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The following is a list of Superfund sites in New Jersey designated as such under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA).


For decades it was standard practice to dump waste on the ground, in rivers or to leave it out in the open. As a result, thousands of uncontrolled or abandoned contaminated sites were created. Some common contaminated sites include abandoned warehouses, manufacturing facilities, processing plants and landfills. In response to growing concern over health and environmental risks posed by these contaminated sites, the 96th Congress established the Superfund program in 1980 to clean up these sites.

The Superfund program is administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in cooperation with individual states. In New Jersey, the Department of Environmental Protection's (NJDEP) Site Remediation Program oversees the Superfund program.

As of 10 March 2010,[dated info] there are 112 Superfund sites listed on the National Priorities List (NPL). Twenty-nine additional sites have been cleaned up and deleted from the list.

National Priorities List[edit]

Sites currently listed on the NPL:

Site Name Municipality County Listed Map CERCLIS ID Latitude Longitude
American Cyanamid Bridgewater Township Somerset 09/08/1983 Link NJD002173276 40.555560 -74.559450
A.O. Polymer Corporation Sparta Township Sussex 09/08/1983 Link NJD030253355 41.043563 -74.628153
Asbestos Dump Long Hill & Harding Township Morris 09/08/1983 Link NJD980654149 40.672009 -74.525725
Atlantic Resources Corporation Sayreville Borough Middlesex 09/05/2002 Link NJD981558430 40.48611 -74.31944
Bog Creek Farm Howell Township Monmouth 09/08/1983 Link NJD063157150 39.389839 -74.524042
Brick Township Landfill Brick Township Ocean 09/08/1983 Link NJD980505176
Bridgeport Rental & Oil Services, Inc. (BROS) Logan Township Gloucester 09/08/1983 Link NJD053292652
Brook Industrial Park Bound Brook Somerset 10/04/1989 Link NJD078251675
Burnt Fly Bog Marlboro Township Monmouth 09/08/1983 Link NJD980504997
Caldwell Trucking Company Fairfield Township Essex 09/08/1983 Link NJD048798953
Chemical Control Corporation Elizabeth City Union 09/08/1983 NJD000607481
Chemical Insecticide Corporation Edison Township Middlesex 08/30/1990 Link NJD980484653
Chemical Leaman Tank Lines, Inc. Logan Township Gloucester 09/21/1984 NJD047321443
Chemsol, Inc. Piscataway Township Middlesex 09/08/1983 NJD980528889
Ciba-Geigy Corporation Toms River Ocean 09/08/1983 NJD001502517
Cinnaminson Ground Water Contamination Cinnaminson Township Burlington 06/10/1986 Link NJD980785638
Combe Fill South Landfill Chester Township& Washington Township Morris 09/08/1983 Link NJD980530596
Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. South Plainfield Middlesex NJD981557879 40.576429 -74.412280
Cosden Chemical Coating Corporation Beverly City Burlington Link NJD000565531
CPS/Madison Industries Old Bridge Township Middlesex NJD002141190
Crown Vantage Landfill Alexandria Township Hunterdon NJN000204492
Curcio Scrap Metal, Inc. Saddle Brook Township Bergen Link NJD011717584
D’Imperio Property Hamilton Township Atlantic Link NJD980529416
DeRewal Chemical Company Kingwood Township Hunterdon NJD980761373
Diamond Alkali Company/Diamond Shamrock Newark City Essex NJD980528996
Diamond Head Oil Refinery Kearny Town Hudson NJD092226000
Dover Municipal Well #4 Dover Town Morris NJD980654131
Ellis Property Evesham Township Burlington NJD980529085
Emmells Septic Landfill Galloway Township Atlantic Link NJD980772727
Evor-Phillips Leasing Company Old Bridge Township Middlesex NJD980654222
Ewan Property Shamong Township Burlington NJD980761365
FAA Technical Center Egg Harbor & Galloway Township Atlantic Link NJ9690510020
Fair Lawn Well Fields Fair Lawn Borough Bergen Link NJD980654107
Federal Creosote Company Manville Borough Somerset NJ0001900281
Fort Dix Landfill Pemberton Township Burlington NJ2210020275
Franklin Burn Franklin Township Gloucester NJD986570992
Fried Industries, Inc. East Brunswick Township Middlesex NJD041828906
Garden State Cleaners Buena Borough Atlantic Link NJD053280160
GEMS Landfill Gloucester Township Camden NJD980529192
Global Landfill Old Bridge Township Middlesex NJD063160667
Goose Farm Plumsted Township Ocean NJD980530109
Helen Kramer Landfill Mantua Township Gloucester NJD980505366
Hercules, Inc. Greenwich Township Gloucester NJD002349058
