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This is a list of Superfund sites in Louisiana designated under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) environmental law. The CERCLA federal law of 1980 authorized the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to create a list of polluted locations requiring a long-term response to clean up hazardous material contaminations.[1] These locations are known as Superfund sites, and are placed on the National Priorities List (NPL). The NPL guides the EPA in "determining which sites warrant further investigation" for environmental remediation.[2] As of May 3, 2010, there were nine Superfund sites on the National Priorities List in Louisiana.[2] Three more sites have been proposed for entry on the list and eleven others have been cleaned up and removed from it.[2]

Superfund sites[edit]

  Proposed for addition to National Priorities List
  Deleted from National Priorities List
CERCLIS ID Name Parish Reason Proposed Listed[3] Construction
LAD981056997 Agriculture Street Landfill Orleans A former city disposal area was partially redeveloped, with around 390 houses. Groundwater, which is not used by humans, is contaminated by metals. Soil is contaminated by lead, arsenic and carcinogenic PAHs. Contaminated topsoil has been removed and subsoil and waste has been capped.[7][8][9] 08/23/1994
LAD000239814 American Creosote Works, Inc. (Winn Parish) Winn Soil and groundwater contamination by PCP, carcinogenic PAHs and creosote.[10] 02/07/1992
LAD980745632 Bayou Bonfouca St. Tammany Former wood treatment operations caused severe creosote and PAH contamination of the bayou and its sediments. Approximately 1.5 miles of the bayou were rendered biologically sterile and divers suffered second-degree chemical burns from the contamination.[11] 12/30/1982
LAD980745541 Bayou Sorrel Site Iberville Soil and sediments were contaminated by the dumping of process wastes from pesticide and herbicide manufacturing, sulfide-contaminated waste from hydrocarbon processing and exploration and spent wash from industrial equipment cleaning.[12] 12/30/1982
LAD008187940 Central Wood Preserving Co. East Feliciana Soil and sediment contamination by arsenic, copper, chromium and creosote from former wood treatment operations.[13] 01/19/1999
LAD980501456 Cleve Reber Ascension Former municipal and industrial landfill site had exposed, deteriorating and possibly exploded drums containing sulfur, asphalt, tars, plastics, and oily wastes including hexachlorobenzene and hexachlorobutadiene. The site also contained further buried drums, four ponds and piles of solid waste. Groundwater was contaminated and there was potential for contamination of the deep drinking water aquifer.[14][15] 12/30/1982
LAD072606627 Combustion, Inc. Livingston A former waste oil recycling facility contained above- and below-ground storage tanks, associated buildings and storage ponds. Groundwater is contaminated by VOCs. Contaminated soil and wastes from tanks and buildings have been removed, the tanks and buildings have been demolished and contaminated surface water has been treated and discharged.[16] 06/20/1986 06/24/1988
LAD052510344 Delatte Metals Tangipahoa Soil contamination by lead from former battery recycling operations. Groundwater contamination by lead and acid does not affect underlying drinking water aquifer.[17] 07/28/1988
LAD981155872 Devil's Swamp Lake East Baton Rouge Lakewater and a drainage ditch leading to a former industrial site are contaminated by PCBs.[18] 03/08/2004
LAD981058019 D.L. Mud, Inc. Vermilion Soil and sludges were contaminated by barium, mercury, chromium, arsenic, lead, zinc and petroleum-related hydrocarbons from a former drilling mud processing facility.[19] 06/24/1988
LAD980879449 Dutchtown Treatment Plant Ascension Waste oil, soil and surface water were contaminated by benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene, xylene and lead. Waste oil has been removed and incinerated, surface water has been treated and soil has been washed and stabilized.[20] 01/22/1987
LAD980750137 Gulf Coast Vacuum Services Vermilion Sludge and shallow groundwater was contaminated by benzene, toluene, mercury, lead, chromium, arsenic, barium and various organic compounds. Soil was contaminated by arsenic and barium.[21] 06/24/1988
LAD985169317 Gulf State Utilities-North Ryan Street Calcasieu River sediments contaminated by PAHs from coal gasification operations and site soil contaminated by PAHs, VOCs and PCBs from coal gasification and former landfill activities.[22] 02/13/1995
LAD981054075 Highway 71/72 (Old Citgo) Refinery Bossier A former oil refinery site has been redeveloped. Soil contaminated by lead has been removed from the site. Benzene contamination of indoor air in some properties has been rectified. Groundwater is contaminated by a light non-aqueous phase liquid layer.[23]
LAD981054075 Lincoln Creosote Bossier Soil contamination by creosote-related PAHs, semi-volatile organic compounds, PCP, chromium, copper and arsenic has been remediated by replacing the contaminated soil with clean soil.[24] 01/18/1994
Withdrawn 07/28/1998
LA0213820533 Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant Webster Groundwater is contaminated with RDX and TNT. Contaminated soils and sludges have been incinerated but there is the possibility of soil contamination by VOCs, explosives and metals in other areas of the plant.[25] 10/15/1984
LAD981522998 Madisonville Creosote Works St. Tammany Soil and groundwater contamination by PAHs from a defunct wood treatment facility. Over 12,000 gallons of creosote have so far been recovered from a dense non-aqueous phase liquid layer below the site.[26] 06/17/1996
LA0000187518 Mallard Bay Landing Bulk Plant Cameron Waste sludge in tanks at an inactive oil refinery and storage facility contained elevated levels of VOCs and heavy metals and nearby wetland sediment was contaminated by heavy metals. The site has been dismantled, waste sludges have been incinerated and contaminated soil and sediments have been disposed of appropriately.[27] 05/11/2000
LAD008473142 Marion Pressure Treating Union Creosote waste was removed from the site of a former wood treatment facility in 1997 and contaminated soil and debris was placed in a containment area on site and made safe. However, erosion now threatens the containment area. Low-level soil and creek sediment PAH contamination may remain.[28] 01/22/1999
LAD980745533 Old Inger Oil Refinery Ascension Soil, waste oil sludges and on-site surface water were contaminated by VOCs, PAHs and heavy metals from oil refinery waste processing and a spill that caused the site to be abandoned.[29][30] 12/30/1982
LAD980749139 PAB Oil & Chemical Service, Inc. Vermilion A disposal facility for drilling mud and other oilfield waste contained soil, sludges, surface water and sediments contaminated with elevated levels of barium, arsenic and PAHs.[31] 06/24/1988
LAD057482713 Petro-Processors of Louisiana, Inc. East Baton Rouge Soil, surface water and sediments at two petrochemical waste disposal sites contaminated by chlorinated hydrocarbons, PAHs, heavy metals and oils. Groundwater was contaminated by a significant non-aqueous phase liquid layer, from which nearly one million gallons of organic compounds were recovered.[32] 09/08/1983
LAD985185107 Ruston Foundry Rapides Soil and slag contaminated by lead and antimony and asbestos-containing material waste have been removed to a hazardous waste landfill site. [33] 01/19/1999
LAD008149015 Southern Shipbuilding St. Tammany Soil was contaminated by lead, copper and other metals, PAHs, PCBs and asbestos. Sludges were contaminated by PAHs and sediments by tributyl tin. Surface water contamination was below levels requiring cleanup.[34] 02/13/1995

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