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Teasing Master Takagi-san is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Sōichirō Yamamoto. The series was directed by Hiroaki Akagi and animated by Shin-Ei Animation with scripts written by Michiko Yokote and character designs by Aya Takano. It aired from January 8 to March 26, 2018 on Tokyo MX and other channels.[1][2] Crunchyroll simulcast the series, while Funimation streamed the series with an English dub.[3] It ran for 12 episodes.[4] The opening theme is "Iwanai Kedo ne." (言わないけどね。) performed by Yuiko Ōhara.[2] The series featured several ending songs covered by Rie Takahashi: "Kimagure Romantic" (気まぐれロマンティック) by Ikimono-gakari (episodes 1–2), "AM11:00" by HY (ep. 3–4),[5] "Bicycle" (自転車, Jitensha) by Judy and Mary (ep. 5–6),[6] "Kaze Fukeba Koi" (風吹けば恋) by Chatmonchy (ep. 7–8),[7] "Chiisana Koi no Uta" (小さな恋のうた) by Mongol800 (ep. 9–10),[8] "Ai Uta" (愛唄) by Greeeen (ep. 11),[9] and "Deatta Koro no Yō ni" (出逢った頃のように) by Every Little Thing (ep. 12).[10] An OVA episode was bundled with the manga's 9th volume which was released on July 12, 2018.[11]

On January 10, 2019, a second season was announced.[12] The staff and cast reprised their respective roles. It aired from July 7 to September 22, 2019,[13] with episodes being exclusively streamed on Netflix Japan.[14] A worldwide release on Netflix took place on December 6, 2019.[15] The opening theme for the second season is "Zero Centimeters" (ゼロセンチメートル, Zero Senchimētoru) performed by Yuiko Ōhara.[16] Like the first season, the endings consist of covers by Takahashi: "Kanade" (奏(かなで)) by Sukima Switch (ep. 1),[17] "Konayuki" (粉雪) by Remioromen (ep. 2),[18] "Kiseki" (キセキ) by Greeeen (ep. 3–4),[19] "Arigatō" (ありがとう) by Ikimono-gakari (ep. 5–6),[20] "STARS" by Mika Nakashima (ep. 7),[21] "Anata ni" (あなたに) by Mongol800 (ep. 8–9),[22] "Iwanai Kedo ne." by Ōhara (ep. 10–11),[23] and "Yasashii Kimochi" (やさしい気持ち) by Chara (ep. 12).[24]

Episode list[edit]

Season 1[edit]

No. English title[a]
Original Japanese title
Original air date[25]
Transcription: "Keshigomu" (Japanese: 消しゴム)
"Day Duty"
Transcription: "Nitchoku" (Japanese: 日直)
"Funny Face"
Transcription: "Hengao" (Japanese: 変顔)
"One Hundred Yen"
Transcription: "Hyaku-en" (Japanese: 百円)
January 8, 2018 (2018-01-08)

"Eraser": Nishikata attempts to taunt his seat-mate Takagi using an improvised jack-in-a-box. However, when she is unable to open her pencil box, he decides to help her only for a horror-themed improvised jack-in-the-box to pop up right in front of him, making him yell out in the middle of class. Later, Takagi borrows his eraser, at the same time reminding him of a childish tale that used to be popular, stating how if one writes their crush's name on their eraser and finish using it the love will be mutual. She pranks Nishikata by pretending that his eraser has a name on it, and after she leaves to go to the toilet, Nishikata takes her eraser from her desk to write a name on it and embarrass her. However, he finds a single letter on it and thinks that it is a name, only for it to say "Look at the hallway", where Takagi is there giggling. Secretly though, Nishikata's name is on the other side.

"Day Duty": Nishikata goes to school and sees Takagi on the window. As he arrives in their classroom, Nishikata can't find Takagi until he sees her shoes underneath of their teacher's table. Deducing that she is hiding, Nishikata bluffs by leaving the classroom but sneakily approaches the cabinet behind his desk. However, Takagi is not there nor is she underneath of their teacher's table. When Nishikata sits down at his desk, Takagi pops out from the curtain besides him. Yet again, Nishikata fumbles in humiliation.

"Funny Face": Nishikata asks his classmate for a perfect funny face that would make Takagi hysterically laugh. As he tries to make a funny face to Takagi, the latter gives him tips for a much improved and even funnier face. However, as he turns his head, he faces their teacher and gets scolded.

"One-Hundred Yen": Earlier, Nishikata thought he found a hundred yen coin but it turned out that it was just an arcade token. Later, Mina, along with Sanae and Yukari, walks home. Mina suddenly stops and steps on the token. After some investigating, Yukari and Sanae tell Mina what it actually is.
Transcription: "Shūji" (Japanese: 習字)
"Seasonal Change of Clothing"
Transcription: "Koromogae" (Japanese: 衣替え)
"English Translation"
Transcription: "Eiyaku" (Japanese: 英訳)
Transcription: "Pūru" (Japanese: プール)
January 15, 2018 (2018-01-15)

"Calligraphy": Nishikata and Takagi's class is having calligraphy lessons when Takagi proposes writing a word of what she and Nishikata want from each other. Figuring it would be the ideal opportunity to tell Takagi to stop her antics, he writes "Restraint", which is too vague for her to understand; Takagi writes "Status quo" as she enjoys his embarrassment. Nishikata's second attempt backfires when Takagi uncharacteristically shows kindness to him, including what is believed to be removing a mark on his face. As it turns out, she had rubbed ink on his face, as her second calligraphy depicts.

"Seasonal Change of Clothing": Mina and Yukari mope about the heat when they notice Sanae wearing a short-sleeved uniform. Peeved, Mina complains they had agreed to switch seasonal clothing at the same time. Later, Mina and Yukari switch to shorter sleeves, but Sanae is in a longer uniform, a situation that Sanae blames on Mina.

"English Translation": During English class, Nishikata ponders ways to get his revenge on Takagi when he is suddenly called by the teacher to read aloud a line from the book. After misunderstanding Takagi's vague advice on what to do, he prepares his next plan — distract Takagi long enough so she can not answer when it is her turn. To his disappointment, although the teacher catches her by surprise, she easily finds the assigned line and answers it.

