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The following is a list of characters from the fighting game series Tekken. The characters are listed in order of the games they debuted in.



Players can choose from a diverse cast that hails from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and fighting styles. A few characters have supernatural origin, such as Devil and Ogre, while animal characters like Kuma the bear provide comic relief.[1] In the story mode of the game, each character generally has their own personal reasons for entering the tournament and competing for the prize.

Only four characters have appeared as playable characters in all seven main Tekken installments to date: Heihachi Mishima, Nina Williams, Paul Phoenix, and Yoshimitsu. King have appeared in all seven main Tekken games with two different characters.

Three characters: Kazuya Mishima, Lee Chaolan, and Marshall Law also come close having appeared in six installments. Kuma have appeared as playable in six installments with two different characters, and Jack with six (Jack, Jack-2, Gun Jack, Jack-5, Jack-6 and Jack-7).

Main series[edit]

Character 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total
Japan Akuma No No No No No No Guest19 1
Alex No Yes2 5 No No No No No 1
Russia Alisa Bosconovitch No No No No No Yes10 17 Yes 2
Ancient Ogre No No Yes4 5 No No No No 1
Angel No Yes2 4 5 No No No No No 1
Republic of Ireland Anna Williams Yes3 5 16 Yes5 Yes5 No Yes5 8 Yes No 5
Flag of None.svg Armor King I/II Yes3 5 16 Yes5 No No Yes1 9 Yes No 4
Japan Asuka Kazama No No No No Yes Yes Yes 3
Flag of None.svg Azazel No No No No No Boss6 No 1
South Korea Baek Doo San No Yes5 No No Yes5 8 Yes No 3
United States Bob Richards No No No No No Yes Yes19 2
United States Bruce Irvin No Yes5 No No Yes5 8 Yes No 3
United States Bryan Fury No No Yes5 Yes5 Yes Yes Yes 5
Brazil Christie Monteiro No No No Yes Yes Yes No 3
Italy Claudio Serafino No No No No No No Yes 1
Flag of None.svg Combot No No No Yes5 No No No 1
Australia Craig Marduk No No No Yes Yes Yes No 3
Crow No No Enemy15 No No No No 1
Japan Devil/Devil Kazuya Yes2 3 5 16 Yes4 5 No Film14 No No Yes2 4
Japan Devil Jin No No Film14 Film14 Yes5 8 Yes Yes17 5
Japan Devil Kazumi No No No No No No Boss6 1
Russia Dr. Bosconovitch No Film14 Yes3 5 Film14 No No No 3
Brazil Eddy Gordo No No Yes Yes2 3 5 Yes5 8 12 Yes No 4
China Feng Wei No No No No Yes Yes Yes 3
United States Forest Law No No Yes No No No No 1
Japan Ganryu Yes3 5 16 Yes5 No No Yes5 8 Yes No 4
Flag of None.svg Gigas No No No No No No Yes17 1
Gon No No Guest3 5 No No No No 1
Flag of None.svg Gun Jack No No Yes5 No Enemy15 No No 2
Japan Heihachi Mishima Yes3 4 5 16 Yes Yes5 Yes4 5 Yes5 8 Yes Yes 7
South Korea Hwoarang No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5
Russia(1, 2) Flag of None.svg(5, 6, 7) Jack (1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7) Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes17 5
Japan Jin Kazama No No Yes Yes5 Yes Yes Yes17 5
Japan Jinpachi Mishima No No No No Yes3 4 7 11 No No 1
Philippines Josie Rizal No No No No No No Yes17 1
United States Julia Chang No No Yes5 Yes5 Yes Yes No 4
Japan Jun Kazama No Yes No Film14 No No No 2
Brazil Katarina Alves No No No No No No Yes 1
Japan Kazumi Mishima No No No No No No Yes4 18 1
Japan Kazuya Mishima Yes Yes5 No Yes Yes Yes Yes 6
Mexico King I/II Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 7
Kuma I/II Yes3 5 16 Yes5 Yes5 Yes5 Yes5 8 Yes No 6
Japan Kunimitsu Yes3 5 16 Yes5 No No No No No 2
Sweden Lars Alexandersson No No No No No Yes10 17 Yes 2
Japan Lee Chaolan Yes3 5 16 Yes5 No Yes5 Yes Yes Yes19 6
Hong Kong Lei Wulong No Yes Yes Yes5 Yes Yes No 5
Germany Leo Kliesen No No No No No Yes Yes 2
Monaco Lili De Rochefort No No No No Yes1 9 Yes Yes 3
China Ling Xiaoyu No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5
Flag of None.svg Lucky Chloe No No No No No No Yes 1
United States Marshall Law Yes Yes Film14 Yes Yes Yes Yes 7
Flag of None.svg Master Raven No No No No No No Yes19 1
United States Michelle Chang Yes Yes Film14 No No No No 3
Spain Miguel Caballero Rojo No No No No No Yes Yes19 2
Japan Miharu Hirano No No No Yes2 3 5 No No No 1
Japan Mokujin No No Yes5 No Yes5 8 Yes No 3
Japan NANCY-MI847J No No No No No Boss6 13 No 1
Republic of Ireland Nina Williams Yes Yes Yes Yes5 Yes Yes Yes19 7
Panda No No Yes2 5 Yes2 5 Yes2 5 8 Yes2 No 4
United States Paul Phoenix Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 7
Russia Prototype Jack Yes3 5 16 Yes5 No No No No No 2
Flag of None.svg Raven No No No No Yes Yes No 2
Roger No Yes5 No No Film14 Film14 No 3
Roger Jr. No No No No Yes5 8 Yes No 2
Saudi Arabia Shaheen No No No No No No Yes 1
Monaco Sebastian No No No No Film14 Film14 No 2
Russia Sergei Dragunov No No No No Yes1 9 Yes Yes 3
United States Slim Bob No No No No No Film14 No 1
United Kingdom Steve Fox No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes 4
Flag of None.svg Tiger Jackson No No Yes2 5 No No No No 1
True Ogre No No Yes4 5 No No No No 1
Japan Violet No No No Yes2 5 No No Yes2 19 2
China Wang Jinrei Yes3 5 16 Yes5 No No Yes5 8 Yes No 4
Japan Yoshimitsu Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes17 7
Egypt Zafina No No No No No Yes No 1
Total 18 25 23 23 36 41 35


^1 Update version only (console version).
^2 Skin/palette swap.
^3 Playable in console versions only.
^4 Playable boss.
^5 Unlockable.
^6 Unplayable boss.
^7 Unplayable in Tekken 5.
^8 Unlockable in Tekken 5.
^9 Only in Tekken 5: DR.
^10 Only in Tekken 6: BR.
^11 Unlockable in Tekken 5: DR.
^12 Skin/palette swap in Tekken 5.
^13 Playable in a campaign level.
^14 Characters appearing only in cinematics.
^15 The characters are only enemies in a certain mode.
^16 Unplayable in arcade version.
^17 Update version only (arcade version).
^18 Unplayable boss (release date (arcade)) / playable update character (later (arcade)).
^19 Only in Tekken 7: FR.

Spin-off games[edit]

Heihachi Mishima, Jin Kazama, Bryan Fury, Ling Xiaoyu, Mokujin, Hwoarang, Paul Phoenix, King II, True Ogre, Nina Williams and Kuma II have appeared in all four major spin-off games.

