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Superfund sites in New York are designated under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). CERCLA, a federal law passed in 1980, authorized the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to create a list of polluted locations requiring a long-term response to clean up hazardous material contaminations.[1] These locations are known as Superfund sites, and are placed on the National Priorities List (NPL). The NPL guides the EPA in "determining which sites warrant further investigation" for environmental remediation.[2] As of October, 2013, there were 87 Superfund sites on the NPL in New York.[2] Two new sites have been proposed for addition to the list, and 26 sites have been deleted from the list following cleanup.[2]

Superfund sites[edit]

      Proposed for addition to National Priorities List
      Deleted from National Priorities List
CERCLIS ID Site Name County Reason Proposed Listed Construction
NYD002066330 American Thermostat Co. Greene Ground water contaminated with volatile organic compounds, including tetrachloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethylene (TCE).[3] 12/30/1982 09/08/1983 09/25/1998
NY4571924451 Griffiss Air Force Base Oneida [4][5] 10/15/1984 07/22/1987
NYD000606947 Love Canal Niagara [6] 12/30/1982 09/08/1983 09/29/1999
NYD980763841 Hudson River PCBs Washington [7][8] 09/08/1983 09/21/1984
NYD986913580 Onondaga Lake Onondaga [9] 05/10/1993 12/16/1994
NYD980507495 Pfohl Brothers Landfill Erie [10] 05/10/1993 12/16/1994 09/27/2002
NYD980535652 Applied Environmental Services Nassau [11] 10/15/1984 06/10/1986 06/28/1996
NY0213820830 Seneca Army Depot Seneca [12][13] 07/14/1989 08/30/1990
NYN000206296 Black River PCBs Jefferson [14] 03/04/2010 09/29/2010
NYD000512335 Dewey Loeffel Landfill Rensselaer [15] 03/04/2010 03/10/2011
NY0001392463 Hudson Technologies, Inc. Rockland [16] 05/11/2000
NYN000206282 Newtown Creek Kings and Queens [17] 09/23/2009 09/27/2010
NYD980652275 Brewster Well Field Putnam [18] 12/30/1982 09/08/1983 04/11/1997
NY7890008975 Brookhaven National Laboratory (USDOE) Suffolk [19] 07/14/1989 11/21/1989
NYD980780670 Byron Barrel & Drum Genesee
NYD010968014 Carroll & Dubies Sewage Disposal Orange
NYN000204289 Cayuga County Ground Water Contamination Cayuga
NYD981184229 Circuitron Corp. Suffolk
NYD002044584 Claremont Polychemical Nassau
NYD980768691 Colesville Municipal Landfill Broome
NYD125499673 Computer Circuits Suffolk
NY0002455756 Consolidated Iron and Metal Orange
NYD980528475 Cortese Landfill Sullivan
NYD986965333 Crown Cleaners of Watertown, Inc. Jefferson
NYD067532580 Diaz Chemical Corporation Orleans
NYSFN0204190 Ellenville Scrap Iron and Metal Ulster
NYD980780746 Endicott Village Well Field Broome
NYD073675514 Facet Enterprises, Inc. Chemung
NYD000511857 FMC Corp. (Dublin Road Landfill) Orleans
NYD981560923 Forest Glen Mobile Home Subdivision Niagara
NY0000110247 Fulton Avenue Nassau
NYD980593099 Fulton Terminals Oswego
NYD981566417 GCL Tie & Treating Inc. Delaware
NYD980528335 GE Moreau Saratoga
NYD091972554 General Motors (Central Foundry Division) St. Lawrence
NYD002050110 Genzale Plating Co. Nassau
NYD980768717 Goldisc Recordings, Inc. Suffolk
NYN000206222 Gowanus Canal Kings [20] 04/09/2009 03/04/2010
NYD980785661 Haviland Complex Dutchess
NYD980780779 Hertel Landfill Ulster
NYD981560915 Hiteman Leather Herkimer
NYD000831644 Hooker (Hyde Park) Niagara Occidental Petroleum bought Hooker Chemical & Plastics Corp. in 1968.[21] 12/30/1982 09/08/1983 07/18/2003
NYD980651087 Hooker (S Area) Niagara Occidental Petroleum bought Hooker Chemical & Plastics Corp. in 1968.[22] 12/30/1982 09/08/1983 09/18/2002
NYD002920312 Hooker Chemical & Plastics Corp./Ruco Polymer Corp. Nassau Occidental Petroleum bought Hooker Chemical & Plastics Corp. in 1968.[23] 10/15/1984 06/10/1986
NY0001095363 New Cassel/Hicksville Ground Water Contamination Nassau [24] 03/10/2011
