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The following is a list of main characters in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.


Main protagonists[edit]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles[edit]

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a team of mutant red-eared sliders named after four Renaissance artists and living in the sewers of New York City, where they train by day and fight crime from by night as ninjas.


Leonardo is the tactical, courageous leader of the Ninja Turtles and a devoted student of Ninjutsu, wearing a blue mask and wielding two katana.


Michelangelo is the most steretypical of the Ninja Turtles, wearing an orange mask and wielding a pair of nunchucks.


Donatello is the scientist, inventor, engineer and technological genius of the Ninja Turtles, wearing a purple mask and wielding a bo-staff.


Raphael is the bad boy of the Ninja Turtles, wearing a red mask and wielding a pair of sai.


Supporting characters[edit]


Splinter is the mutant rat sensei and adoptive father of the Ninja Turtles, trained in Ninjutsu by his owner and master, Hamato Yoshi, in Japan.

In the 1987 TV series, Splinter (voiced by Peter Reneday) is Hamato Yoshi, mutated into a mutant brown rat alongside the Turtles, who he bought from a pet store after moving to New York.

In the IDW comics, Splinter, as Yoshi, was a member of the Foot Clan until he defected upon learning of Shredder's true intentions. Thus, he was branded a traitor by Shredder and killed along with his wife, Tang Shen, and their four newborn sons. Centuries later, Yoshi and his sons were reborn in a company called StockGen when his DNA was combined with brown rat DNA and theirs with red-eared slider DNA, bringing them back to life as a mutant brown rat and four mutant red-eared sliders.

In the 2012 TV series, Splinter (voiced by Hoon Lee) is once again Hamato Yoshi, a Zen philosopher and expert of Ninjutsu whose clan of ninjas had a historical rivalry with the Foot Clan before the Foot were defeated when he was 2 yaers old, and Oroku Saki (the Foot Clan's heir) was adopted into the Hamato family. Despite being raised as brothers, both Yoshi and Saki eventually became rivals due to the love of Tang Shen, whose decision to marry Yoshi drove Saki into learning of his true heritage and turn agaist his adoptive brother, killing Shen and adopting Karai, who was Yoshi and Shen's beloved baby daughter Miwa then, while leaving he birth father for dead. Traveling to New York City, Yoshi had just bought the Turtles from a pet store when he overheard a conversation in a nearby ally between two human-disguised Kraangdroids who attempted to kill him for spying on them. Yoshi fought back, eventually knocking a canister of mutagen out of their hands and getting covered with the mutagen inside when it smashed, and the Turtle's bowl with it. As the result of stepping on a brown rat while entering the alley, he mutated into a humanoid mutant brown rat while the Turtles mutated into their current mutant state.

April O'Neil[edit]

Main article: April O'Neil

April O'Neil is a plucky human companion of the Ninja Turtles, who she met when they saved her from a squadron of MOUSERS chasing her down the sewers. She embarked on many of the Turtles' adventures and aids them by doing the work in public while the Turtles cannot.

In the 1987 TV series, April (voiced by Renae Jacobs) is a television news reporter broadcasting on crime in the city. When Shredder saw that she was getting too much about the Foot Clan, he sent Bebop and Rocksteady's gang to chase her down the sewers, where she was saved by the Turtles and thus be came an ally to them.

In the IDW comics, April is a student intern at StockGen taken as the assistant of Dr. Chet Allen to help him on an experiment on the the four baby turtles whose DNA are soon to create the Ninja Turtles and the rat that's DNA is soon to create Splinter.

In the 2012 TV series, April (voiced by Mae Whitman) is a teenage beauty whose mother was experimented on by the Kraang before she was born to ensure the birth of the perfect human-Kraang mutant. Realizing how special she was, her father Kirby saved the baby April and escaped to New York City until sixteen years later, when the Kraang finally caught up with them and saw their chance to get her, but the Turtles intervened. As payment for saving her, she became the Turtles' first human friend, as well as Donatello's love interest and possibly girlfriend. She was even offered by Splinter to be trained as a kunoichi. This friendship with the Turtles was left in a disappointing strain when her father was accidentally mutated, but after they saved her from the Foot Clan, she eventually mended their relationship by apologizing for her attitude and sealing it with her first kiss for Donatello, who went on to help her discover the truth about her origin and thus retro-mutated her father.

Casey Jones[edit]

Arnold Bernid "Casey" Jones Jr. is a hockey-masked vigilante armed with an assortment of sporting goods that he carries in a golf bag, whose caring family used to own an amazing shop until the Purple Dragons broke in and burned it to the ground, killing his father and taking his mother and sister hostage. Beaten savagely by Hun and dedicating himself to fighting crime, he became a close ally of the Ninja Turtles, who he met after having a fight with Raphael. Arrogant and aggressive, he is shown the error of his ways and continues to fight alongside the Turtles throughout their adventures.

In the 1987 TV series, Casey (voiced by Pat Fraley) is a crazed vigilante who goes after all sorts of criminals, from robbers to litterers. Adopting a Dirty Harry-like persona, he never took off his mask in the series (even when going undercover once in business suit), nor did he play as central of a role than comic book counterpart. Sometimes teaming up with the Turtles' other human friend April, he has only appeared in at least 5 episodes and still remained an enigmatic and mysterious character in the series.

In the IDW comics, Casey is young college scholarship who was left half an orphan when his mother died from cancer and his father Arnold became an alcoholic thug who did his daily frustration on his son.