Character CC TTT TTT2 R Total
Alex No Yes2 5 Yes3 No 2
Russia Alisa Bosconovitch No No Yes Yes5 2
Ancient Ogre Yes5 Yes5 Yes1 3 No 3
Angel No Yes2 5 Yes1 3 No 2
Republic of Ireland Anna Williams Yes5 Yes Yes No 3
Flag of None.svg Armor King I/II No Yes Yes Yes1 7 3
Japan Asuka Kazama No No Yes Yes 2
South Korea Baek Doo San No Yes Yes No 2
United States Bob Richards No No Yes Yes1 7 2
United States Bruce Irvin No Yes5 Yes No 2
United States Bryan Fury Yes5 Yes Yes Yes5 4
Brazil Christie Monteiro No No Yes Yes1 7 2
Flag of None.svg Combot No No Yes3 No 1
Australia Craig Marduk No No Yes No 1
Crow Yes5 No Enemy9 No 2
Japan Devil/Devil Kazuya No Yes5 Yes2 Yes2 3
Japan Devil Jin No No Yes Yes1 7 2
Russia Dr. Bosconovitch No No Yes1 3 No 1
Brazil Eddy Gordo Yes Yes Yes No 3
Flag of None.svg Eliza No No No Yes1 7 1
China Feng Wei No No Yes Yes1 7 2
United States Forest Law Yes5 Yes Yes3 No 3
Japan Ganryu No Yes Yes No 2
Flag of None.svg Gun Jack Yes5 Yes No No 2
Japan Heihachi Mishima Yes Yes Yes Boss6 4
South Korea Hwoarang Yes Yes Yes Yes1 7 4
Russia(2) Flag of None.svg(6) Jack (2 and 6) No Yes5 Yes Yes 3
United States Jaycee No No Yes Yes1 7 2
Japan Jin Kazama Yes5 Yes Yes Yes1 7 4
Japan Jinpachi Mishima No No Yes Boss6 2
United States Julia Chang Yes5 Yes Film8 No 3
Japan Jun Kazama No Yes Yes4 Yes1 7 3
Japan Kazuya Mishima No Yes5 Yes Yes 3
Mexico King II Yes Yes Yes Yes 4
Flag of None.svg Kinjin No No No Boss1 6 1
Kuma II Yes5 Yes5 Yes Yes1 7 4
Japan Kunimitsu No Yes5 Yes1 3 Yes1 7 3
Sweden Lars Alexandersson No No Yes Yes 2
Japan Lee Chaolan No Yes5 Yes Yes1 7 3
Hong Kong Lei Wulong Yes5 Yes Yes No 3
Germany Leo Kliesen No No Yes Yes5 2
Monaco Lili De Rochefort No No Yes Yes 2
China Ling Xiaoyu Yes Yes Yes Yes1 7 4
United States Marshall Law No No Yes Yes 2
United States Michelle Chang No Yes Yes1 3 No 2
Spain Miguel Caballero Rojo No No Yes Yes1 7 2
Japan Miharu Hirano No No Yes1 3 No 1
Japan Mokujin Yes5 Yes2 5 Yes Boss1 6 4
Republic of Ireland Nina Williams Yes Yes Yes Yes1 7 4
Panda Yes5 Yes2 5 Yes No 3
United States Paul Phoenix Yes5 Yes Yes Yes 4
Russia Prototype Jack No Yes5 Yes3 No 2
Flag of None.svg Raven No No Yes No 1
Roger No Yes5 Film8 No 2
Roger Jr. No No Yes No 1
Monaco Sebastian No No Yes1 3 No 1
Russia Sergei Dragunov No No Yes Yes1 7 2
United States Slim Bob No No Yes1 3 No 1
United Kingdom Steve Fox No No Yes Yes5 2
Flag of None.svg Tetsujin No Yes2 5 No Boss1 6 2
Flag of None.svg Tiger Jackson No Yes2 Yes3 No 2
True Ogre Boss6 Yes5 Yes Boss6 4
Japan Unknown No Yes3 4 5 10 Yes1 3 4 10 No 2
Japan Violet No No Yes1 3 No 1
China Wang Jinrei No Yes5 Yes No 2
Japan Yoshimitsu Yes5 Yes Yes No 3
Egypt Zafina No No Yes No 1
Total 21 39 60 36


^1 Update version only.
^2 Skin/palette swap.
^3 Playable in console versions only.
^4 Playable boss.
^5 Unlockable.
^6 Unplayable boss.
^7 Update and unlockable.
^8 Characters appearing only in cinematics.
^9 The characters are only enemies in a certain mode.
^10 Unplayable in Arcade version.

Other games[edit]

Character Ad NxC TR 3D: PE SFxT CT Ar G:TE Total
Japan Akuma No Yes No No Yes No No No 2
Russia Alisa Bosconovitch No No No Yes Yes1 No No Enemy5 3
Ancient Ogre No Yes No No Yes3 No No No 2
Republic of Ireland Anna Williams No No No Yes No No No Enemy5 2
Flag of None.svg Armor King I/II No Yes No Yes No No No No 2
Japan Asuka Kazama No No No Yes Yes Yes1 No Yes4 4
South Korea Baek Doo San No No No Yes No No No No 1
United States Bob Richards No No No Yes Yes No No Enemy5 3
United States Bruce Irvin No No No Yes No No No No 1
United States Bryan Fury No No No Yes Yes1 No No No 2
Brazil Christie Monteiro No No No Yes Yes1 No No No 2
Italy Claudio Serafino No No No No No No No Yes 1
Australia Craig Marduk No No No Yes Yes No No Enemy5 3
Japan Devil/Devil Kazuya No Yes No No No No No No 1
Japan Devil Jin No No No Yes No Yes1 2 No Enemy5 3
Russia Dr. Bosconovitch No No No No No No Boss5 No 1
Brazil Eddy Gordo No No No Yes No No No Enemy5 2
China Feng Wei No No No Yes No No Boss5 No 2
United States Forest Law Yes No No No No No No No 1
Japan Ganryu No No No Yes No No No Boss5 2
Flag of None.svg Gun Jack Yes No No No No No No No 1
Japan Heihachi Mishima Yes4 Yes No Yes Yes Yes1 Yes Yes 7
South Korea Hwoarang Yes No No Yes Yes Yes1 No No 4
Flag of None.svg(6,X) Jack (6 and X) No No No Yes Yes1 No No Enemy5 3
United States Jaycee No No No No No No No Enemy5 1
Japan Jin Kazama Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes1 Yes No 7
United States Julia Chang No No No Yes Yes No No No 2
Japan Kazuya Mishima No No Yes4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes4 6
Mexico King II Yes Yes Yes4 Yes Yes No Yes Boss5 7
Kuma II No No No Yes Yes No No Boss5 3
Sweden Lars Alexandersson No No No Yes Yes1 No No No 2
Japan Lee Chaolan No No No Yes No No No No 1
Hong Kong Lei Wulong No No No Yes Yes1 No No No 2
Germany Leo Kliesen No No No Yes No No No No 1
Monaco Lili De Rochefort No No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes 4
China Ling Xiaoyu Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Boss5 7
Flag of None.svg Lucky Chloe No No No No No No No Yes4 1
United States Marshall Law No No Yes4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Enemy5 6
Spain Miguel Caballero Rojo No No No Yes No No No No 1
Japan Mokujin No Yes No Yes No No No Enemy5 3
Republic of Ireland Nina Williams Yes No Yes4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Enemy5 7
Panda No No No Yes2 No Yes No Enemy5 3
United States Paul Phoenix Yes No Yes4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Enemy5 7
Russia Prototype Jack No Yes No No No No No No 1
Flag of None.svg Raven No No No Yes Yes No Yes Enemy5 4
Roger Jr. No No No Yes No No No No 1
Russia Sergei Dragunov No No No Yes No No No No 1
United Kingdom Steve Fox No No No Yes Yes No Yes No 2
Flag of None.svg Unknown male Character 1 No No No No No No Yes No 1
Flag of None.svg Unknown male Character 2 No No No No No No Yes No 1
Flag of None.svg Unknown male Character 3 No No No No No No Yes No 1
China Wang Jinrei No No No Yes No No No No 1
Japan Yoshimitsu Yes No Yes4 Yes Yes Yes No Enemy5 6
Egypt Zafina No No No Yes No No No No 1
Total 10 9 8 41 25 13 15 25


^1 Update version only.
^2 Skin/palette swap.
^3 Playable boss.
^4 Unlockable.
^5 Unplayable character/boss.

Introduced in Tekken[edit]

Anna Williams[edit]

Armor King[edit]

Armor King (アーマー・キング Āmā Kingu?) was a rival of King's when the latter was still an inexperienced wrestler. One of his eyes accidentally got damaged during a fight with King. Armor King eventually disappeared from the official Lucha Libre scene but showed unrivaled prowess in shady fights. When his rival and friend King ran away, choosing the path of the drunkard, Armor King became worried and intervened just in time, as King was at the edge of a breakdown. Finding King distraught and drunk in an alleyway, he convinced him to get back into the spirit of fighting and enter the second tournament. In that game, he is also revealed to suffer from an unknown sickness (as shown by his heartbeat and drops of blood in his ending). Years later, King was attacked and killed by Ogre. However, Armor King saw a new fighter with a jaguar mask step into the wrestling ring in order to save the orphanage, and decided to train him to become the second King. Before The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, Craig Marduk started a bar brawl in Arizona. Armor King participated, but he was brutally beaten to the point that because of his sickness, he died. This is the extent of his involvement in this game, as he does not make an actual appearance, but instead becomes King's reason for entering the tournament, for revenge. Armor King returned supposedly in Tekken 5 where he attacked Marduk and left King confused. However, it was revealed in the next title, Tekken 6, that this new figure is actually the original's younger brother who seeks revenge on Marduk for killing his brother.


