The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (season 5)

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (season 5)
Fresh Prince S5 DVD.jpg
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Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 25
Original network NBC
Original release September 19, 1994 (1994-09-19) – May 15, 1995 (1995-05-15)
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List of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episodes

The fifth season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air premiered on September 19, 1994 and aired its season finale on May 15, 1995. The series opens with Will working in Philadelphia, before a worker from NBC shows up and kidnaps him, telling him that the show's called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, not The Fresh Prince of Philadelphia. Ross Bagley was added to the show's cast, playing a now preschool-aged Nicky Banks despite the character being a newborn infant in the previous season. This is common in television series and soap operas. In the first episode to feature this change, Jazz (one of Will's friends) expresses amazement while Will just stares uneasily into the camera.


No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
100 1 "What's Will Got to Do with It?" (Part 1) Shelley Jensen Barry Gurstein & David Pitlik September 19, 1994 (1994-09-19) 60064
When Philip opens a record store, Will believes it is his chance to pursue a career featuring music. However, when Philip refuses him a job, Will discovers that Ashley has a talent in music. He decides to create a demo tape of Ashley, and take it to a big recording executive - who after seeing her live, gives her a $30,000 contract.
101 2 "The Client" (Part 2) Shelley Jensen David Zuckerman & John Ridley September 19, 1994 (1994-09-19) 60065
Revelling in the success of Ashley's first single, Will implements a selection of actions hoping to make Ashley North America's biggest act. However, the recording executive secretly decides that Will is incapable of handling Ashley's career and Will is fired.
102 3 "Reality Bites" Shelley Jensen David Zuckerman September 26, 1994 (1994-09-26) 60063
Will reluctantly agrees to take Nicky to see his childhood hero, Dougie the Whale, when he makes an appearance at the local mall. When problems occur on stage, the actor who plays Dougie gets angry and shouts obscenities at the crew behind the curtain. However, Will finds this unacceptable as little kids are right in front of him, and decides to have a word with Dougie. This results in the pair having a fight and wrecking the curtains for everyone to see. Nicky, after seeing Will fight with Dougie, refuses to talk to Will. Will tries to inform Nicky that he was fighting the man inside of Dougie, not Dougie himself, but Nicky still believes in Dougie like he does Santa Claus. Right when Will is about to tell the truth about Santa to Nicky, a woman appears at the window. She invites Will to the pool house where Santa is waiting. Santa reminds Will that Nicky has his innocence and being a little kid, it is somewhat healthy for thinking he is real and also reminds Will that he used to believe in him too. Meanwhile, Hilary suffers the consequences when she parks in the spot of co-talk show host, Leeza Gibbons.
103 4 "Grumpy Young Men" Shelley Jensen Michael Soccio October 3, 1994 (1994-10-03) 60066
Will tries to invite his crush, Valerie (Tembi Locke) to his house for a date but she has a cousin coming over so she doesn't have the time. Will, however sets Carlton up for a double date and so Valerie agrees to come over with her cousin, Karen (JoNell Kennedy), who actually has a very bad attitude. The date ends up with Carlton and Valerie kissing, angering Will. Meanwhile, Ashley gets a driver's permit but after hearing about her father's 'teaching' skills, she tries learning how to drive some other way.
104 5 "Fresh Prince, the Movie" Shelley Jensen Gary H. Miller October 10, 1994 (1994-10-10) 60062
When Will and Carlton invite Jazz over to play poker, they decide it is time for a bit of revenge that is long since overdue. They attempt to distract him from his game, by telling him a phony story of how Will was the main witness to a murder, and how this resulted in himself and the entire Banks family being forced into the witness protection program in Alabama, hiding from the hitman John "Fingers" O'Neill (Brad Garrett).
105 6 "Will's Misery" Shelley Jensen Eddie Gorodetsky October 17, 1994 (1994-10-17) 60067
When Will wins a date with Lisa (Nia Long), he gets more than he bargained for. He discovers that she is part of a society, who find that men are the inferior gender- and are disrespectful and vile. When Will turns out to fit this description, Lisa drafts in her society colleagues who decide to play a few pranks on Will that he will never forget. She ties him up to a chair and leaves him there where he eventually frees himself by burning through the ropes with a lit candle. This is memorable for a scene where Will finds out that the prank was Carlton's idea after escaping and Lisa telling the truth (they wanted her to teach him a lesson in "respect for women"), and gets even with him by making Carlton think he killed Lisa with a rock. This prompts Carlton to run around the whole set screaming in places like the home, the academy, the audience, the cameras, etc.
