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This is a list of characters that appear in the video game, anime and manga series, Tears to Tiara. PlayStation 3 remake, spinoff and anime share the same voice actors.



Aroun (アロウン?) Voiced by: Kojirō (PC version) Voiced by: Tōru Ōkawa (Japanese); Illich Guardiola (English)[1]

The Great Demon King, he was sealed away for 1000 years after his mortal body dies on the battlefield. Drwc resurrected him using Riannon as living sacrifice, but is instead killed after Arawn saves Riannon from mind control. She takes a liking to him instantly, and makes him chieftain of the Gael Tribe. Arawn's true name, a name that awakens his power is Lucifer. He was the 13th Angel born after the previous 12 and was thought to be an imperfection. He became one of the 12 Angels after his "father" Angel, Myrddin died by performing the Song of Creation. He assumed role of his "father", opposed the remaining 11 White Angels, thus leading him to be exiled from Heaven, and became a Fallen Angel. He was the one who freed Primula and the humans from the bindings of the White Angels, as they had cursed mankind to praise and worship their creator until death. Throughout the ages, the White Angels hated him and opposed him on every occasion possible, eventually leading to his deep slumber after being struck by a cannon blast from a siege weapon. The element used in the weapon is Electrum in which Arawn's physical body is weak against. He then went into a deep sleep to recover his mortal body for the next millennium before the start of Tears to Tiara. However, he was awaken before his due time and his body has not completely recovered and so he has the body of a normal human being. He involuntarily becomes Riannon's husband, thus becoming the Chieftain of the Gael clan. Although he has many wives, it appears that his relationship with Riannon is much more closer than the others. He protects her from disasters at times throughout the series and cares about her when something is troubling her thoughts and vice versa.


Riannon (リアンノン?) Voiced by: Ran Tōno (PC version) Voiced by: Yūko Gotō (Japanese); Hannah Alcorn (English)[2]

Riannon is the seer of the Gael tribe, and she reads destiny from the stars (her element is Astra). In particular, she takes great comfort in one star the Gael tribe think of as their protector, the Akaboshi. It is heavily hinted that Arawn is somehow connected to, and may even be, the Akaboshi. (At one point, when Riannon had been captured by the Divine Empire, he establishes contact with her by speaking through the Akaboshi.) After leaving their homeland and becoming Arawn's wife, her ability to see the future seems to have been lost, although she manages to predict Taliesin's future when they revisit Erin Island.

She is Arthur's sister and the daughter of the late chieftain of the Gael tribe. This gives her the right to decide the next village Chieftain, a seat that had been empty since Riannon and Arthur's fathers' death. As they were orphaned at an early age (their father was killed by one of the White Spirits, whereas their mother's death was never explained), Arthur took care of Riannon and raised her. As a result, she is very close to Arthur, and at times even acts slightly spoiled and childish with him.

At the beginning of the game, she is kidnapped by Drwc, and is a sacrifice to the Demon King Arawn upon his awakening. She in fact knew that Drwc and his troops were approaching on the night of her kidnap, as Riannon deliberately sent the villagers away from their village on the night of the assault to prevent them from being killed by Drwc. Having offered her true name that meant control of her body and consciousness as well as her power, Primula, to Drwc in exchange for the village children's safety, her consciousness was then locked deep in herself till Arawn, having been awakened by Drwc's ritual, helped her regain her freedom.

She falls in love with Arawn on first sight after discovering that he had helped bring her out of unconsciousness, and decides on the spot to marry him and make him the village chieftain, much to Arthur's chagrin, and Arawn's confusion. She is very devoted to Arawn, and is willing to protect him even if it should cost her life. She is also very accepting of Arawn's other wives, and gets along well with all of them, although she shows signs of possessiveness at times.

Riannon excels in Recovery magic, Buff/Debuff magic, and Astra magic. She wields a magic staff that is a source of her power.

