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The following is a list of candidates from the British reality television series The Apprentice.

Candidates are listed alphabetically by series; individual candidate information is accessed by clicking on their name below.

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Series Eight[12]

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Where a date of birth is not provided, the age given is as of the time the relevant series aired.

Bilyana Apostolova[edit]

Age: 25; Occupation: Risk Analyst.[17] She was fired in week 1 of this series.

Stephen Brady[edit]

Age: 33; Occupation: National Sales Manager[18]

Brady was educated at Finchley High School, a Roman Catholic voluntary aided state secondary school in Finchley in North London, followed by St Mary's University in Twickenham in South West London.

In an interview, Stephen spoke about his time on the show, how he was seemingly portrayed as a "panto villain" and his new business venture, Boxclean.

Duane Bryan[edit]

Age: 29; Occupation: Founder/Director of Drinks Distribution Company[19]

Bryan was educated at Stretford Grammar School,[20] a state grammar school in the town of Stretford in Greater Manchester, followed by the University of Salford,[21] from which he graduated in 2007 with a 2:2 in Business Management.[21]

Michael Copp[edit]

Age: 31; Occupation: MD Kitchen and Bedroom Furniture Retailer[22]

Copp was educated at Barking Abbey School,[23] a state comprehensive school in Barking in Essex, which he left at the age of 15.[23]

Adam Corbally[edit]

Age: 32; Occupation: Market Trader[24]
He also competed in Total Wipeout.

Tom Gearing[edit]

Age: 23; Occupation: Director of a Fine Wine Investment Company[25]

Gearing was educated at two independent schools for boys in South West London: at Rokeby Preparatory School,[26] a boys' preparatory school in Kingston-upon-Thames, which he left in 2003,[26] and Hampton School,[27] a senior school in Hampton, which he left in 2006,[27] followed by the University of Nottingham, where he studied History, and left in 2009.[28]

Laura Hogg[edit]

Age: 28; Occupation: Bridal Shop Owner[29]

Hogg was educated at The Glasgow Academy,[30] a co-educational day independent school in the city of Glasgow, followed by Glasgow Caledonian University.

After leaving the show, Hogg returned to manage her bridal shop. In June 2012, she appeared in a photoshoot in Nuts magazine.[31][32]

Nick Holzherr[edit]

Age: 25; Occupation: Technology Entrepreneur.[33] He was one of the four candidate in the Final. Eventually he came third, exiting after Jade Nash.

Holzherr spent the early years of his life in Switzerland, and in the UK was educated at Chailey School, a state comprehensive school in the village of Chailey (near the town of Lewes) in East Sussex, where he obtained 11 A-B grade GCSEs,[34] followed by Central Sussex College,[34] in the town of Haywards Heath in West Sussex. He is a graduate of Aston University, in the city of Birmingham.[35]

Following the show, Nick gave an interview, speaking about his time on the show and his company Whisk, the product of which was pitched during the Apprentice final. Nick studied International Business and spent a year placement working as an investment analyst for Deutsche Bank in Germany.

Ricky Martin[edit]

Age: 31; Occupation: Recruitment Entrepreneur - Managing Director of Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS)[36] Eventual Winner of series 8. He also won (Season 2 episode 3) BBC's Total Wipeout under the nickname 'Unassuming Ricky' - Witness the fitness!

Martin was educated at Crofton School,[37] a state comprehensive school in the village of Stubbington in Hampshire, followed by St Vincent College in Gosport (also in Hampshire), and Cardiff University.

After being announced the winner of The Apprentice Series 8 Ricky set up Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) alongside Lord Alan Sugar out of Loughton, Essex. This is a specialist science and technology recruitment consultancy supporting companies across the EU. Ricky is a qualified biochemist from Cardiff University[38] member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and is also a certified professional recruiter. Whilst running HRS Ricky has taken part in a number of public events as a speaker supporting careers in apprenticeships, science and the life of an entrepreneur. This includes talks at the Royal Veterinary College, University of Oxford, Veolia Environnement and is also an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s & Dementia society regularly taking part and talking at their key events.

Ricky leads Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) who have quickly became a leading name in the field of scientific recruitment. With an expanding headcount of 28 employees, annual revenues of over 5 million per annum and growing, turning an increasing profit year on year, HRS is a company that makes a difference. Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) are the most socially engaged recruitment company in the UK and became the first scientific recruitment partner to become verified on twitter.

Before The Apprentice Ricky was also known for being a professional wrestling performing under the stage name Ricky Hype. He has been a UK Heavyweight and a UK Tag Team Champion as Ricky Hype performing across the UK and EU, wrestling against the likes of Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Al Snow, Billy Kidman and other well known talent from the WWE.

Jane McEvoy[edit]

Age: 28; Occupation: Co-founder of Food Manufacturing Company[39]

Jade Nash[edit]

Age: 29; Occupation: Business Development Manager[40]

Nash was educated at South Wilts Grammar School for Girls,[41] which has retained its name but is now a state comprehensive school for girls, in the cathedral city of Salisbury in Wiltshire.

Maria O'Connor[edit]

Age: 20; Occupation: Business Development Manager[42]

O' Connor was educated at Barton Court Grammar School,[43] a state grammar school in Canterbury in Kent, in South East England. O' Connor is the youngest candidate ever on The Apprentice at the age of 20.

Gabrielle Omar[edit]

Age: 29; Occupation: Architect[44]

Gabrielle spoke in depth about her time on the show in an interview, as well as discussing her future plans and how she feels the format of the Apprentice TV show could be changed to produce better results.

Azhar Siddique[edit]

Age: 33; Occupation: Founder and Managing Director of Catering and Refrigeration Company[45]

Siddique was educated at West Street Primary School and Park High School in the town of Colne in Lancashire,[46] followed by Nelson and Colne College,[47] in the town of Nelson (also in Lancashire), and the University of Manchester.[48]

Jenna Whittingham[edit]

Age: 25; Occupation: Beauty Salon Owner[49]

Whittingham was educated at Runshaw College in the town of Leyland in Lancashire, where she attended a Beauty course, and at the University of Central Lancashire, in the city of Preston (also in Lancashire), where she took a Business degree.[50]

Katie Wright[edit]

Age: 26; Occupation: Editorial and Research Director[51]

An interview saw Katie speak about her time on the show, her future plans and how she responded to "lads mags" approaching her for glamour shots.


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