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The list containing many of the prehistoric animals, genetic mutations, invading aliens, robots, supernatural entities and other monsters created in various films from The Asylum in various years.


Bloody Bill[edit]

Bloody Bill appeared in the 2004 movie Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill and is based on real life Confederate soldier William T. Anderson. Before the events of the movie, he was a notorious for slaying members of the Union and those of African descent. After his sister was killed by vigilantes, he made a pact with Satan that caused the village of Sunset Valley to stand still in a limbo where time stood still and became extremely hard to kill. Up until the end of the movie he accumulated one hundred five zombie-like minions that are possessed humans that died by Bloody Bill and his minions, each one having a resistance to pain that allows them to survive otherwise painful injuries like getting shot in the heart and can infect the living by biting them. Bloody Bill himself is strong enough to crush human skulls with his bare hands, is tough enough to withstand grenades at close range, and is equipped with his Confederate saber, the only weapon effective against him. Although not confirmed his saber is most likely an 1858 Light Cavalry Saber.


The Martians appear in the 2005 film War of the Worlds (a.k.a. Invasion), an adaptation of the novel by H. G. Wells, and its 2008 sequel War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave. They invaded Earth in massive walking war-machines called Squid Walkers to massacre and farm the human populace. They presumably migrated to Earth for the same reason as their novel counterparts - to escape the harsh environment of Mars which was leading them to extinction. After humanity failed to defeat them with conventional weapons, the aliens died due to lack of immunity to earthly bacteria. In the sequel, another race of Martians, a race of biomechanical Tripods, attempt another invasion only to be defeated by George Herbert.

In the first film, the aliens (not directly stated to be Martians) appear as insectoid creatures rather than the bulkish octopi of Wells' novel. They stand upon four legs, from which they can secrete a corrosive acid. Upon death they are seen to stand erect and paralyzed.

Jolly Roger[edit]

Roger Laforge is an undead pirate who appeared in the 2005 film Jolly Roger: Massacre at Cutter's Cove portrayed by Rhett Giles. Jolly was killed in 1719 when his disgusted crew rebelled after he murdered the priests and nuns aboard a ship during a raid. Jolly's head was then severed, stuck in a chest, and dumped in the sea. The mutinous crew subsequently used their former captain's treasure to give up their pirate ways and found the town of Cutter's Cove, which the chest containing Jolly's head washed up on the shore of after a hurricane in the modern day. His vengeful spirit released when the chest was opened, Jolly set about murdering the seventeen descendants of his crew, having made a deal with the Devil that will allow him to reclaim his stolen treasure once he acquires the heads of all the descendants.

A demonic being, Blackbeard can teleport, produce flames from his fingers, possesses superhuman strength, and can sense who his targets are and their exact location. While he usually beheads his victims with a cutlass, Blackbeard also wields both a blunderbuss and spiked chains as weapons.

Venezuela Plateau Creatures[edit]

A list of creatures from a Lost World deep in the Venezuela Plateau appearing in the 2005 movie "King of the Lost World".


The Gigantopithecus is a giant ape that appeared in the 2005 movie King of the Lost World (a loose adaptation of The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). It is estimated to be 9.8 feet high and has an interest in attacking intruders as it threw a flight attendant in the beginning of the movie. It eventually got intimidated when a plane chases it with a torch.

The creature is clearly inspired by the King Kong character, since no such giant ape appears in Conan Doyle's The Lost World.

Giant Amazon Spiders[edit]

The Giant Amazon Spiders appeared in the 2005 movie King of the Lost World. These behemoth spiders live high up in trees and create giant webs to trap prey and cocoon them.

Carnivorous Plants[edit]

The Carnivorous Plants appeared in the 2005 movie King of the Lost World. Despite looking very similar to ordinary plants in jungles, these plants are able to blend along as harmless-looking vines but they have a taste for human flesh. Their vines are strong enough to carry an ordinary human being.