106 7 "Father Knows Best" Shelley Jensen Andrea Allen October 24, 1994 (1994-10-24) 60068
Ashley reveals to Will that she has dropped out of Bel-Air Academy, and is instead attending public school. When parents' evening arrives, Ashley believes she has no choice and must confess to Philip that she has switched schools. However, when Will decides to pose as Philip to save Ashley's skin, she gets more than she bargained for when he tries to land a date with her teacher Miss Sharpe (Renée Jones), where she realizes that he was wearing a fake mustache. She must drop the news to Uncle Phil and after a long thought, Philip lets her finish the semester.
107 8 "Soul Train" Shelley Jensen John Ridley November 7, 1994 (1994-11-07) 60069
Philip and Vivian are invited to the 25th Anniversary of Soul Train, on which Philip proposed to Vivian nearly twenty years ago. But Philip is not on board because he's scared he does not have the 'groove' anymore but he hides this fear by saying that he has an important meeting.
108 9 "Love Hurts" Shelley Jensen Barry Gurstein & David Pitlik November 14, 1994 (1994-11-14) 60070
Will feels embarrassed after his girlfriend, Lisa, defends him when he is attacked by a man in a bowling alley. Because of this, Will feels tense when he is around Lisa so he tries to learn Shotokan Karate. When this fails, he decides to seek help from Jazz, who organizes a fake robbery at the Peacock. However, the situation goes awry, and ends up with Will beating up a real robber.
109 10 "Will's Up the Dirt Road" Shelley Jensen Bennie R. Richburg, Jr. November 21, 1994 (1994-11-21) 60071
Will decides that it is time to find a job. When he becomes interested in journalism, he decides to propose an idea for a book - entitled 'Celebrities Houses... At Night'. In an attempt to impress the publishers, he takes a series of photographs - one of which shows Jay Leno dumping some coffee. However, Will doesn't know the editor works for a sleazy gossip magazine. After the editor screws up the picture and makes it look like as if Jay is dumping oil in the water and blames Will for the story, Jay decides to sue Will for slander. Uncle Phil doesn't give Will the money for court so he must find a way to deal with the damage himself (he sneaks onto Jay's show and apologizes publicly)
110 11 "Will Steps Out" Shelley Jensen Maiya Williams November 28, 1994 (1994-11-28) 60072
Will becomes jealous after finding out that Lisa is still good friends with a guy named Dana (Hill Harper). In retaliation, Will dates another woman named Carlotta (Enya Flack). While on the date he finally realizes that he is madly in love with Lisa. Meanwhile, fitness guru Susan Powter endeavors to help Philip lose weight – but after Will cracks just one too many fat jokes, Susan compels Will into wearing a fat suit to experience just how Philip feels.
111 12 "Same Game, Next Season" Shelley Jensen David Zuckerman December 12, 1994 (1994-12-12) 60073
When Lisa invites her father Fred (John Amos) down for the weekend, he takes an immediate dislike to Will, as he has to any other man Lisa has ever been involved with. However, the pair soon become friends - very good friends. This leaves Lisa feeling neglected, as her father would rather spend time with Will than her. Will and Lisa finally decide to hatch a plan to get her father to fly back to Cleveland.
112 13 "Three's a Crowd" Shelley Jensen Josh Goldstein January 9, 1995 (1995-01-09) 60074
Carlton begins to worry that Will's relationship with Lisa is affecting his and Will's friendship. In an attempt to win Will back, Carlton hatches up a plan that he hopes will get rid of Lisa for good. Meanwhile, the family celebrate when Hilary announces she is moving out.
113 14 "It's a Wonderful Lie" Chuck Vinson Gayle Abrams January 23, 1995 (1995-01-23) 60075
When Uncle Phil schedules a date for Lisa and Will, the pair of them make up excuses as to why they cannot go. When the pair end up at the same fraternity party, both of them have a lot of explaining to do - however, they are soon distracted when they find Ashley canoodling in one of the frathouse's bedrooms with a college football player.
114 15 "Bullets over Bel-Air" Shelley Jensen Maiya Williams & Eddie Gorodetsky February 6, 1995 (1995-02-06) 60076
While retracting some money from ATM for a night out, Will and Carlton are held at gunpoint by a robber - who ends up shooting Will. This event rocks the whole family to the core - especially Carlton, who feels that the justice system he depends on has failed, and in turn, he considers taking an extreme measure: buying a revolver.
