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This is a list of episodes for ABC/Toon Disney's Teacher's Pet; It ran for 39 episodes. All found production codes can be found online on an old website called "TV Tome", that featured the shows episode guide. [1]

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes First airdate Last airdate Network
1 13 September 9, 2000 January 13, 2001 ABC
2a 8 September 22, 2001 February 9, 2002
2b 18 January 11, 2002 May 10, 2002 Toon Disney

Season 1: 2000–01[edit]

No. Ep. Title Written by: Original airdate Prod code
11"Muttamorphosis"Bill Steinkellner,
Cheri Steinkellner
September 9, 2000 (2000-09-09)001
Series Premiere: Spot the Dog decides once and for all to go to school, and so he becomes Scott Leadready II, top student of his master Leonard Helperman's fourth grade class.
22"Pet Project"Bill Steinkellner,
Cheri Steinkellner
September 16, 2000 (2000-09-16)002

Spot tries to pass Mr. Jolly off as his pet cat and Leonard writes about Pretty Boy when the kids have to write and recite an essay on their pets.

Guest Stars - Pat Musick as Mary Beth & David Sabella, doing Pretty Boy's singing voice
"Movin' on Pup
Escaping Dog Trick"
Bill Steinkellner,
Cheri Steinkellner
Ford Riley
September 23, 2000 (2000-09-23)N/A-003
Scott does well enough on the N.A.S.T.Y. to get promoted to the fifth grade, but finds out that the fifth grade is much more of a challenge than he had anticipated.

Mrs. Helperman thinks Spot's run away when he sneaks away as Scott to buy ice cream with Leonard. Once Spot returns home, Mrs. Helperman has an electronic fence set up, which restricts him from going to school, causing him to mope.

Guest Stars - Clancy Brown as the Fifth Grade Teacher & Patrick Warburton as Officer Doggytime
44"A Lick is Still a Kiss"Bill Steinkellner,
Cheri Steinkellner
September 30, 2000 (2000-09-30)ABC-04

Leonard mentions to the cool kids that Leslie uses pink lemonade lip gloss with a hint o' mint, which he had learned from Spot, but that turns into a rumor that he had kissed Leslie on the lips. It doesn't get any better when Principal Stricker threats him (along with Scott later on when he defends Leonard) to be sent to the "School For Losers".

Guest Star - Rita Wilson as Cosmetics saleswoman
55"Being Mrs. Leadready"Laura McCrearyOctober 7, 2000 (2000-10-07)005

Scott needs to find someone to play his mother for parent-teacher night and eventually has to play not only his mother but himself at the same time after being invited over for dinner.

Song - "Spot's Lament" (Original & Reprise)
"Let Sleeping-Over Dogs Lie
Costume Pity Party"
Bill Steinkellner,
Cheri Steinkellner
Michael Price
October 28, 2000 (2000-10-28)ABC-06
Scott and Leonard are invited to Ian's birthday/slumber party, and Leonard's scared since he doesn't know what to expect from a slumber party, especially since it's at Ian's house.
On Halloween day, Leonard explains that he doesn't wear costumes anymore for the season since someone had bullied him the previous year (It's later found out that said bully was made fun of previously for wearing a disco costume the year prior to that). In the meantime, Spot's cover nearly is blown when his costume falls apart and appears as his actual self as he arrives at school, but everyone believes that he's actually in costume as a dog, so he goes with it and pretends to be Scott in a dog costume, but things go awry when they are told to take off their costumes for later.

Song - "Happy Happy Birthday!"