Giant Amazon Scorpions[edit]

The Giant Amazon Scorpions appeared in the 2005 movie King of the Lost World. Very similar to their real world counterparts, they live in caves and aggressively attack with their stingers on their tails. These creatures also seem to be afraid of sudden, bright flashes made by a camera due to their habitat being dark caves.

Amazon Dragons[edit]

The Amazon Dragons appeared in the 2005 movie King of the Lost World. They are carnivorous reptilian lizard-like creatures with bat wings and serve as Lost World Ape's rivals for food, these dragons attack in huge numbers and are easily killed by the Amazon Ape. They appear to be slightly larger than a normal human being.


Aneh-Tet appeared in the 2005 movie Legion of the Dead. An ancient pharaoh that once ruled Giza with an iron fist, she uses her minions of mummified cats to assist her wherever she goes. She is portrayed by Claudia Lynx while her mummies are played by Eddie Beasley, Elissa McKee, and Feldo Nartapura with Mark Heller portrays their field commander, General Alose.[1]


Velku appeared in the 2005 movie Shape Shifter. Hailing from Romania, this satanic werewolf-like entity serves as a crime lord's body guard and the plot of the movie involves Velku trying to save him from prison while killing everyone else. Most of Velku's body is invulnerable, but can be killed if stabbed in the heart. His human form is portrayed by Vaz Andreas while the costume actors were Thomas Downet and Joel Hebner.[2]


Alma appeared in the 2006 movie Snakes on a Train. She was a Spanish woman given an Aztec curse that caused her to spit several corn snakes until she spat venom. After doing so, her head and neck will become that of a King Cobra. Her human form is portrayed by Julia Ruiz.[3]


Necromancer Fire Dragon[edit]

The Necromancer Fire Dragon appears in the 2006 movie Dragon. It is a wyvern created by the necromancer Freyja that grew out of control and became a predatory forest monster. It is estimated to be 10 feet tall, 35 feet long, a 30-foot wingspan, and for powers it can fly, exhale flames, and has a bladed tail that is ideal for countering swords. It is eventually killed when a pair of arrows strikes it as it is about to unleash its flames.

Kirill Flaming Dragon[edit]

The Kirill Flaming Dragon appeared in the 2009 movie Dragonquest. It is a wyrm created from a volcano by the dark wizard Kirill used to do his bidding.

Powers include flight, encasing itself in flames that can set entire villages aflame by flying fast enough near them, mouth flames, and can telepathically communicate and mind rape using Kirill's messages to humans.

Maxim Light Dragon[edit]

The Maxim Light Dragon appeared in the 2009 movie Dragonquest. It is a dragon designed to counter Kirill Flaming Dragon from the six Stones of Virtue after they are placed in Maxim's medallion. Although it has no fire-based powers, it has more physical strength.

The Hillside Cannibals[edit]

The Hillside Cannibals appear in the 2006 film Hillside Cannibals. Apparently descendants of Sawney Bean (whose name is the title given to the current chief of the tribe), the cannibals live in the caves of an unnamed desert and survive by eating and scavenging off of travelers where the Hillside Cannibals are aided by the local sheriff (who is also a cannibal). Over the course of the film, several of the cannibals (including the current Sawney Bean and his immediate predecessor) are killed by their latest prey and a man hunting them (convinced they killed or assimilated his daughters). Some of the Hillside Cannibals managed to survive and kill all their assailants with the sole survivor being recaptured and returned to them by the sheriff when she manages to escape.

The cannibals (whose weapons include axes, knives, hatchets, shears and machetes) have their own language (though they seem to understand English) and, presumably due to inbreeding, most of them are deformed. Their members include Callum, Magnus, Rhian, Tog, Towart, Tearlach, Balloch, the unnamed first chief, and Sheriff Lachland.