Higgins Disposal Services, Inc. Kingston Somerset NJD053102232
Higgins Farm Franklin Township Somerset NJD981490261
Horseshoe Road Sayreville Borough Middlesex NJD980663678
Iceland Coin Laundry Area Ground Water Plume Vineland City Cumberland NJ0001360882
Imperial Oil Co./Champion Chemicals Marlboro Township Monmouth Link NJD980654099 40.38436 -74.24479
Jones Industrial Services Landfill (JIS) South Brunswick Township Middlesex NJD097400998
Kauffman & Minteer, Inc. Springfield Township Burlington NJD002493054
Kin-Buc Landfill Edison Township Middlesex NJD049860836
King of Prussia Landfill Winslow Township Camden NJD980505341
Landfill & Development Company (L&D) Mount Holly Township Burlington NJD048044325
Lang Property Pemberton Township Burlington NJD980505382
LCP Chemicals, Inc. Linden City Union NJD079303020
L.E. Carpenter Company Wharton Borough Morris NJD002168748
Lightman Drum Company Winslow Township Camden NJD014743678
Lipari Landfill Mantua Township Gloucester NJD980505416
Lone Pine Landfill Freehold Township Monmouth Link NJD980505424
Martin Aaron, Inc. Camden City Camden NJD014623854
Maywood Chemical Sites Maywood Borough, Rochelle Park Township & Lodi Borough Bergen Link NJD980529762
McGuire Air Force Base #1 New Hanover Township Burlington NJ0570024018
Middlesex Sampling Plant Middlesex Borough Middlesex NJ0890090012
Metaltec/Aerosystems Franklin Borough Sussex NJD002517472
Monitor Devices, Inc. Wall Township Monmouth Link NJD980529408
Montgomery Township Housing Development Montgomery Township Somerset NJD980654164
Myers Property Franklin Township Hunterdon NJD980654198
Nascolite Corporation Millville City Cumberland NJD002362705
Naval Air Engineering Center/Station Manchester Township Ocean NJ7170023744
Naval Weapons Station Earle Colts Neck & Howell Township Monmouth Link NJ0170022172
NL Industries, Inc. Oldmans Township Salem NJD061843249
Picatinny Arsenal Rockaway Township Morris NJ3210020704
PJP Landfill Jersey City Hudson NJD980505648
Pohatcong Valley Ground Water Contamination Washington & Franklin Township Warren NJD981179047
Price Landfill #1 Egg Harbor Township & Pleasantville City Atlantic Link NJD070281175
Puchack Well Field Pennsauken Township Camden NJD981084767
Quanta Resources Corporation Edgewater Borough Bergen Link NJD000606442
Radiation Technology, Inc. (RTI) Rockaway Township Morris NJD047684451
Reich Farm Toms River Ocean NJD980529713
Ringwood Mines landfill site Ringwood Borough Passaic 09/08/1983
Rockaway Borough Well Field Rockaway Borough Morris NJD980654115
Rockaway Township Wells Rockaway Township Morris NJD980654214
Rocky Hill Municipal Wells Rocky Hill Borough Somerset NJD980654156
Roebling Steel Florence Township Burlington NJD073732257
Rolling Knolls Landfill Chatham Township Morris NJD980505192
Sayreville Landfill Sayreville Borough Middlesex NJD980505754
Scientific Chemical Processing, Inc. (SCP Carlstadt)(Berrys Creek) Carlstadt Borough Bergen Link NJD070565403
Sharkey Landfill Parsippany Troy-Hills Township & East Hanover Morris NJD980505762
Shieldalloy Corporation Newfield Borough Gloucester NJD002365930
South Jersey Clothing Company Buena Borough Atlantic Link NJD980766828
Standard Chlorine Chemical Company, Inc. Kearny Town Hudson 09/19/2007 NJD002175057
Swope Oil & Chemical Company Pennsauken Township Camden NJD041743220
Syncon Resins Kearny Town Hudson NJD064263817
United States Radium Corporation Orange City Essex NJD980654172
United States Avenue Burn Gibbsboro Borough Camden NJ0001120799
Universal Oil Products (UOP) (Berrys Creek) East Rutherford Bergen Link NJD002005106
Ventron/Velsicol (Berrys Creek) Wood-Ridge, Carlstadt & Moonachie Bergen Link NJD980529879
Vineland Chemical Vineland City Cumberland NJD002385664
W. R. Grace & Company Wayne Township Passaic NJ1891837980
Waldick Aerospace Devices, Inc. Wall Township Monmouth Link NJD054981337
Welsbach/General Gas Mantle Camden & Gloucester Camden NJD986620995
White Chemical Company Newark City Essex NJD980755623
White Swan Cleaners/Sun Cleaners Area Ground Water Wall Township Monmouth Link NJSFN0204241
Williams Property Middle Township Cape May NJD980529945
Woodbrook Road Dump South Plainfield Borough Middlesex NJSFN0204260
Woodland Township Route 532 Dump Woodland Township Burlington NJD980505887
Woodland Township Route 72 Dump Woodland Township Burlington NJD980505879
Zschiegner Refining Company Howell Township Monmouth Link NJD986643153 40.145125 -74.199117