Guest Stars - Grey DeLisle and Fred Willard as Mrs. and Mr. Wazselewski, Clancy Brown as the Fifth Grade Teacher, & Brad Garrett as Dutch Calenza
77"Scott's Honor"Michael PriceNovember 4, 2000 (2000-11-04)007

Spot tries to prove to Leonard that he can succeed as a Junior Boy Ranger, which Leonard thinks he can't do because dogs are color blind.
Song - "Junior Boy Rangers"

Guest Star - Mark Wilmore as Troop Leader Steve Knicke
88"Fifi"Bill Steinkellner,
Cheri Steinkellner
November 11, 2000 (2000-11-11)ABC-08

When the fourth grade class goes to the circus, Spot falls in love with and pursues Fifi, a circus acrobat poodle. He is successful, but as she is in a traveling circus, she insists that Spot should come with her too.

Guest Star - Bernadette Peters as Fifi
"Bad to the Bone
Always Knock the Postman Twice"
Jim Patterson,
Stephen Leff
Gary Baseman,
Ford Riley
November 18, 2000 (2000-11-18)FO-09
Scott thinks he's been branded a bad'un when Mrs. Helperman writes him up on his permanent record for sticking his head out the school bus window, so ends up showing them all at school how bad he can be.
When Scott makes slanderous insults against a mailman during "Career Day" (Going back to his dog instincts) and ends up getting in trouble for it, Leonard tries to change Spot's prejudice against mailmen by explaining to him all the mistakes that Spot and the other dogs see about mailmen before he gets himself into more trouble at school.
Song - "No One Does Bad Quite As Good As Me"
1010"You Can't Bite City Hall"Bill Steinkellner,
Cheri Steinkellner
December 2, 2000 (2000-12-02)ABC-10

The city wants to turn the dog park into a skateboard park and Scott supports this until his dog friends and enemies inform him of their perspective of the park, leaving Spot confused to decide which side he's going to be on.

Song - "Dog and Skateboard Park"
1111"A Dog for All Seasons"Michael Price,
Ford Riley
December 16, 2000 (2000-12-16)011

Spot tries to find out if dogs have any holiday traditions. Meanwhile, Mrs. Helperman has to write up a new holiday school play that includes all the kids' religious traditions, but finds it harder than she expected.
Song - "Season Of Love"

Guest Star - Fred Willard as Mr. Wazselewski, Tress MacNeille as Librarian, John Mahoney as Tim Tim Tim
1212"Tallulahpalooza"Bill Steinkellner,
Cheri Steinkellner
January 6, 2001 (2001-01-06)012

Mrs. Helperman agrees to be a pet sitter for Principal Stickler's cat Tallulah. This strikes conflict with Leonard and Spot as they want to leave the house to go out for Laser Tag and pizza, but they both feel that Tallulah is spying on them, and might catch on to Spots secret. Meanwhile, Pretty Boy has a hard time trying to avoid being eaten by Tallulah and Mr. Jolly falls in love with the cat.

Guest Star - Tress MacNeille as Tallulah
"Saving Mr. Jolly
Rule of Paw"
Cade Chilcoat
Ford Riley
January 13, 2001 (2001-01-13)N/A-013
Season Finale: Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly both think the other is missing so they go to school in search of Leonard's help and things get worse when they do find each other and Tallulah finds them too. In the meantime, Leonard, Scott, and the rest of the class participate in the "Vipatoty" fitness test.

When Scott takes his new role as playground safety monitor a bit too seriously, Leonard intentionally breaks a bunch of small offenses to make a point that his new rules are ridiculous. Scott doesn't like this one bit and it lands Leonard in Student Council Court.

Guest Star - Tress MacNeille as Tallulah

Season 2a: 2001–02[edit]

No. Ep. Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate Prod code
141"Never Take Candy from a Kindergartner"Timothy BjörklundBill Steinkellner,
Cheri Steinkellner
September 22, 2001 (2001-09-22)1C03-205
Season Premiere: Leonard feels very guilty when he lets kindergartner Emma get a crush on him and feeds him free samples of candy from her dad's store, so Scott tries to help out, only to get roped into the same situation. Meanwhile. Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly bet each other that they can do without the thing that they love (Pretty Boy being his seed bell and Mr. Jolly with his scratching post) since said things annoy each other.
152"A Few Good Boys"Timothy BjörklundMichael PriceSeptember 29, 2001 (2001-09-29)1C03-203

Both Scott and Leonard get Junior Boy Ranger community service assignments that they absolutely can't stand.