"Pool": As the class is enjoying their time in the pool, Nishikata is unable to participate as he had his hand bitten by a cat. As he sits on the bench, Takagi tests him to solve why she isn't swimming. Noticing her grabbing her stomach, Nishikata initially assumes she's undergoing menstruation, but he fears that he shouldn't say such a thing. His second guess is that she's self-conscious about her small bust size. In a panic, he goes with his initial guess. In reality, she did not have any problem and feigned a condition to join him.
Transcription: "Kōhī" (Japanese: コーヒー)
"Empty Can"
Transcription: "Akikan" (Japanese: 空き缶)
Transcription: "Tansan" (Japanese: 炭酸)
"Muscle Training"
Transcription: "Kintore" (Japanese: 筋トレ)
Transcription: "Afureko" (Japanese: アフレコ)
Transcription: "Kasa" (Japanese: )
January 22, 2018 (2018-01-22)

"Coffee": In an effort to be more adult-like, Mina tries drinking a can of coffee but struggles with its strong taste. Sanae offers her juice, which Mina graciously accepts before Sanae clarifies such a drink is childish. Mina attempts to swing her bag at her, but misses and knocks over a trash can.

"Empty Can": On the way to school, Nishikata buys a juice can. Intrigued by the drink, Takagi asks if she can sip it; although he agrees, he quickly realizes it would mean an indirect kiss. After spilling the can, he throws it into a trash basket from afar, which is followed by him doing it again with another can. Takagi suggests a contest to see who can throw their respective cans in, with the loser forced to obey the victor. After she successfully makes her toss, she distracts Nishikata enough on his attempt to miss.

"Soda": Again seeking to emulate adulthood, Mina drinks a bottle of soda, though its fizz is too discomforting for her. Yukari drinks it without problem until she feels the urge to burp. When Mina is loudly talking, Yukari lets out her burp but is watched by Sanae.

"Muscle Training": After watching an athlete's interview on TV, Nishikata decides to form an exercise regimen based on Takagi, doing thrice the push-ups for each act of teasing. However, as her taunting intensifies with each day, he begins to grow skeptical of his decision. While walking home with her, Takagi further concerns him with rumors that excessive working out will stunt growth before commenting he looks more muscular. Motivated, Nishikata strives to continue his training.

"Dubbing": Mina, Sanae, and Yukari see two cats outside and pretend that they're having a conversation as a couple. When they find out that both cats are males, they change the nature of the conversation accordingly.

"Umbrella": Just as school is over with for the day, it starts raining. When Nishikata is about to go home, he asks Takagi why she's still sitting at her desk. She responds that she didn't bring a raincoat or an umbrella with her. Nishikata laughs at her and calls her an airhead. Instead of a comeback, she suggests that they walk home together. As they are walking home, Takagi teases Nishikata about the situation, much to his chagrin.
4"Cleaning Duty"
Transcription: "Sōji tōban" (Japanese: 掃除当番)
Transcription: "Saka agari" (Japanese: 逆上がり)
Transcription: "Kaze" (Japanese: 風邪)
Transcription: "Bikō" (Japanese: 尾行)
January 29, 2018 (2018-01-29)

"Cleaning Duty": As a result of his loud in-class behavior whenever Takagi teases him, Nishikata is ordered to clean the science room. Before doing so, he discovers Takagi hiding in a closet, after which she convinces him to play four rounds of rock-paper-scissors, with the loser cleaning a quarter of the room. Nishikata ultimately loses all four.

"Kickover": Nishikata and Takagi agree to a duel over drinks, with the former allowed to choose the challenge. When he notices a jungle gym, he decides the winner will have to flip over the bars, assuming Takagi would be reluctant as she is wearing a skirt. Takagi orders him to look away during her turn, raising suspicion that she might not be doing it. As she kicks over again, Nishikata looks and realizes she is wearing shorts underneath, but concedes defeat as he broke the no-look rule.

"Cold": After spending a night watching the anime 100% Unrequited Love with the air conditioner on, a sick Nishikata arrives to class late. Concerned for his health, Takagi does not tease him throughout the day. After his attempts to instigate her fail, he tells her he isn't actually ill and had simply overslept.

"Tailing": While visiting a convenience store, Mina, Saene, and Yukari spot Takagi and Nishikata together. Inferring they are dating after seeing another couple from their class, the three begin to follow the pair. Noticing their presence, Takagi hides herself and Nishikata in a bush until they leave.
5"Studying for the Test"
Transcription: "Tesuto benkyō" (Japanese: テスト勉強)
Transcription: "Tesuto" (Japanese: テスト)
"Test Results"
Transcription: "Tesuto henkyaku" (Japanese: テスト返却)
Transcription: "Hon'ya" (Japanese: 本屋)
"Shelter from the Rain"
Transcription: "Amayadori" (Japanese: 雨宿り)
February 5, 2018 (2018-02-05)

"Studying for the Test": Threatened by his parents with losing his video games, Nishikata is busy studying for exams in the library. Takagi joins him and decides to help. As they head home in the evening, Takagi reveals the study problems they were doing will not be on the test.

"Test": During a break, Yukari stresses the need to get at least 90 percent on her exams to earn any video game she wants. Mina approaches her for help with English, which she declines as she begins to study the category. To her disbelief, the next test subject is math.

"Bookstore": At the bookstore, Nishikata buys the latest volume of 100% Unrequited Love. As he is leaving, he runs into Takagi, who inquires as to what he just bought. Not wanting her to know he bought a shōjo manga, Nishikata lies, saying that it is a soccer manga, among other excuses, until Takagi correctly guesses the manga as she saw him buying it.

"Shelter from the Rain": Nishikata and Takagi are caught in a rainstorm, forcing them to take cover at a shrine. A soaked Takagi begins to change out of her uniform and asks if she may wear Nishikata's PE shirt, embarrassing him. After making a bet on if the rain will stop, Takagi allows him to wear her PE shirt, which further flusters him.
6"Tandem Riding"
Transcription: "Futari-nori" (Japanese: 二人乗り)
"First Day of Summer Vacation"
Transcription: "Natsuyasumi shonichi" (Japanese: 夏休み初日)
"Test of Courage"
Transcription: "Kimodameshi" (Japanese: 肝試し)
"Summer Science Project"
Transcription: "Jiyū kenkyū" (Japanese: 自由研究)
"Water Tap"
Transcription: "Suidō" (Japanese: 水道)
February 12, 2018 (2018-02-12)

"Tandem Riding": After seeing their dating classmates Mano and Nakai riding a bike together, Takagi suggests doing the same with Nishikata. He reluctantly agrees and they begin practicing in an empty lot, but he struggles with her sitting behind him. To worsen matters, she states he must buy her a drink if he cannot pedal and further agitates him by claiming she had tandem biked with another male (her father). Upon failing, Nishikata gets her a can of juice but does not have enough money for himself, prompting Takagi to buy one for him.

