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This is a list of issue covers of TV Guide magazine from the decade of the 1970s, from January 1970 to December 1979. The entries on this table include each cover's subjects and their artists (photographer or illustrator). This list is for the regular weekly issues of TV Guide; any one-time-only special issues are not included.


Issue date Cover subject Type of cover Artist
1/3/1970 "Here Come the 70s: How They Will Change the Way You Live" Photograph
1/10/1970 Fred MacMurray and Beverly Garland of My Three Sons Photograph
1/17/1970 The cast of Ironside Photo montage
1/24/1970 Tom Jones of This is Tom Jones Photo montage Roger Prigent
1/31/1970 Debbie Reynolds of The Debbie Reynolds Show Photograph
2/7/1970 Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick Sargent of Bewitched Illustration Bob Peak
2/14/1970 Karen Jensen, Laraine Stephens and Linda Harrison of Bracken's World Photograph
2/21/1970 James Daly and Chad Everett of Medical Center Photograph
2/28/1970 Clarence Williams III, Michael Cole, and Peggy Lipton of The Mod Squad Photograph
3/7/1970 The Cast of Hee Haw Photo Montage
3/14/1970 Diahann Carroll of Julia Photograph
3/21/1970 Jackie Gleason of The Jackie Gleason Show Photograph Philippe Halsman
3/28/1970 The cast of Laugh-In Illustration Jack Davis
4/4/1970 The cast of The Brady Bunch Photograph Gene Trindl
4/11/1970 Carol Burnett of The Carol Burnett Show illustration Al Hirschfeld
4/18/1970 Burl Ives, James Farentino and Joseph Campanella of The Bold Ones Photograph
4/25/1970 Raquel Welch and John Wayne of Raquel! Photograph
5/2/1970 Glen Campbell of The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour Illustration
5/9/1970 David Frost Photograph
5/16/1970 Vice President Spiro Agnew Illustration Norman Rockwell
5/23/1970 Mike Wallace, Tricia Nixon, and Harry Reasoner Photograph
5/30/1970 Julie Sommars of The Governor and J.J. Photograph
6/6/1970 Robert Young of Marcus Welby, M.D. Photograph
6/13/1970 Johnny Cash of The Johnny Cash Show Illustration
6/20/1970 Susan Neher, Joyce Menges, John Forsythe, and Melanie Fullerton of To Rome With Love Photograph
6/27/1970 Liza Minnelli Photograph
7/4/1970 Miyoshi Umeki, Brandon Cruz, and Bill Bixby of The Courtship of Eddie's Father Photograph
7/11/1970 The cast of The Beverly Hillbillies Illustration Raymond Ameijide
7/18/1970 The Golddiggers Photograph
7/25/1970 The cast of Mayberry, R.F.D. Photograph
8/1/1970 Chet Huntley Illustration
8/8/1970 Ted Bessell and Marlo Thomas of That Girl Photograph
8/15/1970 Johnny Carson Illustration Norman Rockwell (1968 painting)
8/22/1970 Ken Curtis, Milburn Stone, James Arness, and Amanda Blake of Gunsmoke Illustration Jack Davis
8/29/1970 Eddie Albert of Green Acres Photograph
9/5/1970 Richard Burton, Lucille Ball, and Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Here's Lucy Photograph
9/12/1970 Fall Preview Word art
9/19/1970 Mary Tyler Moore of The Mary Tyler Moore Show Photograph
9/26/1970 The cast of Room 222 Photograph Ivan Nagy / Camera 5
10/3/1970 Red Skelton of The Red Skelton Show Illustration
10/10/1970 Herschel Bernardi of Arnie Photograph
10/17/1970 The cast of The Partridge Family Photograph
10/24/1970 Don Knotts of The Don Knotts Show Photograph
10/31/1970 Mike Connors of Mannix Photograph Gene Trindl
11/7/1970 Renee Jarrett, John Fink and Celeste Holm of Nancy Photograph
11/14/1970 Christopher George of The Immortal Photograph
11/21/1970 Sally Marr, actress/model and subject of the report "What It Takes to Be a Starlet in the 70s" Photograph
11/28/1970 John Wayne and various guests of the special Sing Out, Sweet Land Photo montage
12/5/1970 Dick Cavett of The Dick Cavett Show Illustration
12/12/1970 Ed Sullivan & The Muppets Photograph
12/19/1970 Christmas Photo montage
12/26/1970 Diahann Carroll and Fred Williamson of Julia Photograph


Issue date Cover subject Type of cover Artist
1/2/1971 "Remember 1970?" Photo montage
1/9/1971 Andy Griffith of The New Andy Griffith Show Photograph