Main article: Ganryu (Tekken)

Heihachi Mishima[edit]

Main article: Heihachi Mishima

Jack (1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7)/Gun Jack/X[edit]

Main article: Jack (Tekken)

Kazuya Mishima and Devil/Devil Kazuya[edit]

Main article: Kazuya Mishima


Main article: King (Tekken)


Main article: Kuma (Tekken)


Voiced by: Katsuhiro Harada (TK1), Shiho Kikuchi (TK2-TTT), Houko Kuwashima (TTT2)

Kunimitsu (州光?) was a former member of the Manji clan of ninja bandits led by Yoshimitsu. She lost her Japanese identity when she joined the group to maintain her anonymity. Upon joining, she was taught the skills of the stealth knife and Manji-style ninjutsu. She stayed with the group for a few months, until a series of petty thefts from the band's funds led to her dismissal. At a loose end, she decided to train as a mechanic mending air conditioners. She entered the first King of Iron Fist Tournament intending to steal a Native American treasure from a young brave Michelle Chang. Kunimitsu, fearing the wrath of the vengeful Michelle, went into hiding. Feeling humiliated, Kunimitsu sought solace with her grandfather. He was a swordsmith with a reputation. He informed Kunimitsu that the sword used by Yoshimitsu is a relic of unimaginable value. She learned that it was handed down through the Manji band and it had the power to sever an enemy both spiritually and mentally. The sword exchanges hands when a new leader is elected. The old leader is ritually sacrificed and the sword's power is transferred to its new owner. Kunimitsu's grandfather has spent his entire existence trying to forge a copy of the sword. Kunimitsu had to enter the second tournament to face and defeat Yoshimitsu and claim the sword so that her grandfather could make a copy before his death. Her fate, however, is unknown as she has not made a canonical appearance since Tekken 2.

She also appears in the non-canonical Tekken Tag Tournament and appears as one of the console exclusive characters via DLC in the console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.[2]

As she is a former Manji Clan member, her fighting style is Manji Ninjutsu, similar to Yoshimitsu. At first, she had the same move set as Yoshimitsu in Tekken, like all other sub-boss characters. In Tekken 2, while still borrowing some of Yoshimitsu's moves, she was given a unique move set of her own that made use of her iconic kunai. She kept this move set in Tekken Tag Tournament, receiving even more unique moves. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Kunimitsu's move set was revamped to further diminish similarities to the move sets of other characters.

In the official poll by Namco, Kunimitsu is currently ranked as the 8th most requested Tekken character to be playable in Tekken X Street Fighter, at 10.97% of votes.[3]

Lee Chaolan/Violet[edit]

Main article: Lee Chaolan

Marshall Law[edit]

Main article: Marshall Law (Tekken)

Michelle Chang[edit]

Nina Williams[edit]

Main article: Nina Williams

Paul Phoenix[edit]

Main article: Paul Phoenix (Tekken)

Prototype Jack[edit]

Main article: Jack (Tekken)

Wang Jinrei[edit]

This is a Chinese name; the family name is Wang.
Voiced by: Tamio Ōki (TK1~TTT), Hu Qian (TK5~)

Wang Jinrei (王 椋雷(ワン・ジンレイ) Wan Jinrei?, pinyin: Wáng Liángléi) was a companion of Jinpachi Mishima, Heihachi Mishima's father. Wang watched Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima with great interest as they grew and chose their respective paths of life. Wang remained generous and kind whilst living as a recluse in the Mishima gardens. Wang also tutored Ling Xiaoyu, his granddaughter, in the martial arts at a young age. Furthermore, Wang Jinrei took Marshall Law on in the first King of Iron Fist Tournament, which ended in a draw. Wang eventually entered the second King of Iron Fist Tournament in order to fulfill the wishes of the long-dead Jinpachi. During his life, Jinpachi watched with grief as Heihachi and Kazuya followed the path of evil. He instructed his faithful friend to eliminate both of them when the time was right. Wang theorises that the best way to fulfill this plea is to face all challengers giving way to those adept enough to defeat Kazuya and dispatches those unworthy of his attention. Heihachi will stare into the face of destiny at another time. However, he lost to Jun Kazama in the tournament.

Twenty one years later, Wang received a letter from Jinpachi, which quite shocked him as he believed Jinpachi had died a long time ago. His friend told him to come and meet him at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. In the middle of the tournament, he was defeated by Jin Kazama, who reassured him that his purpose was to wipe out the Mishima family's cursed blood. However, the real chaos began when Jin assumed control of the Mishima Financial Group (MFG). Blaming his failure on his indifference, Jinrei lamented his lack of action. Once again, The King of Iron Fist Tournament is held, and with newfound purpose, Wang participates in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. He appears as an enemy in the Scenario Campaign mode in the console version. After defeating him, he had a secret conversation with Lars, telling him about the Mishima Zaibatsu as well as to be cautious with Alisa, apparently knowing that she is in fact a robot spying him. He also had an alliance with Zafina, and convinced her that Lars could defeat Kazuya and Jin.

Wang's fighting style is Xin Yi Liu He Quan (listed in Tekken Tag Tournament as the Japanese translation Shinirokugo-ken). He originally used moves similar to Michelle Chang, but later installments in the series in which he has appeared have revamped his moveset to be more reminiscent of Xin Yi Liu He Quan, as well as to differentiate him from Michelle and Julia Chang.


Main article: Yoshimitsu

Introduced in Tekken 2[edit]


Voiced by: Yuka Koyama (TTT2)

Angel (エンゼル Enjeru?) is a supernatural entity, an opposite of Devil. Her backstory stated that she is the representation of what is left of the goodness in Kazuya Mishima after the latter had been controlled by Devil, although she herself was not a part of Kazuya's soul.[4] Beyond that, however, she is an enigma. According to her Tekken Tag Tournament 2 profile, Angel wielded the power to purify things and carried both a compassionate and cruel side. In gameplay, Angel is a palette swap of Devil in Tekken 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament, but is made an individual character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with a fighting style based on Kazuya and Devil Jin.[2]

Baek Doo San[edit]

This is a Korean name; the family name is Baek.
Voiced by: Kaneto Shiozawa (TK2~TTT), Um Sang-hyun (TK5~), Kyousei Tsukui (Tekken: The Motion Picture (Japanese)), Lowell B. Bartholomee (Tekken: The Motion Picture (English))

Baek Doo San (白頭山(ペク・トー・サン) Peku Tō San?, Hangul: 백두산 Baek Dusan) first appeared in Tekken 2 as the sub-boss of Marshall Law and an alternate playable character. According to the storyline, Baek accidentally killed his father during a sparring session, which left him in doubt over his own skills. As a result of his father's death, Baek went on a rampage, destroying several dojos. One of the worst hit happened to be Marshall Law's. Baek then left a note there telling him that he will be in the second King of Iron Fist tournament. The two met there and had a match, in which Baek lost. According to the Tekken 3 storyline, Baek was presumed dead after encountering Ogre, the fictional Aztec God of Fighting. One of his closest students, Hwoarang, entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 to exact revenge for his master's death and to have a rematch with Jin Kazama. According to the Tekken 5 storyline, Baek's encounter with Ogre had left him in a coma, not dead as initially presumed. He woke up over a year later, after Hwoarang had already competed in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3. Baek later began teaching traditional Tae Kwon Do at military bases. Hwoarang was drafted into the South Korean military, but he ran away to compete in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. When he was arrested by the South Korean Military Police, he was informed that Baek was alive. Two months later, Hwoarang completed his service, and Baek asked him to enter The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Baek also entered the tournament to test his student's skills.

However, Baek withdrew from the tournament when he found out that Hwoarang lost to Devil Jin, and he was seriously injured. Baek then rushed to the hospital to visit Hwoarang. Although Hwoarang's condition was not considered as something serious after his treatment, Hwoarang would not wake up, and Baek started blaming himself for being an inadequate instructor. It took Hwoarang three days to regain consciousness. They discussed the details, and Hwoarang told Baek that he not only has to recover, but he has to strengthen himself even further. Baek sensed his strong will and his unprecedented modesty, and hence he decided to teach him everything he knows. Baek and Hwoarang returned to Korea, and endeavoured to practice intensely. Eventually, the announcement of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 came from the Mishima Zaibatsu, and Baek decides to enter the tournament one last time to widen his personal experience-collection.

His name is notable for being a play on the common Korean surname Baek and the mountain called Baekdusan, the highest mountain in Korea and the most sacred to Korean folklore.

Bruce Irvin[edit]

Voiced by (English): Peter Harrell Jr. (Tekken: The Motion Picture)
Voiced by (Japanese): Seiji Sasaki (Tekken: The Motion Picture)

Bruce Irvin (ブルース・アーヴィン Burūsu Āvin?), who had lost both his parents and elder brother in his infancy, grew up living a life plagued by hunger and violence. Disliking the cards fate had dealt him, Bruce longed to lead a good life, so he turned to fighting and joined the police force. Bruce was sent to Japan to investigate the Mishima Zaibatsu and its leader Kazuya Mishima. Kazuya arranged for the plane that Bruce boarded to crash. However, Bruce survived the crash, but lost his memories. Kazuya then found him and hired him as a bodyguard. In Tekken 2, Bruce fought his old police partner Lei Wulong, who had entered the tournament to arrest Kazuya. Bruce was defeated and attempted to escape on another plane, but it somehow exploded later. In Tekken 3, it was shown that Ogre had one of Bruce's moves, the "Leg Bazooka", so it is possible that Bruce was one of the fighters whom Ogre attacked.