"First Day of Summer Vacation": As it rains outside, Mina and Sanae hang out at Yukari's house. As she works on her assignments, Mina and Sanae chide her for not enjoying the break. When Yukari questions why they aren't doing their homework, they simply remark they forgot to bring it.

"Test of Courage": Unable to practice tandem biking due to wet roads from the rain, Takagi challenges Nishikata to a test of courage in which he must cross a tunnel that is reportedly haunted. Inside, she begins to play pranks on him, further scaring him. At home, Nishikata continues his workouts before wondering why he's still doing them over summer break.

"Summer Science Project": Walking and eating popsicles, Yukari asks Mina and Sanae about what they plan to research for their science projects. After receiving unsatisfactory answers, she asks if they had started their summer assignments and adds she won't let them copy her work, to which they point out she will help them anyway as class president.

"Water Tap": With Takagi on summer vacation, Nishikata bikes around town until he finds her walking. He follows her before she hides in a bush, where she pops out and scares him. As she grabs her hat, a cicada flies out from underneath, surprising her and causing her to stumble backwards; Nishikata lunges forward to catch her before falling over, scraping his knee. The two go to a faucet to clean his wound, while Takagi gives him her handkerchief to wrap it.
Transcription: "Kaimono" (Japanese: 買い物)
Transcription: "Mizugi" (Japanese: 水着)
Transcription: "Umi" (Japanese: )
Transcription: "Heya" (Japanese: 部屋)
February 19, 2018 (2018-02-19)

"Shopping": At the mall's bookstore, Nishikata purchases the newest 100% Unrequited Love manga, but encounters Takagi outside, and she makes a bet saying she knows what he bought. To deceive her, Nishikata copies the characters' actions in the romance series, giving off a sense of confidence that causes Takagi to doubt her answer before deciding on 100% Unrequited Love anyway.

"Swimsuit": Having lost the bet, Nishikata has to help Takagi select a swimsuit, a task that proves too embarrassing for him. At one point, Takagi covers herself with the dressing room curtain to suggest to Nishikata that she is naked, further nerving him until he finds out she was fully clothed. When he sees his classmates in the store, he hides in the dressing room until they leave upon greeting Takagi.

"Ocean": At the beach, Mina and Sanae prepare to swim when they notice Yukari pumping air into a life preserver as she cannot swim. Deciding to leave her, the two enjoy their day until they return to a heavily-breathing Yukari, who had to exhale into the inflatable as the pump broke.

"Room": Discussing their summer homework, Takagi agrees to let Nishikata copy her answers and proposes working together at his house. Inside, she discovers his collection of 100% Unrequited Love manga and says she likes his room, prompting him to ask if they should study. As he only has one desk, they study together on his bed, during which she shows the assignments in question are kana writing drills, much to his dismay.
Transcription: "Taifū" (Japanese: 台風)
Transcription: "Marason" (Japanese: マラソン)
Transcription: "Wakibara" (Japanese: わき腹)
Transcription: "Miren" (Japanese: 未練)
February 26, 2018 (2018-02-26)

"Typhoon": Bracing the typhoon's severe winds, Nishikata role-plays as a wind-controlling character when Takagi overhears him. She copies his behavior, which he vehemently denies ever happened. Noticing she doesn't have her bike with her, Nishikata is quizzed on why, but can not provide an answer in time.

"Marathon": The school participates in a marathon, with Nishikata and Takagi creating a competition over who would be faster. Although Nishikata maintains a steady pace at first, Takagi catches up to him and challenges him to reach and touch her, which he refuses to do in such a public setting. Instead, they agree to see if he can keep within a certain distance of her, a deal that ultimately leads to his defeat as girls are only required to run half the distance.

"Ribs": On the walk home, Takagi pokes Nishikata's ribs, tickling him. Peeved, he considers responding in kind when she proclaims her ribs cannot be tickled. Nishikata plots various distraction strategies, all of which do not come to fruition, before Takagi allows him to poke her to prove her point.

"Regret": Mina, Sanae, and Yukari visit the haunted tunnel, where Mina and Sanae begin to run around and examine every surrounding. The three eventually exit the tunnel, Mina proclaiming her satisfaction.
9"Cell Phone"
Transcription: "Kētai" (Japanese: ケータイ)
Transcription: "Horā" (Japanese: ホラー)
Transcription: "Shashin" (Japanese: 写真)
March 5, 2018 (2018-03-05)

"Cell Phone": Nishikata gets a new cell phone and exchanges emails with his friends. Interested, Takagi asks to see it, which Nishikata prepares to exploit until she hands it back. Meanwhile, Mina and Yukari consider getting cell phones of their own and ask Sanae if she wants one, but she declines until she reveals she already has one. At home, Nishikata considers his next move until Takagi calls him, and the two converse for the evening.

"Horror": During cleanup duty, Nishikata and Takagi talk about their cell phone activities when the former decides to send her a scary video of a goat that had prevented him from sleeping the night before. Upon doing so, Takagi asks why he sent a photo of a busty woman, confusing him until he realizes he had been deceived. Takagi watches the video, but is unfazed as horror doesn't have the same impact in the morning.

"Picture": Nishikata asks Takagi to make a funny face as he is competing with his friends over who could take the most amusing photo. She obliges, but does so when he isn't ready. When he tries to convince her again, she scares him with a toy snake and captures his reaction. Worried about it being used as blackmail, he asks for her to delete it but fails. Annoyed by her laughter, Nishikata tries to retaliate by taking her photo, though she quickly reacts and shifts to a normal expression.
10"Who’s Taller?"
Transcription: "Sekurabe" (Japanese: 背比べ)
"I Hate the Cold"
Transcription: "Samugari" (Japanese: 寒がり)
Transcription: "Osasoi" (Japanese: お誘い)
"Two-Choice Question"
Transcription: "Ni-taku Kuizu" (Japanese: 二択クイズ)
March 12, 2018 (2018-03-12)

"Who's Taller?": As they walk to school together, Takagi notices Nishikata has grown, leading to a height comparing contest. With their backs against each other, Takagi's measurement suggests they are equal, which raises skepticism from Nishikata. When he tries to measure, she faces him directly, embarrassing him before she says she had been standing on her toes.

"I Hate the Cold": With winter arriving, Mina and Sanae decide to place their cold hands on Yukari's skin to elicit a reaction. When Yukari tries to do the same, she gets no response as her hands are too warm. Takagi does the same to Nishikata, which the trio notices as Yukari starts to assume they are indeed dating.

