List of The Daily Show episodes (2001)

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The Daily Show 2001 episodes
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 159
Original network Comedy Central
Season chronology
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List of The Daily Show episodes

This is a list of episodes for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2001.[1][2][3][4] Dave Navarro was the scheduled guest for September 11. The episode was not aired following the September 11 attacks. Following the attacks The Daily Show went hiatus and returned on September 20 with a clip show, before returning to its regular format on September 24.



Date Guest Promotion
January 9 Richard Lewis The Other Great Depression
January 10 Vitamin C Dracula 2000 and More
January 11 Julia Stiles Save the Last Dance
January 15 Willem Dafoe Shadow of the Vampire
January 16 Tim Robbins Antitrust
January 17 Sam Donaldson This Week
January 18 Lynn Whitfield A Girl Thing
January 22 Bill O'Reilly The O'Reilly Factor: The Book
January 23 Matthew McConaughey The Wedding Planner
January 24 † Terry Bradshaw Competition
January 25 Topher Grace Traffic
January 29 David Boreanaz Valentine
January 30 Dyan Cannon Three Sisters
January 31 James van der Beek Texas Rangers


Date Guest Promotion
February 1 Tim Blake Nelson O Brother, Where Art Thou?
February 12 Dave Grohl There Is Nothing Left to Lose
February 13 Kermit the Frog
February 14 Jessica Alba Dark Angel
February 15 Wanda Sykes Down to Earth
February 20† Greg Germann Down to Earth and Sweet November
February 21~¥ Chris Rock Down to Earth
February 22† Kelly Ripa Live! with Regis and Kelly
February 26↔ Ted Danson Becker
February 27‡↔ Joe Pantoliano Memento
February 28 Heather Locklear Spin City


Date Guest Promotion
March 1 Warren Christopher Chances of a Lifetime
March 5 Martin Short Primetime Glick
March 6 Ed Burns 15 Minutes
March 7 Carmen Electra Get Over It
March 8 Javier Bardem Before Night Falls
March 19 Chris Meloni Oz
March 20 Mary Stuart Masterson Kate Brasher
March 21 Jeff Varner Survivor: The Australian Outback
March 22 Denis Leary The Job
March 26† Richard Roeper 74th Academy Awards
March 27†~ Richard Lewis Live from HELL
March 28~ Mark Harmon And Never Let Her Go
March 29~¥ Jennifer Love Hewitt Heartbreakers


Date Guest Promotion
April 2~ Lisa Ling The View and The Boston Marathon
April 3† Amy Sedaris The Book of Liz
April 4~ D.L. Hughley The Brothers
April 5† Steven Weber Club Land
April 9 Paul Reubens Blow
April 10 Bob Costas Fair Ball
April 11 Damon Wayans My Wife and Kids (TV series)
April 12 Brittany Daniel Joe Dirt
April 23 Don Hewitt 60 Minutes
April 24 Rachael Leigh Cook Josie and the Pussycats
April 25 Tom Green Freddie Got Fingered
April 26 Tom Cavanagh Ed
April 30 Eric McCormack The Music Man


Date Guest Promotion
May 1~ Dominic Chianese The Sopranos
May 2† No guest
May 3† Robert Patrick The X-Files
May 7 Chris Robinson The Black Crowes
May 8 James Van Der Beek Dawson's Creek
May 9 Richie Sambora Crush
May 10 Patricia Richardson Blonde
May 14 Maura Tierney ER (TV series)
May 15 Denise Quiñones Miss Universe 2001
May 16 Heath Ledger A Knight's Tale
May 17 Jerry Springer Late Night with Jerry Springer
May 29 Richard Schiff The West Wing
May 30 Bradley Whitford The West Wing
May 31 Leah Remini The King of Queens


Date Guest Promotion
June 4 Jake Johannsen
June 5 Richard Belzer Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
June 6 Al Roker Don't Make Me Stop This Car!
June 7 Bernie Mac The Bernie Mac Show
June 11 Joe Queenan Balsamic Dreams
June 12 Gene Simmons KISS
June 13 David Duchovny Evolution
June 14 Jeff Greenfield Greenfield at Large
June 18 Martin Short Primetime Glick
June 19 Michael Rapaport Dr. Dolittle 2
June 20 Alec Baldwin Pearl Harbor
June 21 Mýa Atlantis: The Lost Empire
June 25 Sam Robards A.I. Artificial Intelligence
June 26 Johnny Knoxville Jackass
June 27 Jet Li Kiss of the Dragon
June 28 Bridget Fonda Kiss of the Dragon