Guest Stars - Kath Soucie as the Baby Kittens and Mark Wilmore as Troop Leader Steve Knicke
163"Bad Fur Day"Timothy BjörklundDavid Maples
Gary Baseman
October 6, 2001 (2001-10-06)1C03-212
Spot makes fun of Leonard's bad haircut until he himself winds up with a bad grooming that could blow his cover.
174"The Tale of the Telltale Taffy"Alfred GimenoDavid MaplesOctober 27, 2001 (2001-10-27)1C03-225

While trick-or-treating, Scott convinces Leonard to go across the street to get candy since their street is only offering fruits and vegetables, but both of them start to feel guilty since Leonard had promised to his mom previously that he wouldn't go across the street. Meanwhile, after Leonard takes in a stray black cat from out of the rain, Pretty Boy and Jolly suspect the cat of being a vampire after reading up on vampire stories online.

Song - "It's About The Candy"

Guest Stars - Tim Curry as Spooky & Kevin Schon [nb 1]
185"Don't Count Your Chickies Before They Hatch"Alfred GimenoNicholas Hope
Jessie Jones
November 3, 2001 (2001-11-03)1C03-215
Scott is thrilled at a chance to go the upcoming air show, but this conflicts with his class assignment to watch over chicken eggs, so in the meantime, Leonard videotapes the whole thing for Scott so he can still watch the airshow later on. Eventually Scott has to leave the house to retrieve a light bulb when the chickens incubators light bulb dies, but on the way to the light bulb store, Scott is extremely tempted to go to the airshow. In the meantime, after complaining that he feels that he has no purpose in life, Mr. Jolly finds purpose by lying on top of the eggs to keep them warm.
196"No Substitutions, Please"Timothy BjörklundPatrick GleesonJanuary 19, 2002 (2002-01-19)1C03-223

Mrs. Helperman catches a cold and so turns her class over to a substitute. Everybody loves her except Scott due to his canine super-sense

Guest Star - Grey Delisle as Ms. Dewygood
"Party Animal
Mr. Jolly: Man...or Mouser?"
Cade Chilcoat
Timothy Björklund
Alfred Gimeno
Billiam Coronel
Bill Steinkellner,
Cheri Steinkellner
January 26, 2002 (2002-01-26)1C03-210
1C03-224 [2]
Scott secretly sets up a surprise party for Leonard's birthday, but Leonard doesn't seem interested.

Leonard bets that Mr. Jolly can catch wiseacre mouse Margarita Ratoncita in five minutes.

Guest Star - Nika Futterman as Margarita Ratoncita
218"Taint Valentine's Day"Ennio Torresan Jr.Billiam CoronelFebruary 9, 2002 (2002-02-09)1C03-228
ABC Series Finale: Nobody seems to love Leonard, especially on Valentines day, so Scott secretly sends Leonard lots of valentines to boost his confidence, but his plot blows up in Leonard's face as the girls look over the valentines and find out that they're all written the same, so it's up to Scott to fix the mess he created. Meanwhile, Mr. Jolly helps Pretty Boy out with getting a lady bird on Valentines day.

Season 2b: 2002[edit]

No. Ep. Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate Prod code
"Strickler's Pet
Fresh 'n' Frozey Chocolaccino"
Timothy BjörklundMark Steen
Nancylee Myatt
January 11, 2002 (2002-01-11)1C03-206 [3]
1C03-208 [4]
Toon Disney Premiere: Strickler makes a stupid promise to get the students to read 2000 books in one month, and makes Scott "Junior Deputy Vice Principal" to keep him from helping the kids reach that goal so he won't have to shave his head bald and paint it purple.
Scott and Leonard get the brilliant idea of selling their "Fresh 'n' Frozey Chocolaccino" drink to raise money to buy a Steel Sabre scooter, but things go awry once they run out of ingredients and end up selling ice.
  • "Fresh 'n' Frozey Chocolaccino" was the first episode to feature Kevin Schon voicing Spot/Scott as at the time, Nathan Lane was working on the Mel Brooks Broadway musical, The Producers; although Nathan Lane still voices Spot/Scott in various episodes afterwards given that many of them aired out of order.
232"The Grass Seed is Always Greener..."Timothy BjörklundBill Steinkellner,
Cheri Steinkellner
January 18, 2002 (2002-01-18)1C03-207

