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The following is a list of fictional characters from the Graham Linehan British Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd.


Roy Trenneman[edit]

Roy is an easy-going, work-shy, cheeky chappy Irish IT technician. He hates his job and avoids performing it at all, despite being completely competent for it. Instead, he spends most of his time playing video games, reading comics or just slacking off in their office. His work attire is very casual compared to his colleagues; choosing to wear jeans and t-shirts around instead of the more formal attire chosen by Moss and Jen. He's scared of popping balloons. Before becoming an IT consultant, he held a job as a waiter, during which time he would carry the food of rude customers in his trousers until he served it to them.[1] In one episode he attempts to attract women by pretending to be a "bastard" because he believes that is what women want.[2] He has better social skills than Moss, but still finds himself in awkward situations where he gets more than he bargained for. When angry, upset or worried, his voice adopts a notably higher pitch and trembles significantly, as though he were about to cry. His usual answer to calls, and indeed his catchphrase, is "Hello, IT, have you tried turning it off and on again?". His last name was never mentioned in the first three series, although O'Dowd and Linehan discussed the possibilities of it being either 'Shepherd' or 'McGonagall.' After the episode "The Speech", Graham Linehan's blog suggested that Roy's last name is Tenneman,[3] but Linehan clarified that this was not canonical. In the third episode of the fourth season, it is confirmed that Roy's last name is actually Trenneman, not Tenneman. The only member of Roy's immediate family mentioned in the series is his mother, who has an uncanny resemblance to Moss's psychiatrist from the first series. Roy finds this resemblance disturbing.[4]

Maurice Moss[edit]

Maurice Moss ("Moss") is a stereotypical computer nerd. The humour in his character is derived from his socially awkward comments and his complex and in-depth knowledge of specialised technical subjects, including chemistry and electronic engineering. He lives with his mother (in one episode, Moss enters her room while she is asleep, but her body is under the bedclothes, hence, she is not seen). Both Moss and Roy feel they never get the credit they deserve in the company. They also show little interest in anything related to sport; in "Fifty-Fifty" when asked about the previous night's match, neither of them knew what had happened, while in "Smoke and Mirrors", Moss's interest wanders when Jen brings up football in conversation. This lack of sporting awareness drives the plot of "Are We Not Men?", as Moss and Roy use the website to seem knowledgeable about football, with unfortunate consequences. In "Smoke and Mirrors", it is revealed that he wears his glasses in bed. In "Yesterday's Jam", it is revealed that he keeps several pairs of glasses in his desk, which he uses for planning and scheming. He keeps a spray bottle on his belt to cool his left ear down when it gets too hot. In "Calamity Jen", it is revealed that he keeps a heap of inhalers in his desk. In "Men Without Women", Moss is able to tell there is rohypnol in Jen's drink just by smelling it. In the episode "Reynholm vs Reynholm", Moss reveals that he was sued by his mother as a young boy because he put a ball through a window. He is apparently "still paying costs". Moss has controlling characteristics, and has a habit of counting the number of staples in his stapler. He also chastises Roy for not keeping track of how many staples he has used while borrowing the stapler.

Jen Barber[edit]

Jen enters the department in episode one as a new starter, placed there seemingly at random by boss Denholm, despite her lack of technical or technology management experience.[5] In fact, she does not even know what IT stands for.[6] It was mentioned in one episode that Jen deliberately infected her laptop to make it appear attractive, that she does not know that a browser is required to access the internet, and refuses to learn any IT skills whatsoever, even basic ones known to the general public and not simply IT experts, as she fears that to do so would cause her to become a geek. Although originally intended to be the Head of Department, her role was changed to that of "Relationship Manager" due to Moss and Roy's need to have a non-geek as their representative within the company (although nobody else seems to realize the distinction and she is consistently referred to as the head of IT). She has admitted to a propensity for telling lies in order to further her own goals, as evidenced by her current occupation. She is easily excited by stereotypical female pursuits such as shoes and men. During the second series we learn that she had been quite a heavy smoker several years previously; she took this habit up again, but quit when she realized that due to anti-smoking laws, she was facing social isolation.[7] She drives a first-generation Ford Ka in Pepper Red, first shown in "The Haunting of Bill Crouse". Unlike Maurice, her mother has only been mentioned, in 'Moss and the German'. In the third season she declares, "Ich bin ein Nerd," referencing the Ich bin ein Berliner speech by John F. Kennedy. She maintains a surprisingly good relationship with Roy and Moss, despite their apparent differences in personalities. They even went on a "big girls night out" in "Aunt Irma Visits". She later goes on to decline a better job offer as she feels that Roy and Moss need her. At the end of their girl's night out, it is implied she slept with Moss while drunk, though this is never spoken of again.