In the 2012 TV series, Casey (voiced by Josh Peck) is the teenage son of a former NHL player at April's school who April was assigned to tutor for a school assignment, and eventually became something more than friends, much to Donatello's jealousy. This unfortunately almost put April and Casey in jeopardy when the Turtles saved both humans from Mutagen Man and a squad of Foot-Bots lead by Karai and Chrome Dome, so after April met with the Turtles again to owe them her gratitude for their mistake that caused her father's mutation, Casey took up the role of getting rid of all the criminals and troublesome mutants inhabiting the city as an amateur vigilante. He encountered Raphael during a fight with the Purple Dragons and later followed him to the Turtle Lair, where he is introduced by April to the other three Turtles and Splinter. However, he unknowingly led a pair of Foot-Bots to the lair as well, so he and Raphael had no other choice but to set aside their differences and stop them before the lair's location is exposed to the Foot Clan.



Mutagen Man[edit]

Mutagen Man is a character in the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" franchise that suffers a bizarre encounter with mutagen that exposes his internal organs and resides in a special robotic suit.

In the 1987 cartoon, Mutagen Man (voiced by Rob Paulsen) was introduced as Seymour Gutz, a nerdy mailman who became dismembered upon falling into a special vat of mutagen.

In the IDW comics, Mutagen Man was created by Null Group. He is a failed attempt at combining several different animal breeds into one mutant. The Mutanimals find him strapped to a bed and free him. Although he is told that he's being saved, Mutagen Man has a different idea of the term by forcing Old Hob's gun to his dome and urging him to fire. Hob refuses and they all escape the facility together. Later, Mutagen Man was given the name "Seymour Guts" by Mondo Gecko.

In the 2012 cartoon, Mutagen Man (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) was introduced as Timothy, a young ineffective ice cream vendor who, after witnessing the Turtles' first battle with Baxter Stockman from his apartment window, dedicated himself into fighting crime a wannabe superhero in a turtle costume called The Pulverizer. When he was exposed to mutagen, he dissolved into a 6 ft. mutant blob of mutagen with floating organs and a disintegrating touch that was the result of having not coming in contact with any animal or plant.


Al Falqa[edit]

Al'Falqua is a humanoid falcon from an unnamed city in Saudi Arabia who is exclusive to the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures" comics. Al Falqua encounters the Turtles when they were travelling in Saudi Arabia. They helped Al Falqua protect the mysterious Black Stone which was about to be stolen by Shredder and Verminator-X.

Punk Frogs[edit]

The Punk Frogs are a group of frogs who are the counterparts of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In the 1987 cartoon, the Punk Frogs are created by Shredder when mutagen landed in their part of the swamp. Shredder convinced them that he was a good guy and to be his warriors where he named them after would-be conquerors and dictators. Shredder trained them to fight the Turtles whom he had convinced the frogs into believing were bad guys. Each of the frogs were named after Shredder's own "heroes". After the Turtles saved them from being captured by Captain Hoffman, they realized that the Turtles were good guys and that the Shredder was a bad guy and broke ties with him. Afterward, the frogs became friends with the Turtles, with Attila emerging as the group's leader. They may even be described as having the character traits of the Ninja Turtles.

In the 2012 cartoon, the Punk Frogs were created by mutagen poured make up the Frog Soldiers. Evidently remembering the actions of humans in destroying their swamps to make room for cities, they swore revenge upon them, and briefly considered the Turtles brothers in need of liberation until learning that they were friends with April and Casey.

Attila the Frog[edit]

Atilla the Frog is a member of the Punk Frogs. He is named after Attila the Hun.

In the 1987 cartoon, Attila the Frog (voiced by Cam Clarke) is a Punk Frog that is armed with a mace.

In the 2012 cartoon Attila the Frog (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is the leader of the group. Much of his behavior was a nod to Marlon Brando's characters in The Godfather and Apocalypse Now.

Genghis Frog[edit]

Genghis Frog is a member of the Punk Frogs. He is named after Genghis Khan.

In the 1987 cartoon, Genghis Frog (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a Punk Frog that is armed with an axe.

In the 2012 cartoon, Genghis Frog (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) served as the General of the Frog Soldiers.

Napoleon Bonafrog[edit]

Napoleon Bonafrog is a member of the Punk Frogs. He is named after Napoleon Bonaparte.

In the 1987 cartoon, Napoleon Bonafrog (voiced by Pat Fraley in most appearances, Townsend Coleman in "Napoleon Bonafrog: Colossus of the Swamps") is a Punk Frog that is armed with a whip.

In the 2012 cartoon, Napoleon Bonafrog (voiced by Jon Heder who played the title role in Napoleon Dynamite) is depicted as a clumsy frog disliked by his brethren, which leads to his befriending Michelangelo. Much of his behavior was a nod to Heder's character in Napoleon Dynamite.

Rasputin the Mad Frog[edit]

Rasputin the Mad Frog is a member of the Punk Frogs. He is named after Grigori Rasputin.

In the 1987s cartoon, Rasputin the Mad Frog (voiced by Nicholas Omana) is a Punk Frog that is armed with a bow and arrow.

In the 2012 cartoon, Rasputin the Mad Frog (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is the adviser to Attila the Frog.


Renet is a young Time Sorceress who is the apprentice of Lord Simultaneous and an ally of the Turtles.