1/16/1971 Johnny Cash and June Carter of The Johnny Cash Show Photograph
1/23/1971 Flip Wilson of The Flip Wilson Show Illustration
1/30/1971 James Arness of Gunsmoke Photograph
2/6/1971 Tony Randall and Jack Klugman of The Odd Couple Photograph
2/13/1971 Goldie Hawn of the special Pure Goldie Photograph
2/20/1971 Doris Day of The Doris Day Show Photograph
2/27/1971 Sharon Acker and Hal Holbrook of The Senator Photograph
3/6/1971 Broderick Crawford of The Interns Illustration
3/13/1971 Gene Barry and Robert Stack of The Name of the Game Photograph
3/20/1971 Harry Reasoner of ABC Evening News Photograph
3/27/1971 Michael Landon, Lorne Greene, Dan Blocker, and Mitch Vogel of Bonanza Photograph
4/3/1971 "Cable TV: What's All The Talk About?" Illustration
4/10/1971 Academy Awards host Bob Hope Illustration Jack Davis
4/17/1971 Paul Newman Photograph
4/24/1971 Elena Verdugo and Robert Young of Marcus Welby, M.D. Photograph
5/1/1971 Lisa Gerritsen and Mary Tyler Moore of The Mary Tyler Moore Show Photograph
5/8/1971 Henry Fonda of The Smith Family Illustration
5/15/1971 "Television Journalism: An Inside Story" Word art
5/22/1971 David Cassidy of The Partridge Family Photograph
5/29/1971 The cast of All in the Family Photograph Gene Trindl
6/5/1971 Dan Rowan and Dick Martin of Laugh-in Photograph
6/12/1971 Lucille Ball of Here's Lucy Illustration
6/19/1971 Brandon Cruz and Bill Bixby of The Courtship of Eddie's Father Photograph
6/26/1971 Martin Milner and Kent McCord of Adam-12 Photograph
7/3/1971 Michael Cole, Peggy Lipton, and Clarence Williams III of The Mod Squad Photograph Raphael
7/10/1971 Cookie Monster of Sesame Street eating away at the TV Guide logo Illustration Jack Davis
7/17/1971 Chad Everett of Medical Center Photograph
7/24/1971 Lefty, titular star of The Wonderful World of Disney's "Ding-a-Ling Lynx" Photograph
7/31/1971 Henry VIII, the subject of The Six Wives of Henry VIII Illustration
8/7/1971 The cast of As the World Turns Photograph Sheldon Secunda
8/14/1971 Mitch Vogel, Lorne Greene, Dan Blocker, and Michael Landon of Bonanza Illustration
8/21/1971 "Public Television: Is Anybody Watching?" Word art
8/28/1971 Howard Cosell, Don Meredith and Frank Gifford of Monday Night Football Photograph
9/4/1971 Jack Lord of Hawaii Five-O Illustration
9/11/1971 Fall Preview Illustration
9/18/1971 Sandy Duncan of Funny Face Photograph
9/25/1971 Shirley MacLaine of Shirley's World Photograph
10/2/1971 James Stewart of The Jimmy Stewart Show Photograph
10/9/1971 Hope Lange and Dick Van Dyke of The New Dick Van Dyke Show Photograph
10/16/1971 Mia Farrow Photo montage
10/23/1971 James Franciscus of Longstreet Photograph
10/30/1971 Larry Hagman and Donna Mills of The Good Life Photograph
11/6/1971 William Conrad of Cannon Photograph
11/13/1971 Rupert Crosse and Don Adams of The Partners Photograph
11/20/1971 Sally Struthers, Jean Stapleton, Carroll O'Connor, and Rob Reiner illustration Jack Davis
11/27/1971 Joanne Woodward of All The Way Home Photograph
12/4/1971 Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett of Julie and Carol at Lincoln Center Photo montage
12/11/1971 James Garner of Nichols Photograph
12/18/1971 The cast of The Partridge Family Photograph
12/25/1971 Christmas Illustration


Issue date Cover subject Type of cover Artist
1/1/1972 "Remember 1971?" illustration Bob Peak
1/8/1972 Flip Wilson of The Flip Wilson Show photograph Gene Trindl
1/15/1972 "America Out of Focus: How - and Why - European Television Distorts Our Image" text graphic uncredited
1/22/1972 The cast of Mission: Impossible photograph Don Ornitz
1/29/1972 David Janssen of O'Hara, U.S. Treasury illustration Bernard Fuchs
2/5/1972 Raymond Burr and Elizabeth Baur of Ironside photograph Gene Trindl
2/12/1972 Arthur Hill of Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law photograph Gene Trindl
2/19/1972 A preview of U.S. President Richard Nixon's visit to China, featuring Nixon shaking hands with Premier Chou En-lai illustration John Huehnergarth