Chris Vale[edit]

Christopher "Chris" Vale appears in the 2006 film Halloween Night where his monstrous adult form is played by Scot Nery and his child form is played by Sam Stone. On Halloween in 1982, Chris witnessed two masked men rape and murder his mother, having been hired to do so by his father, who hid his wife's body behind a wall and committed suicide afterward. Institutionalized after this tragedy, Chris, left nearly mute and resembling a charred zombie due to burns inflicted by a steam pipe ruptured during the attack on his mother, escapes exactly ten years after his parents' deaths via murdering two sadistic orderlies playing a Halloween prank and taking one's uniform and Halloween mask.

Acquiring a medieval executioner costume and weapon accessories, specifically an axe, sword and a dagger, by killing a man named Todd and his girlfriend at a gas station, Chris makes his way to his childhood home where a Halloween party is being held after stealing their car. Upon arriving at his former home, Chris murders a number of party guests before uncovering his mother's skeleton and escaping, putting the executioner costume on the party's host, who is mistakenly shot to death by his girlfriend. The next day, Chris is seen walking down a stretch highway, where an oblivious motorist picks him up.


Supercroc appeared in the 2007 movie Supercroc. Roughly 75 feet long this giant mother crocodile is a descendant of her large ancestors and guarded a nest in California. She had armor thick enough to withstand two bunker buster missiles and was eventually killed when C4 was detonated at her throat.


The Z-Bots appeared in the 2007 movie Transmorphers and its prequel Transmorphers: Fall of Man. The Primates are robots that originate from an extraterrestrial planet and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most z-bots are roughly human-sized while one was several hundred feet tall.

In the prequel, they produced an oxygen-rich wave that caused Earth's machinery to be turned into hominid-sized rogue agents. The most notable was a truck that used its axles as machine guns, flamethrowers and rocket launchers. This particular zbot agent is affectionately referred to by fans as "Axlebot". The robots are known more commonly in the films as "The Machines".

Nemo Mechanical Squids[edit]

The Nemo Mechanical Squids are pair of robotic squids in the 2007 movie 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea. They are estimated to be around 75 feet long, can move extremely fast, are armed with clamps at the ends of their tentacles, and were designed by Captain Nemo to defend the Nautilus. One of them was destroyed by a sea wolf-type submarine while the other was repelled by the Aquanaut 3 emitting an interference signal.

Viral Mutants[edit]

The Viral Mutants appeared in the 2007 movie I Am Omega. These creatures are mutants created by a flesh-eating virus that evolved to give its host infectious properties and turned them into zombie-like hunters. The virus slowly eats away at their flesh, exposing their spines and other bones structures. They have a hive mind and their teeth, claws and blood are highly infectious. The film is based on the novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson.

Spideroid Aliens[edit]

The Spideroid Aliens appeared in the 2007 movie AVH: Alien vs. Hunter. Two of these half-humanoid half-spider hybrid creatures arrived via meteorite. The Hunter tracked them down and slayed one, while the other escaped and began killing humans for food. It was killed when humans used the Hunter technology against it.

The Spideroid Aliens are noted for their deliberate resemblance to the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise, though they are green rather than black. They can travel at great speeds on their spider legs. The creature was criticized for the poor CGI animation.


The Hunter appeared in the 2007 movie AVH: Alien vs. Hunter. This masked human is obsessed with hunting lower species, including human like Xenons and the bull Xenon. Despite being promoted to looking like a Predator from the Predator franchise, the armor appears far similar to the titular monster from Zeiram. Hunter is portrayed by Rob Filson.[4]


Mizuchi appeared in the 2008 movie Monster. Very little is known about this creature other than its name meaning "Dead Water". Only three tentacles are ever seen. It moves fast enough underground to cause earthquakes.

Mesozoic Creatures[edit]

A list of prehistoric creatures from the Mesozoic Era appearing in the 2008 movie "100 Million BC".

Big Red[edit]

Big Red appeared in the 2008 movie 100 Million BC. A 60 foot long and 20 foot tall theropod from 70 Million BC, Big Red was accidentally brought into the present day, going on a rampage through Los Angeles. He was eventually teleported back to his own time where he was trapped in a cliff and died. Stock footage of Big Red is used in "Journey to the Center of the Earth." The creature is likely a Tyrannosaurus-like dinosaur due to the presence of Pteranodons and raptors.