In Tekken 5, it was revealed that Bruce had been working for several special units and was currently working as a survival technical guidance instructor. He entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 in order to test his skills once again. After becoming reacquainted with Kazuya Mishima in Tournament 5, Bruce Irvin decided to assist Kazuya with his scheme to take over G Corporation. After they had succeeded, Kazuya managed to control the corporation from behind closed doors. G Corporation waged war with the Mishima Financial Group (MFG), and Bruce, as Kazuya's captain, led Kazuya's private corps into battle, fighting the MFG over the world. Soon afterwards, G Corporation made preparations to annihilate the MFG by placing an enormous bounty on Jin, and as anticipated, the MFG began to show signs of movement: the opening of King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 was announced. Bruce Irvin has entered the tournament to capture Jin.

He also makes an appearance in Tekken: The Motion Picture when fighting Jack-2. Bruce breaks his fist against Jack-2's steel alloy, and Jack-2 knocks him into the water.

Jun Kazama[edit]

Main article: Jun Kazama

Lei Wulong[edit]

Main article: Lei Wulong

Roger Sr./Jr. and Alex[edit]

As the Mishima Zaibatsu became more corrupt than ever under Kazuya's leadership which engaged in many illegal activities, Kazuya kidnapped Doctor Bosconovitch and later commanded him to genetically engineer creatures as one of his projects. Through Bosconovitch, modified animals were created with DNA samples. Roger (ロジャー Rojā?) was created from kangaroo DNA, whereas Alex (アレックス Arekkusu?) was created using DNA from Dromaeosaurid fossil samples. However, Kazuya thought that both of them were worthless creations and wanted to kill them, though they were able to escape and met Armor King, who taught them to wrestle. Both Alex and Roger then enter to fight in the Second Iron Fist Tournament. During the tournament, Jun, who is a WWWC officer assigned to arrest Kazuya for smuggling and experimenting on endangered species, found Roger and Alex. She quickly arranged for them to live out their lives in Australia, where they would be safe. While Alex does not appear or mentioned in subsequent canonical games, Roger's story was expanded in Tekken 5. He was revealed to live peacefully alongside his wife and his son, whom he named Roger Jr. One day, he was kidnapped by Mishima Zaibatsu, and Roger Jr., aided by his mother enters The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 to find him. They soon found out that Roger was not "abducted", but rather was enjoying an easy and luxury life. In Tekken 6, Roger's wife, having been divorced from Roger decided to start a new life with Roger Jr. However, she found that living a life without Roger is hard. When she heard announcement of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, she joins in hopes to win and secure their financial security.

Both Roger and Alex also appear the non-canonical Tekken Tag Tournament as well as its sequel Tekken Tag Tournament 2, although Roger Jr. replaces Roger in the latter game. In Tekken 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament, Roger and Alex share the same slot as they have exactly the same stance and move set, similar to Kuma and Panda. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 however, Alex was separated and given several unique moves to differentiate him from Roger Jr.

The fighting style of Roger (and later Roger Jr.) and Alex is "Commando Wrestling", a mix of professional wrestling and boxing. Some of their moves are shared with King, as a result of Armor King teaching them.

Introduced in Tekken 3[edit]

Bryan Fury[edit]

Main article: Bryan Fury


Crow is a codename assigned for the lowest ranking members of the Tekken Force (the others, in ascending order, are Falcon, Hawk, and Owl). They appear as enemies in the Tekken Force mini-game in both Tekken 3 and Tekken 4. Crow also appears in Tekken Card Challenge as an unlockable character, as well as in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as non-playable opponents in the Fight Lab mode.

Dr. Bosconovitch[edit]

Main article: Dr. Bosconovitch

Eddy Gordo/Tiger Jackson[edit]

Main article: Eddy Gordo

Forest Law[edit]

Voiced by: Katsuhiro Harada (TK3-TTT), Todd Haberkorn (TTT2)

The proud and good natured, yet naive and dim-witted son of Marshall Law, Forest Law (フォレスト・ロウ Foresuto Rou?) trains at his father's dojo to achieve Marshall's success and greatness. As a protective father, Marshall has forbidden his son from entering any contests outside the dojo. Marshall's long-time friend and competitor, Paul Phoenix, visits once every few months to spar with Marshall. One day, when Paul arrived, Marshall was away supervising the building of a new dojo. Paul insisted that Forest join him in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3. Although at first Forest declined, he eventually accepted. This caused a falling out between Paul and Marshall however, as Marshall was enraged when he found out what happened.

While Marshall re-replaces Forest in further installments, Forest is still mentioned throughout. He was mentioned in Tekken 5, where he was apparently involved in a motorcycle accident that left him hospitalized, which becomes Marshall's reason for entering The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. He also appears in Tekken Tag Tournament in replacement of Marshall, and its sequel, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a console exclusive character.


See also: Gon (manga)

Gon made his first video game appearance in the SNES game of the same name. It is a platformer game that relies on passwords instead of a save system. Gon goes to different types of ecosystems and fights off animals. Gon has attacks such as a tail whip, a head butt, or a chomp.

Gon is a licensed guest character appearing in Tekken 3. He is unlockable by defeating him in the Tekken Ball mode or by achieving a high score in Survival mode and inputting the name "GON". He is one of the two special hidden playable characters, along with Doctor Bosconovitch. It is unknown if Gon's appearance in Tekken 3 is canon or not. His appearance seems purely ornamental, considering no motive is given for him participating in the third King of Iron Fist Tournament. Gon's ending is the only ending in Tekken 3 that goes in a continuous loop. Gon's alternate costume for this game shows him with a turtle shell and blue gloves (the turtle shell being a reference to the time when Gon decided to wear a turtle shell that he found). Gon is the only character in Tekken 3 who is barely affected by True Ogre's fire blast. It only does 1 damage point to Gon and only flinches him as opposed to stunning him like all of the other characters in the game. Producer of the series Katsuhiro Harada has mentioned that Gon will not be returning in any future Tekken games due to licensing, making him the only character in the Tekken series to never appear in any sequels after his initial debut.


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Jin Kazama/Devil Jin[edit]

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Julia Chang/Jaycee[edit]

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Ling Xiaoyu[edit]

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Ogre/True Ogre[edit]

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Introduced in Tekken 4[edit]

Christie Monteiro[edit]

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Combot (コンボット Konbotto?) is a general purpose robot created by Lee Chaolan (under the guise of Violet) to enter in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. Combot is programmed to do a wide variety of things, from household chores to military action. This design was made to be the ultimate fighting machine and was programmed to learn every fighter's style as it progressed through the tournament. It was also used to increase the chance of Lee gaining the Mishima Zaibatsu if Heihachi were to be defeated by Combot. Unfortunately, the prototype was rushed due to time constraints and a few bugs were left in Combot's data. Because of this, whenever Combot is powered up, he can only utilize one opponent's fighting style at a time during game play, and switches through them randomly from match to match, it is unknown to the player which fighting style it is using until the fight starts, though a player can tell which style it is by watching it is movements before the fight starts. For some characters, it is immediately apparent when Combot is using their fighting style; if imitating Yoshimitsu, it will brandish a sword, and if imitating King, will have a tail comparable in length to King's. Essentially, Combot is the Tekken 4 version of Mokujin. However, Combot was dropped as playable character after Tekken 4 due to its low popularity and instead Mokujin came back to retake his role.

Combot is featured as a training dummy in the new Fight Lab feature in the console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, where he can be customized and played as. According to the non-canon Fight Lab storyline (which is very similar to Combot's Tekken 4 story), Lee (under the guise of Violet) completes work on Combot as part of his Super Combot DX Plan.[5] One completed model is subjected to a simulation test, but it explodes when Violet forgets to pay attention. He decides to use another model from scratch and subjected it to five tests of fighting. For the final test, Violet kidnaps Heihachi, Jin, and Kazuya to use as challengers. Although Combot manages to gain the upper hand, Jin transforms into his Devil form and destroys it. However, this is merely used as a ruse; Violet goes on to make the model explode, presumably taking the Mishima bloodline with it.