NYD066813064 Hopewell Precision Area Contamination Dutchess
NYD980506901 Islip Municipal Sanitary Landfill Suffolk
NYD001344456 Jackson Steel Nassau
NYD980506927 Johnstown City Landfill Fulton
NYD000813428 Jones Chemicals, Inc. Livingston
NYD980650667 Kentucky Avenue Well Field Chemung
NYD002041531 Lawrence Aviation Industries, Inc. Suffolk
NYD986950251 Lehigh Valley Railroad Genesee [25] 07/28/1998 01/19/1999
NYD986882660 Li Tungsten Corp. Nassau
NYD000337295 Liberty Industrial Finishing Nassau
NY0001233634 Little Valley Cattaraugus [26] 10/02/1995 06/17/1996 09/29/2006
NYD013468939 Ludlow Sand & Gravel Oneida
NYD980753420 MacKenzie Chemical Works, Inc. Suffolk
NYD980535124 Malta Rocket Fuel Area Saratoga [1] 06/10/1986 07/22/1987 09/23/1999
NYD000512459 Mattiace Petrochemical Co., Inc. Nassau
NYD048148175 Mercury Refining, Inc. Albany
NYD986950012 Mohonk Road Industrial Plant Ulster
NYD000511451 Nepera Chemical Co., Inc. Orange
NYD980664361 Niagara Mohawk Power Co. (Saratoga Springs) Saratoga
NYD980531727 Old Bethpage Landfill Nassau
NYSFN0204234 Old Roosevelt Field Contaminated Groundwater Area Nassau
NYD980528657 Olean Well Field Cattaraugus
NYD991292004 Pasley Solvents & Chemicals, Inc. Nassau
NYN000204407 Peninsula Boulevard Ground Water Plume Nassau
NYD980530265 Peter Cooper Landfill Cattaraugus [27] 09/25/1997 03/06/1998
NYD980592547 Peter Cooper Corporation (Markhams) Cattaraugus [28] 04/23/1999 02/04/2000 11/25/2008
NY4571924774 Plattsburgh Air Force Base Clinton [29] 07/14/1989 11/21/1989
NYD000511659 Pollution Abatement Services Oswego
NYD980654206 Port Washington Landfill Nassau
NYD980768774 Preferred Plating Corp. Suffolk
NYD000511493 Ramapo Landfill Rockland
NYD980507735 Richardson Hill Road Landfill/Pond Delaware
NYD002232957 Robintech, Inc./National Pipe Co. Broome
NYD982272734 Rosen Brothers Scrap Yard/Dump Cortland
NYD981486954 Rowe Industries Gnd Water Contamination Suffolk
NYD980535165 Sarney Farm Dutchess
NYD980535181 Sealand Restoration, Inc. St. Lawrence
NYSFN0204269 Shenandoah Road Groundwater Contamination Dutchess [30] 01/11/2001 06/14/2001
NYD980507677 Sidney Landfill Delaware
NYD980535215 Sinclair Refinery Allegany
NY0002318889 Smithtown Ground Water Contamination Suffolk
NYD001533165 SMS Instruments, Inc. Suffolk [2] 10/15/1984 06/10/1986 01/31/1996
NYD980421176 Solvent Savers Chenango
NYD047650197 Stanton Cleaners Area Ground Water Contamination Nassau
NYD980509285 Tri-Cities Barrel Co., Inc. Broome
NYD980763767 Vestal Water Supply Well 1-1 Broome
NYD980509376 Volney Municipal Landfill Oswego
NYD049836679 Waste Management, Inc Niagara Hazardous waste constituents have been released to the fill/soil and groundwater beneath the facility, including volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds and polychlorinated biphenols (PCBs).[31] 09/1989
NYD000511733 York Oil Co. Franklin
NYD072366453 Action Anodizing, Plating, & Polishing Corp. Suffolk [32] 06/24/1988 03/31/1989 06/30/1992
NYD001485226 Anchor Chemicals Nassau
NYD980507693 Batavia Landfill Orleans
NYD980768675 BEC Trucking Broome
NYD980768683 BioClinical Laboratories, Inc. Suffolk
NYD981561954 C & J Disposal Leasing Co. Dump Madison
NYD000511576 Clothier Disposal Oswego
NYD981486947 Conklin Dumps Broome
NYD980506810 Hooker (102nd Street) Niagara
NYD980534556 Jones Sanitation Dutchess
NYD980780795 Katonah Municipal Well Westchester
NYD075784165 Kenmark Textile Corp. Suffolk
NYD010959757 Marathon Battery Corp. Putnam
NYD000514257 Niagara County Refuse Niagara
NYD980762520 North Sea Municipal Landfill Suffolk [3]
NYD001667872 Radium Chemical Co., Inc. Queens [4]
NYD980780878 Suffern Village Well Field Rockland
NYD000511360 Syosset Landfill Nassau
NYD002059517 Tronic Plating Co., Inc. Suffolk
NYD980652267 Vestal Water Supply Well 4-2 Broome
NYD980506679 Warwick Landfill Orange
NYD980652259 Wide Beach Development Erie

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