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This is an episode list for the 1995 TV series, Tenchi Universe (Tenchi Muyo! in Japan). Tenchi Universe is an alternate re-telling of the original Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki OVA's. It is produced by AIC and Pioneer LDC. The 26-episode series aired on TV Tokyo from April 2, 1995 to September 24, 1995. In the US, the show aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami block from July 20, 2000 to August 24, 2000.[1] The series are split into three arcs.


Earth Adventure ["Chikyū-hen" (地球篇)] (Episodes 1-10)[edit]

# Title Original airdate US airdate
1 "No Need for Discussions!"
"Mondō Muyō!" (問答無用!) 
April 2, 1995 July 20, 2000
Pursued by Galaxy Police Detective Mihoshi, Ryoko crash lands on Earth and interjects herself into the lives of the Masaki family, particularly the teenage son Tenchi. 
2 "No Need for a Princess!"
"Ōjo Muyō!" (皇女無用!) 
April 9, 1995 July 21, 2000
Mihoshi activates a distress signal, to which Princess Ayeka responds. Rivalries between Ryoko and Ayeka ignite and all wind up stuck on Earth. 
3 "No Need for Worries!"
"Shinpai Muyō!" (心配無用!) 
April 16, 1995 July 24, 2000
Sasami goes in search of her older sister Ayeka and is caught up in the growing and conflicting household. 
4 "No Need for Monsters!"
"Yōkai Muyō!" (妖怪無用!) 
April 23, 1995 July 25, 2000
During local festivities, Ryoko becomes fascinated with the legend about a monster entombed in a cave shrine. Conflicts with Ayeka ensue and the monster is revealed to be Washu, a mad scientist. 
5 "No Need for Partners!"
"Aibō Muyō!" (相棒無用!) 
April 30, 1995 July 26, 2000
Kiyone gleefully celebrates the “passing” of her mismatched partner Mihoshi until superiors ask her to investigate the possibility that Mihoshi might be alive on the isolated planet Earth. 
6 "No Need for Resident Officers!"
"Chūzai Muyō!" (駐在無用!) 
May 7, 1995 July 27, 2000
Mihoshi and Kiyone are reassigned to Earth, much to Kiyone’s chagrin. Having to adjust to the high cost of living, both take a series of part-time jobs while still being on-call for galaxy police emergencies. 
7 "No Need for a Carnival!"
"Ennichi Muyō!" (縁日無用!) 
May 14, 1995 July 28, 2000
The extraterrestrial group participates at all levels when festivities are held at the Masaki Shrine. 
8 "No Need for a Genius!"
"Tensai Muyō!" (天才無用!) 
May 21, 1995 July 31, 2000
Washu is determined to get back in the game with a series of inventions, starting with a mecha clone of herself; plans go awry when Mihoshi gets involved. 
9 "No Need for Memories!"
"Tsuioku Muyō!" (追憶無用!) 
May 28, 1995 August 1, 2000
A winter snowfall elicits various responses from the household, culminating in the annual observation of the death of Tenchi’s mother. 
10 "No Need for an Arch Rival!"
"Shukuteki Muyō!" (宿敵無用!) 
June 4, 1995 August 2, 2000
Bounty hunter Nagi catches up with Ryoko and kidnaps Tenchi to lure her away from the safety of the group. 

Time and Space Adventures ["Tokubetsu Kōgyō" (特別興行)] (Episodes 11-13)[edit]

These episodes are an adaptation of the drama CD, Tenchi Muyo! Special: Creation of the Universe Journey across Space-Time, with the exception of Ayeka's tale, which was created for episode 11. The latter tale was supposed to be on the aforementioned CD, but was cut out due to time constraints.

# Title Original airdate US airdate
11 "Time and Space Adventures: Part I"
"Tenchikaibyaku Jikū Michiyu - Zenpen" (天地開闢 時空道行 前編) 
June 11, 1995 August 3, 2000

Washu invents a machine capable of generating alternative realities to the specifics of the user. Curious and competing members of the extraterrestrial group overwhelm the machine and disappear into the new realities.

In the First Part, the group participates in Ayeka’s world in Heian period Japan where she and Tenchi are arranged to be married only after he defeats the Rashomon who is Ryoko. 
12 "Time and Space Adventures: Part II"
"Tenchikaibyaku Jikū Michiyu - Chūhen" (天地開闢 時空道行 中編) 
June 18, 1995 August 4, 2000
Washu continues repairs and attempts to bring them back by eliminating worlds one at a time. In the second part, Kiyone imagines life as a drifter in a local inn after an abrupt career change. In Sasami’s world, she becomes a magical girl heroine who interjects herself in the high school love triangle of Ayeka, Tenchi, and Ryoko. 
13 "Time and Space Adventures: Part III"
"Tenchikaibyaku Jikū Michiyu - Kōhen" (天地開闢 時空道行 後編) 
June 25, 1995 August 7, 2000
Repairs and rescue by Washu are almost complete. In Mihoshi’s world, she is a housewife married to Tenchi, while Ayeka and Ryoko are her critical sister-in-law and flirting neighbor, respectively. In Ryoko’s world, Tenchi and she are Bonnie and Clyde characters on the run from FBI Agents Kiyone and Mihoshi. 