In the official poll by Namco, Combot is currently ranked as the 49th most requested Tekken character to be playable in Tekken X Street Fighter, at 2.16% of votes.[3]

Craig Marduk[edit]

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Miharu Hirano[edit]

Voiced by: Eriko Fujimaki (TK4)

Miharu Hirano (平野 美晴 Hirano Miharu?) is Ling Xiaoyu's best friend and a student of Mishima Polytechnical High School. She first appeared as an alternate costume of Xiaoyu in Tekken 4, sharing the same moves, as well as her prologue, epilogue, and win animations. She wears a school uniform identical to Xiaoyu's and has short, feathered dark red hair. Miharu made her return appearance in the console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, being released as part of a free update on October 9, 2012.[6]

Steve Fox[edit]

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Introduced in Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection[edit]

Asuka Kazama[edit]

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Feng Wei[edit]

This is a Chinese name; the family name is Feng.
Voiced by: Hiroshi Tsuchida (TK5~ (grunts)), Chuan Yin Li (TK5~ (Cutscenes and endings))

As a boy, Feng Wei (馮 威(フェン・ウェイ) Fen Wei?, pinyin: Féng Wēi) was raised as a disciple of the God Fist style (神拳 Shinken, based on nanquan). At 20 years of age, Feng was the best student his school had ever seen. When his master scolded him for fighting outside the dojo, Feng killed him. Now Feng seeks the secrets of the God Fist scrolls stolen by the Mishima family, and enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 to do so. Feng severely beat Asuka's father and destroyed his dojo in his search for the scrolls. Lei is trying to capture Feng for his similar actions in China. Although Feng was successful in retrieving the treasured "God Fist" scroll from the Mishima Zaibatsu during The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, The scroll merely stated, "Destroyer of all styles, the one true ultimate style, it transcends the power of the Dragon God, which exceeds all human ability." Dumbfounded, Feng Wei later received information about The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, and, seeking more information, he once again looked towards Japan.

Jinpachi Mishima[edit]

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Emilie "Lili" De Rochefort[edit]

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Raven (レイヴン Reivun?) is an international intelligence agent who was considered highly skilled and iron-hearted. Apart from a scar in the shape of an "X" on his face, his details are unknown. Raven entered the fifth tournament to find out who or what is behind the event. Raven makes his first appearance in the opening movie for Tekken 5, as he witnesses the attack on Hon-Maru by Jack-4s while on a mission to look into the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation, as well as the subsequent explosion. It seems that he is the first one to report of Heihachi Mishima's supposed demise. After The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Raven encountered Heihachi, and fought him. Before a victor could be decided, Raven received orders to return to headquarters, and he had to withdraw from battle. After that encounter, the battle between both the Mishima Zaibatsu and G-Corporation intensified. In order to prevent any further losses, Raven was sent to investigate the Mishima Zaibatsu once again via The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 6. Raven also appears a co-star in the Scenario Campaign mode of Tekken 6. Raven first appears as an enemy boss and is defeated by Lars Alexandersson and Alisa Bosconovitch. Later on, he returns to help Alisa and Lars escape from a rampaging NANCY robot. Once Alisa turns on Lars at the order of Jin Kazama, he becomes the CPU partner in Alisa's place for the final two stages of the mode. He joins Lars to chase down Jin in the desert. With his help, Lars is able to defeat Azazel and Alisa. After Jin defeats Azazel for good, he accompanies Lars with Alisa's body back to Lee Chaolan's robotics company. Lars attempts to thank Raven for his help but he declines, offering the ominous warning "Tomorrow, we might be enemies," before leaving Lars. Following the credits, Raven returns to the site where Azazel's temple once was to find Jin Kazama's half-buried body lying in the sand.

Raven was portrayed by Darrin Henson in the 2010 live-action film Tekken. He participates in the Iron Fist tournament where he defeats Eddy Gordo and later gives Jin Kazama some words of advice and encouragement before his fight with Bryan Fury. Raven appears as a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken, with his official tag partner, Yoshimitsu.

Sergei Dragunov[edit]

Voiced by: Kenichi Morozumi
Portrayed by: Anton Kasabov (Live-action film)

A member of Russian Spetsnaz who practices Sambo, Sergei Dragunov (セルゲイ・ドラグノフ Serugei Doragunofu?, Russian: Сергей Драгунов) is considered the very symbol of fear on the battlefield whose overwhelming fighting prowess has earned him the title "The White Angel of Death". Involved in the investigation of an unknown body that fell to Earth in Siberia, Dragunov receives special orders presumably regarding Devil Jin, and entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 in order to carry them out. His precise motivations and the true nature of his orders then are unknown. In an in-game cutscene before his sub-boss fight against Raven, the agent says that he is "on to your [Dragunov's] organization." Tekken 6 reveals that Dragunov was unsuccessful in finding Jin, and he returned to Russia. As a result of the chaos and on-going war all over the world caused by Jin, now the new owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Dragunov would be travelling all over the country to help maintain order. Eventually, Dragunov was ordered to participate in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 to destroy the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Throughout the series, with the exception of battle cries, Dragunov never speaks a single word, either in his pre-fight and win poses or his cinematic endings. However, series producer Katsuhiro Harada confirmed that Dragunov is perfectly capable of speaking, as shown in his Scenario Campaign dialogues (albeit unvoiced), although he uses short, to-the-point words in his speech. Harada also stated that Dragunov enjoys singing outside battles; this is hinted in one of his win poses, which has him humming.

In the 2010 live-action film Tekken, Dragunov is portrayed by martial arts actor Anton Kasabov. Like in the games, he does not speak. He participates in the Iron Fist tournament, and is rather brutally defeated and killed in combat by Bryan Fury.

Introduced in Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion[edit]

Alisa Bosconovitch[edit]

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Voiced by: Richard Epcar (Scenario Campaign-only)

Azazel (アザゼル Azazeru?) made his debut in Tekken 6 as the main antagonist. He is most likely named after the famed demon in the Judeo-Christian demonology, Azazel. Little is known about Azazel's history, other than that he is the embodiment of the ultimate evil guarded in a tomb by Zafina, set to be released after the clash of "two evil stars", and that he is known by the title "Rectifier of All Things"; he proclaims himself to be the one who punishes sinners in the world. He is also the source that created the devil gene within the Mishima bloodline, as evidenced by the tattoos on his chest, which resemble Jin's in his devil form. Azazel looks much like the Egyptian god Set, with blue-gray skin, a large, spiked tail used for attacking, and huge spikes of ice/crystal growing out of his forearms. He also wears an Egyptian ceremonial headdress and loincloth. Like many supernatural entities before him, Azazel appears to own the advantage of superpowered abilities over his opponents. These include a powerful stun attack (similar to Jinpachi Mishima), and eye lasers (similar to Devil Jin, Devil, and Angel). He also has the ability to summon giant crystals from the ground to attack his opponents. He can also summon scarabs to attack opponents and parts of his body get destroyed after taking too much damage. Azazel appears in the final stage of the Scenario Campaign mode in the console versions of Tekken 6. As it turns out, it was Jin's motive all along to bring forth the creature so he may fight and defeat it (and subsequently end himself in the confrontation). By causing chaos across the globe, Jin awoke the physical form of the monster (Azazel's spirit was already resonating within Jin's psyche, being triggered by his struggle with his father Kazuya; hence the prophecy of "two evil stars"). Azazel eventually awakens but is defeated by Lars Alexandersson and Raven. After they return outside and confront Jin, Jin reveals that Azazel can only be vanquished by someone carrying the Devil Gene: indeed, Azazel erupts from underneath the ground, stronger than before. However, Jin begins to power himself up with his Devil form, making him immune to Azazel's attacks. Jin rushes towards Azazel and punches his fist straight through Azazel's chest, sending the both of them plummeting into the temple ruins below.

Robert "Bob" Richards/Slim Bob[edit]

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Lars Alexandersson[edit]

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Eleonore "Leo" Kliesen[edit]

Voiced by: Veronica Taylor (TK6, TTT2 (grunts))

Leo (レオ Reo?) (full name Eleonore Kliesen (エレオノール・クリーゼン Ereonōru Kurīzen?))[7] is a Bajiquan practitioner from a very talented family. Her father was a world-famous spelunker, while her mother, Emma Kliesen served as a G Corporation executive. Although Leo's father disappeared during an expedition when she was a child, she still wanted to follow in the family tradition and become a spelunker. Leo possessed a strong sense of character, thanks to a proper upbringing. Life was pleasant and relatively uneventful until one fateful day when her mother was killed by an unknown assailant. Depressed and filled with grief, she became incensed when the police called-off their investigation quickly and without explanation. She vowed to find the truth. During her investigation, the G Corporation's Kazuya Mishima materialized as a person of interest. The G Corporation was popularized at the time as a world hero, making it difficult to get close to Kazuya, and it looked as though Leo's quest had reached an insurmountable impasse. It was at this time that news of the Mishima Zaibatsu-sponsored The King of Iron Fist Tournament began to spread. Leo learned that Kazuya Mishima was scheduled to appear in person at the event. Realizing that this may be the only chance to take revenge against Kazuya, she decided to enter the tournament. In her Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending, Leo infiltrated a train owned by Mishima Zaibatsu and learned that her mother was involved with Mishima Zaibatsu twenty years before, heading a project called "Hybrid Gene". One of her subjects was Steve Fox, previously known as NT01. In Tekken Comic, Leo is Lili's bodyguard and he accompanies Lili to Osaka to make a fighting movie. At the end, he will follow Asuka and Lili's adventures.

