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This list contains video games created for the monochrome TRS-80 computers.

Model I and III[edit]

Name Year Developer Publisher Notes
The Adventure Series Scott Adams
Airmail Pilot Instant Software
Android Nim Leo Christoperson BASIC/ML hybrid
Ants!!![1] 1979 Brian Rotolante[2] Synergistic Solar Play: one queen ant presides over the top of the board while her opponent queen rests at the bottom, and each queen gets to produce offspring each turn to fight in the center of the screen.[3]
Apple Panic Funsoft clone
Armored Patrol Adventure International Battlezone clone
Asylum Med Systems
Attack Force Big Five Software Targ clone
Blockade Personal Software
Bowling Tandy Corporation
BREAKFORTH a type-in Breakout clone written in FORTH[4]
Bugs From Outer Space from a six-part series of articles in 80 Micro by Roger Smith
Castle Zhagwhar Keith Schuler
Clash Joust clone
Clowns and Balloons
Colossal Cave Adventure distributed by Microsoft
Conquest of Chesterwoode
Cosmic Fighter Big Five Software Astro Fighter clone
Cosmic Invaders Space Invaders clone
Cuthbert Goes Walkabout
Cyborg Bill Dunlevy and Douglas Frayer distributed by Computer Shack
Dancing Demon Leo Christopherson BASIC/ML hybrid
The Dancing Fool
The Datestones of Ryn
Death Maze 5000
Death Trap! Dick Smith Electronics
Defense Command Big Five Software non-scrolling clone of Defender
Demon Seed
Donkey Kong clone
Downland (video game)
Dungeons of Daggorath 1982 Tandy Corp.
Eliminator 1981 Adventure International Defender clone
Eliza Tandy Corporation psychiatrist Q&A simulation
Empire CLOAD based on Hamurabi and Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio
Empire: Wargame of the Century port in Z80 assembly, based on FORTRAN source
Football Manager Addictive Games
Formula One Tandy Corporation
Frogger (clone)
Flying Saucers
Galactic Empire The Software Exchange
Galaxy Invasion Big Five Software Galaxian clone
Gobbleman Beam Software
Haunted House Tandy Corporation
Hellfire Warrior 1980 Automated Simulations Dungeon crawl
Hyper-Wurm a Snake game
Invaders! Tandy Corporation Space Invaders clone
Invasion Force Tandy Corporation
Kill-A-Pede Jim Baker and Fred Mayea Centipede clone
Lost Colony Acorn Software
Madness and the Minotaur
Magic Carpet
Meteor Mission II Big Five Software Lunar Rescue clone
Microchess 1.5 Peter R. Jennings [1] [2] [3]
Midway Campaign Avalon Hill Software
Module Man
Monty Plays Monopoly
Motorcycle Jump
Mystery Fun House Scott Adams Adventure International Text Based Adventure game.
NukeWar superpower nuclear missile simulation
Olympic Decathlon arcade simulation of the Olympic Games decathlon event
Penetrator Beam Software
Planet Miners Avalon Hill Software
Poker Pete Quality Software
Pong Instant Software
Pork Barrel Ramware
Pyramid 2000 Tandy Corporation Colossal Cave clone
Reign of the Red Dragon Adventure International
Rear Guard
Robot Attack Big Five Software Berzerk clone
Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio
Scarfman Pac-Man clone
Sea Dragon
Solar Search Colorado Software Associates
Space Escort
Space Intruders Adventure International
Space Warp ASCII game loosely based on Star Trek
Starfighter Adventure International
Starquest: Rescue at Rigel Automated Simulations
Star Trek Adventure International
Stellar Escort Big Five Software
Stellar Life Line SRB Software
Super Maze Quality Software
Super Nova Big Five Software Asteroids clone
Supreme Ruler
T80-FS1 Flight Simulator Sublogic
Temple of Apshai
Time Bandit
Time Traveler 1980 Krell Software
Trade Wars
Voyage of the Valkyrie Leo Christoperson BASIC/ML hybrid
Weerd! Big Five Software
Worg Simutek Software


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