She and Arthur are direct descendants of the Elf-King Pwyll. However, her parentage are mixed with humans so she is only has partial Elf blood. She is also the descendant of Primula, the girl whom Myrddin rescued from the Ice-Age, made by the other 11 Angels. Elves seem to easily get along with her, which is surprising as most Elves have a strong mistrust towards humans. A few characters have commented that this may be because she has an almost Elf-like, calm and serene aura.

While she takes the backseat most of the time, it is shown that she has strong leadership capabilities (said by Morgan to be second only to Arthur in their tribe). She assumes command of the castle and troops during Gaius' siege when Arawn was heavily injured and Arthur had fled (having been controlled by the White Spirit to attack Arawn), and also commands Gaius' soldiers easily when she was captured by the Divine Empire.

Her name originated from the Celtic mythology, Rhiannon, which was mentioned that by Drwc in the very beginning episode, that this name of hers had no real meaning.


Arusaru (アルサル?) Voiced by: Kotsuo Nishijima (PC version) Voiced by: Makoto Ishii (Japanese); Chris Ayres (English)[3]

Arthur is Riannon's brother and he's very good at sewing, a fact that astonished the House Elves in Avalon Castle. He has the honor as the First Warrior of the Gael Tribe. He is a direct descendant of Elf-King Pwyll, and resembles him in his appearance as well although Limwris the House Elf has some trouble recognizing him as King Pwyll's descendant due to the sudden shock of Arawn coming back to the castle.

He was led by Arawn to walk the Way of the King. He was also known as the 'small king'. He was Arawn's friend and stayed with him until the war ends.

The Japanese pronunciation of his name is based on the Welsh name of King Arthur even though his name in English remains the same.


Morugan (モルガン?) Voiced by: Rie Tominaga (PC version) Voiced by: Mai Nakahara (Japanese); Tiffany Grant (English)[4]

Morgan is a member of the Gael Tribe. She occasionally fights with Arthur for the position of First Warrior of the Gael Tribe. She is the second of Arawn's wives. Her thinking is simple and she loves to hunt and eat a lot. She gets into all sorts of trouble when she drinks alcohol. When Morgan was drunk in episode 5, she called Arthur, Saru (サル?) which means monkey in Japanese. She even challenged Arthur to a fight for First Warrior title. This was supported by Arawn, much to Arthur's dismay about convenience about Arawn using his title as Chieftain. Morgan is an expert archer and at times, use a small knife for close range battles.

She was searching for her grandfather's heirloom, the Red Branches. She had initially though the Empire stole it from him. It was discovered in a crate heist by the Gael tribe during a raid. It turns out to be red coral, a very valuable medicine. As it turns out, red coral can be boiled to a white, powdery medicine to heal severe diseases. Morgan once had this and her grandfather had half boiled and the other half as fee for the doctor. Octavia had a two small piece written with their name as a necklace, as a sign of their friendship. Octavia's was given to Morgan, while Morgan's was kept by Octavia.

The Japanese pronunciation of her name is based on the Welsh name of King Arthur's half-sister, Morgana.


Okutavia (オクタヴィア?) Voiced by: Kaoru Imai (PC version) Voiced by: Rie Tanaka (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)[5]

Octavia is a former soldier and aristocrat of the Divine Empire, she now serves under Arawn as one of his many wives after a blunt incident.

When Arthur sent the men to put the crate, where Octavia was tied and put inside by her masters in the Divine Empire. She untied herself, jump out of the crate and tried to assassinate Arawn, but failed. Arawn later released her, but then retract the promise after knowing that her return to the Divine Empire will only mean her own doom.

Arawn, without the knowledge of the customs of the Divine Empire, grabbed her hand, wanting her to stay by his side - which she thought he was proposing to her. This custom in the Divine Empire means a proposal of marriage if you are holding an unmarried woman's hand.

This however, was different in the anime. Octavia was trapped in one of the crates until Lydia came along to remind her about their last meeting when she defeated her in a duel during the past. When the crate she was in has reached Avalon Castle, Arawn demands her to come out from hiding. She challenged him but he refused to fight someone who doesn’t have the will to live. Octavia later fainted because of her injury on her hip. Riannon nursed her.