The Dromaeosaurs appeared in the 2008 movie 100 Million BC. These killers lived at 112 Million BC and were strong enough to deliver fatal attacks. They were also highly coordinated.

Cretaceous 'Dino-Croc'[edit]

The Cretactious Dino-Croc appeared in the 2008 movie 100 Million BC. It is a crocodile-like creature that survived in the ancient swamps and moved very little.

Acid-Spewing Plants[edit]

The Acid-Spewing Plants appeared in the 2008 movie 100 Million BC. These plants resemble plant buds on long stalks. They can spew acid from their buds if threatened.


The Sauropod appeared in the 2008 movie 100 Million BC. These massive sauropods peaceful and herbivorous and are the first prehistoric creature the Navy Seals encounter. It could be an Alamosaurus because it was shown living 70 millions ago.


The Pteranodon appeared in the 2008 movie 100 Million BC. These vicious flying reptiles roam the skies and feed on small creatures.

Creatures from Journey to the Center of the Earth[edit]

A list of prehistoric creatures that appeared in the 2008 Asylum film version of Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth."


The Tyrannosaurus is one of the largest land predators ever to exist on Earth. they seem to hunt alone. A Tyrannosaurus ambushes one of the soldiers in the beginning of the film.

Giant Trapdoor Spider[edit]

This Trapdoor Spider lives in a chamber which it makes in the desert . Like Trapdoor spiders, they feed parts of their kill to the spiderlings in the form of saliva. The spider uses the trip lines of its trapdoor to sense for any small-to-medium-sized creatures that disturb them, and pounces on its victim.


Like ordinary Pteranodons of the same name, these flying reptiles are no threat to the soldiers and probably catch fish in their jaws. Stock footage from 100 Million BC was used for the Pteranodon.


These Raptors move with surprising speed and seem to hunt alone. One of these vicious beasts tries to hunt the team of soldiers but is killed and cooked by them to be eaten.

Lava Worms[edit]

The Lava Worms are unusual creatures that live in the volcano. These enormous worm-like organisms dwell in volcanos and hunt in groups.

Man-Eating Plants[edit]

The Man-Eating Plants have snapping jaws held on stem-like bodies, they spray some kind of knock-out gas so that they can consume their prey.

Unspecified Sauropod[edit]

The Unspecified Sauropod resembles a Diplodocus. It was spotted feeding on leaves by the one of the soldiers from her binoculars. Stock footage from "100 Million BC" was used for the sauropod.

Unspecified Theropod[edit]

The Unspecified Theropod resembles an Allosaurus. It was spotted feeding on an unknown carcass by one of the soldiers on her binoculars. It has a small row of spines on its back and also has an unusual red pigmentation. Stock footage from "100 Million BC" was used for the creature.

Creatures from AE: Apocalypse Earth[edit]


The Megaliths are from the 2008 The Day the Earth Stopped. They are extraterrestrial robots, 666 in all, who land in every major capital in the world. In one shot one is standing next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, presumably making them roughly 1,060 feet tall. They do not start attacking, though. Instead, the benevolent, though hostile aliens controlling the robots present humanity with an ultimatum: Prove the value of human life before the end of the day, or they will destroy the world. The robots spend most of the film standing in the same spot, and lethal force on armed humans is only used twice. They are armed with a device in the right hand which reduces targets into dust. They are also invulnerable to nuclear weapons, as one which was hit by a nuclear rocket emerges seemingly untouched; this scene may be an homage to a similar scene in the 1953 film The War of the Worlds. They are armed with a laser in each palm, a pair of laser cannons in the "neck", and an electric beam in the head.

Due to the film's similarities to The Day the Earth Stood Still and its 2008 remake, it is assumed the Megalists are loosely based on the character Gort, a robot which similarly provokes humanity's fear.

