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The following is a list of candidates from the British reality television series The Apprentice (British series 14).[1]

Candidates are listed alphabetically. Where a date of birth is not provided, the age given is as of the time the series aired.

Camilla Ainsworth[edit]

Camilla Ainsworth, aged 22, is a Nut Milk Brand Owner from Lancashire. She made it through to the final and was the runner-up. She rose to fame as the youngest ever finalist of the Apprentice UK, but lost to Swimwear entrepreneur Sian Gabbidon. She is the founder of "Mylkplus", and it was revealed in the final she had an intolerance to dairy.

David Alden[edit]

David Alden, aged 32, is a Tax Advisor from East Yorkshire. He was fired in Week 2.

Frank Brooks[edit]

Frank Brooks, aged 27, is a Senior Marketing Manager from London. He was fired in Week 3.

Tom Bunday[edit]

Tom Bunday, aged 28, is a Tree Surgery Firm Owner from Southampton. He was fired in Week 9. He was the only person ever in the history of the UK series to lose three times as project manager. He is one of the two founders of "TradeScaler".

Sarah Byrne[edit]

Sarah Byrne, aged 29, is a Children's Acting Academy Owner from Manchester. She was fired in Week 1. However, "The Apprentice" was not her first appearance on television, she played Meena Karib from Seasons 4-7 of Shameless and in 2017, played Bella in Hollyoaks. She is the CEO/Founder of "Sarah Byrne Acting Academy".

Kayode Damali[edit]

Kayode Damali, aged 26, is a Professional Speaker from Cheshire. He was fired in Week 7. When he was in the firing line on the 14th November 2018, it left many fans heartbroken and saddened on social media as his elimination was a surpise, as many fans suspected that failed Project Manager, Tom Bunday, would be the next to go due to having two losses as Project Manager and for being a tree surgeon and not being able to win the task. After Kayode was fired, many fans began to attack Lord Sugar and the BBC as his firing was talked about even more than Brexit.

Daniel Elahi[edit]

Daniel Elahi, aged 28, is a Lifestyle Brand Owner from London. He was fired during the Interview stage. Before becoming a businessman, he was employed as a local banker, but then quit in September 2017 to launch his business. Elahi was the most successful candidate of 2018 (out of the boys), with 6 wins and 4 losses and the final man in the competition, before finishing in third place. Daniel's elimination was quite a shock as many fans thought that he would make it up to the final, however, after lying on Amazon, Lord Sugar decided he would not be investing in him. Despite being the 2018 joint-favorite candidate, he was caught on social media being a convicted drug dealer after he was selling 30K of cannabis to students. Daniel says it is one of the biggest regrets of his life. He is the founder of "Revival Shots".

Jackie Fast[edit]

Jackie Fast, aged 34, is a Sponsorship Consultant from London. She was fired in Week 9.

Alex Finn[edit]

Alex Finn, aged 21, is an IT Analyst from The Wirral. He is the series' youngest candidate and was fired Week 4. He is the CEO of "SkyFade.Ltd".

Sian Gabbidon[edit]

Sian Gabbidon, aged 25, is a swimwear brand owner from Leeds. Sian attended Corpus Christi Catholic College, and graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 2014 with a degree in Fashion Design with Marketing and Production.[2]

Sian made it through to the final and Lord Sugar chose her to be his business partner.[3] She is the founder of Sian Marie, a swimwear fashion brand.[4]

Khadija Kalifa[edit]

Khadija Kalifa, aged 28, is an Eco Cleaning Company Owner from Lincolnshire. She was fired during the Interview stage. She is also the mother of four daughters and the CEO of "Opal and Pearl Ltd".

Jasmine Kundra[edit]

Jasmine Kundra, aged 34, is a Learning and Development Manager from the West Midlands. She was fired in Week 8.

Sarah Ann Magson[edit]

Sarah Ann Magson, aged 37, is a Solicitor from Teesside. She was fired in Week 10.

Rick Monk[edit]

Rick Monk, aged 33, is a Quality Controller from Lancashire. He was fired in Week 5.

Kurran Pooni[edit]

Kurran Pooni, aged 22, is a Law Graduate from London. He was fired in Week 6.

Sabrina Stocker[edit]

Sabrina Stocker, aged 22, is a Tennis Events Company Owner from Harrow. She was fired during the Interview stage. She is the founder of "My Tennis Events".


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