Arthur, who is under Arawn’s order to know her character, later challenged her. She later swore by her sword that she will remain here as an independent female swordsman as well as sharing the fate of everyone who lived in Avalon Castle. In the same episode that all this has happened, she told Arthur that she was an aristocrat but her family was murdered because of her father’s rebellion against the Divine Empire. She inherited her elder brother's sword.

After discovering the Red Coral that Morgan was searching for, Octavia has two small pieces made with their names on as necklaces. They exchange necklaces as a sign of their friendship.

During her early stay in Avalon Castle, she volunteered to teach two children, Conal and Elil, swordsmanship along with reading and writing.


Rimurisu (リムリス?) Voiced by: Ayaka Kimura (PC version) Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu (Japanese); Luci Christian (English)[6]

Limwris is one of the House Elves in Avalon Castle in which she manages with Ermin. She loves tea parties, and makes delicious apple pies. She had fallen in love with Arawn from the things that she was told when she was young and the moment she saw him she new that everything would be ok. Limwris had no idea that Arthur was King Pwyll's decedent, and her face went blank when she realized Riannon was Arthur's sister, which makes her Pwyll's descendant too. She earlier had taught Riannon how to cook roasted apples and was so close to her, which was too much for her to handle.

Her favorite hobby is taking care of the household chores of Avalon. She is an elder sister figure to Ermin.


Erumin (エルミン?) Voiced by: Mai Akizuki (PC version) Voiced by: Ai Shimizu (Japanese); Hilary Haag (English)[7]

Ermin is another House Elf, who takes care of the Avalon castle with Limwris. She later becomes one of Arawn's wives because she told Arawn that she wanted to be.

She drew a picture book of the story of Arawn and Pwyll, about how they came to be although Arawn commented to Limwris that her drawing is terrible.


Ogamu (オガム?) Voiced by: Ganzesu (PC version) Voiced by: Yōsuke Akimoto (Japanese); John Swasey (English)[8]

Ogam is a sage who is always at Arawn's side and is his self-proclaimed "sword and shield". His original form is a winged armored dragon and has been alive for a very long time. His race was almost destroyed by the Twelve Angels after they found them imperfect, and then dropped one of the two moons onto the planet to destroy them.

He calls himself a jiji, meaning old man in Japanese when Arawn only asked Arthur, Riannon and Morgan to release the door for the ships to take off.

Ogam wields a magic wooden staff with a dragon holding a blue crystal ball. He also uses an assortment of powerful elemental, offensive and defensive magic. His true dragon form can uses basic flames, powerful physical attacks and the Flames of Creation, which destroys with pure fire but could kill Ogam because it drains his life.

Because of his age and experience, Ogam is the only member of the party that can heal Electrum damage to Arawn, since Riannon's healing magic does not work on Arawn's Electrum damage. Unfortunately, Ogam cannot heal massive damage of Electrum if Arawn receives too much damage.

He was a friend to Myrddin before Arawn's creation.


Epona (エポナ?) Voiced by: Yuria Hokuto (PC version) Voiced by: Kiyomi Asai (Japanese); Cynthia Martinez (English)[9]

Epona is a Merchant Elf who is obsessed with money and runs an item shop in Avalon Castle. She has a playful character and always tries to promote some of the strange merchandises she had brought in from other places.

When Arawn and Arthur reached the armory section of Avalon, an elven trap sprung and sealed Arthur and Arawn's movements. Epona did not believe Arawn as the same Arawn the Demon King and hit him on the head. She later apologized many times to Arawn and Arthur descendant of King Pwyll.

She tried to sell Arawn some of those gadgets and asked him to test it, but Arawn was not a foolish enough to test them in which he asked Arthur to test it. On another occasion, he asked Riannon to test it. The gadgets did perform as Epona said, but overdid its so-called 'purpose'. She also wanted to show Arawn a tomb of magic book, but eventually the spells that she called upon got her tied up.

Epona's name is based on the Celtic goddess of the same name.