In the Mirage Comics, Renet Tilley rather reluctant, spoiled, and impulsive teenager, Renet’s parents, also denizens of the 79th Level, hoped that apprenticing her to Lord Simultaneous would help her develop some kind of common sense. Curious and impatient as she was, she did not care very much for studying. Renet first met the Turtles fooling around, when one day out of boredom she snatched her master's Time Scepter and was caught by him. She replied immediately and time-traveled off with Lord Simultaneous’ Sceptre of the Sands of Time to Earth - more specifically to 1986 New York City. Renet and the Turtles became friends, but Simultaneous appeared and sent Renet into a panic. Fleeing Simultaneous further, she and the Turtles went to 1406 A.D., straight into a castle siege. The castle belonged to the dark mage Savanti Romero, a former, but exiled student of Simultaneous, and the besiegers were the soldiers of Cerebus, who was after some scrolls, that Romero had stolen. Romero also managed to grab the Time Scepter, and the Turtles and Renet had to contend with Cerebus' help to attack the castle and get the Sceptre back from Savanti Romero. The force was no match for Romero's magic. Before it came to the worst, Simultaneous appeared. Romero attacked Lord Simultaneous who took the Time Scepter again and cast Savanti into prehistoric times. He handed the scrolls to Cerebus, sent the Turtles back again to their time, and sent Renet to wipe dust in his huge library to.

Renet appeared in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series voiced by Liza Jacqueline. There were some minor changes in her backstory. Here, Renet is shown to be quite a scatterbrained person who came to her friends with good intentions, but with little practical skill she caused some problems across space and time.

In the IDW comics, Renet has her debut in a special story, where she "invites" the Turtles to the interdimensional Battle Nexus tournament. In this version she is also Lord Simultaneous' pupil in magic, dimension travel, and apparently his successor in the Dimensional Council. At the time in which she appears for the first time, the cruel Councilor Nieli hosted a series of merciless gladiator fights, which only he really liked. Renet was also against the games for personal motives, because one of the champions, the warrior Baltizar, had won her heart. For this reason, they brought the Turtles to the hub of the dimensions and helped the culmination of these events to instigate an uprising against Nieli which meant that Nieli was banished and the games were transformed into a far more peaceful affair.

Renet will appear in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Turtles in Time" voiced by Ashley Johnson.

Main antagonists[edit]

Foot Clan[edit]

Main article: Foot Clan

The Foot Clan is an evil ninja organization that is usually run by the Shredder.

The Shredder[edit]

Shredder is the leader of the New York City Foot Clan branch and arch-enemy of the Ninja Turtles.


Main article: Karai (character)

Karai is a professional kunoichi employed as Shredder's second-in-command and both an ally and enemy of the Ninja Turtles, as well as Leonardo's part-time love interest. In a few incarnations, she is portrayed as Shredder's adoptive daughter.

Baxter Stockman[edit]

Main article: Baxter Stockman

Baxter Stockman is a mad scientist and inventor employed by Shredder, as well as an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. In a couple incarnations, he was mutated into a mutant housefly.

Bebop and Rocksteady[edit]

Main article: Bebop and Rocksteady

Bebop and Rocksteady are two members of a street gang employed by Shredder and enemies of the Ninja Turtles. Bebop was mutated into a mutant warthog while Rocksteady was mutated into a mutant black rhinoceros.

Tokka and Rahzar[edit]

Main article: Tokka and Rahzar

Tokka and Rahzar are a mutant alligator snapping turtle and gray wolf employed by Shredder and enemies of the Ninja Turtles.


Main article: Krang

Krang is an alien warlord that comes from Dimension X.

Purple Dragons[edit]

Main article: Purple Dragons

The Purple Dragons are a street gang that have clashed with the Ninja Turtles in several series.


Hun is the leader of the Purple Dragons.

In the 2003 series, Hun was an exceptionally large, muscular Caucasian with blonde hair that he wore in a ponytail and Purple Dragon and Foot tattoos on his arms. Having served as a lieutenant to the Shredder and the leader of the Purple Dragons for years, he served as a recurring foe of the Turtles and a personal nemesis for Casey Jones, having set fire to a store owned by Casey's father and killing him. Despite great strength and impressive fighting ability, he constantly failed to defeat the Turtles, and was eventually replaced in his master's esteem by the Shredder's adopted daughter Karai. Despite this, Hun remained firmly loyal to his master until he learned that the Shredder was actually an Utrom who appeared human through the use of an exo-suit. He subsequently broke ties with the Foot Clan and became the full-time leader of the Purple Dragons. Subsequently the Turtles convinced Hun to join their alliance against the Demon Shredder. After they disappeared into the future for a year, Hun claimed to have killed them and wore replicas of their weapons as trophies. His lie was exposed upon their return, but Hun soon had larger problems: namely, a reformed Foot Clan under the leadership of a virtual clone of the Utrom Shredder who sought to emerge from the digital world into the real world. The Turtles managed to defeat this Shredder. In Turtles Forever, an encounter with an alternate set of turtles (from the universe of the 1980s cartoon series) resulted in Hun mutating into what he hated most...a mutant turtle himself. He joined forces with the returned Utrom Shredder and his 80s' counterpart to get revenge on the Turtles, but disappeared when his returned master attempted to wipe the Turtles from existence and nearly destroyed the multiverse in the bargain. The multiverse and everyone that was wiped out was subsequently restored.

In the Mirage comics, Hun is similar to his 2003 counterpart. In this version his real name is Hunter Mason. Like his 2003 counterpart Hun and the Purple Dragons burned down Casey's father auto shop, which caused Casey to go one on one against Hun. With his incredible strength Hun nearly beat Casey to death in front of his mother, until Casey managed to pull out a knife and stab Hun in his left neck which caused his left eye to go permanently blind, which caused Hun to go in a rage as he lifted Casey and slammed him face first, which put Casey in a deep coma and on life support causing him several mental disorders. One of his old men sold him out to the cops causing him to go to jail. When he got out, he found that his gang had become the "Black Dragons," a gang working for the Foot. Hun wiped out the Black Dragons and began to rebuild his criminal empire.