"Invitation": Besides Yukari, Nishikata's friends infer he is dating Takagi when he declines their invitation to play video games as he is walking home with her. After asking Takagi directly, Mina discloses they are not going out, while Nishikata also denies it. As Takagi is usually the one who asks Nishikata to walk her home, she asks for his thoughts on the matter, but he is too nervous to give an answer.

"Two-Choice Question": While buying juice, Nishikata asks Takagi if she would rather drink a delicious juice that gives her a fever or a poor-tasting one. She decides on the former after adding the provision that Nishikata would visit her while she is sick. He further quizzes her, but she continues to nonchalantly give expanded answers to lessen their negative impact. Takagi eventually gives Nishikata loaded questions with romantic intentions, such as asking if he would rather fail every exam or kiss her; when he hesitantly chooses the latter, she moves closer to his lips before pointing out he is indeed taller than her.
Transcription: "Neko" (Japanese: ネコ)
Transcription: "Konomi" (Japanese: 好み)
Transcription: "Nigaoe" (Japanese: 似顔絵)
"Fortune Telling"
Transcription: "Uranai" (Japanese: 占い)
"Critical Hit"
Transcription: "Kuritikaru" (Japanese: クリティカル)
March 19, 2018 (2018-03-19)

"Cat": After seeing a TV show host do it, Nishikata tries to pet a cat until Takagi's calls distract him. Not wanting her to find out he likes such animals, he tries to play off his behavior until she attracts another cat and starts to pet it. She urges him to do the same, but he refuses until she tricks him into saying he's afraid of cats. Defeated, he asks if he could pet it, but the cat runs off.

"Taste": Overhearing another conversation, Yukari seeks to have a discussion with Mina and Sanae about their preferences in boys. They agree and give their opinions, but Yukari eventually realizes they are talking about their favorite dog characteristics.

"Portrait": In art class, Takagi and Nishikata are tasked with painting portraits of each other. Nishikata tries to draw an demonized image of her after spotting Mina's sketch of Yukari, but feels guilty upon letting her see it. She decides to show her funny face to him, telling him to draw it if he wants an unusual portrait of her, before showing him her drawing. Nishikata is sheepish about the picture until she adds blushing, which he incredulously questions.

"Fortune Telling": Takagi has her fortune told via tarot when Nishikata walks by for room cleanup. She challenges him to rock-paper-scissors, which he unexpectedly wins. As Nishikata considers taking advantage of his newfound momentum to attack her, Takagi says her fortune was regarding her crush and asks if he has one. Upon hearing her question, Nishikata begins to wonder if he has feelings for her, especially when she adds she also had his fortune done. Besides romance, she reveals she also learned what his rock-paper-scissors move would be, implying she had thrown the game.

"Critical Hit": After getting a positive outlook for his horoscope and blood type, Nishikata goes to class with confidence that he can tease Takagi until she says she knows about them. That evening, as Takagi is picking up her bike, she asks his horoscope's description, which he recalls said Cancers will "land a critical hit." His classmates invite him to play a soccer game at their house, which he turns down; during their walk, Nishikata says he wanted to walk home with her. Realizing what he said, he runs away, unaware that Takagi has finally blushed and conceded defeat.
Transcription: "Tegami" (Japanese: 手紙)
"First Day of School"
Transcription: "Nyūgakushiki" (Japanese: 入学式)
"Seating Arrangement"
Transcription: "Sekigae" (Japanese: 席替え)
March 26, 2018 (2018-03-26)

"Letter": The class has been secretly writing love letters to one another, which confuses Nishikata when he discovers one in his textbook. He assumes Takagi is responsible yet refuses to directly ask her, but after briefly ribbing him for his flustered attitude, Takagi affirms she had written it. With the ongoing trend, Nishikata believes it is a love letter until he reads it, revealing it is just an invitation to walk home with her.

"First Day of School": In a flashback to their inaugural day of junior high, Takagi is worried after losing an unknown item, while Nishikata arrives to class late. After getting their seat assignments, Nishikata is placed near the window at the back of the room, a desk that he complains has isolated him, especially with a girl (Takagi) sitting beside him. To his surprise, she starts talking to him and asks why he was late; not knowing her name, he replies he had arrived on time, but a "Takagi" delayed him from getting to class. After the entrance ceremony, she reveals she is the one he had helped, while the lost object was her handkerchief.

"Seating Arrangement": After hurting his knee while working out, Nishikata remembers he still has Takagi's handkerchief from his earlier injury. The next day, the class changes seats, a situation that especially bothers Takagi as she wants to continue being next to him. The new arrangement places Nishikata on the other side of the room and Takagi in the center, while Mano and Nakai are separated, to their dismay. After his effort to switch with his friend Kimura fails, Nishikata places his head on his desk in resignation. Upon waking up, he discovers Takagi had switched with Mano and Nakai with Kimura, a move spurred by Mano's small size and Nakai's vision problems. Nishikata eventually returns the handkerchief; that night, Takagi unfurls it to find a thank you note from Nishikata which causes her blush and to squirm in her bed.
13 (OVA)"Water Slide"
Transcription: "Uōtāsuraidā" (Japanese: ウォータースライダー)
July 12, 2018 (2018-07-12)[11]
Nishikata and Takagi join Nakai and Mano at the water park, where the boys quickly head for the water slide, to Mano's disappointment. She explains to Takagi that she is too nervous to be alone with Nakai and the two had agreed to ride the slide together, following a rumor that couples going down the slide together will fall in love. Wanting to support them, Takagi and Nishikata separately leave on their own to find each other. The two pairs eventually meet up at the slides, where Nakai and Mano ride together, while Takagi challenges Nishikata to catch her on the way down; although he accepts and nearly reaches her, she tells him the slide's legend, causing him to intentionally slow himself down before crash landing at the exit.

Season 2[edit]

No. Title Original air date[26]
Transcription: "Kyōkasho" (Japanese: 教科書)
Transcription: "Saiminjutsu" (Japanese: 催眠術)
"Waking Up"
Transcription: "Neoki" (Japanese: 寝起き)
"Skipping Stones"
Transcription: "Mizukiri" (Japanese: 水切り)
July 7, 2019 (2019-07-07)

"Textbook": Nishikata is in class when he realizes that he doesn't have his English textbook. Takagi tells him to move his desk so he can look at hers. Instead, he decides to borrow a textbook from someone else. Takagi bets that nobody will lend him theirs. Unfortunately for Nishikata, he has no luck finding one. As such, he reluctantly moves his desk next to Takagi's. She writes in her textbook that she enjoys it when she's next to Nishikata, which flusters him. He then sees another message that says it because she likes to tease him. After reading the correct answer in the textbook, Nishikata decides to give Takagi a letter that contains a hidden message. She then gives him a letter that has her reply. It's not until he reads it that he realizes that it contains a hidden message of its own. Takagi hands Nishikata another letter that says that she's happy that she received a letter from him and hopes that he does it again. Flustered, Nishikata looks to see if it contains a hidden message.