Suīru (スィール?) Voiced by: Yuka Takana (PC version) Voiced by: Kaori Nazuka (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski (English)[10]

Llyr is a Water Elf and is a pessimistic person. She believes that she has very bad luck, but manages to deal with it. She was supposed to work as a servant in his household when her people sent her as a 'gift' to Arawn after hearing of his resurrection.

Arawn was made to take in Llyr as his wife after accidentally burning her Seal Pelt by giving it to Riannon who needed to make a fire. According to the customs of the Seal Faeiries, the Seal Pelt is a gift to the person she will marry to as a token of promise. With Arawn accidentally burning her Seal Pelt, she cannot go back to her people and has to stay with him. According to Llyr's tribe, any male elf that take the female elf skin will become their husband.

Llyr tried to help in various chores at Avalon Castle but never seem to get it right. She is also very fearful of human strangers, especially while in the town of Londinium as her mother taught her humans tend to do "this and that" to elves.

Llyr is proficient in using her trident, and water based spells and magic. When it is for everyone's safety, she will not hesitate to slaughter monsters and enemy with ease.


Rasuti (ラスティ?) Voiced by: Yūka Misaki (PC version) Voiced by: Kana Ueda (Japanese); Greg Ayres (English)[11]

Rathty is a Mining Elf who is good at making weapons and hardware. Arawn’s first impression of Rathty is that she is a girl. She tried to hide her gender as a female in order to stay with the party. Though, her androgyny is more apparent in the anime beginning with her first appearance in a fighting contest in Londinium. Rathty wields a giant hammer very efficiently despite her height and is also proficient in digging tunnels by punching the earth with her bare hands or with her hammer.

She prefers to make household tools than weapons for war, much to Arawn's dismay. Her gender was discovered after fighting the wolf horde and caught rabbis - the other girls drank the antidote, which Epona gave to Arawn, which left one bottle - he thought Epona gave him the wrong number of bottles. He discovers Rathty later poisoned. Arawn tries to give her the antidote, but Rathty rejects the antidote because she fears acknowledging herself as female will mean she can no longer join the party. Arawn calls her silly and tells her he doesn't mind. She takes the antidote and is cured.

Rathty has an unofficial skill called Rathty Missile, by tossing Rathty to the ground around the target, Rathty can cause an earthquake. This was improvised once by Llyr to allow Octavia and Morgan to enter Avalon during a siege, much to Rathty's dismay later about being tossed to enemy siege lines.


Tarieshin (タリエシン?) Voiced by: Rei Takatori (PC version) Voiced by: Tomohiro Tsuboi (Japanese), Josh Grelle (English) [12]

Taliesin is a Wandering Bard or better known as a Minstrel. He was first introduced in episode 5, Londinium. He played the harp for the group and informed them that the place they were hunting belongs to the Brigantes tribe.

When at Avalon Castle, he tends to tease Epona, touching her and saying "soft and smooth". It is also revealed that he had met Epona as a boy when he got lost in the forest. Although he didn't know it was her singing the song that prompted his decision to become a minstrel, his doubts about it was confirmed when she began singing once more under the moonlight, right after he left.

He is the chieftain of the Brigantes tribe; the direct descendants of Pwyll that the Gael tribe broke away from. He later passes the chief status to Arthur. When Taliesin traveled with the party to break the glyph on Mt. Claes, he stumbled upon the Dragon's Grave, where he meets a hatching dragon. He also learned about Arawn's past and his suffering there. Through those past visions, he learned how to play the Song of Creation, which he eventually used it to stop the blizzard to cause the entire mountain to crumble onto the Dark Army.

He returns later to assist everyone in the final battle with an army of dragons volunteering their assistance to the party.

He is foretold that if he becomes Chief of the Brigantes he will offend the Heavens, and will become a victim to a beast. Much to the prophecy, Taliesin now cares for his beloved dragon that he met and is practically enslaved by it due to its constant hunger, which he does not mind.