Hun also appears in the IDW comics. In this version, he is the former alias of Arnold Jones, who in his youth was a member of the Purple Dragons, until a girl he met brought him back to an honest life. After her death, Arnold started to abuse his son Casey in a drunken stupor, which eventually led Casey to his new friends, the Turtles, who accepted him into their family. As Casey was seriously injured by the Shredder in the course of his adventures with his new family and Arnold found out about it, he came to the new found concern for his son and was finally brought back to his senses. When in the hospital bathroom, he ripped off his shirt and punched a bathroom mirror vowing never to drink alcahol again. Ironically upon Arnold being brought to him by Dark Leonardo, the Shredder (the man who had hurt Casey) offered Arnold the chance to pay for his his son's medical bills when Arnold himself would become Hun again and be in his service....a offer which because of his son he finally accepted. He was rejuvenated by a serving of a mutagen-laced steroid.

A new version of Hun was introduced in the 2012 series, voiced by Eric Bauza. As the new leader of the often-defeated Purple Dragons, he is an Asian man bearing a resemblance to Bruce Lee and possessing considerable martial arts skill. Like Fong (who was the unofficial leader before Hun came along), Hun is loyal to the Shredder and a foe to Casey Jones. His presence apparently granted the Shredder control over New York's Asian street gangs and Hun went to great lengths to ingratiate himself further with his new master.

Rat King[edit]

Main article: Rat King

The Rat King remains one of the more enigmatic characters in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with various appearances depicting him as either a villain, a neutral character and even an ally of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Rat King has a distinguishable attire, which consists of filthy, tattered rags and, most prominently, various bandages covering his body. The Rat King has apparent telepathic influence over rats, with his only other consistent power being his immense strength (which varies throughout incarnations of the character).


Slash is a mutant turtle.

Agent Bishop[edit]

Agent Bishop is the leader of the Earth Protection Force, a group dedicated to protecting Earth from extraterrestrial attack, in the 2003 animated series. Originally a soldier in the civil war, he was abducted by aliens, which embittered him towards extraterrestrials and led him to start the EPF. Through unknown means-possibly the use of clones of himself created using alien technology-Bishop survived into modern times, and first came into conflict with the turtles when the D'Hoonib Federation and the Triceraton Republic brought their war to Earth. Having forged an alliance with the Federation, Bishop helped them secure the Fugitoid Professor Honeycutt in exchange for having the Turtles to examine. Bishop had previously captured and experimented upon the Turtles' friend Leatherhead, who had previously been thought deceased, and in examining him and the Turtles found their genetic mutations to hold great promise for his never-ending war with aliens. The Turtles and Leatherhead managed to escape his clutches and fought him, but Bishop's abilities proved impressive enough to enable his escape as well. Bishop would clash with the Turtles several times, notably kidnapping Shredder's adopted daughter Karai and Master Splinter, whose mutated rodent DNA proved to be the missing piece Bishop needed to finish his Slayer Project. The Slayers, genetically enhanced clones of Bishop himself, were intended to infiltrate the human populace and weed out aliens in disguise, with little regard for any innocents who might be innocently claimed. However, the Turtles managed to destroy the Slayer project, with the only remaining specimen going renegade and reemerging as the Rat King. Bishop would later return allied with Baxter Stockman, who helped him in his efforts to stop the Utrom Shredder Ch'rell from escaping into space. Stockman later became a permanent part of the EPF, providing Bishop with a new, enhanced clone body and creating an army of false aliens to attack New York to convince the President of the United States of the need for Bishop's organization. However, this show ended up backfiring, as the slime released by the destroyed "aliens" proved to have mutagenic properties that began turning various denizens of New York-human and otherwise-into mutants. Bishop would subsequently be contacted by a mysterious party who informed him of a crystal that would provide him valuable information for his research, but that was in the possession of the Foot Clan. When Leatherhead and the Turtles approached him for help with a mutated Donatello, Bishop agreed to devote his resources to the task if the Turtles would recover the crystal for him. Leatherhead managed to complete Bishop and Stockman's work on a cure, and the Turtles soon returned with the crystal. However, it would later be revealed that the party who contacted Bishop were the Foot Mystics, a band of demons enslaved by the Utrom Shredder and Karai but now freed thanks to Bishop destroying the crystal while attempting to glean information from it. Bishop and his forces would soon reap the consequences of this, as the Mystics revived the original Demon Shredder and led him to New York, from which he attempted to conquer the world. The EPF would be one of several groups-others being the Justice Force, Purple Dragons, and Karai's Foot Clan-to be gathered by the Turtles in order to do battle with the Demon Shredder's forces.

In the year 2105, the Turtles would surprisingly encounter Bishop again, only to find him as president of the Pan-Galactic Alliance between Earth and several alien worlds. Bishop would later reveal that in the time between the Turtles' departure from the past and their arrival in the future, he had continued his campaign against the aliens with Stockman's assistance. However, an accident at their lab resulted in Stockman's apparent demise, and Bishop was stunned when one of the many alien "specimens" he had held captive for so long saved his life. Realizing that he had judged all aliens based on the actions of a few, Bishop transformed the Earth Protection Force into the beginnings of the Pan-Galactic Alliance. He would call upon the Turtles a number of times during their stay in the future, most often dealing with the threat of Sh'Okanabo but also dealing with such threats as Torbinn Zixx. His past would later come back to haunt him in the form of Baxter Stockman, who survived the destruction of their lab and sought revenge on Bishop for abandoning him. However, when the fight between Baxter and the Turtles left Baxter in danger of expiring, Bishop demonstrated that he truly had changed by rescuing his old partner and subsequently offering him the chance for a new start.


