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A listing of some of the guest stars who appeared on "The Goodies", and the episodes in which they appeared.

Bridget Armstrong "The Lost Tribe of the Orinoco"
Jane Asher "Punky Business"
Michael Aspel (as "Michael Aspirin") "Kitten Kong" — "Chubbie Chumps"
Norman Bacon "Punky Business" — "Scoutrageous
George Baker "Tower of London"
Kenny Baker "Snow White 2" — "U-Friend or UFO?"
Michael Barratt (as himself) "Kung Fu Kapers" — "Punky Business" — "Scoutrageous" — "The Goodies Rule – O.K.?"
Jacki Barron "Snow White 2"
Alfie Bass "Camelot" — "The Goodies and the Beanstalk"
Raymond Baxter "It Might as Well Be String"
Stanley Baxter "The Loch Ness Monster"
Ballard Berkeley "A Kick in the Arts"
Robert Bernal "Cecily"
Cilla Black (as herself) "The Music Lovers"
Tony Blackburn (as himself) "Scatty Safari" — "The Goodies Rule – O.K.?"
John Bluthal "Clown Virus"
Bernard Bresslaw "The Loch Ness Monster"
Richard Briers "Snow White 2"
Ronnie Brody "Punky Business"
Erik Chitty "Hunting Pink" — "Daylight Robbery of the Orient Express" — "Goodies in the Nick"
John Cleese (as a Genie — portrayed as a member of Monty Python) "Bunfight at the O.K. Tea Rooms" — "The Goodies and the Beanstalk"
Harry H. Corbett "Hospital for Hire"
Barry Cryer "Lips, or Almighty Cod" — "The Goodies Rule – O.K.?"
David Dimbleby "Goodies and Politics"
Fred Dinenage (as himself) "Football Crazy"
Jack Douglas "Goodies in the Nick"
Bill Fraser "Way Outward Bound"
Liz Fraser "Caught in the Act"
Oliver Gilbert "Rome Antics" — "2001 & A Bit"
Tommy Godfrey "Culture for the Masses" — "Goodies in the Nick"
Ernie Goodyear "Dodonuts"— "Punky Business" — "Royal Command" — "Animals" — "War Babies" —"The Movies" — "Scoutrageous" — "U-Friend or UFO?"
Stuart Hall (as himself) "The Goodies and the Beanstalk"
Patricia Hayes "That Old Black Magic"
Freddie Jones "Charity Bounce"
Peter Jones "Winter Olympics"
John Junkin "The Baddies"
Jo Kendall
(as the 'voice' of the Queen)
"Goodies and Politics"
Roy Kinnear "The Lost Tribe of the Orinoco" — "Rome Antics"
Sue Lawley (as herself) "The Goodies Rule – O.K.?"
Helli Louise "Winter Olympics" — "The Race" — "The Goodies and the Beanstalk"
Roland MacLeod "Come Dancing" — "Fleet Street Goodies" — "A Kick in the Arts" — "Invasion of the Moon Creatures" — "Punky Business" — "The Goodies Rule – O.K.?"
Philip Madoc "South Africa"
Magnus Magnusson
(as Magnus Magnesium)
Roddy Maude-Roxby "Snooze"
Henry McGee "The Music Lovers" — "For Those in Peril on the Sea"
Joe Melia "The New Office"
John Le Mesurier "Farm Fresh Food"
Norman Mitchell "The Music Lovers" — "For Those in Peril on the Sea" — "A Kick in the Arts" — "The Goodies Rule – O.K.?"
Patrick Moore (as himself) "Lighthouse Keeping Loonies" — "Invasion of the Moon Creatures" — "Punky Business" — "Animals" — "U-Friend or UFO?" —
"The Goodies Rule – O.K.?"
Julian Orchard "Culture for the Masses"
Geoffrey Palmer "War Babies"
John Peel "Superstar"
Jon Pertwee "Wacky Wales"
David Rappaport "Robot" — "Snow White 2" — "Change of Life"
Beryl Reid "Gender Education"
Marcelle Samett "The Goodies and the Beanstalk" — "Wacky Wales" — "It Might as Well Be String"— "U-Friend or UFO?"
Joan Sims "Come Dancing" — "Way Outward Bound"
Wayne Sleep (as himself) "Football Crazy"
Mel Smith "Animals"
Sheila Steafel
(as the 'voice' of the Queen)
"For Those in Peril on the Sea" — "Scatty Safari" — "The End" — "The Goodies Rule – O.K.?"
Ronnie Stevens "Pollution"
Mollie Sugden "Caught in the Act"
Frank Thornton "Farm Fresh Food" — "Punky Business"
Patrick Troughton "The Baddies"
Eddie Waring (as himself) "The Goodies and the Beanstalk" — "The Goodies Rule – O.K.?"
Richard Wattis "Gender Education"
June Whitfield "Come Dancing"
Robyn Williams various episodes
Frank Windsor "Scoutrageous"
Terry Wogan (as himself) "The Goodies Rule – O.K.?"
Kenneth Wolstenholme (as himself) "Football Crazy"
Corbet Woodall (as himself) "Snooze" — "The Music Lovers" — "Kitten Kong" — "The Goodies and the Beanstalk" — "Clown Virus" — "Lighthouse Keeping Loonies" — "Goodies and Politics" — "Pollution" — "The End" — "Hype Pressure" — "The Goodies Rule – O.K.?"
Tessa Wyatt "Fleet Street Goodies"


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