"Hypnotism": Inspired by a hypnotist he saw on TV, Nishikata sits alone in class making a hypno coin. When Takagi walks in and sees what he's doing, she asks Nishikata to try it on her. After using the coin on her, he's surprised when it appears that she's hypnotized. After giving Takagi a couple of commands to see if it truly worked, Nishikata asks her what her weakness is. She replies her weakness is teasing him and her armpits. He then asks her to pick her nose. Just as she is about to do it, Nishikata has second thoughts and tries to stop her. Once this happens, Takagi reveals that she only pretended to be hypnotized.

"Waking Up": A tired Mina is in the hallway talking to Yukari and Sanae. She tells them that she watched a hypnotism show. As a result, she got hypnotized. Afterwards, they find out that Mina's still hypnotized.

"Skipping Stones": As they are walking home together, Nishikata complains to Takagi about how hot it is and suggests that they head to the river. She correctly guesses that the reason why he wants to go there is to have a stone skipping contest. She tells him if he holds her hand, she'll count it as win for him, but he's too embarrassed to do it. When they arrive at the river, Nishikata decides to go first. Takagi tells him that her record is 30 skips. This revelation distracts him long enough where he messes up his throw. She then reveals that her actual record is only three skips, which is the exactly number she gets when it's her turn. When he's given another try, Nishikata looks for a stone and inadvertently bumps into Takagi. Just as she's about to fall into the river, Nishikata grabs her hand and trade places with her, resulting in him falling instead. When they decide to go home, Takagi asks Nishikata if they held hands, which he denies. Once she leaves, however, Nishikata wonders if they truly held hands.
Transcription: "Kōri" (Japanese: )
Transcription: "Gaiken" (Japanese: 外見)
Transcription: "Maegami" (Japanese: 前髪)
"Valentine's Day"
Transcription: "Barentain Dē" (Japanese: バレンタインデー)
July 14, 2019 (2019-07-14)

"Ice": Walking to school together, Takagi complains to Nishikata about how numb her hands are due to the cold weather. When Nishikata offers his hand warmer, Takagi declines it. They then see a frozen puddle. Takagi proposes a contest where the one who carries the biggest piece of ice to school wins. Nishikata grabs a large piece of ice while Takagi grabs a small piece. She teases him about how happy he looks, which nearly causes him to drop his piece on the ground. He ultimately ends up dropping it when she mentions that the loser has to warm up the winner's hands. Just as Nishikata is about to offer his hand to Takagi, she asks for his hand warmer instead.

"Appearance": When Takagi meets Nishikata on the way to school, he tells her that there's something different about his appearance from the day before and challenges her to figure it out. A confident Nishikata reveals that he trimmed a small piece of his hair. Once the game begins, he gets very flustered when she examines him from up close. After a while, Takagi correctly guesses that it's his hair. She tells him that she will change her appearance the next day and he has to figure out what said change will be.

"Bangs": At school, Mina is talking to Sanae when Yukari shows up. Yukari reveals that she was trimming her bangs the day before and ended up cutting too much off. Mina teases Yukari about it until Yukari tells Mina that her bangs don't look any better. Yukari ends up apologizing to a despondent Mina. When Mina starts to apologize herself, she sees Yukari's bangs and begins laughing again.

"Valentine's Day": Nishikata is heading to school on Valentine's Day when he meets up with Takagi. When they arrive, he is disappointed no one left any chocolate in his locker. In class, Nishikata is still disappointed that he hasn't received any chocolate yet. Meanwhile, Mano is nervous about handing chocolate to Nakai when Mina shows up to hand her chocolate to the entire class. However, they end up getting confiscated by Mr. Tanabe. Later, after Mano asks Takagi for advice in terms of how she should hand her chocolate to Nakai, she becomes too embarrassed to do it in front of his friends. When he catches up with her, she is finally confident enough to hand him her chocolate. Just then, Mr. Tanabe shows up. However, he decides to not confiscate them. When school ends for the day, Nishikata is upset that he hasn't received any chocolate until he sees some in his locker. As they are walking home, Takagi teases Nishikata about who he believes gave him the chocolate.
3"April Fools' Day"
Transcription: "Eipurirufūru" (Japanese: エイプリルフール)
"Blossom Watching"
Transcription: "Ohanami" (Japanese: お花見)
"Forms of Address"
Transcription: "Yobi kata" (Japanese: 呼び方)
"New School Year"
Transcription: "Shinkyū" (Japanese: 進級)
July 21, 2019 (2019-07-21)

"April Fools' Day": On April Fools' Day, Nishikata tries to prank Takagi by taking her to the candy store that he said had a special sale when there really wasn't, though it turns out it is indeed having one. Inside, Takagi urges him to try a grass-based candy; repulsed by its appearance, he considers lying about its taste to get her to also eat it, but realizes he actually enjoys it. After further efforts to trick her fail, Takagi tells him the upcoming school year may result in seats being shuffled, to his shock until she reveals it only applies to the third-year students.

"Blossom Watching": With the new school year arriving, Mina tries to diet to emulate the slim bodies of models and television stars. However, when Takagi and Nishikata arrive with candy, she quickly abandons her regimen.

"Forms of Address": A week after starting their first year, Sanae begins addressing Kimura without an honorific, an act he finds intimidating as they aren't close. Nishikata tries to take advantage of this by dropping "-san" from Takagi's name, but panics when she questions him and re-adds it. In response, Takagi, who had been calling him Nishikata-kun, decides to remove the suffix.

"New School Year": Now a second-year, Nishikata once again attempts to drop Takagi's honorific, but instinctively says it anyway. He tries to copy the upperclassman role in 100% Unrequited Love, which prompts Takagi to address him as Nishikata-senpai. Embarrassed by this and struggling to behave like the upperclassman, Nishikata gives up.
4"Arm Wrestling"
Transcription: "Udezumō" (Japanese: 腕ずもう)
Transcription: "Otonatpoku" (Japanese: 大人っぽく)
"Bitter Taste"
Transcription: "Nigami" (Japanese: にがみ)
Transcription: "Jitensha" (Japanese: 自転車)
July 28, 2019 (2019-07-28)

"Arm Wrestling": As a result of his push-up routine, Nishikata easily defeats his friends in arm wrestling. Takagi challenges him to a match, during which she lowers his guard by feigning weakness and joking about them holding hands.