The following characters are mutant creatures that appeared in the different TV series, comics, action figures, and video games:

Ace Duck[edit]

Ace Duck was once a test pilot named Ace Conrad when he was caught in Krang's transport beam and cross-fused with a duck. Ace was later saved by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and became the pilot of their Turtle Blimp. He appeared in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comics, and had a cameo in an episode of the 1987 TV series.

In the Archie comics, Ace Duck is an alien from the planet Perdufus and a wrestler for Slump's Intergalactic Wrestling circuit of which he is reigning champion.

In the 2012 TV series episode "The Lonely Mutant of Baxter Stockman," Ace Duck was Baxter Stockman's 74th attempt to make a mutant army for Shredder. According to Stockman, he flies, swims and knows Taekwondo (a triple threat), but Shredder considers it completely ridiculous and an absolute failure as he slashes the picture. As Ace Duck has human arms and is claimed to fly, it can be assumed that the wings are on his back like his previous incarnations did.


Alopex is a mutant Arctic fox who appeared in the IDW comic "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series" #1. She was created by Brian Lynch and designed by Kevin Eastman.

She was an ordinary Arctic fox in Fairbanks, Alaska until she was experimented upon by humans and later rescued and trained by the Shredder. Initially an agent of the Foot Clan, she turned against them at the conclusion of the "City Fall" arc.


Armaggon is a mutant shark that is exclusive to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comics. Armaggon came from the future and teams up with Shredder and Verminator-X. He was first seen in the "Mighty Mutanimals" prelude to his first appearance where he fought Ray Fillet and Merdude where Armaggon claimed that he had fought Ray Fillet before in the future.

Armaggon also appears in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes: Tournament Fighter for the Super Nintendo version of the game as a playable character.


Bludgeon is a mutant hammerhead shark who appeared in the IDW comic "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" issue 37. He was created by the Shredder and used alongside Koya as the contingency plan to attack Krang while in the Atlantic Ocean aboard Krang's ship.


Exclusive to the Mirage Studio comics, Bloodsucker was a normal leech until Donatello, Leonardo and Michaelangelo decided to use it to get back at Raphael who had been disobeying Splinter and stalled their training. Raphael was afraid of leeches so the other Turtles decided to force Raphael to let the leech suck his blood. Bloodsucker sucked some of the mutagen out of Raphael and Raphael started to de-evolve back to a normal pet turtle. Bloodsucker started to evolve into a human-kind-of-thing. Bloodsucker later sucked out the rest of Raphael's mutagen. The other Turtles decided to capture Bloodsucker so they could get the mutagen back to Raphael. Finally, they found Bloodsucker and started a fight. During the battle Raphael (who looked like a normal pet turtle at this point) started biting Bloodsucker thus draining the stolen mutagen back. After a duel between them, Raphael had gained back all the mutagen from Bloodsucker and was back to his former self. Bloodsucker had also transformed back to a normal leech which Raphael freed back to the river it had come from.

Dale McGillicutty[edit]

Dale Evans McGillicutty is an intelligent mutant girl who the Turtles encounter in issue 16 ("A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Story") who returns in issues 22 ("Bill's TV Repair Service") and 23 ("Totally Hacked!"). She is able to build a time-travel machine.

Groundchuck and Dirtbag[edit]

Groundchuck and Dirtbag are a mutant bull and mole and enemies of the Ninja Turtles.

They appeared in the 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Planet of the Turtleoids" Pt. 1, "Planet of the Turtleoids" Pt. 2 and "Escape from the Planet of the Turtleoids" voiced by Robert Ridgely and Pat Fraley. They were both Shredder's latest creations after they were accidentally created by Rocksteady and Bebop at the zoo.

Groundchuck and Dirtbag were also bosses in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project. Dirtbag was a boss in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue.

Doctor El[edit]

Doctor El is a witch doctor that was turned into a mutant elephant by Shredder to serve him. Yet Shredder didn't know that elephants are friendly creatures and Doctor El sided with the Ninja Turtles.


Halfcourt is a mutant giraffe with a basketball player motif and an ally of the Ninja Turtles.

Ruff the Ref[edit]

Ruff the Ref is a mutant flamingo with a referee motif who is Halfcourt's "Best Buddy." His action figure depicts him with a sling on his left leg.


Herman is a mutant hermit crab who debuts in the IDW comic "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" #38. He was Old Hob's attempt at making a mutant.

Hot Spot[edit]

Hot Spot is a mutant dalmatian with a firefighter motif and an ally of the Ninja Turtles.

King Lionheart[edit]

King Lionheart was a Shakespearian actor who was turned into a mutant lion by Shredder to serve as his "King of the Mutants." This didn't go according to plan as King Lionheart sided with the Ninja Turtles.


Koya is a mutant brown falcon.

In the IDW comics, Koya was the pet brown falcon of the Shredder who was used for reconnaissance. Following the "City Fall" storyline in the IDW Comics, Koya later mutated into a humanoid form. She ambushes the Turtles and their friends at April's parents' farmhouse during the Northampton storyline. Koya is expressive and is excited and eager to hunt down her prey.


Manmoth is a mutant mammoth who debuted in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meets Archie #1. In the "Origin of the Species" story, Manmoth was a caveman who was mutated into a mutant mammoth by Shredder in his plans to use him on the Ninja Turtles.

Mona Lisa[edit]

Mona Lisa is a mutant lizard.

