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This is a list of state prisons in Tennessee. It does not include federal prisons or county jails located in the state of Tennessee.

The Tennessee government agency responsible for state prisons is the Tennessee Department of Correction.

Male Facilities[edit]

Female Facilities[edit]

Private facilities[edit]


  • Tennessee State Penitentiary - Nashville - Opened near 7th Avenue and Broadway in 1831, moved to Church St. in 1858, final facility opened on Cockrill Bend Blvd. in 1898. TSP was closed by court order and replaced by Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in 1992.[14][15]
  • Cold Creek Correctional Facility - Henning - Operational 1938-1999. An expansion of then West Tennessee High Security Facility allowed the main facilities to close and the minimum security annex to combine with WTHSF to form West Tennessee State Penitentiary.[15]
  • Brushy Mountain Correctional Complex - Petros - Operational 1896-1972, 1976-2009 An expansion of Morgan County Correctional Complex allowed the 113-year-old facility to close.[15][16]
  • Charles Bass Correctional Complex - Nashville - Annex opened in 1946, main facility opened in 1979.[17] Closed in 2015.

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