2/26/1972 Mary Tyler Moore photograph Sherman Weisburd
3/4/1972 Johnny Carson Photograph
3/11/1972 Robert Young and James Brolin of Marcus Welby, M. D. illustration Bob Peak
3/18/1972 Sonny Bono and Cher Photograph
3/25/1972 Peter Falk of Columbo illustration
4/1/1972 Glenn Ford of Cade's County
4/8/1972 "TV Political Coverage: Fair or Biased?" illustration John Huehnergarth
4/15/1972 Apollo 16 Astronauts photograph Philippe Halsman
4/22/1972 Don Rickles photograph Sherman Weisburd
4/29/1972 Susan St. James and Rock Hudson of McMillan & Wife photograph Don Ornitz
5/6/1972 Sandy Duncan photograph Bob Willoughby
5/13/1972 Redd Foxx and Demond Wilson of Sanford and Son photograph Gene Trindl
5/20/1972 Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. of The F.B.I. with real-life F.B.I. director J. Edgar Hoover Illustration Bernard Fuchs
5/27/1972 Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton of All in the Family illustration Ronald Searle
6/3/1972 Rod Serling of Night Gallery photograph Gene Trindl
6/10/1972 Doris Day of The Doris Day Show photograph Sherman Weisburd
6/17/1972 Julie London of Emergency! photograph Martin Mills
6/24/1972 Mike Connors of Mannix illustration Bob Peak
7/1/1972 Carol Burnett of The Carol Burnett Show Photograph
7/8/1972 Merv Griffin photograph Gene Trindl
7/15/1972 David Cassidy of The Partridge Family photograph Gene Trindl
7/22/1972 Martin Milner and Kent McCord of Adam-12 with series producer Jack Webb illustration Mark English
7/29/1972 All About Love, American Style illustration Rowland B. Wilson
8/5/1972 Countess Tolstoy Writes of Her Father--As War and Peace Comes to Television photo montage ABC
8/12/1972 Leonardo da Vinci illustration Leonardo da Vinci, Scala
8/19/1972 Chad Everett of Medical Center photograph Ivan Nagy
8/26/1972 Olympics illustration Bob Peak
9/2/1972 Jack Klugman and Tony Randall of The Odd Couple illustration Jack Davis
9/9/1972 Fall Preview text graphic uncredited
9/16/1972 Yul Brynner and Samantha Eggar of Anna and the King photograph John Bryson
9/23/1972 George Peppard of Banacek
9/30/1972 Meredith Baxter and David Birney of Bridget Loves Bernie photograph Philippe Halsman
10/7/1972 Bonanza illustration
10/14/1972 Robert Conrad of Assignment Vienna
10/21/1972 Carroll O'Connor and Cloris Leachman of Of Thee I Sing
10/28/1972 Snoopy, Woodstock, and Charlie Brown of the Peanuts special You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown Illustration Charles M. Schulz
11/4/1972 John Wayne photograph David Sutton
11/11/1972 Alistair Cooke
11/18/1972 Beatrice Arthur of Maude photograph Martin Mills
11/25/1972 Search illustration Bob Peak
12/2/1972 Mike Douglas photograph Philippe Halsman
12/9/1972 Julie Andrews photograph Mario Casilli
12/16/1972 Duke and Duchess of Windsor illustration Richard Amsel
12/23/1972 Christmas
12/30/1972 Barbara Walters photograph Philippe Halsman


Issue date Cover subject Type of cover Artist
1/6/1973 1972: The Year in Review illustration Jim Sharpe
1/13/1973 China photo montage Audrey Topping/NBC
1/20/1973 Bob Newhart & Suzanne Pleshette photograph Sherman Weisburd
1/27/1973 The Rookies photograph Gene Trindl
2/3/1973 Bill Cosby illustration Bernard Fuchs
2/10/1973 Paul Lynde et al. photograph Gene Trindl
2/17/1973 Rock Hudson & Susan St. James photograph Albert MacKenzie Watson
2/24/1973 M*A*S*H photograph Sherman Weisburd
3/3/1973 William Conrad illustration Charles Santore
3/10/1973 Marlo Thomas photograph Ken Regan/Camera 5
3/17/1973 Redd Foxx & Demond Wilson photograph Gene Trindl
3/24/1973 Ann-Margret photograph Harry Langdon
3/31/1973 Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz, Jr. photograph Sherman Weisburd
4/7/1973 "When is Children's TV Going to Grow Up?" illustration Isadore Seltzer
4/14/1973 Brian Keith & Shelley Fabares photograph Gene Trindl
4/21/1973 Raymond Burr photograph Gene Trindl
4/28/1973 The Waltons illustration Paul Davis
5/5/1973 Peter Falk photograph Albert MacKenzie Watson
