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List of TV5 Network, Inc. TV and radio stations

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The following is a list of television and radio stations owned by and affiliated with the TV5 Network Inc. in the Philippines, including stations that airs TV5, AksyonTV and Radyo5.

Terrestrial and regional television stations



Network-owned stations

Branding Callsign Ch. # Power kW (ERP) Station Type Location (Transmitter Site)
TV5 Manila DWET-TV TV-5 60 kW (120 kW ERP) Originating Metro Manila
TV5 Laoag
DWTE-TV TV-2 2.5 kW (15 kW ERP) Relay Laoag
TV5 Baguio
DZET-TV TV-28 30 kW (113.44 kW ERP) Relay Baguio
TV5 Bacolod
DYTE-TV TV-32 100 kW (346.2 kW ERP) Relay Bacolod
TV5 Cebu
DYET-TV TV-21 100 kW Relay Cebu
TV5 Cagayan de Oro
DXTE-TV TV-21 1 kW (11.3 kW ERP) Relay Cagayan de Oro
TV5 Davao
DXET-TV TV-2 50 kW (346.2 kW ERP) Relay Davao
TV5 General Santos
DXER-TV TV-12 1 kW (6.3 kW ERP) Relay General Santos

Affiliate/Relay stations

Branding Callsign Ch. # Power kW (ERP) Station Type Location (Transmitter Site)
TV5 Vigan
DZYB-TV TV-32 1 kW Relay Vigan
TV5 Tuguegarao
DWZE-TV TV-39 1 kW Relay Tuguegarao
TV5 Santiago
DWLK-TV TV-25 1 kW Relay Santiago, Isabela
TV5 Baler
DWBW-TV TV-28 1 kW Affiliate (Aurora Polytechnic College) Baler, Aurora
SBC-TV5 Olongapo
DWSB-TV TV-22 5 kW Affiliate (Subic Broadcasting Corporation) Olongapo
TV5 Tarlac
D___-TV TV-24 1 kW Relay Tarlac
TV5 Batangas
DZGG-TV TV-44 1 kW Relay Batangas
TV5 Calapan
D___-TV TV-50 1 kW Relay Calapan, Oriental Mindoro
TV5 Puerto Princesa
DYAZ-TV TV-9 1 kW (11.3 kW) Relay Puerto Princesa
TV5 Naga
D___-TV TV-22 1 kW Relay Naga
TV5 Legazpi
D___-TV TV-45 1 kW Relay Legazpi
TV5 Sorsogon
D___-TV TV-47 1 kW Relay Sorsogon
TV5 Boracay
DYSL-TV TV-25 1 kW Relay Kalibo, Aklan/Boracay
TV5 Roxas
DYRX-TV TV-33 1 kW Relay Roxas
TV5 Iloilo
DYER-TV TV-36 10 kW (138.7 kW ERP) Relay Iloilo/Jordan, Guimaras
TV5 Tacloban
DYTS-TV TV-4 5 kW (20 kW ERP) Affiliate (BJDS Marketing) Tacloban
GBPI/TV5 Zamboanga
DXGB-TV TV-11 5 kW (20 kW ERP) Affiliate (Golden Broadcast Professionals, Inc.) Zamboanga City
TV5 Malaybalay
DX__-TV TV-34 5 kW Relay Malaybalay/Kitanglad
TV5 Oroquieta
DX__-TV TV-48 1 kW Relay Oroquieta
TV5 Marawi
DX__-TV TV-10 1 kW Relay Marawi


Branding Callsign Ch. # Frequency Area of Coverage
TV5 Manila DWET-TV 51 695.143 MHz Metro Manila


(Operated through TV5's affiliate, Nation Broadcasting Corporation)

Branding Callsign Ch. # Power (kW) Station Type Location (Transmitter site)
AksyonTV 41 Manila DWNB-TV TV-41 60 kW Originating Metro Manila
AksyonTV 40 Baguio DWRU-TV TV-40 5 kW Relay Baguio
AksyonTV 40 Dagupan DZRD-TV TV-40 1 kW Relay Dagupan
AksyonTV 29 Puerto Princesa DY__-TV TV-29 1 kW Relay Puerto Princesa
AksyonTV 29 Cebu DYAN-TV TV-29 10 kW (232.8 kW ERP) Relay Cebu
AksyonTV 44 Tacloban DY__-TV TV-29 1 kW Relay Tacloban
AksyonTV 29 Zamboanga DXDE-TV TV-29 10  kW Relay Zamboanga
AksyonTV 29 Cagayan De Oro DXRL-TV TV-29 10 kW Relay Cagayan De Oro
AksyonTV 29 Davao DXAN-TV TV-29 10 kW Relay Davao

Radio Stations (Radyo5)

(Operated through TV5's affiliate, Nation Broadcasting Corporation)

Branding Callsign Frequency (Channel) Power (kW) Location
Radyo5 92.3 News FM Manila DWFM-FM 92.3 MHz 25 kW Mega Manila
Radyo5 102.3 News FM Baguio** DZYB-FM 102.3 MHz 10 kW Baguio
Radyo5 102.3 News FM Bacolod** DYBC-FM 102.3 MHz 10 kW Bacolod
Radyo5 101.9 News FM Cebu* DYNC-FM 101.9 MHz 10 kW Cebu
Radyo5 101.5 News FM Cagayan De Oro** DXRL-FM 101.5 MHz 10 kW Cagayan De Oro
Radyo5 101.9 News FM Davao* DXFM-FM 101.9 MHz 25 kW Davao
Radyo5 97.5 News FM General Santos** DXVI-FM 97.5 MHz 5 kW General Santos

*Originating stations.
**Relay From DWFM Manila.

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