115 16 "A Decent Proposal" Shelley Jensen David Pitlik & Barry Gurstein February 13, 1995 (1995-02-13) 60077
While recuperating, Lisa visits Will in hospital. Will decides to propose to Lisa, who after much deliberation and thought, accepts his proposal.
116 17 "Will Is From Mars" Shelley Jensen Michael Soccio & Andrea Allen February 20, 1995 (1995-02-20) 60078
When Philip notices that Will and Lisa are having regular arguments, he decides to set them up on a course of pre-marital counselling. However, the pair soon realise that their problems are small, compared to some of the other couples that are also attending including The Jeffersons (Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford).
117 18 "The Wedding Show (Psyche!)" Shelley Jensen Maiya Williams & David Zuckerman February 27, 1995 (1995-02-27) 60079
When Philip proposes plans for Will and Lisa's wedding, they plea to his better side to allow them to have a small ceremony. When he fails to listen, Lisa drafts in her father from Cleveland, in hope that he will have more reasonable aspirations. However, he turns out to be no better, so Will and Lisa decide to elope from Bel-Air and marry secretly in Las Vegas, in a Shaft-influenced wedding led a "Isaac Hayes" lookalike chapel minister.
118 19 "Slum Like It… Not!" Shelley Jensen Bennie R. Richburg, Jr. March 13, 1995 (1995-03-13) 60080
In dire need of money to finance his wedding, Will persuades Philip to purchase Jazz's apartment building. The pair see the investment as a very good idea - however things soon turn awry, when Philip receives a letter telling him that the building is in very poor condition, and that he could face imprisonment on the charge of being a slumlord. Will attempts to clear his name before it's too late.
119 20 "As the Will Turns" Shelley Jensen David Pitlik & Barry Gurstein April 10, 1995 (1995-04-10) 60081
Will is excited when he lands a role in TV's biggest soap opera. He prepares for the role by purchasing new outfits and writing scripts of his own - however, he is soon brought down to earth when he is informed exactly what his role entails: he must be a gay male. Meanwhile, Philip suspects that Vivian is cheating on him with a younger colleague.
120 21 "Save the Last Trance for Me" Shelley Jensen Maiya Williams & Eddie Gorodetsky April 17, 1995 (1995-04-17) 60082
When Nicky's school admissions officer visits the house, Philip informs the family that they must be on their best behavior. However, Will is hypnotized and acts like a 4 year-old child whenever a bell rings, and the admissions officer soon falls foul to Will's latest endeavor.
121 22 "To Thine Own Self Be Blue… and Gold" Shelley Jensen Story by: Roger Garrett
Teleplay by: Ernest "Tron" Anderson
April 24, 1995 (1995-04-24) 60083
Ernest (Charlie Robinson), an old college friend of Philip's who owns an athletics company decides to visit the family and tries to persuade Will give bribe money to a city councilman. Carlton and Hilary are matched together through online dating.
122 23 "Cold Feet, Hot Body" Shelley Jensen Ron Burla May 1, 1995 (1995-05-01) 60084
Will instantly connects with Denise (Robin Givens), a fellow student, who attempts to woo Will and make him forget about Lisa. However, once he declines her, she goes to Lisa and becomes friends with her. When Will drives her home reluctantly, she attempts this again but as soon as they kiss, Will turns the tables and leaves.
123 24 "Love in an Elevator" Maynard C. Virgil, I David Hoge & Dan Cross May 8, 1995 (1995-05-08) 60085
When Will, Carlton, and Jazz become trapped in an elevator, they decide to settle their differences as he chose both as his bachelor party manager. To begin with, they reminisce about their past adventures together.
124 25 "For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll" Shelley Jensen Leilani Downer May 15, 1995 (1995-05-15) 60086
Will and Lisa's wedding day looms, with both families preparing for their children's big day. However, love soon blossoms between other members of each family - including Vy and Fred. When Vy announces that she is to marry Fred, the announcement causes the split of Will and Lisa, and it is implied that Vy and Fred get married although it is not shown. Will and Lisa agree to not get married, and a number of girls (Tempestt Bledsoe, Kim Fields, Garcelle Beauvais and Arthel Neville) spread the word that "Will is back on the market".


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