Pozhaluysta"; You're welcome) in Russian
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy, Jerome, and Flip
95"The Sheep Heap"New Zealand New Zealand15 November 2017 (2017-11-15)TBA

Peter works as a substitute shepherd, and Jett makes the sheep go over the cliff. How will Jett, Peter, and Hine get them back?

Package item: A shepherd's staff for Peter
Word of this episode: Kia Ora (Hi) in Māori
Super Wings helpers: Jerome and Flip
96"Blockosaurus Park"Romania Romania15 November 2017 (2017-11-15)TBA

Iulia's grandfather makes the mechanical robot dinosaurs come to live, but all except Rex go hay-wired, because of the rain. How will Jett, Noah, and Iulia save the day?

Package item: A mechanical key for Iulia's grandfather
Word of this episode: Uimitor (Amazing) in Romanian
Super Wings helpers: Donnie, Jerome, Flip, and Poppa Wheels
Note: Noah and Rex have reappeared.
97"The Trouble With Trompos"Colombia Colombia16 November 2017 (2017-11-16)TBA

Gabriel and his older sister Rosana and Jett are going to meet their friends, but, after building a new bridge, and getting Gabriel's trompo back from a monkey, it's getting late. How will Gabriel, Rosana, and their Super Wings friends make it on time?

Package item: A trompo for Gabriel
Word of this episode: Amigos (Friends) in Spanish
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy and Donnie
98"Mangrove Mess"Cambodia Cambodia16 November 2017 (2017-11-16)TBA

Nita and her father and Jett have to get all the waterproof toys outta the river, but there are too many of them, What will Jett, Nita, and her father do?

Package items: Two scoop nets for Nita and her father
Words of this episode: ទៅ (Tow; Go) and បញ្ឈប់ (Banhchhob; Stop) in Khmer
Super Wings helpers: Mira, Grand Albert, and Todd
99"There's No Place Like Rome"Italy Rome17 November 2017 (2017-11-17)TBA

Giuseppe wants a new bike, but a package is for his two younger sisters, who are twins. After that, Giuseppe makes Jett go too fast on the carriage. What will Jett and Giuseppe do?

Package item: A chariot stroller for Maria and Francesca
Word of this episode: Veloce (Fast) in Italian
Super Wings helpers: Jerome and Chase
100"Speed Hump"Qatar Doha26 November 2017 (2017-11-26)TBA

Maryam and her camel Ziz are getting ready for the camel fashion show, but Ziz trips into a wheelbarrow, and runs off. How will Jett and Maryam save the day?

Package item: A new hat for Maryam's camel, Ziz
Word of this episode: جيد (Jayyed; Good) in Arabic
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy and Flip
101"The Spy Who Surprised Me"South Africa Cape Town27 November 2017 (2017-11-27)TBA

It's Unathi's birthday, and Jett and Chase hope they will let Unathi's classmates be invited to the party, but the invitations to Unathi's birthday party get blown into the sea. What will Jett and Chase do?

Package item: A spy watch for Unathi
Word of this episode: Molo (Hello) in Xhosa
Super Wings helpers: Donnie, Roy, and Chase
102"Great Wall of Go"China China28 November 2017 (2017-11-28)TBA

Yi enters the race called the great wall of go, but the battery goes dead. What will Yi and his pit crew do?

Package item: A battery for Yi's go-cart, Clean Green Machine
Word of this episode: 真棒 (Zhēn bàng; Awesome) in Mandarin Chinese
Super Wings helpers: Donnie, Poppa Wheels, and Flip
Note: Sammy has reappeared.
103"Trojan Course"Turkey Istanbul30 November 2017 (2017-11-30)TBA

Mehmet has a race of Children's Day, until there are four kids left, but the big rolling horse is driven outta the race by mistake. How will Jett save the day?

Package item: None for Mehmet
Words of this episode: Acele et (Hurry Up) and Hoşça kal (Goodbye) in Turkish
Super Wings helpers: Dizzy, Donnie, Paul, Big Wing, and Poppa Wheels
Note: Some children from the previous episodes have reappeared.
104"Loch Ness on Ice"United Kingdom/Scotland Scotland30 December 2017 (2017-12-30)TBA

Callum and his super wing friends are playing curling, but the curling stone with Nessie's children go too far. How will Callum, Nessie, and their Super Wings friends get them back?

Package item: A curling stone for Callum
Word of this episode: Wee (Little) in Scots language
Super Wings helpers: Astra and Flip
Note: Callum and Nessie have reappeared.

Season 3 - Mission Teams (2018-19)[edit]

{{Episode table |background=#ABEB80 |overall=10 |title=25 |aux1=25 |aux1T=Location |airdate=20 |altdate=20 |altdateT=USA (Universal Kids) air date |episodes=

105"Wild Horse Heroes"Argentina Patagonia1 September 2018 (2018-09-01)TBA Package item: TBA
Word of this episode: TBA
Super Wings helping team: ? 106"Treehouse Trouble"CanadaBritish Columbia1 September 2018 (2018-09-01)TBA Package item: TBA
Word of this episode: TBA
Super Wings helping team: ? 107"Baursaki Blast-Off"KazakhstanKazakhstan2 September 2018 (2018-09-02)TBA Package item: TBA
Word of this episode: TBA
Super Wings helping team: Galaxy Wings (Astra, Astro) 108"Lost In the Everglades"TBA2 September 2018 (2018-09-02)TBA Package item: TBA
Word of this episode: TBA
Super Wings helping team: Wild Team (Mira, Swampy)Big Bug Problem.A small bug growns into giant!Dizzy and Zoey help...Big Bug Problem. ...The special drink for bugs and the Help Team help Jett in the special situation!


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