Space Adventure ["Uchū-hen" (宇宙篇)] (Episodes 14-26)[edit]

# Title Original airdate US airdate
14 "No Need for a Rebellion!"
"Hanran Muyō!" (反乱無用!) 
July 2, 1995 August 8, 2000
Incredible events within the Jurai monarchy result in the arrest of Princess Ayeka, Sasami, and Ryoko by royal guards and Kiyone and Mihoshi are recalled to Galaxy Police headquarters. The Masaki family, Washu, and Ryo-ohki launch a rescue mission. 
15 "No Need for an Escape!"
"Tōbō Muyō!" (逃亡無用!) 
July 9, 1995 August 9, 2000
The Masaki family, Washu, and now Mihoshi and Kiyone help the captives escape from Galaxy Police Headquarters. 
16 "No Need for Hiding!"
"Senpuku Muyō!" (潜伏無用!) 
July 16, 1995 August 10, 2000
Determined to get to Jurai and low on resources, the group opens a bar with themselves as bartenders and hostesses. Nagi drops in determined to capture Ryoko. 
17 "No Need for Hunger!"
"Kōfuku Muyō!" (空腹無用!) 
July 23, 1995 August 11, 2000
A combination of engine troubles and low supplies strands the group without any food. Ryoko takes last of the cash on hand and vows to return with food. 
18 "No Need for a Ghost!"
"Yūrei Muyō!" (幽霊無用!) 
July 30, 1995 August 14, 2000
The group’s space ship inexplicably breaks down in an unusual area of space. After encountering an abandoned passenger ship, Sasami disappears following an ethereal young girl. 
19 "No Need for Runaways!"
"Bakuhashi Muyō!" (爆走無用!) 
August 6, 1995 August 15, 2000
The group’s space ship is hijacked by juvenile delinquents during a rest stop. 
20 "No Need for Swimsuits!"
"Mizugi Muyō!" (水着無用!) 
August 13, 1995 August 16, 2000
Again low on cash, the group sets up a snack shop and takes part-time jobs on a beach resort. Rivalries ignite again during a swimsuit competition and are further exacerbated by Nagi’s participation. 
21 "No Need for a Checkpoint!"
"Sekisho Muyō!" (関所無用!) 
August 20, 1995 August 17, 2000
To get to Jurai, the group attempt to cross a necessary checkpoint disguised as members of a school field trip. 
22 "No Need for Knights!"
"Kishi Muyō!" (騎士無用!) 
August 27, 1995 August 18, 2000
The group inadvertently crash lands on a mysterious property within the Jurai galaxy at Grandfather Katsuhito's request. Such esoteric knowledge becomes a revelation about the Masaki family and grandfather enlists the help of fabled knights to restore the monarchy. 
23 "No Need for Karma!"
"Innen Muyō!" (因縁無用!) 
September 3, 1995 August 21, 2000
Katsuhito recounts the enmity between himself and Kagato, who is trying to usurp Katsuhito’s legitimate position within the Jurai monarchy. They confront one another and Ayeka is kidnapped. 
24 "No Need for Ryoko!"
"Ryōko Muyō!" (魎呼無用!) 
September 10, 1995 August 22, 2000
Motivated to rescue Ayeka and stop Kagato, the group initiates an assault on the Jurai Palace. Ryoko takes the lead in a diversionary plan against Jurai forces. 
25 "No Need for a Showdown!"
"Kessen Muyō!" (決戦無用!) 
September 17, 1995 August 23, 2000
Tenchi and the fabled knights battle their way to the throne room, culminating in a face-off between Kagato and himself. 
26 "No Need for a Conclusion!"
"Ketsuron Muyō!" (結論無用!) 
September 24, 1995 August 24, 2000
In an epilogue, Tenchi discusses the fate of most of the group, all of whom have their reputations restored or rewarded. Despite such acknowledgements, all become fond of their experience on Earth and return to the Masaki household. 

Home Media[edit]

It was licensed in the US by Geneon Entertainment who brought the show onto Laserdisc, VHS and DVD, before shutting down in September 2007.[2] In 2010, Funimation Entertainment announced the licenses of a handful of Geneon titles including Tenchi Universe.[3] An official boxset was released on October 16, 2012.[4]

North American DVD releases
Vol. # Title Release Date Disc Episode Count
1 On Earth I June 26, 2000
January 6, 2004 (Signature Series)
1 4
2 On Earth II August 22, 2000
March 9, 2004 (Signature Series)
1 3
3 On Earth III September 26, 2000
May 11, 2004 (Signature Series)
1 3
4 Time & Space Adventures November 11, 2000
July 13, 2004 (Signature Series)
1 3
5 Space I December 26, 2000
September 14, 2004 (Signature Series)
1 3
6 Space II January 30, 2001
November 6, 2004 (Signature Series)
1 3
7 Space III February 27, 2001
January 5, 2005 (Signature Series)
1 3
8 The Last Battle March 27, 2001
March 1, 2005 (Signature Series)
1 4
N/A Box Set October 19, 2001 8 26
N/A Complete Collection June 19, 2007 8 26
N/A The Complete Series October 16, 2012 4 26


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