Dorūku (ドルウク?) Voiced by: Shita Okuri (PC version) Voiced by: Naomi Kusumi (Japanese); John Swasey (English)

Drwc is a Priest of the Divine Empire. He was the one who resurrected Arawn, wanting to use Riannon as a sacrifice and wants Arawn to make him the next ruler of the new age. Arawn later killed him instead after letting Riannon regain her consciousness.


Gaiusu (ガイウス?) Voiced by: Ken Achilles (PC version) Voiced by: Kenji Hamada (Japanese); Brett Weaver (English)[13]

The Commanding General of the Divine Empire's army that defeated the Gael Tribe in Erin Island. He believes that ideals are things that allows one to fight and achieve their goal. He doesn't believe in fighting for others or in the name of friendship to which Arthur greatly opposes. He has met Arthur at a meeting four years ago before the starting of the anime. He later returned to crush the Gael rebellion that was happening in Albion where Londinium, the Divine Empire's trade center faces threat from the Gael Tribe.

At his first encounter with Arawn, Arawn tells him that the only thing he desires is "regius" (meaning-royalty but it can also denote "little king"). He also told him that the day he will decipher the true meaning of the word he shall face his death. Until their final battle at Avalon he thought that Arawn wanted royalty but during his battle with Arthur he realised the true meaning of "regius". He was then killed by his hands. As a dying soldier he asked for a favour to Arthur (or rather he referred to him as "little king") to spare the lives of his men even though they tried to kill the Gaels and wanted to take over Avalon. Arthur concerns with Arawn but makes his own decision to do the favour. Before dying Gaius also commands Dekimus, his subordinate to surrender to the Gaels.

He wields a great sword, and is the only member of the Divine Empire to wield it proficiently.

His name is based on the Latin name of Julius Caesar.

Imperial Senate[edit]

Genrōin (元老院?)

A council of possibly aristocrats who govern the Divine Empire in its name, they are held in contempt by many characters as "fools" and "cowards". From this it can be seen that the Senate is extremely corrupt in character, however its power is not to be taken lightly. The Senate has a private army of its own, Rublum, which is superior in quality to the regular Imperial Army. The Imperial Senate meets its end in episode 18, when Lector burns the Senate and the Senate building after revealing to them the death of the emperor and to throw the Empire into confusion, thus preventing what might have been a significant enemy from challenging him when he made his move to end the Human World.


Ridia (リディア?) Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese); Shannon Emerick (English)[14]

Lydia is the new character that appeared in the PlayStation 3 remake, Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi. She is first seen in episode 7, Colosseum leading a group of soldiers wearing seemingly red colored metal as armor. She is the Commander of Rublum.

When Octavia defeated her in a duel shown in the flashback, she said that she could go crazy and kill or hurt anything in front of her with the sole thought of the incident and the shame inflicted on her from being denied the warrior's death custom of the anime. She commented that she would die of her insanity if she were not made Commander of Rublum.

She later faces off against Octavia one last time in Episode 11 of the anime. Throughout the fight, flashbacks show that Octavia and Lydia were once the best of friends during their Imperial Training (before the fateful fight in which Octavia didn't kill her). The duel ends with Lydia's death. Her final words to Octavia are asking if she was a good swordsman. Octavia cries and says that she was a perfect swordsman as she dies.


Mirudin (ミルディン?) Voiced by: Man Koganata (PC version), Voiced by: Mitsuru Ogata (Japanese); John Gremillion (English)

Myrddin is one of the Twelve Angels of the Creator God, Watos. His opinion of the 'Perfect' world was different from the other Angels. The others chose to exterminate the imperfect to create a new perfect world, but Myrddin's view was the opposite – he prefers correction to extermination. Unlike the other Angels that are eternally youthful, Myrddin is shown to be an elderly man. He explains to Arawn that he's been doing the acts that are against his own conscience for a very long time. Although it can be assumed that he aided in the genocide of creatures on earth, but deep in his heart he loathes it, hinting that he is the only Angel that is merciful. Because of this, he is considered a senile by his colleagues and even Arawn initially.

