List of Syrian Armenians

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This is a list of some famous Armenians in Syria.

Politics and military[edit]


Literature, history and journalism[edit]



Music, theatre and drama[edit]

  • George Tutunjian (1930, Aleppo – 2006, Montreal), renowned Armenian patriotic songs performer.
  • Aram Tigran (1934, Qamishli – 2009, Athens), famous Armenian singer among Kurds who sang primarily in Kurdish and Armenian.
  • Karnig Sarkissian (born 1953, Aleppo), renowned contemporary performer of Armenian revolutionary songs.
  • Paul Baghdadlian (1953, Aleppo – 2011, Glendale, California), worldwide Armenian singer.
  • Haig Yazdjian (born 1959, Aleppo), Greece-based Syrian-Armenian composer, vocalist and an Oud player.
  • Avraam Russo (born 1969, Aleppo), born as Apraham Ipjian, famous Syrian-Armenian singer in Russia.
  • Raffi Ohanian (born 1989, Aleppo), contemporary singer, the 2009–2010 winner of Hay Superstar TV hit show of the Idol series in Armenia.
  • Arsen Grigoryan Mro (born 1968, Al Qamishli), one of the most notable and famous Armenian Patriotic and National singers in Armenia and the diaspora.

Visual arts[edit]

Business and public activism[edit]


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