She first appeared in the 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Raphael Meets His Match" voiced by Pat Musick. Once a human trying to get a college degree in biology, Mona Lisa was kidnapped on a fishing trip and forced to work as an assistant to a pirate named Captain Filch when he attacked her boat. In trying to foil Filch's plans, she was turned into a mutant lizard with an encounter to radiation. After this, she vowed to stop Filch. She and Raphael met in the episode 'Raphael Meets His Match', when Filch was holding a yacht full of people hostage and teamed together to stop him. Afterward, she followed the Turtles back to New York but was never seen again.

Monty Moose[edit]

Monty Moose is a baby moose that was mutated into a humanoid appearance after being separated from his herd and falling into Lake Ooze (a secret stash for Shredder's ooze). He has since taken a mounty motif and has sided with the Ninja Turtles.

Bob the Beaver[edit]

Bob the Beaver is a mutant beaver who is Monty Moose's "Best Buddy."


Muckman is a garbage mutant who is an ally of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In the 1980s' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Muckman Messes Up," Muckman (voiced by Townsend Coleman impersonating Jackie Gleason) started out as a garbageman named Garson Greer. He and his fellow garbageman Joe Junkee were exposed to mutagen when Rocksteady and Bebop accidentally poured mutagen on them where Muckman was transformed into a garbage mutant. Muckman and Joe Eyeball became allies with the Turtles when they realized that Rocksteady and Bebop were behind their mutation. Even though the Turtles planned to cure them, Muckman and Joe Eyeball declined stating that they have become comfortable with their mutant forms.

In the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, Muckman (voiced by Grant Moninger) was introduced as Garson Grunge (voiced by Nolan North), a humble sewer worker who had encounters with mutants in the past, such as getting attacked by Leatherhead in "It Came from the Depths," a Squirrelanoids in "Invasion of the Squirrelanoids," Fungus Humongous' fear spores in "Fungus Humongous," and Pizza Face's minions in "Pizza Face". In "The Noxious Avenger," he was seen working as a garbageman when he heard a commotion involving the Turtles fighting Bebop and Rocksteady at an abandoned Kraang lab and got hit in the face with a canister of mutagen (which Bebop intentionally threw at Michelangelo) while investigating it. As the result of falling into the dumpster, Grunge mutated into a 6 ft. humanoid mutant made entirely out of garbage with a banana peel cap, an exposed and eroded skeleton, a toxic vomit, control over other garbage and dissolving abilities that the press dubbed Muckman. Convinced by Joe Eyeball to be a hero when he found the Purple Dragons mugging a man, Muckman stopped them and beat them up. The man witnessed the action and talked about it on Joan Grody's show, becoming New York's new sensation. When the Turtles and April found Muckman and Joe Eyeball, Muckman blamed the Turtles for his mutation, yet both groups had to leave before Joan Grody could get a full glimpse of the Turtles. Upon seeing the news on Muckman, Bebop and Rocksteady planned to take advantage of this and looked for him. When they found him, he thought they were with the Turtles until they claimed that they weren't with them. They then convinced him to help them rob a Kraang lab again by claiming that it contains a cure, though Joe became suspicious of their motives. When the Turtles caught up to them, Muckman began to attack, but Bebop stopped him and told him to get the chemical while he and Rocksteady dealt with the Turtles. Muckman joined the fight and the Turtles were defeated, but they tried to reason with him and were all knocked out by Bebop's grenade. Rocksteady threw Muckman into the lab and is blasted with the Kraang's traps. Muckman found the chemical they were looking for but was blasted by another trap as Rocksteady took it from him. As a result, Muckman helped the Turtles by shooting slime at the chemical, destroying it while allowing Bebop and Rocksteady to retreat. After apologizing to the Turtles, he covered up their existence by telling Joan Grody that they were just people in costumes like the Pulverizer.

Joe Eyeball[edit]

Joe Eyeball is a small creature who is Muckman's sidekick.

In the 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Muckman Messes Up," Joe Eyeball (voiced by Rob Paulsen impersonating Art Carney) started out as a garbage man named Joe Junkee. He and his fellow garbageman Garson Greer were exposed to mutagen when Rocksteady and Bebop accidentally poured mutagen on them where Joe Eyeball was transformed into a small green mutant with eyestalks. Muckman and Joe Eyeball became allies with the Turtles when they realized that Rocksteady and Bebop were behind their mutation. Even though the Turtles planned to cure them, Muckman and Joe Eyeball declined stating that they have become comfortable with their mutant forms. Having developed feeling for Irma Langinstein, Joe Eyeball gave her a chunk of slime to remember him by.

Joe Eyeball appear in the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "The Noxious Avengers" voiced by Grant Moninger. This version is Muckman's left eye that was given life of its own and serves as Muckman's conscious.

Old Hob[edit]

Old Hob is a character that appeared in the IDW run of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" comics.

Old Hob was originally a stray cat who came across the Turtles and Splinter as they were getting mutated. Old Hob got exposed to it and tried to attack the pre-mutated Raphael only for Splinter to claw his right eye out. Old Hob became a mutant cat wearing an eyepatch and later teamed up with Baxter Stockman for revenge.


Pete is a mutant pigeon who debuts in the IDW comic "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" #35. He was Old Hob's first attempt at creating a mutant. Unfortunately, he lacked the expertise and the proper compounds to create intelligence and Pete came out less than smart. This leads him to kidnap Lindsey, a former Stockgen scientist and try to convince her to make mutants for him.