Mike Watson[edit]

Mike Watson appeared in the 2008 movie 100 Feet (not technically an Asylum film as it was distributed by the company). Before the events of the movie Mike Watson was a violent police officer for the NYPD before he was killed by his wife Marine in self-defense. During the events of the movie, he haunts his apartment as a ghost to ruin his wife's house-arrest sentence and tries to retrieve his stash of stolen money. Mike Watson has typical ghost powers such as invisibility, intangibility, and telekinesis as well as superhuman strength. At the end of the movie, Marine takes off her wedding ring and tells Mike to go away causing him to finally rest in peace. He was portrayed by Michael Paré.[5]

Giant Octopus[edit]

The Giant Octopus appeared in the 2009 movie Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. In similar size to Mega Shark, Giant Octopus has a similar history except it roamed the western half of the Pacific, primarily attacking Japan. It died in the final battle with the Mega Shark, presumably through the loss of blood. It had notably less screen time than its co-star. The Giant Octopus is briefly mentioned in the sequel Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus.


The Capronains are various ancient animals from the island of Caprona in the 2009 film The Land That Time Forgot (an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Edgar Rice Burroughs).

Tyrannosaurus "Scared Ones"[edit]

The Tyrannosaurus is a ferocious man-eating dinosaur that serve as the apex predator on the island. Only two are seen in the movie, the first is killed off with a grenade while the other is warded off with a petroleum fueled explosion.

River Octopus[edit]

The River Octopus is an octopus that lives near the river shore.


The Meganeura are giant dragonflies that live near the river's banks; they are completely harmless.


The Pteranodons are huge flying reptiles that roam the skies of Caprona, they fly in flocks and appear to have a taste for human flesh as they ate one of the survivors of the island.


Maron appeared in the 2009 movie Paranormal Entity. It is an invisible negative presence with its name literally translating to "nightmare" in Germanic. Maron haunted the Finley house for nearly three weeks using the guise of David Finley, Ellen Finley's dead husband, to enter the real world due to attraction to her daughter, Samantha. After killing a paranormal investigator and raping Sam, Maron hides all footage of his documentation in the house's attic and his acts are blamed on her brother, Thomas. Said documentation is found one year later and was released publicly.


The Spiderlinks appeared in the 2009 movie Princess of Mars (an adaptation of A Princess of Mars, the first in the John Carter book series by Edgar Rice Burroughs). They are ten foot long spiders that prey on all life in the deserts of the fourth planet of the Alpha Centauri. There is another version living on the planet Mars. Scout variations have wings and locust-like traits. They are heavily inspired by the hopper bugs from Starship Troopers. Infants are about a foot long and many also possess wings.

Monsters from Sherlock Holmes[edit]

Spring-Heeled Jack's Monsters appeared in the 2010 film Sherlock Holmes, a film based on the character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. These steampunk creatures were created by the film's antagonist Thorpe Holmes (Dominic Keating), Sherlock's estranged and vengeful brother, also known as Spring-Heeled Jack. The three monsters, an octopus, a dinosaur, and a pterosaur were built in Thorpe's attempt to decimate much of southern England and assassinate Queen Victoria in 1882.

"The Sea Monster"[edit]

The "Sea Monster" is a gigantic octopus appears briefly at the beginning, taking down a Royal Navy treasury ship. It appears only once more towards the end of the film, on display in Spring-Heeled Jack's fortress.

"The Dinosaur"[edit]

Also known as the "Monster of Whitechapel", the "Dinosaur" is a small Tyrannosaurus that is first seen terrorizing Whitechapel and then spends most of the film stealing materials from factories around Whitechapel for further inventions. The creature is revealed to be artificial when Sherlock Holmes discovers that its skin is made from rubber. It is roughly the size than an average man and is noted for its intelligence and speed. Its snout is more similar to that of a Baryonyx than a Tyrannosaurus.