Pretty Boy's migrating instincts kick in and he flies the coop.

Song - "Wormface And Skelebony Opening"
243"Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Green"Timothy BjörklundBill Steinkellner,
Cheri Steinkellner
January 25, 2002 (2002-01-25)1C03-211
Scott gets jealous when Leonard makes up a popular game based on the fetch game Spot's played with Leonard.
254"What's Sweat Got to Do with It?"Timothy BjörklundJim Staahl
Jim Fisher
February 1, 2002 (2002-02-01)1C03-218 [5]

Leonard's paired with Leslie in a square-dance performance, but he keeps getting sweaty palms when he's near Leslie.

Song - "Trip Your Partner Promenade"
265"Dogfight"Timothy BjörklundDavid MaplesFebruary 8, 2002 (2002-02-08)1C03-217
When Scott and Leonard argue over a basketball loss the other kids force them to fight about it.
276"Science Not Fair"Donald V. MackinnonBilliam CoronelFebruary 15, 2002 (2002-02-15)1C03-214

Mrs. Helperman mistakenly believes that Scott's fancy photosynthesis science project is Leonard's project.

Song - "Photosynthesis"
287"To Bee or Not To Bee"Donald V. MackinnonDavid MaplesFebruary 22, 2002 (2002-02-22)1C03-221

Scott panics when he finds that his spelling bee rival Eric Mark Kravitz is fanatically devoted to studying for the bee.

Song - "The Tiny Flugelhorn"
298"One Dog's Junk"Alfred GimenoJim Staahl,
Jim Fisher
March 1, 2002 (2002-03-01)1C03-220
Spot is completely distraught when Leonard puts his beloved Squeeky Burger Toy in a yard sale, and nearly has a complete nervous breakdown when he finds out that Ian bought it and won't give it back. In the meantime, Pretty Boy and Jolly sell stuff online and knowing that Spot is really distraught about his loss, they both decide to buy him a new Squeeky Burger Toy online, but they keep outbidding each other over and over again, not realizing that they are both trying to bid for the same toy for Spot.
"Team Scott
Take Me Out of the Ball Game"
Donald V. Mackinnon
Timothy Björklund
Billiam Coronel
John Reyonlds,
Mike Samonek
March 8, 2002 (2002-03-08)1C03-N/A
The East Westland JBR Troops let Scott compete and win in all the JBR Confab events all by himself so they don't lose for the 10th year in a row. But things go downhill when the troop ends up going the wrong way on the final test to Little Rock Mountain.
Scott fanatically tries to turn Leonard into a great baseball player when Scott is prohibited from playing himself because he's only been a student for eight months.

Song - "Team With A Capital 'T'"

Guest Stars - Mark Wilmore as Troop Leader Steve Knicke, Bob Uecker as The Narrator, & Fred Willard as Mr. Wazselewski
3110"Inspector Leadready II"Timothy Björklund,
Ennio Torresan Jr.
Jim Staahl,
Jim Fisher
March 15, 2002 (2002-03-15)1C03-227
When Leslie's map of Brazil is found broken and Leonard is at the scene of the crime, Scott becomes Scotlock Holmes to clear Leonard's name.
3211"The Turkey That Came To Dinner"Ennio Torresan Jr.Bill Steinkellner,
Cheri Steinkellner
March 22, 2002 (2002-03-22)1C03-229

The pets have to spend Thanksgiving in the porch when Grandma Rose visits, bringing with her a live turkey for dinner. Meanwhile, Leonard gets addicted to an old game that his grandmother had brought over to play.