"Grown-Up": Staring out her classroom window, Mina philosophizes about how short youth can be. When she starts comparing it to expiration dates on food, Yukari and Sanae point out her thinking does not make her as grown up as she believes, but retract their statements when she starts to cry.

"Bitter Taste": Due to his loss in arm wrestling, Nishikata buys juice for Takagi. Remembering a conversation he had with his friends about maturity, he buys coffee for himself, but struggles with its strong flavor. Takagi buys a melon soda and offers it to him; although he excitedly accepts, he relents after she says it would be an indirect kiss. As drinking coffee does not change her perception of him, Takagi proclaims she would increase her teasing if he matures.

"Bicycle": Nishikata encounters Takagi walking to school without her bike, to which she asks him to figure out why. He remembers she had complained about its brakes not working the previous day, but figures it is too easy of an answer. As they take an alternate route that involves going up stairs and playing hopscotch, both of which can not be done with a bicycle, they encounter stray cats. While petting one, Nishikata reveals his answer as her brakes failing, which proves to be incorrect. Takagi explains the real reason is she had wanted to see his nervous reaction as he tries to come up with an answer. However, she had two answers to the question. When Nishikata asks what the other answer is, Takagi whispers to herself that she'd already told him earlier that she wanted to hold hands.
Transcription: "Shitsumon" (Japanese: 質問)
Transcription: "Mayuge" (Japanese: まゆ毛)
"After School"
Transcription: "Hōkago" (Japanese: 放課後)
"Happy Birthday"
Transcription: "Happī bāsudē" (Japanese: ハッピーバースデー)
Transcription: "Kushami" (Japanese: くしゃみ)
August 4, 2019 (2019-08-04)

"Questions": After watching Dandy of the Old West, Nishikata tries to copy the titular character's mannerisms as Dandy is never fooled, but Takagi, having also seen the show, tickles him and exposes his weak points. The two engage in asking a series of questions, though Takagi's prompts cause him to panic and once again enable her to tickle him.

"Eyebrows": Yukari and Sanae discuss how those with large eyebrows are kind. When Mina arrives, she misinterprets their conversation as making fun of such people and instead insults Yukari's bangs. Although Sanae clarifies what they were talking about, Yukari is too hurt by Mina's remarks and describes her eyebrows as weird.

"After School": Nishikata and Yukari are members of the field trip planning committee, which forces them to stay after school. Since this means Takagi has to walk home on her own and would not be able to tease him, Nishikata initially celebrates the decrease before realizing she has no intention of reducing her antics. Unaware of his thoughts, Yukari observes his behavior and assumes he is lamenting not going home with Takagi.

"Happy Birthday": On his birthday, Nishikata visits a bakery to pick up his cake when he encounters Takagi. Not wanting her to know his intentions, he challenges her to guess his destination and vice versa, only to learn she is also going to the bakery. Inside, Takagi picks up her items first before giving them to Nishikata as a prize for winning the challenge. In addition to sweets, he receives a 100% Unrequited Love keychain.

"Sneeze": Various students begin to sneeze, prompting them to theorize as to why they're being discussed (in Japanese culture, sneezing suggests someone is gossiping about the sneezer). Nishikata sneezes first after Yukari talks about his relationship with Takagi, which leads to discussing their "double date" with Mano. While talking with Nakai about wanting to be cuter, Mano brings up Hojo as a reference, who in turn also sneezes while talking with Hamaguchi. Shortly after, Kimura sneezes as he and Takao speculate about couples, including Takagi and Nishikata, which leads to Takagi sneezing herself.
Transcription: "Ribenji" (Japanese: リベンジ)
Transcription: "Dotjibōru" (Japanese: ドッジボール)
"Buy and Eat"
Transcription: "Kaigui" (Japanese: 買い食い)
Transcription: "Dēto" (Japanese: デート)
August 11, 2019 (2019-08-11)

"Revenge": As they are getting ready to take the sports test, Nishikata proposes a contest to Takagi where the winner is the one who receives the higher score. Nishikata reveals that he has been training for this day ever since Takagi defeated him the year prior. After a few tests are completed, the final round is the grip strength. Just as Nishikata is ready to do it, Kimura leaves to go to the bathroom. During his second attempt, Nishikata becomes distracted when he thinks about holding Takagi's hand. When he concedes defeat, Takagi reveals that her score was lower than his.

"Dodgeball": Once school is over with for the day, Nishikata challenges Takagi to a game of dodgeball. Nishikata is confident as he'd played it during P.E. class. Takagi easily wins the game when she hits Nishikata while he's distracted thinking about the strategy she's going to use. During the next game, Takagi asks Nishikata a loaded question about whether he's going to dodge or catch the ball. He then loses when he fails to catch it. Afterwards, Takagi tells a disappointed Nishikata that she's glad he went after it.

"Buy and Eat": After buying some snacks at the candy store, Mina, Sanae, and Yukari are relaxing when Yukari notices that Mina and Sanae are eating some of theirs. When Yukari states that she's not hungry, her stomach growls. Mina then gives her a free candy bar that she'd just won, while Sanae uses the opportunity to tease her. Just as Yukari's about to eat the candy bar, a cat takes it from her. Giving chase, Sanae eventually catches up to it. She then finds out that the cat took the candy bar so she could feed her kittens. When she meets with Mina and Yukari again, Sanae lies and says that she lost track of it. As they are walking, they realize that they left their bags and snacks at the candy store.

"Date": Nishikata and Takagi are walking together following the dodgeball game. Nishikata becomes flustered when Takagi continues to ask him loaded questions about dodgeball. At the candy store, they decide to buy some ramen. While they're eating, Takagi teases Nishikata about how it looks like they're on a date and what one of their classmates would think if they saw them together. Just then, Takao and Kimura walk in. After they leave, Takagi decides to once again tease Nishikata about the situation.
7"Camping Trip"
Transcription: "Rinkan Gakkō" (Japanese: 林間学校)
August 18, 2019 (2019-08-18)

On the class camping trip, Nishikata tries to place his fingers behind Takagi's back during the class photo, but she makes a funny expression that causes him to laugh as the picture is taken.