5/12/1973 Shirley Booth of A Touch of Grace photograph Ivan Nagy
5/19/1973 Mary Tyler Moore illustration Richard Amsel
5/26/1973 Karl Malden & Michael Douglas of The Streets of San Francisco illustration Charles Santore
6/2/1973 Carroll O'Connor & Michael Evans photograph Gene Trindl
6/9/1973 Richard Widmark of Madigan illustration Bernard Fuchs
6/16/1973 Bea Arthur & Bill Macy illustration Al Hirschfeld
6/23/1973 David Carradine of Kung Fu photo montage Gene Trindl
6/30/1973 Dennis Weaver of McCloud photograph Gene Trindl
7/7/1973 Dick Cavett illustration Bob Peak
7/14/1973 Sonny & Cher photograph Prigent
7/21/1973 Robert Young & Chad Everett photo montage Mark English
7/28/1973 "The Lie That Wouldn't Die: TV's Great Sex Movie Stars" text graphic uncredited
8/4/1973 Kent McCord & Martin Milner of Adam-12 illustration Charles Santore
8/11/1973 Roy Clark illustration Jack Davis
8/18/1973 Robert Fuller of Emergency! photograph Gene Trindl
8/25/1973 Buddy Ebsen of Barnaby Jones illustration Bob Peak
9/1/1973 Miss America illustration Barry Zaid
9/8/1973 Fall Preview text graphic uncredited
9/15/1973 "Pro Football '73: What's New? Who'll Win?" illustration LeRoy Neiman
9/22/1973 Jack Lord & James McArthur of Hawaii Five-O illustration Mark English
9/29/1973 "The War in Vietnam: What Happened vs. What We Saw" illustration George Giusti
10/6/1973 Diana Rigg photograph Albert MacKenzie Watson
10/13/1973 "Does TV Go Too Far?" text graphic Herb Lubalin
10/20/1973 Telly Savalas of Kojak photograph Gene Trindl
10/27/1973 Ken Howard & Blythe Danner of Adam's Rib photograph Sherman Weisburd
11/3/1973 Deirdre Lenihan of Needles and Pins photograph Philippe Halsman
11/10/1973 A Very Special Week illustration Charles Santore
11/17/1973 Frank Sinatra illustration Bob Peak
11/24/1973 Jacques Cousteau photograph Cousteau Group
12/1/1973 Bill Bixby of The Magician photo illustration Gene Trindl
12/8/1973 Mary Tyler Moore, Georgia Engel and Valerie Harper photograph Albert Watson
12/15/1973 Katharine Hepburn illustration Bernard Fuchs
12/22/1973 Christmas photograph Bill Holland
12/29/1973 "Mason Reese: 7 Year Old Huckster" photograph Roger Prigent


Issue date Cover subject Type of cover Artist
1/5/1974 "How You Saw the World on Television in 1973" Illustration
1/12/1974 Beatrice Arthur, Bill Macy and Conrad Bain of Maude
1/19/1974 Bob Hope
1/26/1974 David Carradine of Kung Fu illustration
2/2/1974 Dom DeLuise of Lotsa Luck
2/9/1974 Cast of M*A*S*H
2/16/1974 Michael Douglas and Karl Malden of The Streets of San Francisco
2/23/1974 Richard Boone of Hec Ramsey
3/2/1974 Jimmy Stewart of Hawkins
3/9/1974 "How Show Biz Takes Over Our Local News"
3/16/1974 Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence illustration Richard Amsel
3/23/1974 James Franciscus of Doc Elliot
3/30/1974 Susan Strasberg and Tony Musante of Toma photograph
4/6/1974 Carroll O'Connor of All in the Family, Bill Macy of Maude, Redd Foxx of Sanford and Son, and their series' producer, Norman Lear Illustration
4/13/1974 Richard Thomas, Michael Learned, and Ralph Waite of The Waltons Illustration "Raymond Ameijide"
4/20/1974 Peter Falk of Columbo
4/27/1974 Bruce Bould, Dan O'Herlihy, Anthony Quayle, Ben Gazzara, and Lee Remick of QB VII
5/4/1974 Sam Melville, Georg Stanford Brown, and Michael Ontkean of The Rookies
5/11/1974 Bob Newhart & Peter Bonerz of The Bob Newhart Show
5/18/1974 Lee Majors of The Six Million Dollar Man
5/25/1974 J.D. Cannon & Dennis Weaver of McCloud
6/1/1974 Sonny & Cher illustration Al Hirschfeld
6/8/1974 KQED-TV reporter Marilyn Baker, who covered the SLA's kidnapping of Patricia Hearst[1] Photograph
6/15/1974 Kathy O'Dare and Ron Howard of Happy Days
6/22/1974 John Chancellor illustration
6/29/1974 Esther Rolle and John Amos of Good Times
7/6/1974 Lucille Ball illustration Richard Amsel
7/13/1974 Johnny Carson illustration
7/20/1974 "The Boom in Made-for-TV Films"
7/27/1974 Lee McCain and Ronny Cox of Apple's Way
8/3/1974 Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth of Emergency!