The "Dragon" appears in the climactic battle scene of the film. Thorpe Holmes/Spring-Heeled Jack created a huge mechanical dragon to set fire to London and frame Inspector Lestrade for committing his crimes. Unlike his other inventions, Jack pilots this monster from inside and it is armour-plated instead of featuring synthetic skin. The dragon is destroyed when Sherlock Holmes collides another flying machine directly into it, crashing to the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

Anesidora Ivory and Spring Heeled Jack[edit]

Thorpe Holmes also created a mechanical female accomplice named Anesidora Ivory. She appears as an attractive middle-class Victorian human but has ice-cold skin and clockwork interiors, similar to the Clockwork Robots of the Doctor Who universe. She is programmed to pose as the niece of Thorpe's cover identity, and is given the job of destroying Buckingham Palace. Ivory is defeated by Watson, but is seen before the credits in 1940. A pheasant wandering outside Thorpe's hideout is later revealed to be robotic as well, as it malfunctions and deactivates briefly as Thorpe activates his dragon.

Thorpe himself, who is an original character, creates a bio-mechanical suit, vaguely resembling a Cyberman from Doctor Who, with 19th-century steampunk touches. This copper suit allows him to overcome his paralysation (caused by being shot in the spine seven years earlier) and with this alter-ego he was affectionately named by the film's producers as Spring-Heeled Jack (named after the mythical creature of the same name). After Holmes solves the case and defeats Thorpe, it is unknown what happens to his creatures. They are likely to have been hidden by Scotland Yard in an attempt to cover up the conspiracy. The mask of Thorpe's suit can be seen in the final shot that features Holmes and Watson together.


Mega Piranha[edit]

The Mega Piranha appeared in the 2010 movie Mega Piranha. Genetically mutated killing machines, these fish double in size every 72 hours. They are extremely carnivorous, to the point of cannibalism. However, they have little intelligence as they often throw themselves onto dry land in attempts to eat smaller organisms. Once they reached the size of nuclear submarines they are inexplicably invulnerable to nuclear weapons. They are defeated when they are tricked into eating each other.


Mega Shark[edit]

The Mega Shark appeared in the 2009 movie Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus and three sequels: Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark and Mega Shark Versus Kolossus. This 1500-foot megalodon was fighting with a Giant Octopus until they were flash frozen in an iceberg. After being released from the ice the shark rampages across the Pacific. It fought both Giant Octopus and in the sequels, the Crocosaurus, Mecha Shark, and Kolossus.

In the second movie, the Megalodon is revealed to be female and in Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark, the Megalodon was male. She has a difficult time using her senses in low light areas, due to the tumor in her brain. The Megalodon is criticized for its rapid stress changes throughout the films, as well as the films' outlandish plots.

2-Headed Great White Shark[edit]

The Two-Headed Great White Shark appeared in the 2012 movie 2-Headed Shark Attack. It is a naturally mutated great white shark with two heads that lived to its adult stage estimated around 40 feet in length. The Two-Headed Great White Shark feeds on the likes of giant squids and megamouths. It also possesses great strength as it used its body to sink an atoll on a coral reef and survived a dynamite sized explosion that took off its left head. This shark is noted to not only have twice the sensory power of a normal great white, but also can maneuver in waters as shallow as four feet deep and presumably has an extremely high metabolism as it consumed twenty-one humans within the course of several hours.

The design for the 2-Headed Great White Shark was created by Cleve Hall and his family as seen in the Monster Man episode "Seeing Double." It was originally supposed to have the heads on top of each other, but Cleve Hall pushed to change the design.

3-Headed Great White Shark[edit]

The 3-Headed Great White Shark is advanced version of the above creature in the 2015 sequel 3-Headed Shark Attack where it sports three heads.

Cursed Island Monsters[edit]

The Cursed Island Monsters' appeared in The 7 Adventures of Sinbad. These various mystical creatures originate from an island in another dimension with the portal lying at the top of the Bay of Bengal.


The Sirens are seductive she-demons that can put their prey into a trance after looking into their eyes that have hypnotising powers, so that they can consume their flesh.

Giant Whale[edit]

The Giant Whale is a gigantic whale which the top part of its body resembles a huge island. Sinbad and the others were stranded on the "island" and it reveals itself by raising its tail, causing Sinbad and the others to fall into the sea.