Until Katsuhiro Harada revealed Leo's full name and gender at the Tekken: Blood Vengeance premiere in Cologne, her gender had been left ambiguous to the point that in the game itself, Leo was referred to only by name or gender-neutral terms and had no costumes revealing any portion of the torso. However on Tekken Comic, produced by Namco, Leo is portrayed as male.

Miguel Caballero Rojo[edit]

Voiced by: Liam O'Brien (TK6, TTT2 (grunts))
Portrayed by: Roger Huerta (Live-action film)

An aggressive and rebellious young Spaniard, Miguel Caballero Rojo (ミゲル・カバジェロ・ロホ Migeru Kabajero Roho?) was forced to leave his home by his parents at the age of 15 for constantly starting fights, he then found sanctuary at a bar. His sister, the only person whom he trusted or loved, visited him secretly behind their parents back. Miguel cared deeply for her, to the point where he even considered killing her fiancé, but not wanting to break his sister's heart he decided against it. During his sister's wedding day, a group of jets attacked the church, destroying it and killing her. His investigations led him to realize that the attack was ordered by the Mishima Zaibatsu, and driven by anger, he entered the recently announced King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 to find answers from the Zaibatsu's CEO, Jin Kazama. Tekken developer and Executive Producer of Tekken 6 Katsuhiro Harada describes Miguel as "a brawler from Spain."[8] His appearance resembles a bullfighter, yet he has no formal training in the martial arts.

In the live-action film Tekken, Miguel is portrayed by Roger Huerta. He is the only character introduced in Tekken 6 to appear in the film, and is renamed "Miguel Rojo". He participates in the Iron Fist tournament, where he is defeated by Jin.


NANCY-MI847J is an elephantine robot and security unit who is under orders from Jin Kazama. It is very difficult to destroy and possesses an arsenal of weapons. Like Azazel, NANCY is not an unlockable character. NANCY only appears in Arcade Mode and Time Attack Mode as a bonus round before the player fights Jin Kazama. There appear to be multiple NANCY robots, evidenced by the fact that Lars and Alisa encounter a hostile NANCY during a cinematic in Scenario Campaign. This NANCY is destroyed by Raven during the same cutscene. Another NANCY is actually made available to use in one level of Scenario Campaign (the initial infiltration of G Corporation's headquarters). The player is able to use many of NANCY's abilities to fight the legions of enemies in the G Corporation lobby and courtyard.


Voiced by: Lisle Wilkerson

Zafina (ザフィーナ Zafīna?) is a Middle Eastern woman of Egyptian descent[9] who was born into an ancient bloodline of dispellers of evil. Possessing spiritual powers, she was raised as a warrior and eventually became the clan's sole assassin while publicly using her spiritual gifts as an astrologist. She is tasked by the village elders with guarding a sealed royal tomb that is believed to maintain the well-being of the tribe. Many outsiders have tried to enter the tomb but Zafina has single-handedly defeated them all. She prophesied the clash of two "evil stars", later revealed to refer to Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima which will destroy the seal on the tomb and bring about the end of the world. In order to prevent this, Zafina departs her homeland and travels to the far east, where the dark stars are predicted to meet. Like all other characters, she also appears in the Scenario Campaign mode in the console version of Tekken 6, where, unlike most other characters, she automatically allies herself to fight the Tekken Force with Lars Alexandersson and Raven upon meeting her and then gives them the location of Azazel's Temple. Also near the end of the mode, she is mentioned by Jin as the one who had told him that Azazel can only be awakened through the negative energies of the world, thus making him declaring war around the world.

Zafina's fighting style, "Ancient Assassination Arts", emphasizes her extreme flexibility and muscular control. It also incorporates unique stances (namely, tarantula, scarecrow, and mantis), each of which allows for different attacks. The Tekken developer and executive producer of Tekken 6 Katsuhiro Harada likened her moves to those of a spider.[8] Based on feedback from fans, game director Katsuhiro Harada and his development team made Zafina specifically to address the need for a smooth-hitting, prey-stalking female in the series.

The European Tekken 6 website mistakenly refers to Zafina's nationality as Indian. However, her original Japanese bio, as well as her North American bio and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 bio state that her country of origin in unknown. Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada described her as "a female character from the Middle East who uses ancient assassination arts". In one of the Twitter posts answering fan questions, Harada said that Zafina "probably [came from] Egypt".[9]

Introduced in Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]


Voiced by: Serge Bourrier (TTT2)

Sebastian (セバスチャン Sebasuchan?) is Lili's butler who made his debut as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as part of a free update on October 9, 2012.[6] He previously appeared as an unplayable character in Lili's Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6 endings. Sebastian also appears alongside Lili in the game Digimon World Re:Digitize with his trained Angemon.[10]

Sebastian utilizes Lili's moveset, sharing many of her moves including the ones from Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection that were removed in the current releases.[11]

Introduced in Tekken Revolution[edit]


Eliza (エリザ Eriza?) is a vampire who made her debut in the free-to-play spin-off Tekken Revolution. She was one of the ten character choices in a poll to determine the new character addition for the game; she was eventually voted number one most wanted character, ahead of Sexy Female Tekken Force and Shin Kamiya at San Diego Comic Con 2013, ensuring her inclusion to the game. According to her backstory, Eliza is a powerful and immortal vampire who had existed since more than 1000 years ago. One day, when she was about to ge to sleep inside her coffin, she accidentally fell into a deep sleep for hundred of years. In present-day Monaco, the Rochefort family built a mansion above her coffin, thus imprisoning her. She eventually woke up and managed to escape recently. Eliza still has difficulty in controlling her sleep and will fall asleep even in the middle of fights; however, she can potentially recover her health while doing so.

Eliza's fighting style incorporates several supernatural moves (such as teleportation). She is the first character in the series with a projectile attack; she can shoot a grounded energy wave that goes straightforward, although unlike Jinpachi's fireball, it is blockable.

Introduced in Tekken 7 and Tekken 7: Fated Retribution[edit]


Voiced by: Taketora (T7:FR)

Akuma, known in Japan as Gouki (豪鬼 Gōki?), is a Japanese martial artist who has mastered the dark powers of Satsui no Hado, seeking to increase his own strength and defeat the most powerful opponents in the world. Hailing from the Street Fighter series, Akuma makes a special guest appearance in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. In the story, Kazumi asks him to find and kill Heihachi and Kazuya should she perish. Akuma agrees, claiming that this will settle the debt that he owes Kazumi. Akuma retains many of his abilities from the Street Fighter games, such as his Gohadoken, Shakunetsu Hadoken, Gou Shoryuken, Tatsumaki Zankukyaku, Zanku Hadoken, Hyakkishu, Ashura Senku, Messatsu Gou Hadou as his Super Move and Shin Shun Goku Satsu as his Rage Art. Akuma is the only character who has mechanic exclusive to himself, Street Fighter's EX/Super meter, in place of Rage Drive, which is safe and can be used many times than other Tekken characters.[12]

Claudio Serafino[edit]

Claudio Serafino (クラウディオ・セラフィーノ Kuraudio Serafīno?) is a white-clad man hailing from Italy. He is a leader of a secret Anti-Devil organization in combating the Devil Gene's threat, known as Archers of Sirius. Empowered with a Sirius magic, he has tattoos around his left eye and black tapes covering his right arm, which can project and shoot blue lights/boost during battles. He is one of the playable characters in the first location tests of Tekken 7.[13] During an interview with Harada, it was said that Claudio was created to counter the Devil Gene's reign, thus will play an important role in the game.[14]

The reason why behind his organization's secret from the public and a sudden disclosure is not yet known at this point. Sometimes later, Claudio's organization was approached by the Mishima Zaibatsu, led by Heihachi to join their conglomerate. However, the archers refused and the Mishima Zaibatsu continues to persuade them. Due to noticing a suspicious act on what Heihachi and his Zaibatsu are up to, Claudio prompted to investigate the reasons behind the Mishima Zaibatsu's persuasion.


Gigas (ギガース Gigās?) is a hulking, red-skinned humanoid who appears to have cybernetics attached to his otherwise nude body. His fighting style is "Destructive Impulse". He was one of the characters whose existence was leaked before being officially revealed as the second new character added post-launch of Tekken 7. Gigas was revealed to be created by Jane and her group in the development of biotechnological weapons. Gigas was sent in the tournament to tests it fighting capabilities.