8/10/1974 "Games Viewers Play"
8/17/1974 Police Story
8/24/1974 Susan Blakely
8/31/1974 Telly Savalas of Kojak Illustration Charles Santore
9/7/1974 Fall Preview
9/14/1974 "They're Off and Running!" (The cover uses the mock up of then-sister publication The Daily Racing Form with the shows listed in place of the horses)
9/21/1974 Football Preview
9/28/1974 Paul Sand
10/5/1974 Sanford and Son Illustration Bruce Stark
10/12/1974 Valerie Harper of Rhoda
10/19/1974 Freddie Prinze and Jack Albertson of Chico and the Man Photograph
10/26/1974 Ralph Waite, Will Geer, and Richard Thomas of The Waltons Illustration David Plourde
11/2/1974 M*A*S*H Illustration Rick Meyerowitz
11/9/1974 Sophia Loren
11/16/1974 Robert Duvall, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, and James Caan of the film The Godfather
11/23/1974 "What a Week!"
11/30/1974 Teresa Graves of Get Christie Love
12/7/1974 Michael Landon of Little House on the Prairie Photograph
12/14/1974 Esther Rolle, Jimmie Walker, Ralph Carter, BernNadette Stanis, and John Amos of Good Times Photograph
12/21/1974 Christmas Illustration Raymond Ameijide
12/28/1974 "Wonderful Bowl Games, Wacky Parades"


Issue date Cover subject Type of cover Artist
1/4/1975 Angie Dickinson of Police Woman Photograph
1/11/1975 David Janssen of Harry O Photograph
1/18/1975 Theresa Merritt and Clifton Davis of That's My Mama Photograph
1/25/1975 Gene Shalit, Jim Hartz and Barbara Walters of Today Illustration
2/1/1975 James Garner of The Rockford Files Photograph
2/8/1975 "Greasing the Wheels of the MTM Comedy Machine," featuring Valerie Harper, Bob Newhart, and Mary Tyler Moore Illustration Bob Peak
2/15/1975 Georg Stanford Brown, Bruce Fairbairn, Sam Melville, and Gerald S. O'Loughlin of The Rookies Illustration
2/22/1975 Telly Savalas of Kojak Photograph
3/1/1975 Jack Albertson & Freddie Prinze of Chico and the Man Illustration Al Hirschfeld
3/8/1975 Chad Everett of Medical Center Illustration
3/15/1975 Karen Valentine of Karen Photograph
3/22/1975 Karl Malden and Michael Douglas of The Streets of San Francisco Illustration
3/29/1975 Beatrice Arthur and Hermione Baddeley of Maude Illustration
4/5/1975 Baseball Preview Illustration
4/12/1975 Cher Photograph
4/19/1975 Frank Converse and Claude Akins of Movin' On Photograph
4/26/1975 Dennis Weaver, J. D. Cannon, and Terry Carter of McCloud Illustration
5/3/1975 Valerie Harper & David Groh of Rhoda Illustration Al Hirschfeld
5/10/1975 Muhammad Ali Illustration
5/17/1975 Barry Newman of Petrocelli Photograph
5/24/1975 Jason Robards and Colleen Dewhurst of A Moon for the Misbegotten Photograph
5/31/1975 The cast of The Bob Newhart Show Illustration Bruce Stark
6/7/1975 The cast of Little House on the Prairie Illustration Jacob Knight
6/14/1975 "Violence on TV: Does It Affect Our Society" Word art
6/21/1975 Sherman Hemsley, Isabel Sanford, and Mike Evans of The Jeffersons Photograph
6/28/1975 A special preview of the United States Bicentennial Illustration
7/5/1975 Tony Orlando and Dawn Photograph
7/12/1975 "The Apollo-Soyuz Mission on Television" Illustration John C. Berkley
7/19/1975 The cast of Barney Miller Photograph
7/26/1975 Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner of ABC Evening News Illustration
8/2/1975 Mike Douglas of The Mike Douglas Show illustration Richard Amsel
8/9/1975 Buddy Ebsen Photograph
8/16/1975 Randolph Mantooth, Robert Fuller, Julie London, Bobby Troup, and Kevin Tighe of Emergency! Photograph
8/23/1975 Ralph Waite, Richard Thomas, and Michael Learned of The Waltons Illustration Ray Ameijide
8/30/1975 Carroll O'Connor of All in the Family Illustration
9/6/1975 Fall Preview Word art
9/13/1975 "Experts Pick Hit Shows, NFL Winners" Illustration
9/20/1975 Barbara Walters of Today Photograph
9/27/1975 Howard Cosell of Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell Illustration Al Hirschfeld
10/4/1975 Lee Remick of Jennie Photograph
10/11/1975 The cast of The Family Holvak Illustration
10/18/1975 "TV's Sex Crisis" illustration