Colossal Squid[edit]

The Colossal Squid is an enormous deep sea monster that is estimated to be over 45 feet long. Although seen at the beginning of the movie attacking an oil rig, it is later discovered to be just a curious animal. It serves as the portal's guardian.

Giant Dungeness Crab[edit]

The Giant Dungeness Crab is a large crab encountered by Sinbad. It steals Sinbad's briefcase filled with money after being irritated by the pistol shots fired by him.


The Wyverns resemble giant versions of the Rhamphorhynchus. These animals capture Sinbad and his crew to feed to their young only for them to fight them off and flee into a cave.

Cave Cyclops[edit]

The Cave Cyclops is a twelve-foot cyclops armed with a club that lives in a cave. It encounters Sinbad's crew and tries to fight them off until it is stabbed in the eye with a torch and dies by impalement on a stalagmite.

Winged Fire Demon[edit]

The Winged Fire Demon is a winged pyrokinetic demon Sinbad encounters in an underground tunnel. Before it can do any real harm to Sinbad, it is destroyed when Sinbad blows up a mountain using C4.


The Crocosaurus is from Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus. This giant monster's size is very inconsistent throughout the movie, ranging from 50 to 1500 feet long in various scenes. Originating in Africa, she is capable of producing hundreds of eggs at a time, can burrow underground, and has armor thick enough to withstand bites from Mega Shark with no visible damage. Along with Mega Shark, Crocosaurus and her offspring are killed by volcanic activity while battling off the coast of Hawaii.

According to game hunter Nigel Putman, her young are roughly 2–3 feet long when at birth, but 3 year old crocosaurs can be from 13 feet upwards, indicating that some can grow to full adulthood within years in order to keep the species alive.

Moby Dick[edit]

Moby Dick appeared in the 2010 movie Moby Dick, a very loose adaptation of the novel by Herman Melville. Roughly 57 feet long and swimming up to 36 kilometers an hour, this gigantic, white, Leviathan Melvillei primarily lived in polar waters and existed as far back as 1869. According to the photographs and Michelle's estimates, Moby Dick is around 57 feet in length and can swim at amazing speeds. Moby Dick also possesses the ability to breach quickly for a short period of time and in the beginning of the movie he was able to use echolocation to stun objects. This is later proved useless against echolocation-proof submarines. Although hunted by the USS Pequod, it was eventually able to take out the entire crew, sustaining little damage in the process.

Mega Python[edit]

Mega Python appeared in the 2011 movie Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. These pythons actually resemble boa constrictors and grew to at least 20 feet in length, thanks to experimental pheromones. Eventually mega pythons are seen to be over 120 feet long with their offspring already the size of normal Burmese Pythons.

Giant Alligator[edit]

The Giant Alligator appeared in the 2011 movie Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. Unlike the gateroids that were the result of being fed steroid infected chickens, this giant American alligator was around long before the beginning of the story. It is estimated to be over 20 feet long. Hunters planned to shoot it, but it was attacked and killed by a mega python instead.


Gatoroid appeared in the 2011 movie Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. They are American alligators mutated by illegally being fed steroid-injected chickens so they can be used to hunt Mega Pythons. Although usually around 20 feet long, they can grow to over 150 feet and their offspring are the size of normal American alligators. Their attack on Miami used footage from the Miami, Panama Canal, and Hawaii attacks from Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus and their attack on Coloumbia used footage from the Yuccatan, Gulf of Mexico, and Hawaii attacks from Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus.

Sauceroid Aliens[edit]

The Sauceroid Aliens appear in the 2011 movie Battle of Los Angeles. They use a variety of technologies such as saucers, turrets, and even time travel to invade Earth.

MJ12 Sentry[edit]

The MJ12 Sentries are pair of cyborgs that heavily resemble humans. Powers include heavy armor that can withstand point blank machine gun fire, extendable arms that are ideal for impalement, sonic screams, and a floating gyroscope in the head that can cut through obstacles and enemies alike.