He later sacrificed himself to begin a new spring. He also gave the humans the gift of fire to save the human race from the wrath of the other Angels whom began the Ice Age to exterminate them. According to Riannon, he is punished severely by the other Angels for his action (similar to Prometheus) and the twilight is caused by the tears of a god as legend claims that Myrddin's suffering is so intense that he weeps, but this may be just a legend. In 17th episode, Myrddin appears in Arawn's vision and there are no sign of torture on him. And in episode 4, Arawn states that no one can punish him anymore. And, in the last episode, he and Pwyll appear in Riannon's vision along with Primula to give support to her. Although Pwyll and he didn't say anything, their presence motivated Riannon to save everyone.

Twelve Angels/White Spirits[edit]

Shiro no Seirei (白の精霊?)

These angels act as watcher and overseer of the world for the creator god, Watos. They are the ones behind all the tragedies on Earth - the extermination of a race and a new beginning. In seeking to create a perfect world, which they do in God's name, they had been destroying and re-creating a new Age. The Age of Gold, the Age of Silver, the Age of Bronze; respectively the Age of Dragons, the Age of Giants, the Age of Elves and now the Age of Iron or the Age of Humans - faced their wrath of seeking perfection. In the 14th episode, a mural depicting them is shown with Arawn's face is scratched with a sun on the whole lot of the Angels, symbolizing Watos. One of them, who is a senior looking man with brown hair is holding a wooden staff, hinting that he is their leader or an Archangel (it is possible that he is the one that first speak during a meeting in Lucifer episode and charge Myrddin to deal with the new Angel). Arthur comments that they look like the one that murdered his father and compared Arawn's similarity to them. It is possible that the Twelve Angels at least visited the elves in the past, given that the artist know how they looks like. And, Pwyll knows the name of Myrddin, showing that he knows the name of the Angels respectively as well, supporting the Angels' visit theory. And, Limwris also told that the fortress Avalon was constructed by the Angels and the elves worshiped Watos just like the Angels seem to support these theories. It is also possible that they betrayed the elves afterwards, as they began to rain their city, Avalon, with Gravitas-emitting Obelisks to exterminate them and Pwyll comments that the "agreement with the heavens" is as nothing.

It is possible they are based on Jesus Christ's Apostles. The murals in Arawn's tomb contain 13 figures, similar to The Last Supper painting. Furthermore, Arawn the 13th angel betrays them, similar to Judas Iscariot, the 13th person that Christ says will betray him. Myrddin's role is quite similar to Christ, as he sacrifices himself for the salvation of mankind.

Although the Angels worship Watos and strive to create the "Perfect World of Pure White" in His name, the Sun, which symbolizes Watos, never shines in the Heavens. It can thus be implied that for all their devotions, Watos does not listen to them anymore, having had enough of their hypocrisy.

They're the ones whom Arawn despises the most, calling them hypocrites who merely fear that the other creations of God would surpass them. Ogam harbours a strong hatred towards them for the near extinction of his kind, the dragons (with the exception of Myrddin, who is shown to be his friend and even respects him. He also reprimanded Arawn for thinking his foster father, Myrddin, a fool in episode Lucifer). It is truly unknown what happened to them after the death of Lector. However, should the Power of Words be addressed to Watos, it might be that the Angels fear taking action and becomes "tame" after judgement was passed on Lector (Merkadis was crippled by a Golden Light from Heaven called down by the Power of Words).

They use different disasters to annihilate species on Earth:

  • Dragons-Dropping one of the two moons on them and thus creating massive impact that nearly wipe them out
  • Giants-Sends megatsunami on their silver city. However, some survive and live in mountains afterwards.
  • Elves-Raining Gravitas on their city to weaken and kill them.
  • Humans-Covers their land with eternal winter and later ended through Myrddin's sacrifice that turns winter into spring.


Puiru (プィル?) Voiced by: Kotsuo Nishijima (PC version) Voiced by: Makoto Ishii (Japanese), Chris Ayres (English)

Pwyll is the last legendary king of the Elves and friend of Arawn. He believed in the heavenly messengers of the Creator, but he had to fight against them for the survival of the Elves.

