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Outline of map of Oregon with colored dots representing the location of Superfund sites in the state
Map of superfund sites in Arizona

This is a list of Superfund sites in Arizona designated under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) environmental law. The CERCLA federal law of 1980 authorized the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to create a list of polluted locations requiring a long-term response to clean up hazardous material contaminations.[1] These locations are known as Superfund sites, and are placed on the National Priorities List (NPL). The NPL guides the EPA in "determining which sites warrant further investigation" for environmental remediation.[2] As of May 1, 2010, there were nine Superfund sites on the National Priorities List in Arizona.[2] Three other sites have been cleaned up and removed from it; no sites are currently proposed for addition to the NPL.[2]

Superfund sites[edit]

  Deleted from National Priorities List
  Not on National Priorities List
CERCLIS ID Name County Reason Proposed Listed[3] Construction
AZD980695969 Abandoned Uranium Mines Navajo Nation Physical hazards and uranium contamination from 520 abandoned uranium mines.[7]
AZD008399263 Apache Powder Company Cochise Groundwater contaminated with arsenic, fluoride, nitrate, and perchlorate. Soil contaminated with arsenic, antimony, barium, beryllium, chromium, lead, manganese, nitrate, 2,4-DNT, 2,6-DNT, lead, vanadium pentoxide, paraffins, and TNT from the commercial production of chemicals.[8][9][10] 06/10/1986 08/30/1990
AZD980735666 Hassayampa Landfill Maricopa Groundwater contamination by VOCs including haloalkanes, alkyl halides and toluene, from landfilling of hazardous waste. Soil contamination by VOCs, heavy metals, pesticides and lime wastes.[11] 06/10/1986 07/22/1987
AZD980695969 Indian Bend Wash Area Maricopa Groundwater contamination (and isolated soil contamination) by VOCs including TCE and PCE from former industrial disposal practices.[12][13] 12/30/1982 09/08/1983
AZ0000309013 Iron King Mine - Humboldt Smelter Yavapai Arsenic contamination of soil, sediments, surface water and ground water, including several private wells and one municipal well. Arsenic and lead contamination of soil in residential yards.[14] 03/19/2008 09/03/2008
AZ0570024133 Luke Air Force Base Maricopa Soil and potential groundwater contamination with waste oils and VOCs from base operations.[15] 07/14/1989 08/30/1990
AZD009004177 Motorola, Inc. (52nd Street Plant) Maricopa Soil and groundwater contamination by various chlorinated hydrocarbons used as solvents.[16] 10/15/1984 10/04/1989
AZD980735724 Mountain View Mobile Home Estates Gila Asbestos contamination of soil and air from asbestos milling operations.[17] 12/30/1982 09/08/1983
AZD980496780 Nineteenth Avenue Landfill Maricopa Landfill site, containing some hazardous waste, was at risk from leaching, river erosion and flooding. Low-level groundwater contamination.[18] 12/30/1982 09/08/1983
AZD980695902 Phoenix-Goodyear Airport Area Maricopa Groundwater contamination by chromium, solvents, TCE and other VOCs.[19] 12/30/1982 09/08/1983
AZD980737530 Tucson International Airport Area Pima Groundwater contamination by TCE and some other substances.[20] 12/30/1982 09/08/1983
AZ7570028582 Williams Air Force Base Maricopa Groundwater contamination by light non-aqueous phase liquids and VOCs; soil contaminated by VOCs, PCBs and pesticides from past disposal practices.[21] 07/14/1989 11/21/1989
AZ0971590062 Yuma Marine Corps Air Station Yuma Asbestos soil contamination and groundwater contamination by PCE, TCE and DCE.[22] 06/24/1988 02/21/1990

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