Proposed Sites[edit]

Sites Proposed for Addition to the NPL:

Site Name Municipality County Date Proposed Map CERCLIS ID Notes
Route 561 Dump Gibbsboro Borough Camden 07/28/1998 NJ0000453514 Sherwin Williams Property[2]
Mansfield Trail Dump Byram, New Jersey 10/21/2010 NJN000206345 Mansfield Trail Dump[3]

Deleted Sites[edit]

Sites deleted from the NPL:

Site Name Municipality County Date Listed Date Deleted Map CERCLIS ID Notes
Beachwood/Berkeley Wells Beachwood Borough& Berkeley Township Ocean 09/08/1983 01/06/1992 NJD980654123
Combe Fill North Landfill Mount Olive Township Morris 09/08/1983 06/02/2004 Link NJD980530596
Cooper Road Drum Dump Voorhees Township Camden 09/21/1984 02/22/1989 NJD980761381
Delilah Road Landfill Egg Harbor Township Atlantic 09/21/1984 10/13/2009 Link NJD980529002
Denzer & Schafer X-Ray Company Berkeley Township Ocean 09/08/1983 12/29/1998 NJD046644407
Florence Land Recontouring Incorporated Florence, Mansfield & Springfield Burlington 09/21/1984 05/13/2004 NJD980529143
Friedman Property Upper Freehold Township Monmouth 09/08/1983 03/07/1986 NJD980532832
Glen Ridge Radium Sites Glen Ridge Borough Essex 09/02/2009 NJD980785646
Grand Street Mercury Hoboken City Hudson 09/18/2007 NJ0001327733
Hopkins Farm Plumsted Township Ocean 08/27/2002 NJD980532840
Industrial Latex Wallington Borough Bergen 04/21/2003 Link NJD981178411
Jackson Township Landfill Jackson Township Ocean 09/13/1995 NJD980505283
Krysowaty Farm Hillsborough Township Somerset 02/22/1989 NJD980529838
Lodi Municipal Wells Lodi Borough Bergen 12/29/1998 NJD980769301
M&T Delisa Landfill Ocean Township Monmouth 03/21/1991 Link NJD085632164 Seaview Square Mall now on this area
Mannheim Avenue Landfill Galloway Township Atlantic 08/27/2007 Link NJD980654180
Monroe Township Landfill Monroe Township Middlesex 02/03/1994 NJD980505671
Montclair/ West Orange Radium Sites Montclair & West Orange Township Essex 09/02/2009 NJD980785653
Pepe Field Boonton Town Morris 07/11/2003 NJD980529598
Pijak Farm Plumsted Township Ocean 03/03/1997 NJD980532808
Pomona Oaks Well Contamination Galloway Township Atlantic 05/07/1998 Link NJD980769350 Residential Area
Renora, Inc. Edison Township Middlesex 03/20/2000 NJD070415005
Ringwood Mines Landfill Ringwood Borough Passaic 11/02/1994 NJD980529739 Relisted in 2006[1]
South Brunswick Township Landfill South Brunswick Township Middlesex 02/27/1998 NJD980530679 BFI
Spence Farm Plumsted Township Ocean 03/03/1997 NJD980532816
Tabernacle Drum Dump Tabernacle Township Burlington 05/08/2008 NJD980761357
Upper Deerfield Township Sanitary Landfill Upper Deerfield Township Cumberland 06/09/2000 NJD980761399
Vineland Developmental Center Vineland City Cumberland 05/07/1998 NJD980529887
Wilson Farm Plumsted Township Ocean 09/08/2009 NJD980532824
Witco Chemical Corporation Oakland Borough Bergen 09/29/1995 NJD045653854

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