After receiving the revelation and understanding of Myrddin's love for the race on earth and knowing that the self-righteous White Spirits will continue to purge their wrath against every living thing on earth he stood up and walked the Way of the King and he led every living creature on Earth to battle against the Army of Heaven

They finally achieved total victory at Avalon Castle, where Arawn was bait to draw the entire Army of Heaven. Pwyll had the entire Army of Heaven surrounded and destroyed with a great price of lives sacrificed and Arawn, who entered into a deep sleep due to the grievous injury he suffered in that battle.

His name comes from a Celtic mythology of the same name.


Purimura (プリムラ?) Voiced by: Ran Thono (PC version), Voiced by: Yuko Goto (Japanese), Hannah Alcorn (English)

Primula is one of the few survivors of the original human race after the Ice Age. She was saved by Myrddin and was the one who receive the gift of fire. The White Spirits later gave a minor adjustment to the human race - to mindlessly forever praise and worship the Creator until they die.

She and the other humans were freed by that adjustment by Arawn and was taught to speak and what emotions are. She was watched over by Arawn ever since his banishment from the Heavens.


Rekutōru (レクトール?) Voiced by: Kusao Rafureshia (PC version), Voiced by: Yuji Ueda (Japanese); Chris Patton (English)

Lector is one of the White Spirits and is known as Lector the Pure White by the Divine Empire. He is the main antagonist of the game, its remake and the anime.

He rose in power after influencing the emperor through astrology, who seeks for long life. In the end, he led the emperor to his own death in the North Ice zone of Albion in the Castle of Palladium or Paradium.

He is also revealed to be the one behind the murder of Arthur's father and the one who framed Arawn for it.


Kureon (クレオン?) Voiced by: Yoshikazu Kujira (PC version), Voiced by: Shouto Kashii (Japanese); John Gremillion (English)

Creon is the town mayor of Londinium and a servant of the Twelve Angels, rather Eleven Angels, after the death and desertion of Myrddin and Arawn, respectively.


Watosu (ウァトス?)

The Creator God and also Tears to Tiara's version of the Abrahamic God, He takes no direct action in the story. It is theorized that He either has no concern for His creations on Earth, or that He is not troubled by the actions of the Angels. It is also implied that He may not exist at all, but is only a lie or just a fabricated religious system created by the Angels, although this does not fit with certain dialogues in the story. According to Myrddyn, the Angels do not completely understand the will of God, leading to the possible conclusion that Watos created Arawn, the imperfect Thirteenth Angel to try and change the attitudes of the other Angels. If so, then He may be concerned about events on Heaven and Earth, but is unwilling to directly act on these events.

Watos' symbol is the Sun, as depicted in a mural in Arawn's tomb (according to Octavia, this symbol is also used by the Divine Empire). At several points in the story, the sun is shown in full, implying that He does watch over Creation. One such moment was the last episode, after the Words of Power crippled Merkadis and exposing frail and naked Lector, he desperately raised his right hand to the sun and begged Watos to rescue him.

It is possible that the Words of Power is addressed to Watos, as when Riannon completed the spell a blast of Golden Light even more powerful than Merkadis descended from the Heavens. Considering that the Angels prefer white and the only other being in the Heavens is Watos, it is possible that He will act if asked by His creations on Earth, as implied by the last verse of the Words of Power, dona nobis pacem, grant us peace. The same is also applied to another holy magic, Candidus, which among the chant is to give the user "a perfect world" and the Angels prayer contain these verses.

If the Power of Words is connected to Watos, it is possible that Watos grants Riannon the knowledge of this magic, as Riannon receives a vision where she is united with those she cares and through this vision she finally able to remember the incantation. Then, the spirit of Primula tells her that the knowledge of Words of Power was within her all the time. So it is possible that the vision was shown by Watos to aid her utilize the magic so that His creations may be saved from Merkadis' wrath (and to pass judgement on Lector as well). Watos' refusal to rescue Lector seems to support that He sided with His creations and cares for them.


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