Josie Rizal[edit]

Josie Rizal (ジョシー・リザール Joshī Rizāru?) is a young woman from the Philippines. She wears a yellow top, a blue miniskirt, and a red rabbit-like hair accessory. Josie practices eskrima, the native martial art and national sport of her home country (formally known as Arnis), combined with kickboxing reminiscent of Yaw-Yan, an indigenous kickboxing martial art. Josie's name bears a very close resemblance to José Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines. Shortly after Josie was introduced to the public on March 29, 2015, she became a trending topic on Twitter with many Filipino fans expressing generally positive reactions.[15] Just two days after Josie was officially announced, someone claiming to be an official from the Philippine National Center for Culture and the Arts told the Philippine media that they plan to "take steps to correct any wrong impression Josie Rizal may have given about Dr. Rizal and the Philippines."[16] However, three days later NCCA legal counsel Trixie Cruz-Angeles clarified that the agency had yet to issue any position on the matter in a post she made in her personal Facebook page stating "The NCCA has not asked for the deletion of Tekken character Josie Rizal. In fact, the NCCA has not taken cognizance of the issue nor issued an opinion. If you've been reading that website, understand this please, it's SATIRE. The name of our chairman is Prof. Felipe de Leon, Jr. Also, matters pertaining to national heroes are within the jurisdiction of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. Chill."[17]

Josie was designed by character designer Mari Shimazaki, well known for her work in the Bayonetta series, who also worked on the design of the final boss of Tekken 7, Kazumi Mishima. Before her official announcement, Josie was first revealed in a leaked arcade data discovered by players, who also found data relating to other characters yet to be added at the time.[18]

Josie was a big crybaby at the young age as her parents are the fans of Martial Arts and they insist their daughter to learn Martial Arts which she initially refuses until she reluctantly agrees to her parents expectations but she is unable to cure herself for being a crybaby when she accustomed to train Kickboxing.

After Josie was accustomed to train by mastering kickboxing, she becomes a kickboxer and a model to help her household on track until a large typhoon had struck on their home. When the Mishima Zaibatsu sends the Tekken Forces to give relief aids to the typhoon victims in their ravaged country, Josie aspires to become the member of the Tekken Force. She currently decides to join the Tekken Force by taking an employment examination.

Katarina Alves[edit]

Katarina Alves (カタリーナ・アウヴェス Katarīna Auvesu?) is a Brazilian woman who practices the art of savate. She is described as a "sassy, mouthed talker", as well as a beginner-friendly character, with simple strings to execute combos. Along with Claudio, she is one of the characters available in the first location tests of Tekken 7.[13]

Kazumi Mishima/Devil Kazumi[edit]

Voiced by: Yumi Hara

Kazumi Mishima (三島 一美 Mishima Kazumi?) is the wife of Heihachi and the mother of Kazuya. She serves as the final boss in Tekken 7.[19] Before Tekken 7, she was only alluded to twice: once in Heihachi's stage in Tekken 2, in which her and Heihachi's names are written on the floorboard of the temple in the style of Aiaigasa (a romantic expression to show love between couples), as well as in the non-canon OVA Tekken: The Motion Picture, in which she is mentioned to have died shortly after giving birth to Kazuya. She is seen in a photo inside a locket, cradling baby Kazuya. The debut trailer of Tekken 7 features Kazumi appearing in person for the first time, with her and Heihachi's Aiaigasa-stylized name also shown. Prior to becoming the seventh time release character added to Tekken 7, her human form was playable, yet her devil form remains unplayable.

Kazumi's fighting style is Hachijo Style Karate, which is very similar to the Mishima Style Karate as practiced by the rest of her family, with additional tiger-summoning and levitating ability akin to Jinpachi Mishima. As a final boss, Kazumi is fought in two phases; upon beating her once, she transforms into a stronger phoenix-like white Devil form and remains that way for the duration of the stage. In her devil form, besides having the original devil's powers of third eyed Devil Blaster and wings, her tiger-summoning ability is enhanced, and the tiger's color itself changes to white.

In the story, Kazumi asks Street Fighter's Akuma to find and kill Heihachi and Kazuya should she perish. Akuma agrees, claiming that this will settle the debt that he owes Kazumi.

Lucky Chloe[edit]

Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto

Lucky Chloe (ラッキー・クロエ Rakkī Kuroe?) is a teenage girl wearing a black, pink and white kitten-themed costume, including cat ears, tail, and paws. She is described as an otaku, having an obsession with Japanese pop culture and speaking in Japanese and English with a Japanese accent, though given her blonde hair and blue eyes, she may be as that of Caucasian descent. She is hired by G Corporation to be a mascot commercial.. Whether in dangerous situations or not, Lucky never looses her smiles.[20] Her fighting style involves a lot of kicks, twirls, and flips somewhat of a hip-hop dancer.

Lucky Chloe was designed by Yusuke Kozaki, a character designer who had also worked on Fire Emblem Awakening and the No More Heroes series.[21] The character's revelation drew complaints from forums such as e.g.NeoGAF, with some going so far as to ask Harada to remove the character from the game. Others, meanwhile, called out the character for being a fish out-of water conception or drew comparisons with characters from other fighting game series, including the systema fighter, Marie Rose from the Dead or Alive series.[21] In response to these criticisms, Harada tweeted that he would consider to make Lucky Chloe exclusive for the Asian and European versions and a make well-muscled skinhead for the North American market; while the tweet was later clarified as a joke,[22][citation needed] several game outlets apparently took the comment seriously.

Master Raven[edit]

Voiced by: Wendee Lee

Master Raven (マスターレイヴン Masutā Reivun?) is a female superior of the original Raven, debuted in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution through time release. In a battle, she carries a sword similar to Yoshimitsu.


Shaheen (Japanese: シャヒーン Shahīn, Arabic: شاهين Shahyn) is a Saudi Arabian man wearing a shemagh and agal on his head. He also wields a scimitar around his waist. Shaheen was designed by illustrator NINNIN, one of several character designers and illustrators employed to create character designs for Tekken 7, with help from community feedback on social media, particularly those from Saudi Arabia.[23] The character drew attention from the Middle Eastern mainstream press, being featured in publication medias from several countries, including Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.[citation needed]

Shaheen is a bodyguard for a Private Military Company, who is tasked in protecting key figures in the world. It is said that under his guard, no one has come to be attacked. However, a friend to Shaheen that is a top figure in the oil industry was however mysteriously found dead. Although it was published as an accidental death, Shaheen always had his doubts. Sometimes later, G Corporation acquires the private Military Company and everyone that Shaheen was previously familiar with ended up resigning after the acquisition. Having figured that all of this was all too much of a coincidence, Shaheen set out to investigate and find out the truth of what is really going on.

Non-playable characters[edit]

The following lists the non-playable characters (NPC) that appear in the series. While they do not participate in the tournament or even are not fighters in any way, they still influence the story, particularly in its characters.

Asuka's Father[edit]

The father of Asuka Kazama is a martial art master who practices Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts which he teaches at his family's dojo located near Osaka. He also taught this martial art to his daughter, Asuka, who is an assistant teacher at his dojo. He is a relative of Jun Kazama, although to what extent their relationship goes is unknown. Before the events of Tekken 5, the arrogant God Fist Kung-Fu prodigy, Feng Wei, traveled through Japan to find the God Fist scroll, destroying many dojo along the way. The Kazama's dojo was one of his targets, as Feng easily defeated Asuka's father and his students, before destroying their dojo. This incident caused Asuka to participate in the fifth tournament to take revenge on Feng. While he is unseen in the main video game series, he does make an appearance in the non-canonical Tekken Comic, set during the events of Tekken 6.

Dr. Abel[edit]

Dr. Abel (ドクトル・アベル Dokutoru Aberu?) is a mad scientist who works for Mishima Zaibatsu alongside his rival, Dr. Bosconovitch. He is the creator of Bryan Fury, whom he converted into a cyborg after he had died. Abel sent Bryan to Tournament 3 to collect mechanical data from Bosconovitch for his plans to build a cyborg army. After the tournament, Abel abandoned Bryan and attempted to kill the G Corporation's scientist Jane when she tried to break into the Mishima Zaibatsu's labs. However, Gun Jack shielded her from his attacks, thus destroying him instead. Later, Bryan was in a state of despair when his life was expiring. At the end of Tournament 4, Bryan found Abel and punched him across the room. It is unknown whether he survives the attack or not.

Emma Kliesen[edit]

Voiced by: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Emma Kliesen (エマ・クリーゼン Ema Kurīzen?) is the mother of Leo. She worked as an executive of G Corporation. Her husband disappeared when Leo was still a child. Some time before the events of Tekken 6, Emma was murdered by an unknown assailant presumably sent by her superior, Kazuya Mishima, thus sparking Leo's quest to take revenge against Kazuya. In both Leo and Steve Fox's endings in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, it is revealed that Emma once worked for Mishima Zaibatsu twenty years ago and that she was the supervisor of the "Hybrid Gene" program conducted by Heihachi Mishima, which consisted of injecting subjects who could withstand the fatal impact of the Devil Gene. One of the subjects, Steve, then known as NT01, was taken in by Emma, who reported his disappearance as death. After briefly taking care of him, Emma left Steve to be adopted in England.