10/25/1975 Cloris Leachman of Phyllis Photograph
11/1/1975 Lloyd Bridges of Joe Forrester Illustration
11/8/1975 Julie Kavner and Valerie Harper of Rhoda Illustration
11/15/1975 David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser of Starsky & Hutch Photograph
11/22/1975 "A Banner Week!" Word art
11/29/1975 Tony Curtis of McCoy Illustration
12/6/1975 "Does America Want Family Viewing Time?" Illustration
12/13/1975 Robert Wagner and Eddie Albert of Switch Photograph
12/20/1975 Christmas Illustration
12/27/1975 Robert Blake and Fred the cockatoo of Baretta Photograph


Issue date Cover subject Type of cover Artist
1/3/1976 Telly Savalas of Kojak Illustration Bernard Fuchs
1/10/1976 Ron Howard and Henry Winkler of Happy Days Photograph
1/17/1976 Angie Dickinson and Earl Holliman of Police Woman Illustration Richard Amsel
1/24/1976 Alan Alda, Mike Farrell, and Harry Morgan of M*A*S*H Photograph
1/31/1976 Steve Forrest of S.W.A.T. Illustration Bob Schulz
2/7/1976 Barney Miller Illustration Jack Davis
2/14/1976 Redd Foxx of Sanford and Son Illustration Charles Santore
2/21/1976 William Conrad of Cannon
2/28/1976 Bob Hope
3/6/1976 Noah Beery, Jr. and James Garner of The Rockford Files Photograph
3/13/1976 Jack Albertson, Freddie Prinze, and Scatman Crothers of Chico and the Man Photograph
3/20/1976 Danny Thomas
3/27/1976 Jack Palance of Bronk
4/3/1976 Baseball Preview
4/10/1976 Police Story
4/17/1976 Gabriel Kaplan and Marcia Strassman of Welcome Back, Kotter Photograph
4/24/1976 Beatrice Arthur of Maude
5/1/1976 George Kennedy of The Blue Knight
5/8/1976 Lindsay Wagner of The Bionic Woman Photograph Peter Kredenser
5/15/1976 Cast of On the Rocks
5/22/1976 Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall of Laverne & Shirley
5/29/1976 Little House on the Prairie Photograph
6/5/1976 Sonny Bono & Cher
6/12/1976 David Janssen and Anthony Zerbe of Harry O
6/19/1976 Louise Lasser of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Illustration Bill Nelson
6/26/1976 Mary Tyler Moore in Moscow Photograph
7/3/1976 The United States Bicentennial
7/10/1976 Convention Previews
7/17/1976 Olympic Preview
7/24/1976 Bonnie Franklin of One Day at a Time Photograph Peter Kredenser
7/31/1976 "Terrorism and Television: The Medium in the Middle"
8/7/1976 Donny Osmond and Marie Osmond Peter Kredenser
8/14/1976 Peter Falk illustration Al Hirschfeld
8/21/1976 Richard Thomas, Will Geer, and Ellen Corby of The Waltons Photograph
8/28/1976 Lee Majors of The Six Million Dollar Man Illustration Mark English
9/4/1976 Football Preview
9/11/1976 Bob Dylan Photograph
9/18/1976 Fall Preview
9/25/1976 Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett of Charlie's Angels Photograph Peter Kredenser
10/2/1976 David Birney of Serpico (first issue to carry UPC barcode)
10/9/1976 Bernadette Peters and Richard Crenna of All's Fair Peter Kredenser
10/16/1976 World Series
10/23/1976 Linda Lavin of Alice Peter Kredenser
10/30/1976 Election Preview
11/6/1976 Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh illustration Richard Amsel
11/13/1976 Dorothy Hamill
11/20/1976 NBC's 50th Anniversary
11/27/1976 Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul of Starsky and Hutch Illustration
12/4/1976 Tony Randall illustration Al Hirschfeld
12/11/1976 Valerie Harper illustration Richard Amsel
12/18/1976 John Chancellor and David Brinkley
12/25/1976 Christmas


Issue date Cover subject Type of cover Artist
1/1/1977 John Travolta of Welcome Back, Kotter Photograph
1/8/1977 Super Bowl
1/15/1977 Inaugural Guide
1/22/1977 Roots
1/29/1977 Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman Illustration
2/5/1977 Barbara Walters Photograph
2/12/1977 Telly Savalas & George Savalas of Kojak Illustration Al Hirschfeld
2/19/1977 Nancy Walker
2/26/1977 Martha Raye and Rock Hudson
3/5/1977 Liv Ullmann
3/12/1977 Lauren Hutton
3/19/1977 "So Long, Mary": Mary Tyler Moore of The Mary Tyler Moore Show posing at the WJM-TV newsroom exit Photograph Peter Kredenser
3/26/1977 Jack Klugman of Quincy, M.E.