Hibernation Chamber Guardian[edit]

The Hibernation Chamber Guardian is 40 foot mollusk-like organism that guards the sauceroid aliens in their hibernation chamber and is armed with four tentacles. It is eventually destroyed when a grenade is tossed into its mouth.

Muspelheim Inhabitants[edit]

The Muspelheim Inhabitants are mystical entities from Muspelheim that are in the 2011 movie Almighty Thor.

Muspelheim Jackal[edit]

The Muspelheim Jackals are giant jackals commanded by Loki. Despite being very fast and have some armor plating they are easily taken out by close range weapons and have a rather bad sense of smell. They are estimated to be eight feet tall and eleven feet long.

Muspelheim Land Worm[edit]

Also commanded by Loki, the Muspelheim Land Worm is large lizard-like creatures with a head like a hammerhead shark and lacking legs while having arms to move around. Although stronger than the jackals, they too are taken out by close range weapons. They are estimated to be ten feet tall and twenty-five feet long.

VM2 Zombies[edit]

The VM2 Zombies are various infected entities that appeared in the 2011 movie Zombie Apocalypse. The VM2 viral strain originated in Europe and managed to become a global pandemic within the course of the month of its creation. The virus can be transmitted by physical contact and will infect within the course of a minute; during this time the veins and arteries will convulse and the eyes will change before the brain is fully infected.

Standard VM2 Zombie[edit]

The Standard VM2 Zombies are primary infected entities designed to carry the plague, although are easily distracted by loud noises. Loners are referred to as Stragglers used to scout for potential food. These zombies can survive minor brain damage such as arrow impalement as long as there is enough blood flowing into it.

Julian's Dog[edit]

Julian's Dog is a stray dog that followed the survivors because Julian tried to feed it and it became infected with the VM2 strain. Its only know capability is the ability to jump far.


The Runners are the faster and more predatory versions of the standard VM2 zombie.

VM2 Tiger[edit]

The VM2 Tigers are two infected tigers that hunt the survivors at the end of the movie. They were able to withstand multiple arrows being struck into it, being assaulted by a katana, and a sledge hammer to the face.

Robo Hitler[edit]

Robo Hitler appeared in the 2012 movie Nazis at the Center of the Earth. After Adolf Hitler's head was recovered by Dr. Josef Mengele, it was preserved deep under Antarctica until the year 2005 where his brain was reactivated by stem cells and a 12-foot-tall robotic suit of armor. With this suit, Robo Hitler commanded the Nazi flying saucer to fire missiles armed with flesh eating bacteria until his saucer crashed by a suicide attempt by one of the doctors held hostage. Robo Hitler met his end when flesh-eating bacteria was inserted into his brain and upon falling into the Antarctic Ocean.

Robo Hitler is armed with a spear-like blade in each arm, a machine gun in the right arm, a fire extinguisher in his right index finger, and a torso laser designed to take down aircraft such as jets. This robotic suit could also easily jump around 30 feet in the air.

Floater Bug Aliens[edit]

The Floater Bug Aliens appear in the 2012 movie American Warships. They are cockroach-like aliens capable of hovering and are armed with a trigger-less flamethrower that launches radioactive fire balls. Using wreckage from sunken ships, they use a stealth ship with an LCD screen for camouflage armed with EMP missiles. The aliens thrive in radioactive environments and have a set of jaws on their abdomen that can chomp a human in half with little effort and have an exoskeleton strong enough to survive bazooka shells. They were eventually defeated by the crew of the USS Iowa.


Bigfoot appears in the 2012 movie Bigfoot. It is a 20 foot tall carnivorous ape that roamed the forests of South Dakota. As it tried to hibernate one winter, a combination of construction equipment and a rock festival prevented it from going to sleep. This caused Bigfoot to attack in order to correct its biological imbalance of sense of time. Bigfoot is noted to have a short resistance to pain as it almost withstood having half his face burned off and barely flinched. It was killed by a barrage of missiles while it was on top of Mount Rushmore.

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