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Map of the tariff networks

The list of the Swiss tariff networks contains tariff networks with SBB participation.

Switzerland has had a national integrated ticketing system for over a hundred years.[citation needed] This, however, was limited to the regional and mainline services, as well as some tourist traffic. It is known that not uniform pricing schedule and the participation of the individual companies could be limited to certain parts of the entire network (single tickets, multi-journey tickets, season tickets, half-price tickets collective, etc.). In an effort to include local traffic and therefore resulted in a regional tariff networks, which initially covered only the subscriptions in the narrow context of larger cities. Thus it was unnecessary for commuters, two or three passes to purchase for their commute. To provide this benefit also to the other passengers emerged from this integral tariff networks, those that cover the whole range of tickets. This grew into regional or national associations, which continue the existing direct transport are superimposed.

The first regional integrated ticketing in Switzerland was the Tariff Association of North Western Switzerland (Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz, TNW), which was introduced in 1987. The first and only transport association[citation needed] is the Zurich Transport Network (Zürcher Verkehrsverbund, ZVV), in operation since 1990.[1] The stated aim is to establish a pan-Swiss ticketing.[citation needed]

Key to tables[edit]

  • Abbreviation: The abbreviation often begins with "T" or "TV" for Tarifverbund.
  • Full name and marketing name: Shows the official name first, followed by the marketing name, if any, in guillemets.
  • Regions: Areas included in the respective tariff network.
  • Population: The number of residents connected to the network (2007).[2]
  • Network length: The length of the entire route network in kilometers.[2]
  • Number of stops: The number of stops of a composite (2007).[2]

Networks with comprehensive ticket offerings[edit]

Abbreviation Full name and marketing name Regions Population Network length Number of stops
CTIFR Tarifverbund Freiburg[citation needed]
Freiburg, Vaud (only district Broye) 260,000 unknown 900
CTGE Tarifverbund Genf[citation needed]
Canton Geneva 445,000 450 1,522
CTM Comunità tariffale Ticino e Moesano
The canton of Ticino and the Moesano district of the canton of Graubünden 329,955 1,314 1,613
CTV Communauté tarifaire vaudoise
Canton Vaud 310,000 400 771
OTV Tarifverbund Ostwind[5][citation needed] Cantons Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Appenzell Innerrhoden, St. Gallen, Thurgau 750,000 2,700 2,704
TNW Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz
Cantons Basel-City and Basel-Landschaft, Aargau (only counties Rheinfelden and Laufenburg), Solothurn (only counties Dorneck and Thierstein) 545,000 1,919 1,009
TV-BE/SO Tarifverbund Bern-Solothurn[citation needed]
Canton Bern, southwestern part of the canton of Solothurn 670,000 1,620 1,710
TVAG Tarifverbund Aargau[citation needed]
Canton Aargau (with the exception of the districts Laufenburg and Rheinfelden), eastern part of the canton of Solothurn 607,000 unknown 1,576
TVLU Tarifverbund Luzern/Obwalden/Nidwalden[citation needed]
Cantons Lucerne, Obwalden, & Nidwalden 430,000 900 1,200
TVOEng Tarifverbund Oberengadin[9][citation needed] Canton Graubünden unknown unknown 62
TVSZ Tarifverbund Schwyz[citation needed]
Canton Schwyz (with the exception of the districts Höfe and March) 75,000 270 360
TVZG Tarifverbund Zug[citation needed]
Canton Zug 110,000 220 323
ZVV Zürcher Verkehrsverbund Canton Zürich
(and adjacent areas of the cantons Aargau, Schaffhausen, Schwyz, St. Gallen, Thurgau and Zug)
1,310,000 3,513 2,543

Networks offering transit passes only[edit]

Abbreviation Full name and marketing name Regions Population Network length Number of stops
CTJU Tarifverbund Jura[citation needed]
Canton Jura 90,000 342 318
CTNE Tarifverbund Neuenburg[citation needed]
«Onde Verte»[13][14]
Canton Neuchâtel 200,000 600 619
TVBI Tarifverbund Biel/Bienne[citation needed]
Agglomeration Biel, Region Grenchen, Berner Jura, Seeland 265,000 unknown 700
TVBO Tarifverbund Berner Oberland[citation needed]
Region Berner Oberland unknown unknown unknown
TVSH Tarifverbund Schaffhausen[citation needed]
Canton Schaffhausen 102,000 330 350
TVWZ Tarifverbund Wirtschaftsraum Zürich[citation needed]
Canton Zürich and the surrounding cantons 1,700,000 unknown unknown

Notes and references[edit]