4/2/1977 Dinah Shore Colgate Winner's Circle
4/9/1977 Baseball Preview
4/16/1977 Frank Sinatra illustration Al Hirschfeld
4/23/1977 Mike Wallace, Morley Safer and Dan Rather of 60 Minutes Illustration Charles Santore
4/30/1977 David Frost & Richard Nixon
5/7/1977 Valerie Bertinelli, Mackenzie Phillips, & Bonnie Franklin of One Day at a Time Peter Kredenser
5/14/1977 Tom Brokaw of Today Photograph Daniel Kramer
5/21/1977 Farrah Fawcett of Charlie's Angels
5/28/1977 Robert Blake of Baretta Illustration Bob Peak
6/4/1977 Alan Alda of M*A*S*H Illustration Bernard Fuchs
6/11/1977 Dan Haggerty and Bozo of The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams
6/18/1977 Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall of Laverne & Shirley
6/25/1977 The Waltons Illustration Jacob Knight
7/2/1977 Linda Lavin and Polly Holliday of Alice Illustration
7/9/1977 Peter Isacksen and Don Rickles of C.P.O. Sharkey
7/16/1977 Barney Miller Illustration "Raymond Ameijide"
7/23/1977 "Public TV in Turmoil"
7/30/1977 Johnny Carson Illustration Al Hirschfeld
8/6/1977 Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog of The Muppet Show Photograph Ken Regan
8/13/1977 David Soul of Starsky and Hutch Photograph Peter Kredenser
8/20/1977 James Garner and Joe Santos of The Rockford Files Illustration Bob Peak
8/27/1977 "Sex and Violence: Hollywood Fights Back" Text art
9/3/1977 Jason Robards, Andy Griffith, Cliff Robertson, and Robert Vaughn of Washington: Behind Closed Doors Photograph
9/10/1977 Fall Preview Illustration
9/17/1977 Pro football preview Illustration
9/24/1977 Betty White and John Hillerman of The Betty White Show Photograph Peter Kredenser
10/1/1977 Squire Fridell and Tony Roberts of Rosetti and Ryan
10/8/1977 Donny Osmond & Marie Osmond illustration Richard Amsel
10/15/1977 Ed Asner of Lou Grant
10/22/1977 Ron Palillo, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Gabriel Kaplan, John Travolta, and Robert Hegyes of Welcome Back, Kotter Illustration Jack Davis
10/29/1977 Beverly Archer of We've Got Each Other
11/5/1977 Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy of The Hardy Boys Mysteries
11/12/1977 The Godfather, Part II
11/19/1977 Frank Sinatra illustration Richard Amsel
11/26/1977 Soap Illustration Jack Davis
12/3/1977 Patrick Duffy of The Man from Atlantis illustration Bob Peak
12/10/1977 "What the Censors Cut...and Why"
12/17/1977 Bonnie Franklin, Mackenzie Phillips, Valerie Bertinelli, and Pat Harrington, Jr. of One Day at a Time Illustration David Plourde
12/24/1977 Christmas
12/31/1977 Kevin Dobson and Telly Savalas of Kojak Illustration Robert Giusti


Issue date Cover subject Type of cover Artist
1/7/1978 Henry Winkler, Ron Howard, Donny Most, and Anson Williams of Happy Days
1/14/1978 The First Nighttime Super Bowl illustration Charles Addams
1/21/1978 Family Photograph Peter Kredenser
1/28/1978 Dan Haggerty and Bozo of The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams
2/4/1978 Lauren Tewes, Gavin MacLeod, Ted Lange, Bernie Kopell, and Fred Grandy of The Love Boat Illustration Rowland B. Wilson
2/11/1978 Jack Klugman and Garry Walberg of Quincy, M.E.
2/18/1978 Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, and Cheryl Ladd of Charlie's Angels
2/25/1978 M*A*S*H Illustration Ray Ameijide
3/4/1978 Lynnie Greene and Bess Armstrong of On Our Own
3/11/1978 Kene Holliday and Victor French of Carter Country Illustration Bob Peak
3/18/1978 Lindsay Wagner of The Bionic Woman Photograph
3/25/1978 Walter Cronkite and Mary Tyler Moore, hosts of CBS: On the Air Photograph Peter Kredenser
4/1/1978 Baseball Preview
4/8/1978 Alice illustration Richard Amsel
4/15/1978 Holocaust
4/22/1978 "Changing the Shape of Television"
4/29/1978 Laverne and Shirley
5/6/1978 Buddy Ebsen of Barnaby Jones Illustration Mark English
5/13/1978 Little House on the Prairie Illustration Stan Hunter
5/20/1978 Three's Company illustration Richard Amsel
5/27/1978 Phil Donahue
6/3/1978 Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul of Starsky and Hutch Photograph
6/10/1978 "UFOs on TV: Flying in the Face of Logic"
6/17/1978 Valerie Harper of Rhoda
6/24/1978 "Can You Believe the Ratings? A New Perspective
7/1/1978 Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize of Fantasy Island
7/8/1978 Cast members of The Young and the Restless Peter Kredenser