Voiced by: Rumiko Varnes (TK5), Erin Fitzgerald (TK6), Jessica Schwartz (Tekken: The Motion Picture (English))

Jane (ジェーン Jēn?) is a Russian scientist working for G Corporation. As a child, she was orphaned in the Russian war zone and was left in the care of Jack-2, who defied his orders to raise her. However, he was eventually destroyed by an explosion, and Jane, then a scientist, determined to rebuild her friend. Nineteen years later, she developed Gun Jack and sent him to the third tournament to retrieve Jack-2's memories. The two managed to break the Mishima Zaibatsu's labs, but were attacked by Dr. Abel, who destroyed Gun Jack when he attempted to protect Jane. Two years later, Jane helped the construction of hundreds of Jack-4 robots with the intention of assassinating Kazuya Mishima, which she did not involved and spared by Kazuya for his use. Subsequently, she developed an upgrade to Jack-4 called Jack-5, whom she sent to participate in the fifth tournament for testing. At the end of the tournament, Jane managed to retrieve the fight data to complete the model. However, when she heard that the Mishima Zaibatsu was building NANCY-MI847J, a complex robot designed for warfare, she built an upgraded Jack model, Jack-6, to counter the robot.

In Tekken 7, Jane is revealed to be responsible and her group to create a biotechnological weapon named Gigas by combining between the strong fighter's DNA to a monstrous one.

Legendary Capoeira Master[edit]

The Legendary Capoeira Master is the grandfather of Christie Monteiro and the mentor of Eddy Gordo. Before the events of Tekken 3, Eddy willingly imprisoned himself after the murder of his parents, where he shared his cell with the Master. He taught Eddy the art of Capoeira during their incarceration. After Eddy was released, the Legendary Capoeira Master (who still had to serve two more years in prison) left a message for him to meet and teach his granddaughter, Christie, Capoeira. He was eventually released two years later, but had become a frail old man. When taken to medical exam, the doctor told Christie and Eddy that he was suffering from a normally incurable sickness that gave him only six months of life expectancy, but also told that a cure could be found with the technology of Mishima Zaibatsu. Thus, his cure became Christie and Eddy's primary reasons for entering the fifth tournament. At the end, neither Christie nor Eddy were able to win, and Eddy, in desperation, took his master to Japan while he joined the Mishima Zaibatsu's ranks with the promise from its leader, Jin Kazama, that he would help him curing his master. However, Jin ultimately failed to keep his promise, and the Legendary Capoeira Master eventually dies at the end of the tournament, with Eddy angrily leaving his ranks.

Richard Williams[edit]

Voiced by: Paul St. Peter

Richard Williams (リチャード・ウィリアムズ Richādo Wiriamuzu?) is a former assassin and the father of Nina and Anna Williams. He taught his children various assassination martial arts. Richard died sometime after the events of the first Tekken, which further strengthened the rivalry between his children, even after he left his final wish that the two would reconcile. His cause of death is unknown, although in the non-canon OVA Tekken: The Motion Picture, it is explained that Anna was responsible for his death. In the spin-off Death by Degrees (also non-canon), Richard had died when the sisters were still young and that he was killed when he was trying to protect his children.

Shin Kamiya[edit]

Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano (Japanese), David Vincent (English)

Shin Kamiya (神谷 真 Kamiya Shin?) is a character specifically created for the CGI film Tekken: Blood Vengeance, which is an alternate retelling of the events between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6. He was a student of the Mishima Polytechnic High School, where he was a friend of Jin Kazama. During the start of the film, he has moved out to the Kyoto International High School and is apparently very sought after by both Jin and Kazuya Mishima. Ling Xiaoyu, who is sent by Anna Williams to temporarily attend that school to find Shin, first meets him just as he is about to commit suicide by jumping from the roof, which is ultimately a futile attempt. As Xiaoyu and Alisa Bosconovitch (sent by Nina Williams) delve further, it is revealed that Shin, along with his entire class had been experimented by Heihachi Mishima (thought to be dead at that time) with the Devil Gene to test immortality. Shin is the only survivor and he has since been given immortality, which he despises, thus explaining his temptation to take his own life. Shin is eventually kidnapped, which causes Xiaoyu and Alisa to work together to find him, only to find out that he had purposefully lured Heihachi to himself, wanting to take revenge against him for having ruined his life. Shin attempts to punch Heihachi, but he easily braces against it as he breaks Shin's spine, killing him.

Shin was one of the proposed character concepts as a playable character in Tekken Revolution. The developer found it difficult to make him as a playable character due to his lack of knowledge in martial arts and the fact that he died in the film he appeared in, although there was an idea to make him an immortal character.[24] In the character poll, Shin ranked third, above the Zombie Bride and below Eliza and Sexy Female Tekken Force.


Voiced by: Hozumi Gōda

Tougou (東郷 Tōgō?) is Lars Alexandersson's friend and fellow member of the Tekken Force of Mishima Zaibatsu. When Lars rebels against the force, Tougou follows suit, and he becomes Lars and Alisa Bosconovitch's source of information during their travel throughout the world in attempt to avoid the Mishima Zaibatsu's manhunt. However, during their raid of G Corporation headquarters (in which Tougou also participates), he is killed by the company's forces, causing Lars to swear to take revenge against the enemies for his death.

While he is not a playable character in any of the games, his cybernetic sword is available as an item move for Lars in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Tougou was one of the character concepts considered in a poll for a new character to be added in Tekken Revolution. He would have used a style similar to Lars, but with the added abilities to use his sword and to call for air strikes via radio.[24]

Other characters[edit]

Characters who were supposed to debut in the series, but for one reason or another have not been included by developers on the final release.

Average, run-of-the-mill Old Man[edit]

An average old man that can be found in any neighborhood. He is not a martial artist, so he is pretty weak. It was an idea mentioned early in the series, and thrown out the instant it was mentioned.[24]

Female Paul[edit]

For some inexplicable reason, Paul Phoenix is transformed into a girl, but the appearance is of a very cute girl. The concept was thrown out in 2 seconds, as it was too off-the-wall.[24]


Ganmi-chan (巌美ちゃん?) is a teenage female Sumo wrestler who idolizes Ganryu. The original idea was proposed for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but was discarded 5 seconds later in order to focus on increasing the popularity of Ganryu. A character sketch was completed several years ago, and the result was of a cute character, like those found in The Idolmaster.[24] The sketch was later revealed by series producer Katsuhiro Harada on his Twitter account, in which he also stated that if the tweet is retweeted 1000 times, he would try to convince the staff to do her design.[25]

Giant Praying Mantis[edit]

During development of Tekken 3, a bug caused the joints of a character to move backwards, and the character model was deformed. It looked like it would be a strong fighter, so there was an idea to actually implement it, but the idea was discarded for lack of development time. Like with Syake/Salmon, the Insect blank data can be found when the Tekken 3 arcade board is hacked. This was also found by some very hardcore fans, and video can be found on YouTube.[24]

Sexy Female Tekken Force[edit]

A gorgeous and sexy female Tekken Force member, she is loyal to the Mishima Zaibatsu, regardless of who is in charge. As such, she was not a part of the rebellion started by Lars Alexandersson. The original concept was proposed for Tekken 5, but the clothing was too revealing and the concept was scrapped for fears the rating would increase. The concept surfaced again for Tekken 6 but did not make the final cut. There were several martial arts mentioned for this character, including Silat, Krav Maga, Savate, Taekkyeon, Systema, and Escrima. If chosen, the design may need to be altered in order to pass the ratings boards.[24] In the results of the character poll to determine the new character for Tekken Revolution, Sexy Female Tekken Force ranked second, just below Eliza (then known as Female Vampire).


Originally planned for Tekken 3, punch buttons would cause the Salmon to flop around, and the kick buttons would make it release eggs, which was quite an idea at the time. However, arcades were still popular worldwide, and charging 100 yen (1 USD) per play with such a character was likely to be a problem. That, and the fact that character would always be the target of Kuma, lead to the concept being scrapped. If the Tekken 3 arcade board is hacked, you will notice there is placeholder data with the character’s name remaining. This has been discovered by a few hardcore fans in the past (video is on YouTube). If, for some unforeseen reason, this character is actually chosen, development may be quite difficult.[24]

Wild Card[edit]

Wild Card is an irregular character only appearing in the arcade version of Tekken. He is the manifestation of the random select used to determine CPU matches when the arcade machine is not in use. For the console version, Wild Card would have been used in conjunction with a random select slot on the character select screen and would have referred to any randomly selected character in the game, but was cut from the final release. A random select option would not be implemented until Tekken Tag Tournament. Wild Card can only be selected through hacking of an emulation of the arcade version. It uses Kazuya's model and Yoshimitsu's moveset. Wild Card does have name plates but does not speak; the only voice clip for Wild Card is the announcer speaking its name.

Zombie Bride[edit]

A zombie bride-to-be in a wedding dress. The idea first came up around Tekken 3 as the first fighting zombie in a game. The idea resurfaced again for Tekken 6, as the sister of Miguel, who was killed in an air strike and came back to life. Since the fighting style for a zombie would be quite difficult to create, the idea was scrapped.[24] Zombie Bride ranked fourth in the character poll to determine the new character for Tekken Revolution, just below Shin Kamiya.


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