The two, along with Mano and Nakai, eventually participate in an orienteering event but split up as Mano wants to be alone with Nakai. While going through the forest together, Nishikata and Takagi are caught in a thunderstorm that force them to hide in a cabin. To pass the time, Nishikata challenges her to guess a candy he feeds her, but her remark about his fingers touching her lips causes him to give her a chocolate-covered stick that she easily figures out.

At dinnertime, the class is making curry when Yukari cuts her hand. Sanae and Mina offer their help, which a touched Yukari graciously accepts. When the two ask why she's crying, she blames the onions.

A folk dance is held later that night, during which the students discuss a rumor that two people with romantic feelings for each other will fall in love if they were to hold hands once the song ends. Nishikata is conflicted about potentially ending with Takagi, but the music concludes just before the two are about to join hands.

Although much of the class goes to sleep afterward, Mina, Sanae, and Yukari stay awake. Since she is in a different tent from them, Yukari communicates with Sanae through flashlight Morse code, though neither understand the other's phrases until Sanae and Mina are caught by Mr. Tanabe. Nishikata leaves his tent and spots Takagi stargazing; after she tells him she had made a wish on the stars, the two hide under a rock until Tanabe leaves. Once he is gone, Takagi reveals she had wished to watch the stars with Nishikata.
8"Storage Closet"
Transcription: "Taiiku sōko" (Japanese: 体育倉庫)
"Nurse's Office"
Transcription: "Hokenshitsu" (Japanese: 保健室)
Transcription: "Takarakuji" (Japanese: 宝くじ)
August 25, 2019 (2019-08-25)

"Storage Closet": Nishikata is on cleaning duty for the day following P.E. class. While he is grabbing some equipment, Takagi joins him and they head to the storage closet. Inside, Nishikata attempts to prank Takagi by pretending that the door is locked. However, she is unfazed by the situation and decides to take a nap. Nishikata uses this opportunity to try and frighten her. Just as he's about to do so, however, she wakes up and teases him about what people would think they were doing inside the storage closet. Flustered, Nishikata tries to leave only to find out that the door is really locked. After he admits that he tried to prank her, Takagi reveals that she placed a broom on the side of the door prior to her nap. Meanwhile, Mina, Yukari, and Sanae are in the hallway talking about the supernatural.

"Nurse's Office": Leaving the storage closet, Nishikata is annoyed that Takagi teased him yet again. As they are walking, she notices that he has blood on his pants and tells him that they should head to the nurse's office. When he tries to downplay his injury, Takagi teases him about how painful the antiseptic looks. Denying this, he decides to go to nurse's office after all. Inside, they notice that the nurse isn't there. Grabbing the antiseptic, Takagi proposes a bet where Nishikata will lose if he says "ouch". As Takagi treats his wound, Nishikata is surprised that it doesn't hurt. Letting his guard down, he loses the bet when he indirectly says "ouch".

"Lottery": In the hallway, Kimura shows his friends a winning lottery ticket, telling them that he won 500 yen. Meanwhile, Mina, Yukari, and Sanae are walking home when Sanae finds a lottery ticket on the ground. Mina wants to play it, but Yukari wants to take it to the police. However, she ends up being conflicted in terms of what she should do. They ultimately decide to take it to the station when they find out that grand prize is a rare bottle of sake. Later, Nishikata and Takagi are heading home when they talk about what they would do if they won the lottery. Takagi proposes a contest to see who has the better dream. Nishikata goes first and reiterates his earlier point of buying a lot of games and manga. When it's her turn, Takagi reveals that she would go on vacation with the person she loves. She then turns to Nishikata and asks him if there's any place that he'd like to go. Afterwards, Takagi declares the contest a tie.
9"Acchi Muite Hoi"
Transcription: "Acchi muite hoi" (Japanese: あっちむいてほい)
Transcription: "Tokugi" (Japanese: 特技)
Transcription: "Onayami" (Japanese: お悩み)
Transcription: "Mēru" (Japanese: メール)
September 1, 2019 (2019-09-01)

"Acchi Muite Hoi": In the classroom, Nishikata challenges Takagi to a game of acchi muite hoi. Winning the first round, he attempts to have her look down. However, she thwarts him when she looks to the side. When Takagi wins the second round, she successfully gets Nishikata to look down when she asks him if he likes 100% Unrequited Love. Deciding to play one more round with him, Takagi asks Nishikata if he has a crush on her. Flustered, he does everything in his power to not look down. Looking up instead, Nishikata realizes that he lost when he notices that Takagi is pointing up. She then tells him that he has to do all of her class duties for the day.

"Talents": As the class is enjoying their time in the pool, Yukari doesn't join them as she can't swim. Despondent, she complains that she's not particularly good at anything. Mina and Sanae decide to figure out what Yukari's talent is. After they ask her a bunch of questions, Mina tells Yukari that her talent is that she doesn't have one. Mina and Sanae then go back to swimming, much to Yukari's chagrin.

"Worries": Heading to the classroom, Nishikata has a surprise box that he plans to give Takagi. Once he's inside, Nishikata notices that something is off with her. As the day goes on, he continues to notice that something is off. After school is over for the day, Nishikata realizes that Takagi didn't tease him at all. While he's walking home, he notices her bike is at the shrine. Catching up with her, he wonders if he should leave or not. Just then, he drops the surprise box. Picking it up, Takagi laughs when she realizes that it's a dud. When Nishikata tells her that he noticed that something was off, she reveals that she had a fight with her mother. Feeling better, she asks him to stay with her. She then asks if she can tease him again, much to his chagrin.

"Messages": At his house, Nishikata receives a humorous text message from Kimura. Nishikata then decides to use the message to tease Takagi. However, it doesn't work as she isn't fooled by it. Receiving another message from Takagi, Nishikata becomes flustered when he realizes that that he almost sent what could be interpreted as a romantic reply. He gets flustered again when he nearly sends another romantic reply when she asks if he likes hearts. Once he calms down, Nishikata sends a message asking if she likes "a kiss" (Japanese whiting (, kisu/gisu)). A confident Nishikata reveals that he's actually talking about the type of fish. After a while, Takagi sends a video telling him that she loves them. Nishikata admits that she got him with her reply. They finish messaging each other when Takagi's mother tells her that dinner's ready. Wondering if Nishikata's blushing, Takagi reveals that she's blushing herself.
10"Eye Drops"
Transcription: "Megusuri" (Japanese: 目薬)
Transcription: "Sukūpu" (Japanese: スクープ)
"Hide and Seek"
Transcription: "Kakurenbo" (Japanese: かくれんぼ)
"Treasure Hunting"
Transcription: "Takara sagashi" (Japanese: 宝探し)
September 8, 2019 (2019-09-08)

"Eye Drops": When she notices Nishikata's tired eyes, Takagi gives him eye drops. After he closes his eye before the drop could enter, Takagi offers to do it herself, adding her success would count as her victory. Although Nishikata keeps his eyes closed, she tickles him until they open to apply the drops. The two swap turns, with Nishikata being tasked to do the same to Takagi who adds pressure by counting down. In a panic, Nishikata attempts to force her eyes open with his hands as Yukari enters the classroom.