Douglas Reynholm[edit]

The oversexed son of Denholm, Douglas takes over Reynholm Industries after his father's death. He disappeared for seven years after a court case, but returned to attend Denholm's funeral in a dramatic fashion. He speaks in a very dramatic manner, is something of a libertine, slightly aloof, seemingly violent and has a history of sexual harassment. He attempts to flirt with Jen during his own father's funeral. He shares several of his father's behaviours, including his impetuousness and arrogance, and he appears to be unable to remember any of his employees other than those he finds attractive (with the exception of Roy, whom he seems to remember for being Irish). He had supposedly killed his wife by setting their house on fire. Douglas is a member of and spokesman for the "religion" of spaceology (a parody of scientology); that claims believers can have their wishes granted by writing them down on paper and throwing them over their shoulder at night, and are opposed to masseuses. As a result of self-performed tattoo art that became infected, Douglas also has a bionic right hand, which has great strength and durability. In "Reynholm vs Reynholm", Douglas reunites with his estranged wife, but their relationship falls apart after just two weeks and Jen has to handle their divorce. Douglas has been the subject of multiple sexual harassment lawsuits due to failed seduction attempts, most notably his clumsy attempt to seduce Jen by inviting her to become his Personal Assistant. He is eventually required by law to wear "electric sex pants" which deliver electric shocks to prevent him from becoming aroused at work, which last one episode before he has Moss remove them.[8] He is the only central character not to appear in every episode, having not been introduced until the second series.


Denholm Reynholm[edit]

Denholm was a director of Reynholm Industries. He was a parody of modern earnest upper management, always ready with new and often ridiculous initiatives, intended to boost performance in a company he openly boasted as employing attractive people who do very little work and all engage in adulterous relationships. In his office, he had a picture of himself on the wall, and of the A-Team on the desk. Denholm was also impetuous and frequently changeable, often paying little attention to the people he happened to be talking with. Whenever he hired a new member of staff, he liked to give them a long, hard stare to assess them. He committed suicide by walking out of a window after being informed the police wanted to interview him about irregularities in the company's pension fund, which hints at Denholm's more sinister side. However, the character returns in the third series. When his son has a near-death experience, Denholm is shown to have gone to a place resembling heaven, if not for the presence of Adolf Hitler. According to staff, he would frequently call meetings to discuss a new "threat" to morale which he would "declare war" on. He accompanied the workers during a party during "Aunt Irma Visits" where they all got incredibly drunk, and apparently slept with Richmond.

Richmond Felicity Avenal[edit]

Richmond is a mild-mannered, posh-accented goth whose introduction to gothic metal band Cradle of Filth instigated his downfall from being Denholm's second-in-command to his current position in the IT Department. He lives in the server room behind "the Red Door" all on his own, shunned by the rest of the department, who find his affected sense of gloom annoying. Due to the long periods of time Richmond has spent in "his room", he has developed agoraphobia and an aversion to sunlight. He has also shown an ability to hang from the ceiling. When Richmond tells stories, he tends to pause and look off into space dramatically, puzzling those around him and usually prompting them to follow his gaze to see what he is staring at. He is shown to read Heat, moments after a comment Roy had made that he did not know any heterosexual men who read Heat (coincidentally, at the end of "Aunt Irma Visits" it is implied that Richmond and Denholm drunkenly slept together, though Richmond is later romantically involved with Jen's friend Jessica). Richmond's absence from series three is explained as him having scurvy, but it was Fielding's busy schedule that prevented him from appearing. Linehan has expressed his disappointment in not being able to have him back for the third season. However, Richmond appeared testifying in court in Douglas Reynholm's divorce case in the series 4 finale, 'Reynholm vs Reynholm.' It was revealed in this scene that his middle name is Felicity, and that he left Reynholm Industries to start up his own business ('From Goth 2 Boss'). Richmond makes a last appearance in the final episode, this time back as a goth.