Song - "Thanksgiving Blessings"

Guest Star - Betty White as Grandma Rose
3312"Double Dog Dare"Alfred GimenoJess WinfieldMarch 29, 2002 (2002-03-29)1C03-226

In a Truth or Dare game, Leonard is dared to tell everyone who his favorite girl in the class is. If he admits that it's Leslie then everybody might laugh at him and it'll ruin him and Leslie's friendship and if he lies and says he has a crush on Younghee, then he might break Leslie's heart, so he decides to try a super hard dare in place of telling the truth.

Song - "The Litterbox Aria"

Guest Star - Sydney Walsh as Mrs. Sproutwell
3413"Attack of the 50 Inch Girl"Ennio Torresan Jr.Bill Steinkellner
Cheri Steinkellner
April 5, 2002 (2002-04-05)1C03-N/A

New girl Fred Bitters picks on Scott and Leonard so much that Spot decides to quit going to school.

Guest Star - Nancy Cartwright as Fred Bitters
3514"The Flipper"Ennio Torresan Jr.Billiam CoronelApril 12, 2002 (2002-04-12)1C03-231

After Scott teaches Leonard, he becomes the Flipper when he becomes an expert at flipping cards into a circle. But after a bit of tension between the two, they have a final showdown. In the meantime, Mr. Jolly makes buildings out of cards as Pretty Boy does various methods to blow it down.

Song - "Just Flip The Card"
3615"The Blight Before Christmas"Alfred GimenoDavid MaplesApril 19, 2002 (2002-04-19)1C03-233

While Leonard hopes to get a Mach III Game Command for Christmas, Spot searches for a lost dog hoping to collect a $500.00 reward to buy stuff for himself.

Guest Stars - Jeff Bennett as Moby Dog & Gabrielle Carteris as Charlotte Dog
3716"All About Eavesdropping"Ennio Torresan Jr.Jim Staahl,
Jim Fisher
April 26, 2002 (2002-04-26)1C03-232

Scott convinces Leslie to allow Leonard and himself to perform a magic act for her birthday party. After the act, they start to gather their stuff as Scott conveniences Leonard to eavesdrop on the girls to find out what "girls really like" for the boys at the school to know about.

  • This is the last episode that featured Nathan Lane as Spot/Scott.

Guest Star - Jeff Bennett as the Magician, Pat Musick as Mrs. Dunkling and Intercom

"The Nose Knows
Don't Bite the Hound That Feeds You"
Alfred GimenoJim Staahl,
Jim Fisher
Billiam Coronel,
David Maples
May 3, 2002 (2002-05-03)1C03-N/A
Scott insists that the cafeteria's Thursday Surprise is the dog food he ate as Spot in the morning, but he needs to prove this without blowing his cover when Principal Stickler questions how he would know this.
Spot gets French fleas on him and despite having a prejudice for fleas, he helps them find a new home.

Song - "Can't we all get along?"

Guest Star - April Winchell as Clancy the lunch lady
3918"A Breed Apart"Timothy BjörklundJess WinfieldMay 10, 2002 (2002-05-10)1C03-N/A

Series Finale: Spot, concerned about how breed he felt, drags Leonard to a dog show to find out. In the meantime, Mr. Jolly's father pays a visit to the Helperman's and Mr. Jolly seems less than happy to see him.

Song - "Scottish Bloudhound"

Guest Star - Ray Wise as Mr. Poppy Puttinpuss


Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate
"Teacher's Pet"Timothy BjörklundBill Steinkellner & Cheri SteinkellnerJanuary 16, 2004 (2004-01-16)


  1. ^ While voicing Spot/Scott in many full episodes that aired on Toon Disney (And one on ABC), Kevin first voiced Spot/Scott during the song "It's About The Candy"