"Scoop": Having misconstrued Takagi and Nishikata's eye drop challenge as kissing, Yukari asks Hojo to peek through the classroom door to investigate. After Hojo gives a convoluted description, Yukari tells Mina and Sanae what she believes is a scoop, only for Mina to refute that as Yukari has no certainty to her claim. As Mina and Sanae provide childish examples of what qualify as scoops, a frustrated Yukari leaves.

"Hide and Seek": Nishikata challenges Takagi to a game of hide and seek, using a broad playing field and an increased timer for a more difficult game. As Takagi is counting, he chooses to hide nearby under the assumption that she would not consider the area, but she finds him anyway behind a set of barrels. Hamaguchi and Hojo walk by their location and sit close to the barrels. Nishikata considers leaving in order to give them space, but Takagi convinces him otherwise to avoid giving them the wrong idea. However, when she comes closer to him, Nishikata flinches and accidentally exposes himself. When he tries to explain they were playing hide and seek, Takagi describes their experience in a sensual light, embarrassing him and Hamaguchi.

"Treasure Hunting": Walking home, Takagi finds a map that presumably leads to treasure. While following it, she and Nishikata reach a tree with the names of a couple carved into the trunk, which Takagi speculates is where the couple had their first kiss. The two sit underneath the tree, during which she further teases him about kissing before offering him earbuds to listen to music. After Takagi plays a track of cats fighting outside her house to surprise him, the two split earbuds and listen to another song.
Transcription: "Hosū" (Japanese: 歩数)
Transcription: "Hanabi" (Japanese: 花火)
Transcription: "Omiyage" (Japanese: お土産)
Transcription: "Yakusoku" (Japanese: 約束)
September 15, 2019 (2019-09-15)

"Steps": Running into each other outside, Nishikata challenges Takagi to a guessing game in which they have to guess the number of steps to a nearby tree. After thinking about it, Takagi asks if they can walk to the telephone pole instead, to which Nishikata pretends to reluctantly agree, as this was his plan all along. Takagi then asks if they can walk down a further pole. As they're walking, Takagi asks Nishikata about how he found her earlier, which makes him feel like he's a stalker. She suggests that he must have feelings for her, much to his chagrin. After losing track of how many steps they took, they agree to give up.

"Fireworks": Yukari sees that Mina and Sanae are sending text messages to each other. Just as Yukari's about to send a message to Mina, Yukari's sister enters her room to ask that they shoot off fireworks, which Yukari postpones. She then becomes increasingly annoyed until she sees a message about the summer festival. Remembering that she went with her sister a year prior, Yukari decides to oblige her sister's wish to shoot fireworks.

"Souvenirs": At the library, Nishikata and Takagi exchange souvenirs. Nishikata then reveals that the souvenir that he gave Takagi are actually cookies that are very sour. After he's asked when he got back home, Takagi teases Nishikata about how he could not wait to give it to her as soon as possible. Heading to the shrine, she continues to tease him. When Takagi tells him that his souvenir made her happy, Nishikata admits that he tried to prank her with the cookies. At the shrine, they eat them together. Takagi heavily implies that she would like Nishikata to ask her go to the summer festival with him. A flustered Nishikata later stays up late at night, thinking about the events of the day.

"Promises": Riding his bike, Nishikata runs into Takagi, who's walking home with a couple of shopping bags. He offers to help her as he's on his way to meet his friends. As they talk about their summer break homework, Nishikata attempts to ask Takagi to the summer festival, but gets nervous and backtracks, to her dismay. When they arrive at her house, Takagi gives Nishikata a can of juice as thanks for helping her, and he starts to ride away. Just as Takagi is about to head inside, Nishikata rides back and invites her to the summer festival. An elated Takagi gives him several more cans of juice. At the river, Nishikata is too preoccupied thinking about what happened with Takagi to pay attention to his friends or fishing.
12"Summer Festival"
Transcription: "Natsu matsuri" (Japanese: 夏祭り)
September 22, 2019 (2019-09-22)

Nishikata and Takagi meet up to go to the summer festival. She mentions that she's looking forward to seeing the fireworks with him. On their way there, Takagi suggests that they're on their first date and that strangers around them would assume so by looking at them. Nishikata denies this as he sees it only as her way of teasing him during the festival. They agree to make a game out of it. Nishikata repeatedly loses when strangers around them call them a couple. Takagi offers him a chance to win if he does romantic things that couples do on dates.

Meanwhile, Yukari, Sanae and Mina prepare to go to the festival dressed in traditional yukatas. When they arrive, Yukari describes it as a perfect location for a couple to confess their love.

Nishikata sees various couples at the festival and feels uneasy about behaving the same way with Takagi. He challenges her to a game of goldfish scooping, which he ends up losing. While they're eating, Nishikata offers Takagi some food. She accepts and hints that she wants to be fed romantically, which Nishikata feels too uncomfortable doing. They play a game of ring toss, which Nishikata loses. They exchange prizes that they won from the game. He gives her a hairpin, while she gives him a mask.

As the festival starts getting more crowded, Nishikata tries to hide from his classmates so as to not be seen with Takagi, who walks on. Kimura and Takao, however, recognize him easily. Kimura notices that Nishikata is holding Takagi's purse and urges Takao for the two of them to leave. In the process, Nishikata loses track of Takagi and he runs off to find her. Takagi realizes the same thing and attempts to find him. Unable to do so, she heads uphill to a shrine, thinking he went there for the fireworks display. As the fireworks start, Kimura spots Takagi and realizes that she's looking for Nishikata. He notifies Nishikata who rushes uphill. As the fireworks end, Tagaki spots Nishikata running to meet her. Nishikata holds her by the hand, saying that way they won't get split up again.

Later in the evening at the beach, they light up a pair of sparklers that Nishikata brought in hopes of winning at least once. Seeing it as a romantic gesture, Takagi tells him that he hasn't been losing at all. As Nishikata's sparkler extinguishes first, she declares it her win.


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