Introduced in Season 3 while Reynholm Industries is experiencing financial turmoil worsened by Douglas's cavalier behaviour, Nolan appears to be Douglas's responsible and serious right-hand-man who is trying to hold the company together. He was also the one who introduced Jen to the shareholders during her speech for winning employee of the month. Nolan also handles any other announcements that have to be made to the staff. He has typically poor IT knowledge and admits he doesn't know the difference between a laptop and "the larger one".

Notable guest appearances[edit]

  • Daniel Carey - Oliver Chris: Daniel is the security guard that Jen falls for, but unfortunately her plans for romance go pear-shaped after she fails to help him as a "phone a friend" on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?. While he is charismatic and good-looking, he is shown to be quite violent and immature when he brutally beats up a clown with the clown's own shoe for mocking his failure on TV.
  • Patricia - Alice Lowe: A woman who goes on a date with Roy. The date ends badly because Roy somehow winds up with a smear of chocolate on his forehead, which is perceived by Patricia to be faeces. She works as a receptionist in Reynholm Industries.
  • Paul - Danny Wallace: Fired by Denholm from his position as cultural adviser for his choice of gift to a Japanese company, but regains his position due to his quick use of the "Profanity Buzzer". Never actually speaks on screen.
  • Bill Crouse - Adam Buxton: Goes on a date with Jen, and after being told by Moss that she'd subsequently died, proceeded to tell the entire office that he was the last person to sleep with her. Nicknamed "The News" because of his propensity to announce those who he has slept with. When Jen found out about Bill's lies, she inadvertently scared him by making him think she was a ghost who was haunting him.
  • Dr. Julian Holmes - Toby Longworth: A stress expert who visits the company to give a presentation, and ends up very stressed himself due to Roy and Moss's annoying behaviour.
  • Dr. Mendall - Frances Barber: The company psychiatrist who has a crush on Moss, and the feeling is mutual. Roy claims that she looks exactly like his mother. A drunken Roy sleeps with her after a staff party.
  • Judy - Cheryl Fergison: A horribly ugly woman who Roy gets entangled with while trying to meet a woman named Julie. Roy claims she has hair on her eyes and three rows of teeth.
  • Derek Pippen - Silas Carson: One of Denholm's top employees, who becomes the head of Reynholm Industries after Denholm commits suicide. He hates the IT department, and says he wants to use the basement for something a lot more useful, like "a big toilet", but is fired by Douglas Reynholm when he takes over the company.
  • Margaret - Sarah Hadland: Margaret is a divorced friend of Jen's who tends to become "friendlier" to men after she has had a few drinks. She is partnered with Moss at Jen's Dinner party and the two squabble like an old married couple.
  • Jessica - Catherine Shepherd: Another of Jen's friends who attends the dinner party. She talks very quickly in short, intense bursts, and makes constant use of air quotes. Richmond, however, finds her attractive, especially her skull. She and Richmond have sex at least twice. This happens once at Jen's party and again in Richmond's "office" behind the red door in the Reynholm Industries IT basement. The two of them are so loud that Roy and Moss have to play extremely loud music to drown them out, but when Jen turns the volume down, Jessica can be heard to say "Oh dear, look at me - 'having an orgasm'!"
  • Helen Buley - Amelia Bullmore: The head of BHDR Industries, who are "the top makers of that product that has something to do with our company", according to Jen.
  • Jeff Holcorn - James Bachman: A fellow film fanatic, he calls Roy in "Moss and the German" to inform him of the twist in "the new Tarantino film". He changed his name by deed poll to "Dominator"; however, Roy always refers to him by his birth name.
  • April - Lucy Montgomery: A transsexual journalist working for Richest magazine, who becomes romantically involved with Douglas while writing a magazine article about him.
  • Victoria - Belinda Stewart-Wilson: Douglas' 'dead' wife; she disappeared "while washing the car" and came back in Reynholm vs. Reynholm (4x06) where she tried to sue Douglas. She also played the widow of Denholm Reynholm in "Return of the Golden Child" (2x02).
  • Window Cleaner - Brian "Limmy" Limond: Appears as the man who cleans Roy's window and then leaves his bike and equipment at his house. He is shown to have a difficult-to-understand, mumbling voice resulting in Roy involuntarily agreeing to him keeping his equipment at this home.
  • Prime - Benedict Wong: The sixteenth Countdown winner who recruits Moss to join the exclusive 8+ club for people who have won eight rounds of Countdown.


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