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This is a list of noteworthy guests that have been on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. As of his appearance on August 15, 2012, Brian Williams has made 15 appearances as an interview guest. Prior to Williams, the most frequently appearing guest on the program was Sen. John McCain with 13 visits. McCain was introduced by Jon Stewart as the "most frequently appearing guest" during McCain's appearance on 16 August 2007. As of 2015, the most frequent guest on the show is Fareed Zakaria, with 19 appearances [1] and Comedian/Actor Denis Leary, with 16 appearances since Jon took over in 1999.


Heads of state, heads of government, deputy heads of state or their spouses[edit]

Members of the United States Cabinet[edit]

Members of the United States Senate[edit]

Members of the United States House of Representatives[edit]

Other federal officers and advisers[edit]



Other political guests[edit]


Actors and actresses[edit]


Athletes and sports figures[edit]




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