7/15/1978 Robert Conrad of The Black Sheep Squadron Illustration David Edward Byrd
7/22/1978 Gavin MacLeod of The Love Boat Photograph
7/29/1978 Cast of Saturday Night Live Illustration Jack Davis
8/5/1978 Sherman Hemsley, Paul Benedict, and Isabel Sanford of The Jeffersons Illustration Charles Santore
8/12/1978 David Hartman of Good Morning America
8/19/1978 "America Speaks Out About Sports on TV"
8/26/1978 Cheryl Ladd of Charlie's Angels Photograph Peter Kredenser
9/2/1978 Football Preview
9/9/1978 Special Issue: Fall Preview
9/16/1978 Battlestar Galactica
9/23/1978 Mary Tyler Moore Photograph Douglas Kirkland
9/30/1978 Centennial
10/7/1978 World Series
10/14/1978 Robert Urich of Vega$ Photograph
10/21/1978 WKRP in Cincinnati Photograph Robert phillips
10/28/1978 Pam Dawber and Robin Williams of Mork & Mindy Photograph Peter Kredenser
11/4/1978 John Travolta of Welcome Back, Kotter Illustration Richard Amsel
11/11/1978 Ron Leibman of Kaz
11/18/1978 "Foreign Lobbyists: How They Try to Manipulate U.S. Television"
11/25/1978 Suzanne Somers of Three's Company Photograph
12/2/1978 "A Benji Special"
12/9/1978 Linda Kelsey and Ed Asner of Lou Grant
12/16/1978 Eight Is Enough Photograph
12/23/1978 Christmas
12/30/1978 Dick Clark Illustration Robert Giusti


Issue date Cover subject Type of cover Artist
1/6/1979 Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton of All in the Family Illustration Al Hirschfeld
1/13/1979 "Network News Chiefs on the Hottest TV News Controversies"
1/20/1979 Super Bowl XIII Illustration George Giusti
1/27/1979 Katharine Hepburn illustration Richard Amsel
2/3/1979 Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada of CHiPs
2/10/1979 The Shakespeare Plays
2/17/1979 Roots: The Next Generations
2/24/1979 James Arness of How the West Was Won Illustration
3/3/1979 Gary Coleman of Diff'rent Strokes Photograph
3/10/1979 Harry Reasoner, Dan Rather, Morley Safer, and Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes Illustration
3/17/1979 Mike Farrell and Alan Alda of M*A*S*H Photograph
3/24/1979 Ricardo Montalban of Fantasy Island
3/31/1979 Baseball Preview
4/7/1979 Maren Jensen of Battlestar Galactica Peter Kredenser
4/14/1979 John S. Ragin and Jack Klugman of Quincy, M.E.
4/21/1979 Walter Cronkite
4/28/1979 Danny DeVito and Judd Hirsch of Taxi Illustration Charles Santore
5/5/1979 James Stephens and John Houseman of The Paper Chase
5/12/1979 "What Viewers Love/Hate About Television"
5/19/1979 Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall of Laverne & Shirley Illustration Richard Amsel
5/26/1979 Ken Howard of The White Shadow Photograph
6/2/1979 James Garner of The Rockford Files Illustration Bernard Fuchs
6/9/1979 Donna Pescow of Angie Photograph
6/16/1979 Victoria Principal, Patrick Duffy and Jim Davis of Dallas
6/23/1979 Johnny Carson Illustration Jim Sharpe
6/30/1979 John Schneider, Catherine Bach and Tom Wopat of The Dukes of Hazzard Photograph
7/7/1979 Barney Miller Photograph
7/14/1979 Michael Landon, Melissa Sue Anderson and Linwood Boomer of Little House on the Prairie Photograph
7/21/1979 Greg Evigan and Sam the chimp of B. J. and the Bear Photograph
7/28/1979 Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby of The Incredible Hulk
8/4/1979 Joyce DeWitt of Three's Company Photograph
8/11/1979 Rod Arrants of Search for Tomorrow
8/18/1979 Ed Asner, Nancy Marchand and Mason Adams of Lou Grant
8/25/1979 Football Preview
9/1/1979 Miss America illustration Richard Amsel
9/8/1979 Fall Preview
9/15/1979 Robert Guillaume of Benson Photograph
9/22/1979 Carroll O'Connor
9/29/1979 Pope John Paul II
10/6/1979 World Series
10/13/1979 Tom Snyder
10/20/1979 Loni Anderson, Howard Hesseman and Gary Sandy of WKRP in Cincinnati
10/27/1979 Muhammad Ali
11/3/1979 Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner of Hart to Hart Photograph
11/10/1979 The Bee Gees
11/17/1979 Wilfrid Hyde-White and Shelley Smith of The Associates Photograph
11/24/1979 Pernell Roberts of Trapper John, M.D. Photograph
12/1/1979 Barbara Walters
12/8/1979 "Talk Show Hosts: Who Are the Best--and Why?" illustration Don Daily
12/15/1979 Henry Winkler of Happy Days Photograph
12/22/1979 Christmas
12/29/1979 Shelley Hack, Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith of Charlie's Angels Photograph