In the 2012 TV series, Pete (voiced by A.J. Buckley) was an ordinary common wood pigeon that was mutated by The Kraang into a humanoid form. During his captivity, he came in contact with April O'Neil's father Kirby and also a prisoner of the Kraang. Kirby O'Neil taught Pete how to speak and had him deliver a message to his daughter April O'Neil in which he wanted to warn her of impending danger. Under unexplained circumstances, Pete was either released by the Kraang after the experiment or escaped his captivity. Pete stalked April O' Neil for a few days and frightened her with his alleged attack before the turtles ambushed him and tackled him to the ground. After Pete had been captured, he was able to tell them his true intentions, he informs April and the Turtles that the Kraang intend to detonate a mutagen bomb into the city. He then revealed the location of the Kraang base in exchange for a loaf of sourdough bread. He then led the Turtles to the hideout of the Kraang where O'Neil was being held. He would later reappear as a member of the Mighty Mutanimals along with Slash, Leatherhead, and Dr. Rockwell, helping the Turtles defeat the Kraang and save New York.

Perri Grey[edit]

Perri Grey is an intern at Mergenterprise who debuted in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Special" #11. Her boss Dr. Koss was in league with an alien species named the Grem. When Perri and April O'Neil stumble onto this plot, both of them end up captured where April was mutated into a mutant turtle while Perri Grey was mutated into a mutant flying squirrel. After the Grem were defeated, April was restored by Perri who chose to remain in her mutant form where she would reverse-engineer an anti-mutagen batch if she needs to.

Pizza Face[edit]

Pizza Face is a pizza maker and an enemy of the Ninja Turtles.

In the storyline, Pizzaface is Shredder's crazed culinary creator. Pizzaface had a plan to become the most powerful pizza chef ever. So he zapped himself in his Retro-Mutagen Oven hoping the energy would bake him with badness. But the hungry Ninja Turtles burst into the parlor and pulled Pizzaface out. Now this half-baked bozo wants to get even with the Turtles for foiling his formula. The effects of the Retro-Mutagen Oven had enabled Pizzaface to control anything pizza-related. Possessing the power of the pizza pie, Pizzaface is the ultimate Turtle nightmare: traveling from parlor to parlor, he terrorizes the Turtles, trying to turn them into tasty teen topping. Armed with flying pizzas and a Pizza Box Shield, this peg-legged pizza piper follows the Foot Clan, even though he's only got one good leg. And what's worse? He delivers.

In the 2012 TV series, Pizza Face (voiced by John DiMaggio) was introduced as Antonio, an Italian pizza chef who ran Antonio's Pizza until he ingested mutagen thinking that it would be a good pizza topping, mutating himself into a huge mutant pepperoni and mushroom pizza with arms, a mouth, eyes made of pepperoni (resembling Pizza the Hut from the movie Spaceballs). He has control over pizzas around him. The pizzas have a mind of their own and desire to be consumed which will cause the person who ate them to fall into a zombie-like state "to serve their delicious master". He first appeared in the episode "Pizza Face," where Michelangelo went to Antonio's Pizza after his free Antonio's pizza attacked him when he refused to eat it. Mikey found Pizza Face's victims and was attacked by them in an alley by a pay phone that mentions Triceradons (which may be a spoiler for future episodes). Upon returning to the lair, he found his fellow Turtles and Splinter affected as he fought off Pizza Face's pizzas, interrogating one of them to find out who he works for. The pizza told Michelangelo about Pizza Face's origin and plans to feed off them. After putting the pizza into the freezer with Ice Cream Kitty, Michelangelo infiltrated Antonio's Pizza restaurant where Pizza Face was starting to make the humans into calzones for him to feed off of. Michelangelo confronted Pizza Face (who actually liked being called that) and fought the pizza-controlled Turtles until he was trapped in Pizza Face's cheese. Upon eating his way out of the cheese, he fought his way past Pizza Face's victims was swallowed up by Pizza Face only to eat his way out. Michelangelo threatened Pizza Face to free his victims or else. Pizza Face did what Michelangelo wanted as every one he brainwashed was freed. Even though it seemed like a nightmare to Michelangelo, it turned out that Pizza Face's slice had survived and was hiding in one of the pizza boxes.


Sandstorm is a mutant dromedary camel and an ally of the Ninja Turtles.


Scrag is a member of Rocksteady and Bebop's gang in the 80's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. In his later appearances, he had the appearance of a mutant bat. Scrag's name came from a coloring book that featured the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters.

Scrag also appeared in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics that were published by Archie Comics.


Scratch is a mutant cat with a prisoner motif and is one of Shredder's mutant allies.

Scratch appeared as a boss in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue.

Jail Bird[edit]

Jail Bird is a mutant bird who is Scratch's sidekick.

Sergeant Bananas[edit]

Sergeant Bananas is a gorilla who mutated after Shredder had dumped Retromutagenic Ooze into his jungle gym and he walked through it. Sergeant Bananas became an ally of the Ninja Turtles.

Larry the Lemur[edit]

Larry the Lemur is a mutant ring-tailed lemur who is Sergeant Bananas' "Best Buddy."


Scumbug is a mutant cockroach.

In the toyline, Scumbug's bio states that he was an exterminator that was hired by Shredder to deal with a bug infestation in the Technodrome. The exterminator got accidentally oozed and mutated into the mutant cockroach named Scumbug. Unable to face other customers, Scumbag saddled up with Shredder as his ace assassin in order to exterminate the Turtles.

Scumbug first appeared in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #10 in which he fought the Turtles in the sewers and was later confronted by Wyrm. As Scumbug and Wyrm fought knee-deep in sewer water, they accidentally got electrocuted by nearby power lines. However they would both return in a future issue, and were slated to return in the final story arc of the series, before its cancellation.