Date Guest Promotion
July 9 Sean Hayes Cats & Dogs
July 10 Spice Girls
July 11 James Woods Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
July 12 Vince Vaughn Made
July 16 Jon Favreau Made
July 17 Maria Bartiromo Use the News
July 18 Edward Norton The Score
July 19 Hank Azaria America's Sweethearts
July 23 Larry Miller The Princess Diaries
July 24 Paul Giamatti Planet of the Apes
July 25 Joe Lieberman
July 26 John McCain
July 30 Jerri Manthey September 2001 issue of Playboy
July 31 Peter Krause Six Feet Under


Date Guest Promotion
August 1 Jackie Chan Rush Hour 2
August 2 Janeane Garofalo Wet Hot American Summer
August 6 Andie MacDowell Dinner with Friends
August 7 Joe Rogan Fear Factor
August 8 Tara Reid American Pie 2
August 9 Jason Biggs American Pie 2
August 13 David Rakoff Fraud
August 14 John Carpenter Ghosts of Mars
August 15 Seth Green Rat Race
August 16 Fabio Bubble Boy
August 20 Cuba Gooding Jr. Rat Race
August 21 Griffin Dunne Lisa Picard Is Famous
August 22 Will Ferrell Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
August 23 Kevin Smith Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back


Date Guest Promotion
September 10 They Might Be Giants Mink Car
September 11* Dave Navarro probably would have been Trust No One
September 20 (Post 9/11 Clip Show)
September 24 Frank Rich
September 25 Aaron Brown
September 26 Jeff Greenfield Oh, Waiter, One Order of Crow!
September 27 Tenacious D Tenacious D (album)

* Episode cancelled.


Date Guest Promotion
October 1 Kelsey Grammer Frasier
October 2 James Belushi According to Jim
October 3 Stephen S. Morse
October 4 Kate Beckinsale Serendipity
October 9 Owen Wilson Zoolander
October 10 Jeremy Piven Serendipity
October 11 John Miller
October 15 Emeril Lagasse Emeril
October 16 Lorraine Bracco Riding in Cars with Boys
October 17 Snoop Dogg Bones
October 18 Fareed Zakaria Newsweek
October 22 Lance Bass On the Line
October 23 Don Dahler ABC News
October 24 Greta Van Susteren The Point
October 25 Jeff Bridges K-PAX
October 30 Rob Morrow Maze
October 31 Richard Holbrooke


Date Guest Promotion
November 1 Kevin Spacey K-PAX
November 5 Paul Rudd The Shape of Things
November 6 P. J. O'Rourke The CEO of the SOFA
November 7 George Stephanopoulos ABC News
November 8 Jennifer Saunders Absolutely Fabulous
November 12 Steve Kroft 60 Minutes
November 13 Anne Robinson The Weakest Link
November 14 Carson Daly Total Request Live
November 15 John Stamos Thieves
November 26 Edward Burns Sidewalks of New York
November 27 Star Jones The View
November 28 Jennifer Garner Alias
November 29 David Halberstam War in a Time of Peace


Date Guest Promotion
December 3 Nadine Strossen The ACLU
December 4 John Edward Crossing Over with John Edward
December 5 Marg Helgenberger CSI
December 6 Ted Danson Becker
December 10 Stephen Colbert as Al Sharpton (Sharpton had been the scheduled guest) N/A
December 11 Dave Gorman Are You Dave Gorman?
December 12 Janeane Garofalo The Independent
December 13 Tracey Ullman Tracey Ullman's Visible Panty Lines
December 17 Elijah Wood The Lord of the Rings
December 18 Peggy Noonan When Character Was King
December 19 Gary Sinise Imposter
December 20 Jamie Foxx Ali

† These episodes were hosted by Stephen Colbert.

~ This episode was hosted by Steve Carell.

¥ This episode was hosted by Nancy Walls.

↔ This episode was hosted by Vance DeGeneres.

‡ This episode was hosted by Mo Rocca.