Scumbug appeared in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Night of the Rogues" voiced by Pat Fraley. He was among the enemies of the Turtles (alongside Rat King, Leatherhead, Slash, Tempestra, Chrome Dome, and Antrax) brought together by Shredder in hopes of defeating the turtles. Oddly enough while this was the first appearance of Scumbug and Antrax, April and the TMNT were familiar with the insectoid villains.

Uncanny Trio[edit]

The Uncanny Trio is a group of mutant animals that first appear in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures" #27.


Hallocat was originally the cat of a trucker until he fell into the mutagen.

Nevermore the Scarecrow[edit]

Nevermore the Scarecrow was originally a crow until it got exposed to mutagen.

Nocturno the Owl[edit]

Nocturno the Owl was originally an owl until it got exposed to mutagen.


Verminator-X is a mutant cyborg cat who is exclusive to the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures" comics. In the future, Manx is the apprentice of Donatello. However, Manx begins augmenting his body with cybernetics, which causes him to grow insane. He then allies with the Shredder and Armaggon. Verminator-X made one last attempt to destroy the TMNT and allied himself with Craniac. He is only apparent in the future timelines, and eventually has a Catharsis in a controversial book in which Raphael is willing to kill him for the greater good, resulting in destroying the machine that had taken-over and poisoned Verminator's mind. At the end of this arc, ultimately Verminator survives and becomes the heroic Manx once again rejoining his friends.


Walkabout is a mutant kangaroo from Australia that wears an eyepatch and specializes in crocodile hunting. His origin was not stated. All that we know is that he came to Manhattan where he met the Ninja Turtles and sided with them in their fight against the Foot Clan.

Kid Kangie[edit]

Kid Kangie is an unidentified mutant who is Walkabout's "Best Buddy."


Wyrm was originally a trashman who slipped and fell into Shredder's trash bin where he mutated into a mutant flatworm.

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Dimension X[edit]

Mighty Mutanimals[edit]

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Crossover characters[edit]

Several characters from other comic book series have crossed-over into the TMNT universes. Notable appearances are listed below:

Cerebus the Aardvark[edit]

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Flaming Carrot[edit]

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Professor Honeycutt is a semi-retired scientist from the planet D'Hoonib whose mind was transferred into his working robot as both were struck by lightning. As he refused to build a transmat device (a means of teleportation) for General Blanque of the Federation military in their war against the Triceraton Republic, he was categorized as a "Fugitoid" (short for "fugitive android"). The character was introduced in a series of strips in the Gobbledygook comics that was later finished in a one off self-titled comic book and then guest starred in the original TMNT issues 5 to 7, and later became a recurring character in the main TMNT comic.

In the IDW comics, Professor Honeycutt was a Neutrino scientist who used to work for Krang. Honeycutt's wife Marra worried about the influence of evil that was oppressing the Neutrino people, including their family. She convinced him to have them join the Neutrino resistance. Three months later, Krang's armies had found where the resistance compound was and targeted it for attack. A fire broke out, and the living quarters were locked down due to safety protocols. Rather than let Marra, their son Ely, and the rest of the families burn to death, Honeycutt used SAL to breach the flames and override the safety protocols. By doing so, he sacrificed his own body where he became trapped within SAL in the process. Honeycutt saved the families, but his victory was short-lived. Sergeant Granitor ordered an attack on the fleeing families killing them all. Honeycutt could do nothing but watch them die on the security monitor. Not long after, Honeycutt had made it back to the lab, and Granitor and some Rock Soldiers found him. Honeycutt restrained himself from tearing apart the man who gave orders to kill his family and instead escaped through the portal he had been working on. Now in New York City on Earth, Honeycutt masqueraded as a blonde male to hide from the Rock Soldiers. Honeycutt took a job with Baxter Stockman at StockGen calling himself Chet Allen. Stockman worked with Krang, so Honeycutt was hidden within plain sight. Krang referred to the professor's new form as a "fugitive android." Rather than involve more innocents in the fight, Honeycutt allied himself with the Foot Clan. Although Honeycutt knew the Foot Clan were evil, they were enemies of Krang and his forces as well.

The Fugitoid appeared in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon voiced by Oliver Wyman. He is also a playable character in the brawler game "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up" for the Wii.

The Fugitoid is confirmed to appear in the new 2012 TV Series.



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Knight Watchman[edit]

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Savage Dragon[edit]

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Miyamoto Usagi[edit]

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Miyamoto Usagi is a samurai rabbit and master swordsman from an alternative universe's 16th century Edo Period in Japan, where animals are the dominant species, not humans. He appeared in two episodes of the 1987 series. Usagi Yojimbo is a comic book series created by Stan Sakai starring the ronin hero rabbit, Miyamoto Usagi, which had several crossovers with the TMNT comics; apparently the TV show writers did not understand the distinction and misnamed the character after the comic book.

The character returned for the 2003 animated series with his actual name Miyamoto Usagi, and became a friend and close ally of the turtles, especially developing a strong friendship with Leonardo, since both are swordsmen. Leonardo also ended up in Usagi's dimension when Ultimate Draco scattered the five mutants to different parts of the multiverse.


Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa[edit]

The Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa are a trio of anthropomorphic cattle that work as cowboys that defend their home of Cowtown from various criminals. The group consists of Marshal Moo Montana, Dakota Dude, and Cowlorado Kid.

In issue #21 of Tales of the TMNT, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aided the C.O.W.-Boys into stopping the Masked Bull (the criminal alias of Sheriff Terrorbull) from stealing a magic crystal shard.